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A Splendid Night

Fantasy, Fiction, Masturbation, Lesbianism, Dildo, Vibrator
The curtains drawn, candles lit, as the essence fills the room. The house is quiet as I listen to Enya. Feeling the relaxation run through me. I try to sleep but overcome with excitement. I reach between the sheets, removing my pants, softly touching my thighs running up. Teasing myself as I touch my clit. Rubbing round and round. As I feel the rise I reach down to my nightstand. Grabbing my toys. Turning my vibrator on high instantly I'm more aroused. Round and round I keep going "oh god it feels so good." After the first orgasm I do not stop spreading my legs wide.

I reach for my cyber. Placing it "So cold" I instantly warm it up with my heat. Thrusting it in and out faster and faster. My arm getting tired. A knock comes at the door. "Yeah what do you want."

"It's me Kate, can we talk?"

"Sure." I quickly pull the dildo out hiding all the evidence under my sheets. Placing my robe on I go to the door. "Come on in."


"Whats up?"

She sits beside me. Her hand on my thigh. Whispering in my ear. "I want to play a little game."

"Do you know." As I look at her. Staring at her. At first I didn't notice her wearing nothing under her robe. As I stared into those brown eyes I kissed her lips. As we both laid down she noticed me toys. "Well... well."

Instantly I knew what she wanted to do. Our lips touched again, our tongues tasting each other. As I kissed behind her ear, down her neck. My hand softly caressing her breasts. As I slid her robe off. Sliding mine off. She took control. Laying me back as she took my vibrator turning it on high. She started teasing my clit. "Don't stop" She stopped. Giggling. I rolled over taking her mouth possessively. Grabbing my vibrator from her.

Turning it on high used it on her. As my mouth traveled down, tasting every inch of her body. Scratching softly down. Reaching her thighs, I nibbled. Blowing softly on her bud. I could feel and see her getting ready to climax, quickly removing the vib I licked her lips sliding my tongue in between her folds. Tasting her. Counting the seconds. "You want more?"

"Yes," she said breathless. I placed the vib back my tongue still tasting her. Sliding in her folds deeper twirling round. Her walls contracted a rush of sweet taste landed on my tongue.

I grabbed my dildo thrusting it inside her still using the vib. Going into 69 I gave her my pussy. Soaked ready for her torture. As I continued mine, she ravaged me with her tongue. "Don't .... don't stop" Moans escaped both our mouths. Nibbling her thighs as I kept thrusting the soaked cyber in and out of her pussy. Covered in white cum. We both came, I did not stop I kept thrusting wanting to make her moan louder, making her cum harder. She raised her pelvis up I knew she was close again. "Do you want more?"

"Oh god yes ......please."

I kept thrusting till she relaxed quickly I placed my tongue collecting all her juices. We laid there panting. She turned around I could feel her coming between my legs. Her tongue tasting me as the vib sounded off. Feeling three fingers deep inside me as she ran her tongue around my sensitive bud. The pressure building "Oh god Kate don't stop keep.... keep....keep going." Breathless as my orgasm rolled over me.

"Mmmm ...tasty." A smile came across out faces. Wider. Reaching over she grabbed my other dildo placing it inside me, doing exactly what I did to her. "Oh god.... Kate." Moans filled the room, as music played and incense filled the room.

What a splendid night that was. Terrific in all forms.
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