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A Sweet Young Lover

A beautitful first time
I just moved into a really cool apartment overlooking the lake, after finally splitting up with my boyfriend. My sister’s thirteen year old son attends swim and diving classes at the local Y, and I help out by taking him to some of his classes. He has several instructors but there is one in particular, her name is Allison; she just turned seventeen. We are always making conversation, and at times she seems quite flirtatious, which I don’t object to. In fact I think she is very sweet and pretty hot.

She often joins me while diving classes are going on, taking the opportunity to sit right next to me in her skin tight red Speedo. I can’t help but admire Allison’s natural blonde hair and her tight, little athletic body. I find being this close to her quite distracting.

Her angelic face, her deep blue eyes, her pouty mouth and soft delicate features all adds to this darling young girl, or should I say young woman. But her most outstanding asset is her really round, tight, defined ass. I mean it is perfect, a firm heart-shaped little bundle. She is a beauty to be sure.

As I said, she always lingers and seems to flirt a little before and during classes. I think this is harmless, but she intrigues me, and I would love to spend some intimate time with her.

Ah, the thoughts I could dream up! Myself, I am thirty-three, single and, well you can imagine the rest.

I’m sitting alone watching T.V. when the phone rings, it is Allison calling. This in itself isn’t that unusual, as I am the alternative contact person for the Y. Allison and I make a little small talk. I say I will pass on the information about the schedule changes as soon as I speak with my sister.

“Are you busy doing anything or just hanging?” she inquired.

Not sure where this is going, I answer maybe a little suggestively “No, I’m here all by my lonesome. What are you up to?”

“I’m at school, we just finished gymnastics. Other than that I’m not doing anything.” Allison replies.

"Oh, no plans for you either?” I said.

“Nope, nothing going on, I’m just killing time. My friends are all going to the mall.” she replies.

There seemed, at least in my mind, a lot that is not being said between us but who knows.

“Okay, well I guess I will see you later on. It was nice talking with you.” Allison comments.

“Hey, it is always my pleasure Allison; I enjoy chatting with you too. Take care and be good.”

“Awww, you are always so sweet to me, so I’ll see you soon.” she says, ending our odd little call.

So I go back to watching my movie and there's a knock at the door. I walk over to answer and to my pleasant surprise, it is Allison standing there, looking as desirable as a young girl could possibly look.

She is still in her school uniform, a tight white sheer blouse and short plaid kilt that really show off her toned athletic legs.

We both stand there looking at each other for what seemed like ages, but probably was seconds. I am mesmerized by this delectable young thing.

“Hi.” is all she says sounding very nervous.

“Hi, yourself,” I reply, probably sounding equally nervous.

“I was wondering, I mean if you not doing....”.

“Would you like to come in?”

A big bright smile begins and she responds nodding her head as I step aside to welcome her in. Omg, I can’t believe it, but my heart is racing at this point!

Brushing past me I couldn’t help but notice her freshly showered aroma. Her hair, still damp from her shower is pulled back in ponytail. Staring at her gorgeous little ass as she enters, she looks back over her shoulder and smiles.

“Would you like a drink of something?” I ask.

“I’ll have what you’re having, if that is Okay?”

“Well as long as we keep this between you and I, then how about a glass of white wine?” I reply.

I pour us each a glass and suggest we sit down. She nods in agreement.

Getting comfortable on the sofa, I settle in while she looks around at my DVD’s, cd’s, etc., giving me ample time to admire her. What the hell is going on here I’m wondering to myself, is this something I should be even thinking about, she only just turned seventeen! She may have a look of innocence, but I don’t think she is totally without experience.

“How was gymnastics?” I inquire, not looking away from her well-toned ass and legs. Wow, but she has such a tight little body.

Turning to face me, she asks so innocently, “Oh it was great, I worked out really hard. Can I sit down here?” gesturing toward the sofa.

“Sorry, of course you can Sweetie, please sit.”

Joining me and sitting closer than expected, she pulls up her knees and sits facing me. We have one of those “ok, what now” moments. Removing the band from her ponytail she lets out her hair and gives her head a shake, the scent of clean wafts towards me! Taking a brush from her bag she runs it through her hair still talking with me. I try not to stare.

“I hope you don’t mind me calling and showing up like this. Are you mad?” she questions in shy kind of way.

“Mind, of course not. In fact I’m glad you’re here but,"

“Shhh, it will be our little secret, I promise,” she whispers and places her finger on my lips.

“Can you do the back for me?” She hands me her hairbrush.

I gladly accept as she turns her back to me but shimmies over closer.

“Can I tell you something?” she asks as I gently stroke her soft hair.

“Sure, ask anything, Sweetie.”

“I’ve being wanting to come over and be with you ever since I first met you. I think you are a very nice and I love talking with you.”

I nod and show interest in where she is going with this.

“I feel the same way, Allison. I think you are lovely, but I’m a little older than you and, well.” I reply.

“I’m not as innocent as I look, I mean it’s not like my first time or anything.” she proclaims.

“And can you call me Allie? All my friends’ do,” she adds.

“Not the first time for what, Allie?” I tease her back.

“Stop it! You know what I mean,” she says playfully slapping my hand.

“Okay, I’m just teasing you, that’s all.”

Then, almost suddenly, she quickly leans into me and lightly kisses my mouth, “What was that for?” I quietly ask.

“I don’t know. It just felt right. Besides, I’ve wanted to do that for ages, was it wrong?”

Smiling, I reply, “No it was very nice! You are a nice kisser.”

“You are teasing me again. Hey, this is a really nice place; I really like it, would you like to show me around? Would that be okay?” she asks with a suggestive tone.

“Well, I guess that would be alright, what would you like to see?” I offer almost as bait.

Smiling, she coyly looks away and says softly, “Everything.” Her eyes returning to meet mine.

“Then follow me and I’ll give you the grand tour as they say.”

With Allie following closely behind, I point out the kitchen, a bathroom and finally we enter my room. With dusk setting in the room has a nice soft glow to it.

“Here come and see the great view of the lake from way up here.” I gesture to her.

She slides past me to look at the view, and in doing so gives me a far better one.

“Wow, it’s really beautiful!”

I step up behind her, just close enough that she can feel my presence. She doesn’t move away, in fact she ever so slightly eases back, just barely making contact.

I can feel my excitement build as I gently place my hands on her hips and move against her.

“Yes, you are right....really beautiful,” I whisper to her.

As she lets her head drop back against my shoulder, she lets out a soft breath. She feels and smells so lovely. I gently move my hands and trace lightly up her silky soft skin to her shoulders. She turns to face me and looks up, our eyes meet. I take her angelic face in my hands. Her eyes are slightly closed; lightly I lean in and taste her sweet soft lips. Immediately she wraps her arms around my waist and holds me tight against her firm warm body. Our tongues intertwine as I savour this little honey.

“Oww, that hurts!” I say, teasing from the little bite she gave my lower lip.

“I’ll kiss it all better then.” she mocks, pulling me closer and kissing me firmly and deeply letting little moans and coos as she holds me.

“Come over here.” I direct her to the bed.

Gently she sits me down on the edge. Standing before me, she starts to unbutton her white blouse, her eyes never leaving mine.

“You are sure about this Allison?”

“Allie, and shhhh,” she says, again reaching over and placing a finger again on my lips. She continues to undo the last few buttons. With the muted light surrounding her, she is stunning to watch as she lets her blouse slowly fall to her feet. The contrast of her pretty white bra against her lightly tanned skin is superb.

Reaching around she unclasps and cross-handed ever so coyly slides it off. Revealing firm, perky young breasts, her nipples already erect and hard.

“Do you like?” she asks in a whispered tone, her head cocked lightly to one side.

“Yes, very, very much!”

She steps into my arms and slides between my legs, rubbing up against me in the most sensuous of ways. I can’t believe how quickly and how aroused I am.

She helps me to remove my t-shirt and comments “Wow, you are so hot Alex.” She traces her fingertips gently along my warm skin.

I pull her in close and we embrace firmly and tenderly. Her skin is warm against mine, her firm breasts pressing into mine.

We kiss passionately and deeply... she readily allows and welcomes my probing tongue. Her soft whimpers and moans excite ever more.

Slowly, she pulls away, allowing her own hands to slide up and over her breasts. Now she is teasing me, tantalizing me. Her hands drop to her sides and delicately she eases up her little skirt, and then slides off her white cotton panties. I watch them drop to the floor.

There she is, standing before me, this gorgeous young woman wearing only her little plaid skirt. I stand as she, somewhat more hurried, more anxious than earlier undoes my skirt and lets it drop to the floor.

I stroke her silky fine blonde hair as she fumbles with my panties with a sense of urgency, revealing my very moist pussy!

Gently she kisses it, causing me to moan at her delicate touch.

Smiling again, she stands before me. Finally she removes her kilt to reveal to me her beautiful moist little flower. So soft and wet looking, a small blonde mound of blonde hair adorns her little pussy.

This is a sight to behold, this stunning beauty of a young woman, soon to be completely with me.

Standing before me, I reach up with both hands, placing one hand on her tummy, and the other cupping her delectable little ass. I softly stroke her taut flat tummy and squeeze her amazing, round little ass.

Climbing up on the bed to join me, we lay back kissing, stroking, embracing and more delicate, sweeter tender kissing. I could kiss her all night long, just looking at her flawless sweet face. I kiss her neck and lick her firm breasts, her nipples, oh so erect and hard. Flicking them gently and rapidly, her breathing becomes quicker and louder. I begin to suck and gently bite on them. She softly cries out.

“Oh yes, that’s nice Alex, just like that.”

Kneading her breasts with both hands firmly, I slide them down across her warm, taut tummy. She quivers as my tongues traces its way lower and lower. I can detect her fragrance, her wonderful scent, before I finally ease my way down her little pussy. So soft and pink.

Allie holds my head and without hesitation, spreads her legs apart to allow me her little treasure. She is soaked, dripping wet with warm and ready juices.

With a long, slow deliberate lick, my tongue tastes her sweet nectar, as she gasps out loudly.

Again and again, I give her long slow licks with varying depths, as I savour her little pussy. Then I spread apart her folds to reveal my little prize, her little bud, her swollen and erect clit.

“Ohhh, yessss, ohhh!” she cries out, her breathing quick and shallow.

I focus now just on her clit and flick it, take it in my mouth, suck on it and soon she will be there.

She starts to thrash about and cry out, she is close!

“No, noo, noo, don’t stop, ooohhh right there!” she squeals as I continue enjoying this little delight.

Then finally, she reaches the top, shuddering and holding my head firmly, she cums and cums. Her tight little body heaving up and down, a sheen of perspiration glistens on her tummy and breasts.

I slow and very gently lick and kiss her swollen pussy, my face wet from her cum.

Without moving, I continue with little kisses as she starts to squirm and breathe more heavily. Someone needs a little more attention it seems. I slide my tongue into her repeatedly; she is quickly on the brink. Finally and within mere seconds she starts another wonderful orgasm.

Kissing my way up and stopping to savour her as our eyes meet, I lean in as she hungrily kisses me, her sweet tongue probing and searching out mine, all the while letting out soft moans and whimpers, her breathing still heavy from her heighten pleasure.

I raise myself up as her legs wrap around mine motioning me on.

Without speaking I slide my leg under hers so we are scissored together. She looks unsure of what I am about to do, but that looks quickly turns to one of pleasure as I slowly grind my pussy against hers.

Pulling her in tight against me, she gasps softly, “Oh Alex, oh that feels so good,” she whispers softly.

“This is heaven,” is all I think. Seeing this darling young woman with a body to die for and a face of innocence is too much.

I decide to pick up the momentum, as I grind hard against her, slapping my pussy against hers. Allie responds vocally and wraps herself tightly around me, her arms locked around mine as we are intertwined with each other.

Our sweaty bodies are slapping away as we fuck with a passionate frenzy, this young woman knows how and likes to fuck! Within a mere moment or so she starts heaving and panting, letting me know that my sweet young girl is going to cum all over my wet pussy and cum she does. Writhering within my grasp and crying out, she pulls me close and holds me tight while wave after wave of pleasure surges through her.

Kissing me all about my face as she holds me close, I gently and slowly continue to slide my pussy against her, nice and slow letting her dictate the speed. Quickly she wants more and is humping me back. She is on the edge yet again. OMG, the look on her face, the look of complete ecstasy, as again she lets go and pleasures me with her orgasm.

I’m ready and wanting to feel this passion as I hold back no longer and to her delight I feel myself building toward my climax. Raising myself up and letting her watch as I start to cum.

“Baby, cum for me, cum on me please!” she urges me on.

“Ohhh, baby there it is, ohhh yesss!” as I cum over and over.

The surges of pleasure slowly begin to subside as I lay down beside her, our bodies, sweat and passion covered.

Leaning over onto me, she kisses me lightly, nuzzling up against me, draping her leg over mine. We lay in each other’s arms, basking in the afterglow of beautiful love making.

“Thank-you, Alex, that was so amazing, better than anything ever. Did I make you feel good?” she purrs softly to my ear.

Smiling, I reply, “Well then thank you too, because yes, that was great. You are so lovely.”

We rest for a few moments, sip a little wine and tenderly kiss and cuddle like, well, first time lovers. Slowly our kisses turn more passionate, more sexual, and more intense as our bodies begin to heat up. Lying beside me on her tummy the shape of her exquisite ass is accentuated, how it curves from her lower back up to a most outstanding young firm ass. It’s perfect!

Smiling Allison whispers, “Now it’s my turn!”

Softly kissing her way down my body, looking up at me, she smiles mischievously, then slips her finger into my still wet pussy. I moan and attempt a smile, but my lust has taken over, I can only gaze down at Allie as she begins long slow teasing licks, all the while sliding her finger deeply inside me. For someone so young, she is quite a talent.

I run my fingers through her hair as she licks, slurps and probes away, all to her delight.

A sudden wave of pleasure and I know, that my new young lover is about to bring me to a wonderful orgasm. I arch my back up as she locks her arms around my legs, keeping me within her firm grasp.

“Ohhh, yes, Allie, oh yesss, yesss,” I moan loudly as a surge of pleasure sweeps across me.

I grasp her head as she fucks me with her firm tongue. I have to gently push her back as the sensations are so intense.

Softly she kisses my soaked pussy and smiles as she moves up beside me. We embrace warmly, kiss and lay for a moment. We say nothing, only look deeply at each other. The pure pleasure and lust from this beautiful young girl, we kiss and she holds me tight, her deep breaths and warm body next to mine.

The End
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