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A Shared Fate

Megan and her girlfriend are in it together...
Emma closes the door behind her, leaving Megan alone with her not-so-secret admirer and both of the girls can’t help but stare at each other longingly. The blonde girl slowly starts to wander over to the bed where Megan is lying, kneeling on the edge of the bed and crawling over Megan’s body. The girls start kissing passionately, their tongues exploring each other’s mouths as the kiss gets more intense; Megan slowly strokes her beautiful partner’s body, her hands caressing and fondling her breasts a little, careful to brush against the nipple and Megan smirks a little as she feels it harden from her touch. The blonde girl squirms a little and moans into Megan’s mouth as she starts to stroke down the girl’s body, her fingers tracing little circles on her stomach – teasing Megan with every little touch. The two girls push their bodies together, and continue to kiss, getting more and more excited as it lasts longer.

“Ah-hem!” Both girls jump and look round at the doorway. “Megan, Becky – I expected both of you to join us downstairs instead of being selfish and fulfilling your own desires up here,” says Miss Caitlin, her soft voice commanding both the girls.

“Yes Miss Caitlin, I’m sorry,” say both of the girls, hanging their heads in shame. Still naked, Caitlin beckons both of them into another room, a room neither of them had been into.

“I will have to teach you to be selfless if you two are going to be together – which by the way, has no impact on the other girls here. You will still be available for the other girls to play with at all times,” murmurs Miss Caitlin, wandering around the room, pausing at a couple of covered pieces of furniture. “Now then – to the lesson of the moment: basically one of you is to be tortured, teased and abused – whilst the other is to be pleasured beyond her limits. Which one of you will go first?”

Both Becky and Megan look at each other nervously, fearing the punishment if neither spoke up. Panic really starts to hit Megan, her stomach clenching as she bites her soft lip in an attempt to hide her fear – she tries to volunteer for the torture but as her mouth opens, no sounds are heard. Sensing her partner’s fear, Becky quickly raises her hand.

“I will be tortured, please Miss Caitlin,” whispers Becky, regretting the words instantly as she spoke. The mistress smirks and pulls the cloth off of a special restraining device that leaves the submissive in a spread-eagle position. Megan whimpers in fear for her lover and desperately squeezes her hand. The fear has still not evaporated from Megan’s mind and her body shakes with anticipation.

“Good, it is settled then – Becky you will be the victim of Emma’s magical tongue and fingers; Megan you will be placed in this device and have several items and toys applied to you. And Becky – before you protest, you said you’d submit yourself to torture and I know that Emma is the worst form of torture for you: and it will continue until Emma has decided you have had enough,” orders Miss Caitlin. She guides Megan into the restraints, the soft clamps being fastened around her ankles and wrists before her legs are spread apart and locked in place, followed by her wrists. Megan desperately struggles and squirms but is unable to budge the restraints; meanwhile Becky is being placed in standing restraints, with her back to Megan as her arms are secured above her head and her legs restrained against the wall, ensuring that her pussy is clearly accessible. Emma slowly kneels in front of Becky and awaits her orders. “The rules are simple – every time Megan cums without permission; Becky will receive five pussy spanks. Becky cums without permission; Megan will have a toy used on her – and not all the toys will deliver pleasure either,” says Miss Caitlin, indicated the nipple clamps. “At least, not at first. Emma, you may begin now.”

Emma looks up at Becky, mouthing the words “I’m sorry” before kissing her pussy a little. Becky starts pleading with Emma to stop as her hips jerk already, feeling the tongue slide over her clit sending pulses of pleasure through her body as she is unable to control herself. With moans getting louder, Megan feels her own pussy moisten rapidly – she squirms desperately trying to satisfy herself but is unable to escape her restraints, unable to orgasm as she lays helplessly defenceless and at the mercy of her mistress. Caitlin notices Megan’s wet pussy, the sweet aroma very distinctive to her and she begins to tease the girl’s dripping pussy lips, her tongue licking along the length of her slit as she laps up the juices of her girl. Megan moans instinctively, her hips pushing her pussy up into Caitlin’s face as she is desperate to have more, to cum hard and make a mess; meanwhile Becky is enduring the immense teasing pressure from Emma, but her defences are buckling fast as she feels her pussy squeeze and approach orgasm. Caitlin starts to suck on Megan’s clit (who has completely forgotten the aim of the lesson) and Megan cums into her mistress’ mouth.

“Emma! That’s the first one!” calls Miss Caitlin, after tasting the sweet nectar of Megan. Emma responds by standing up in front of Becky and sharply spanks her pussy; and repeats the spanks until all five are done. Becky however, was not done - screaming in intense pleasure, the fifth spank sent her over the edge and she squirted her cum onto the floor, her hips shaking violently as she desperately tries to get away from her tormentor.

“Miss Caitlin, that’s one here as well,” says Emma quietly. Caitlin takes a large dildo and rubs it all over Megan’s pussy, the poor girl moaning and gasping in pleasure as she wrestles for control of her body. Megan takes a couple of deep breaths but is not allowed to calm down in any way as Caitlin slides the thick dildo into her pussy. With her tight pussy wrapping around the thick rubber toy, she struggles desperately to contain her orgasm but manages to hold on for a few seconds before her climax is evident to everyone present. Becky groans in agony, her pussy barely recovered from the last set of spanks as Emma dutifully spanks her pussy another five times. Kneeling back down, Emma slowly licks at Becky’s clit, teasing the swollen bump in small circles, flicking at it gently before clamping her lips around it, sucking on it and pressing it with her tongue. Becky moans and pleads with Emma, pleading for her to stop and to give her a rest but to no avail as her pussy is abused further, feeling two slender fingers slide inside her is too much and she cums all over Emma’s hand – screaming in pleasure as her pussy squeezes those slender fingers, wanting them kept inside her longer.

“Good work Emma,” compliments Caitlin softly. Leaving the thick dildo inside of Megan, Caitlin selects a medium sized dildo and puts in Megan’s mouth. “That’s it, make it nice and wet,” encourages Caitlin. Taking it back out, she slowly presses to Megan’s bum, slowly sliding it in – Megan, who was not expecting this so suddenly, cries out in intense pleasure and a hint of pain as her pussy struggles to squeeze on the thick dildo, her ass now squeezing on the smaller one. Caitlin then starts to wiggle both of them alternately and the moment her tongue grazes the puffy pussy lips of her prisoner, Megan squirts. The poor girl desperately bucks her hips as her cum sprays out of her pussy, pushing the dildo out and starts to shake, her body engulfed in orgasm as wave after wave of pleasure courses through her entire body.

“Ohhh fuck! Oh god I’m sorry Becky!” screams Megan as she feels her stomach clench and her pussy squirt out her girly cum yet again, the girl losing control of her body as it is abused and teased by a commanding mistress. Emma recognizes the shouts and moans as two orgasms and administers ten pussy spanks on Becky – the last two Emma spanked and curled her fingers deep into Becky’s pussy, sliding the swollen lips apart and hitting her g-spot both times as Becky’s knees give way, cumming again – her moans softer and weaker, her body completely drained of energy as each orgasm surges through her system, the intense pleasure completely taking over her body – Emma promptly signals Caitlin and removes the restraints from Emma, the poor blonde girl collapsing on the floor from exhaustion.

“Emma! P-please, no more. I beg you, please,” sobs Becky. “I’ll be g-good.” Emma holds Becky and comforts her, kissing her softly and strokes her beautiful hair, her hands well away from her sensitive areas. Becky moans and convulses a little more as her pussy leaks her juices, dribbling out of her tight red pussy – even this is torturing Becky as her pussy is so sensitive from the spankings. Emma quietly leaves the room to continue Miss Caitlin’s bidding.

Miss Caitlin picks up the nipple clamps, and says to Megan that it will be the last toy used on her today before applying them to her nipples. The girl in the restraints screams out in intense pain before her pussy is fingered deeply to add pleasure into the mix. With her whole body jerking in her spread-eagled state, her hips buck and the fingers slide deeper inside her. Moaning loudly and begging to be allowed to cum, finally remembering her position.

“You may cum,” replies Miss Caitlin. Megan’s orgasm explodes, all the pent up teasing and torturing taking its toll on her as her cum sprays from her pussy. The scent of the girl’s cum mixes with Becky’s aroma and a heavy atmosphere of cum descends on the small group – Caitlin wiggles her fingers inside Megan, causing her to moan involuntarily and jerk as she cums again. Megan’s moans slowly subside, the many orgasms finally dissipating as her body is allowed to rest – Miss Caitlin unlocks the restraints and Megan rolls on to the floor with Becky, both girls clinging to each other.

“We promise to be less selfish Miss Caitlin,” say the girls quietly.

“I know – and I am happy you two are together; you’ve made a lot of girls jealous. However now you are a couple, if one of you misbehaves – then the punishment will apply to both of you. But for now, you can be the one delivering the punishment.” smiles Miss Caitlin. Both Becky and Megan look up to Caitlin in wonder. “One of the other girls has been insistent on playing with Emma, and has been quite rude. I think some manners need to be taught, however Emma is not in a position to complete this task.”

Emma emerges at the door, her beautiful eyes full of fear as she holds her younger cousin by the upper arm and leaves her at the mercy of her mistress.

“Emma please! Help me!”

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