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A strange place called Florida: The true team captain

The series continues yet again
On a nice, warm Saturday afternoon, two college-aged girls were set to wrestle and both were blondes. Amanda was a tall blonde who was around six feet tall but she had a skinny and lanky build while the other blonde, Nicole, was also around six feet tall but had a more curvy build. Nicole had a nice round ass and massive thighs while Amanda had long skinny legs. Amanda's breasts were perky while Nicole was a lot more busty. Both of the girls were college-aged and in good shape which would turn a lot of guys on.

The wrestling was a part of a competitive exercise that both girls needed to take part in since they were female athletes. Both Amanda and Nicole were on the volleyball team for their university and each wanted to be the captain. The team decided to get together at a location off campus inside of an MMA gym. Both Amanda and Nicole would wrestle each other in an octagon to determine who would get to be captain. Rules of the match were fairly simple; the first girl to give up would not get to be the captain. Punching and any kind of striking would result in a disqualification and win for the opponent. Amanda and Nicole both wore short shorts and tanktops inside the octagon.

A heated argument had broken out between the two a few days ago. Amanda was known as a confrontational girl since she grew up in a working class neighborhood while Nicole was more calm since she grew up in the suburbs. The argument ended with Amanda calling Nicole a "fat bitch" which made Nicole angry since she wasn't fat at all; she was curvy. Nicole did not like the attitude that Amanda had and Amanda just didn't like Nicole. Both of the blondes were the same age, twenty years old and not a long way off from being allowed into the bars without fake IDs.

Unlike a professional MMA match, there would be no time limit in the wrestling match. The two would wrestle until one of them gave out and could not handle it anymore. Finally, both Amanda and Nicole were at opposite ends of the octagon getting set to go at each other. The referee stood in the center and blew the whistle - it was time for the match to start.

Amanda and Nicole both circled around each other trying to feel the other out before Nicole threw her weight on Amanda and took her down. The skinny blonde hit the ground hard as her curvy counterpart was on top of her. Amanda, with Nicole's weight on her, tried her best to get Nicole off but failed. Nicole was toying with the skinny blonde and embarrassing her inside of the octagon. Amanda's stamina was running low as she was trying to use all of her power to get the blonde off of her but failing.

Things seemed to be getting hopeful for Amanda as Nicole took some of her weight off her, but then Amanda realized that Nicole had her arms under her armpits. Amanda did not know what was going on until she started being lifted into the air and tossed around. The crowd watched what was happening and was in shock as the curvy blonde had her way with Amanda.

"Come on Nicole don't kill her, take it easy!" yelled one of the bystanders.

Nicole didn't care and continued to toss Amanda around a few more times. Both of the women were now getting sweaty and Amanda was breathing hard. Amanda tried to crawl away but didn't get anywhere as the bigger and stronger Nicole had a powerful hold on her. Nicole was starting to bear-hug Amanda which was making Amanda breathe even harder and impacting her stamina.

Using some of her strength, Nicole tried to lift Amanda up but Amanda did everything in her power to stop Nicole from doing so. Amanda tried to move her legs and walk as Nicole was trying to lift her which did make things harder for Nicole but right when Amanda slowed down, Nicole lifted her high into the air and slammed her down again. To make things worse for Amanda, Nicole picked her up and slammed her down a few more times.

"Come on referee stop the fight!" yelled a voice from the crowd.

"Amanda come on, give up it is not worth it!" yelled another voice from the crowd.

Nicole had barely been trying, her plan was to keep slamming Amanda around until Amanda gave up. Amanda had the stronger Nicole on top of her but using her knowledge of some martial arts, she managed to get Nicole into a tight arm bar. The crowd roared for Amanda but then the roars stopped as Nicole was laughing. Losing all hope on the arm bar, Amanda let go and Nicole decided to again put her weight over the tired and sweaty Amanda.

Thing continued to get worse for Amanda who was again picked up, except this time Nicole just walked around with Amanda over her shoulders. Amanda could only open her eyes and see the crowd who were all in shock at the punishment and ridicule she was taking. All of the volleyball team was now seeing their vocal team mate being humiliated and manhandled by the curvy blonde. Nicole slammed Amanda down again but Amanda was still trying to crawl away and get something going to win the watch.

Nicole decided to back away and let Amanda stand up. Amanda stood up but could barely walk as she tried to circle around Nicole. Nicole decided to go in for the game winner, she ran at Amanda and took her down with relative ease. When Amanda was down, Nicole locked in a vicious leg lock on her leg which Amanda did not see coming. Amanda screamed in pain for a few seconds before finally tapping out.

Nicole walked over to the referee and told him that she was Amanda's teammate and needed to take her out back. The referee was at first hesitant but Nicole told him it was team related. After the short talk was done with, the security told the crowd to leave. Amanda was lying on the ground still grabbing her legs from the vicious leg lock which Nicole had put on her.

A few minutes after the match ended, Nicole put Amanda over her shoulders and carried her to the women's locker room. Amanda was still conscious but for some reason she was very turned on by the powerful Nicole carrying her over to the women's locker room. Nicole had won the match and intended to have a word with Amanda to tell her who the team captain was. The curvy blonde was covered in sweat and so was Amanda but neither really made much of the smell.

Nicole locked the door to the locker room and it was only her and Amanda inside. The curvy blonde decided to take her clothes off and looked at Amanda. Amanda was clueless as to what Nicole was going to do and she was still feeling a bit beat down from Nicole mercilessly slamming her around. Nicole stood naked in front of Amanda and smiled.

"So, gonna take em off or what?" asked Nicole

"You won, you're captain, what more do you want?" said a beat-down Amanda

"Amanda, we had our differences but now let's make up." said Nicole smiling

"What is the matter with you?" asked Amanda still a bit out of it.

"Oh Amanda, yes we wrestled but let's make up. I know I am captain but let's not make things so personal, you have that nice model figure and those long beautiful legs. Amanda, let me make it up to you right now, just take those clothes off." said Nicole smiling.

"Or else what?" asked Amanda.

"Nothing, I am not forcing you to take those clothes off, I am just saying that it would help us bond better as teammates if you did. Come on Amanda, I will make those sores and the pain go away. No one is looking, it is just me and you." said Nicole smiling.

"How do you know no one is looking?" asked Amanda.

"They turn the cameras in this part of the locker room off, I know, I have worked here before." said Nicole smiling as she got closer to Amanda.

"Okay fine, but what are you going to do when I take my clothes off?" asked Amanda.

"Well for one, I am going to eat that pussy of yours. I have been seeing your camel toe the whole fucking time in practice and just wanted to eat that sucker out. Then after that is done, I am going to run my tongue all over those sharp nipples of yours which are probably hard right now. After all that, we will shower together as teammates." replied Nicole smiling.

Amanda willingly took her clothes off as Nicole came closer to her. With the two naked and sweaty, Nicole put her head in between Amanda's legs and started to eat her out. At first, the sensation of Nicole's tongue running up and down Amanda's pussy made her so horny that Amanda had to finger herself but Nicole slapped her finger away. Nicole put her face closer against Amanda's pussy, to where her lips were not touching her labia and her tongue was deep inside of it. Minutes later, Nicole ran her tongue up and down Amanda's clitoris which made Amanda moan and scream.

Both of the girls were covered in sweat and Nicole saw sweat running down Amanda's body. Taking a break from the intense pussy licking, Nicole decided to sniff Amanda's pussy instead and closed her eyes because the smell was pleasurable to her. Then as Amanda had her arms lifted up, Nicole decided to lick both of her shaved and sweaty armpits and didn't mind the taste at all. The whole experience made Amanda moan and grow a powerful attraction towards Nicole.

Nicole had her eyes on Amanda's hard and pointy nipples and decided to wrap her hands around Amanda's back. The curvy blonde first licked each of the nipples with the tip of her tongue but then decided to suck on each of them. Amanda was horny and had Nicole's thighs close to her pussy so she decided to grind her vagina against Nicole's thighs. The pleasure she received from grinding her vagina against Nicole's thighs while Nicole sucked on her hard nipples was just priceless to Amanda. Nicole would softly bite down on Amanda's nipples as Amanda moaned and smiled.

Both of the blondes were sweaty and smelling of musk so Nicole decided now was the time to finish Amanda off. The stronger blonde carried Amanda over her shoulders to the corner of the room where she would put her down. With a wall on each side of Amanda, she felt that she was almost trapped but she also trusted Nicole who was giving her the pleasure of a lifetime. Nicole decided to try and lick Amanda's anus before going back to licking her pussy. The loving Nicole would lick Amanda's anus for around twenty seconds before taking her tongue off of it.

"Hot hot, it's hot Amanda it is hot." said Nicole.

"Ya, you like it hot? Use that mouth to cool it down a bit." said Amanda who softly laughed.

"Cool it down? No I love it hot, let me feel how hot it is." said Nicole who was looking at Amanda smiling.

Nicole took her middle finger and pushed it into Amanda's anus which made Amanda moan. Amanda's anus was a bit tough for Nicole to dig her finger deeper into but then she finally did dig it a bit deeper. A few seconds later, Nicole took her other middle finger and pushed it into Amanda's anus which Amanda loved.

"So hot Amanda, so so hot, just like you." said Nicole looking at Amanda and smiling.

"Thanks baby, but don't you just want a taste of it again?" asked Amanda looking at Nicole and smiling.

Nicole smiled back at Amanda and would use her hands lift Amanda's legs high in the air. With Amanda's legs high in the air, Nicole found a nice spot for her mouth and started to lick Amanda's anus. Amanda felt the sensation and moaned while rubbing the top of Nicole's head. The skinny blonde had the powerful Nicole's hands on her thighs which kept her legs up in the air but Nicole's tongue was just having its way with Amanda's anus. Amanda kept moaning and even started to yell and scream when Nicole was licked ehr anus much faster.

Then Nicole lifted her head away from Amanda's asshole and up into the air. The curvy blonde looked at Amanda and smiled before going back to licking her anus. Nicole's nose was against Amanda's anus as her tongue had managed to dig deeper in. Amanda continued to moan, she wanted to put her tired legs down because they had been in the air for so long but Nicole's hands were against her thighs and kept her from doing so.

Nicole now wanted to eat Amanda's pussy so she took her hands off of Amanda's thighs and instead wrapped them around her buttocks. Amanda could not move her entire lower body as Nicole went back to eating her pussy out. Instead of using her tongue, Nicole buried her head in between Amanda's legs and shook it around as her nose, lips, and face were rubbing against Amanda's pussy. Then Nicole decided to push her cheeks against Amanda's pussy and just run them up and down. For some reason this gave Amanda a sharp feeling of an orgasm and made her breathe hard while her heart rate went up. Amanda continued to moan except this time she was taking deep breaths.

The opportunistic Nicole looked up at Amanda and smiled.

"Trailer park pussy is such good pussy!" said Nicole smiling.

"Now time to let those juices come out!" she finished, a few seconds later.

Nicole started to finger Amanda furiously and Amanda kicked her legs around and moaned. Seconds into it, Amanda was squirting as Nicole was intensely fingering her. Nicole kept on fingering Amanda for nearly half a minute as more squirt came out and some of it got on Nicole who didn't mind at all. Finally, after a minute of some furious fingering, Nicole stopped. The loving Nicole started eating out Amanda's wet pussy again as Amanda was finally out of it. Having the orgasm of a lifetime, Amanda was almost unconscious from the pleasure and just had her head back with her mouth open as her legs went dead. Nicole got up to get a towel which she would use to clean the area around Amanda's pussy which had just gone through a massive orgasm.

"Now Amanda, I know you are out of it but we are both sweaty and smell terrible so let's go." said Nicole.

The powerful Nicole put Amanda over her shoulders as the two were ready to take a shower together. Nicole put Amanda in front of her and washed her down. Amanda had Nicole hands run all over her body with soap and she loved the way Nicole cleaned her ass and pussy. For once, Amanda didn't mind what anyone did to her body as she had the pleasure of a lifetime. The loving Nicole cleaned Amanda and then asked Amanda to scrub her which Amanda did the best she could. With the water raining down on them from the shower, both Amanda and Nicole enjoyed being naked with each other.

After the two were done showering, Nicole used the towel to dry Amanda off. Amanda loved how Nicole would run the towel in-between her legs, it tickled her a bit but was very pleasurable to her. After Amanda was dried off, Nicole dried herself off and then the two put on some clothes. The entire experience not only created a powerful bond between Amanda and Nicole as teammates but it also helped the two become very close to each other.

Some nights when Amanda was down or bored, Nicole would come to her apartment and pleasure her which Amanda loved. There were times when Amanda was angry and becoming rude to people but Nicole was there to calm her down because Amanda always answered to Nicole. Whenever Nicole came over to Amanda's place, Amanda knew that her clothes were coming off so she just lay in bed naked a few minutes before Nicole was coming over and checked the door to see it was her. When Nicole would arrive at Amanda's place she would start to kiss her, suck on her nipples, and then enjoy a night naked in bed with her.

Amanda felt that Nicole knew what was best for her so she allowed Nicole the right to spank her when Nicole felt that Amanda was doing something wrong. At times, Nicole's spankings were brutal and they hurt. Amanda remembered not being able to feel her buttocks for days but she always forgave Nicole and learned her lesson. The two had build an extremely powerful bond that would last well beyond college and spent countless nights in bed naked with each other.

All in a strange place called Florida.
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