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A splendid night of lesbian sex

two girls end up having a passionate night of sex....

My friend sent me a text and I replied, saying that I could go to her place. “Hey”, she said, as I stood in the doorway with my bags. “Hey”, I replied, “I’ve brought some movies and some chocolate and stuff, you know, just for something to do”. “That’s fine”, she said, “Come in”. I walked into her house, taking in the weird smell of smoke and alcohol that seemed to pollute that air. “Are your parent’s home?” I asked, hoping she would say no. “Yeah, they are”, she said, sighing. “Great”, I said, sarcastically. We walked to her room and she helped me with my bags, I always take lots of clothes and things with me wherever I go. We put the bags on her bed and walked back out to the kitchen. She handed me a can of coke and giggled, “So how has your day been?” she asked, putting her hair behind her shoulders. “Honestly” I said, “It’s been really, really boring”. “Ha! She said, Fuck, I always have boring days”.


After about half an hour of standing in the kitchen and talking we went back to her room and sat on the bed. “So” she said, “I have some interesting news to tell you”. “Oh cool”, I said, “I love interesting news”. She started “Well, okay so this is really weird and everything but I…I…I kind of had sex with…” “Go on, tell, tell” I said, “Who is he?” She blushed and looked down then looked back up at me. “It wasn’t a he”, she said, “It was a she”. “Oh my god”, I said, “Are you serious?” “I am”, she said, “Do you wanna know who it was with?” “Ah…Sure”, I said. She put her coke on the ground and took a pillow and put it on her lap. “Okay but if I tell you, you can’t tell anybody, especially anybody we know” “Okay then”, I said, “So spill, who was it?” “Rose”, she said, looking away quickly. “Rose!” I yelled, “I’m friends with Rose but I didn’t even know that you both knew each other”. “Yeah well she slept over at my house the other week because her parents we out of town and we got bored so we decided to kiss and stuff”. I let out a loud shriek of laughter and threw my hands up in the air, “You got bored! Hah! What a lame excuse”. “Shut up!” she yelled, throwing the pillow at me.


“So your like a lesbian now”, I said, laughing again. “No”, I just did it to experiment, she said. “Right” I said, taking a sip of my coke. “You’d like it”, she said, looking at me intensely. “What’s the supposed to mean”, I said. “Nothing”, she said, “It’s just like really fun and stuff”. “Ahaha” I said, giggling. “But do you think you’re a lesbian?” I asked, “Maybe”, she said, I don’t mind looking at girls. “Can you not be mean about it though”, she said. “Okay, I won’t be mean about it”, I said, laughing again. “Stop laughing!” she yelled, hitting me on the leg and leaving her hand there for a little too long. “I like looking at you”, she said, looking down my top. “Okay”, I said, not really knowing what to say. “We could try and do some stuff, see if you like it, just for fun I mean”, she said, moving closer to me. “Oh, ah, I don’t know” I said, standing up and backing away a bit. “Its fine” she said, getting up and standing in front of me.


I didn’t say or do anything, I just stood there. She placed one of her hands on my leg and slowly moved it up until she made her way to my panties. I couldn’t deny that I didn’t like it, but I still didn’t know what to do. “Maybe we should watch a movie first”, I said, picking it up and putting it in the DVD player. She agreed and we sat down and started watching it. I felt the wetness between my legs increase, just one little touch she had given me had turned me on so much. I edged a bit closer to her and found myself feeling desperate for her touch. After several minutes I said “I can’t take this anymore” and kissed her, leaning my body into hers. “Oh” she said, “So you finally give in”. I nodded and hugged her, pressing my breasts into hers. She moaned as I felt her and she then returned the favour to me. We continued to kiss and completely ignored the movie, not caring about anything but how much we wanted each other. We both took our clothes off and got into her bed, feeling each other all over.


She moved her head between my legs and licked at my juices, making me moan in delight, over and over again. “Keep going” I said, “I can see why you liked this”. She giggled and moved her face up to kiss me; I moved on top of her then kissed her back, eventually sucking on her nipples and licking her all over. She moaned in ecstasy and said “Let’s do this all night”; I agreed and laughed as we moved into a different position.

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