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A Sister's Crush

A girl wants some fun with her sister's best friend.
Lily had just turned 18 in January and school was now out for the summer. Her sister Jasmine had just returned home from college. She was so excited to finally be out of high school and see her sister, again.

One thing that Lily had always fantasized about through out her high school life, was having sex with Jasmine's best friend, Alyssa. She always dreamed about kissing Alyssa's soft lips and feeling her hard nipples in her fingers. Jasmine and Alyssa were both 20, so they only graduated from high school and started college two years ago.

Most of the people in Lily's school knew she was bisexual and preferred females. Lily only dated one guy in high school and it didn't end up well. She was always fantasizing about girls and was never excited to have sex with him. She never had sex with a girl though, she was hoping to save herself for Alyssa.

Alyssa was straight, though. She had a boyfriend all through out high school and even went to the same college as him. Oh, how Lily dreamed she could be in the place of Alyssa's boyfriend. To be able to touch her all over her body the way he did.

One day while Lily was sitting on her couch watching t.v., she saw a red truck outside her window, pulling up to her house. She leaped off the couch and looked out the window. She saw Alyssa kissing her boyfriend and hopping out of the truck. She could recognize those beautiful green eyes and long, bleach blond hair any day. Her body was so slender and curvy and it looked as though she had gotten a bit of a tan while she was staying in college. She was wearing a short purple dress, just cut the right way to expose her beautiful 36 C breasts. Oh, how Lily ached to run her hands all over that body.

Alyssa knocked on the door and Lily ran downstairs to open it. As soon as she did, Alyssa smiled wide, showing off her pearly white teeth.

"Lily! It's been so long since I've seen you!" Alyssa squeezed Lily tight and Lily could feel her nipples start to get hard as Alyssa's breasts pressed against hers. "Is your sister home? I really want to hang out with her, I just got back yesterday and I haven't seen her!"

"No, she went out shopping with my mom. You know how Jasmine is. She should be back in a few hours. I'm just here by myself, but you can come in and wait, if you want." Lily felt so drab compared to Alyssa's sexy face and body. Lily had medium length jet black hair and brown eyes, she was a little more on the pale side and was shorter than Alyssa. She only had 34 B breasts and usually wore t-shirts, jeans, and zip-up hoodies. She wished so much that she could feel Alyssa's body under HER clothes, though.

"Sounds great! I'll just sit here on the couch with you and we can watch some t.v.!" Alyssa walked upstairs, with Lily following. She plopped down on the couch and spread her legs. Lily instantly saw the panties she was wearing between her legs and felt her clit start to throb.

"Uh, what... What would you like to watch?" Lily said, sitting next to her.

"It doesn't matter, I like everything." Alyssa squeezed Lily's thigh, making a burst of juices come out of her pussy. "Hey, Lily... Do you think you can rub my shoulders for me? I'm just feeling so tense after my exams."

Lily started to rub Alyssa's shoulders, making goosebumps appear on her arms. She got a wave of shivers on her thighs. She wanted so badly to just lean over and kiss her neck. God, how she wanted to taste Alyssa, to feel her on her... Oooh.

She suddenly did it without realizing it! She leaned over and started to gently kiss Alyssa's neck, sucking it slightly while she flicked her tongue on her shoulder."

"Lily, what are you doing!?" Alyssa shoved Lily off of her and jumped up.

"I, uh... Uhm, I... Alyssa... I have to tell you something. You're just... So incredibly sexy. I've always wanted to have sex with you since I was in high school. You just look so good. God, I want you so badly." Lily felt so relieved to say it finally, after all these years.

"Listen, Lily... I'm flattered. I really am. But I'm straight, I even have a boyfriend and you know that. To be honest, I thought you would by now, too. I'm just not into girls, I'm sorry." Lily said, looking down at her feet.

"But Alyssa, I could make you feel so good! I could do all the things that your boyfriend does to you, only a lot better! Please, just give me a chance! Let me have you for one time only, I promise it will be worth it!" Lily begged.

"I can't, Lily. You're my best friend's sister, I'm just not into girls, I mean how would two girls have sex, an--" Alyssa was cut off by Lily standing up and putting her lips on hers.

Alyssa stood there in amazement. She closed her eyes and embraced the kiss that Lily was pursuing on her. She let her tongue swirl with Lily's and she knew right then that she didn't care, anymore. She wanted Lily and she wanted her badly.

Lily slowly slid her hand up Alyssa's dress as she continued to vigorously make out with Alyssa. She slid her hand down Alyssa's panties and felt her pussy. It was so warm and wet. She started to rub her clit with her thumb, while she shoved two fingers into her pussy hole and rubbed her g-spot. Alyssa pulled away from Lily's mouth and began to moan. Lily than began to suck and kiss Alyssa's ear and started to suck her neck. Alyssa's breathing became faster and her moans became louder.

"Sit down on the couch, I want to taste you." Lily whispered in Alyssa's ear. She smiled as her words made Alyssa's pussy gush out more juices.

Alyssa obeyed and sat down on the couch, spreading her legs. Lily gently took off her dress, revealing her bra-less breasts. She straddled Alyssa and started sucking her rock hard nipples. Slowly, she kissed down her stomach, until she reached Alyssa's panties. She grabbed her panties by her teeth and slowly pulled them down, revealing Alyssa's smoothly waxed pussy. It was covered in a wet and sticky mess.

At this point, Lily was on her knees, facing Alyssa's pussy. She started to tease it by swiping the tip of her tongue on Alyssa's pussy. Alyssa kept letting out short moans until she couldn't take it anymore.

"Lick me, please! Please, I want to feel your tongue so badly!"

Lily smiled. "Good girl, I wanted you to beg for it."

Lily started to lick Alyssa's clit with her whole tongue, this time. Soaking in Alyssa's moans and gasps. She would nibble her clit and once in a while, tongue her pussy hole. Finally, when Alyssa was close to reaching an orgasm, Lily stuffed two fingers in her pussy hole and rubbed her g-spot fast, while she buried her face between Alyssa's thighs, sucking her clit and rubbing it with her tongue at the same time.

Alyssa held the back of Lily's head and shoved her head farther in her pussy. This made Lily's clit throb even harder. Alyssa let out a load, orgasmic moan and spurts of juices came out of her hole. Lily licked it all up and said "Mmm, you taste so good. Just like I thought you would."

Just as Lily and Alyssa stood up, someone entered in the door. Alyssa panicked and ran into the kitchen to quickly put on her dress and panties.

Jasmine walked in to see Alyssa and Lily red faced and looking frantic. "Is everything okay?" She asked. "Alyssa, is my sister giving you a hard time?"

"Oh yeah, harder than you'd think." Alyssa smirked at Lily. As she passed by Lily to go join her friend she whispered "We'll have to do this again, sometime. And next time -- it will be YOUR turn!"

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