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A Teacher's Discipline, Part Two

High school teacher Emily Ayers explores lesbian pleasures with her student turned lover Sandy.
Reading Part One before delving into this second chapter is strongly encouraged.)


Emily nibbled at Sandy's lower lip as she guided the girl onto her back, gently lowering her body onto the sixteen-year-old's slighter form without breaking their kiss. She fondled the student's bottom, fingers delving between her thighs to lightly brush Sandy's vulva as they kissed, their tongues sparring playfully. Restless with lust, her hunger for this naked teen boundless, Emily rolled the girl onto her back, stretching out luxuriously alongside her young lover.

Breaking their kiss, the teacher licked a warm path down the girl's neck, continuing until she reached her slight breasts. Seeking out a rosy nipple, Emily teased it with the tip of her tongue, making Sandy giggle with delight – but when she sucked the now erect bud between her lips, the teen's mirth trailed off into a passionate moan. 

Sandy's thin arms encircled Miss Ayers' neck, cradling the teacher to her. "Oh, Emily," she whimpered. "Oh, yes."

Emily kissed the teen's chest all over, paying special attention to her taut nipples. As she licked a tiny circle around one, her hand stole between Sandy's legs to cover her shaved vulva. She lightly massaged the teen's sex, then began to explore the moist flesh with her fingers. 

Eager to take things further, Emily placed the tip of her index finger against the opening to the teen's vagina. But instead of pushing all the way inside, she began to work her fingertip up and down and along the narrow slit; fucking the girl without fully penetrating her. 

Sandy writhed on the comforter, breath coming in tiny sobs as Miss Ayers took her to a magical place where only pleasure was real. Those hot, lovely feelings between her legs steadily grew in strength, Emily's mouth a sweet flame caressing her nipple.

Emily was drunk on love, giddy with lust. For years she had pleasured herself to mental images of the girls in her classes, indulging in delicious and forbidden fantasies of making one of them her very own. And now, more than two decades since first discovering her lesbianism, the fortyish teacher was living her dream with a beautiful green-eyed nymph of sixteen. 

Breathing in the delicate scent of Sandy's skin, Miss Ayers moved to kiss her young lover's neck – a hot, open-mouthed kiss that spoke without words of her desire. The teacher's fingertip was still gently stimulating Sandy, circling the entrance to her vagina, and now she began to press it inside a bit further.

Suddenly the teen squirmed to sit upright, seizing Miss Ayers' wrist. "Wait!" she cried.

Emily started, then peered up at Sandy, eyebrows furrowed in concern. "Gracious – what's the matter?"

"It's... it's my turn!" Sandy announced, tilting her head defiantly. "I wanna d-do stuff to you now..."

The teacher's eyes widened in surprise at the girl's insistent tone... then she laughed. "Oh, my. I'm being greedy, aren't I?" 

The girl blushed. "Well, you already got to, to make love to me, so..." She shrugged, embarrassed by her outburst.

Emily nodded. "You're right, Sandy... fair is fair." She slowly rolled onto her back, languidly stretching herself. Placing both hands on her breasts, she gazed deeply into her young lover's green eyes. "Here I am, sweetheart. I'm all yours."

The teen studied her teacher's bare body in silent awe, as if unable to believe that she'd been offered such a precious gift... and, now that it was hers, less than certain of what to do with it. Timidly she stretched out a hand, placing it on Emily's soft belly. 

"Don't be shy," Emily crooned gently. "Touch me." 

Placing her own hand on Sandy's, she guided it to her left breast. The teen trembled, but began to lightly caress the creamy orb.

"Mmmm, yes," Emily moaned, arching her back. "Oh, sweetheart, that feels lovely."

A shaky grin appeared on the girl's face, her confidence growing as she brought her other hand into play, cupping her teacher's right breast.

"You don't have to be that gentle, Sandy... rub them harder. I'd love that."

Sandy's eyes shone with excitement as she fondled Emily with a firmer touch, learning and exploring the contours of a woman's breasts. Biting her lip, the teen grew bolder, rolling the teacher's engorged nipples between her index fingers and thumbs, then lightly pinching them.

"Ohhhh!" Emily moaned, arching her back as sweet stabs of ecstasy pierced both breasts. "Do that again. A bit harder this time." And a hoarse cry was wrenched from her throat when Sandy eagerly obeyed. "Oh, God. Oh, yessss."

"I love your tits," Sandy whispered, blushing as she spoke. "They're... they're so soft."

Raising herself up onto one elbow, Miss Ayers stared hungrily at her young lover. "Sweet Sandy... now, I need for you to touch me in another very special place." She smiled. "Can you guess where I want to be touched?" Reaching for the teen's hand, she brought it to her face, tenderly brushing the soft palm with her lips. Then, gazing deep into her eyes, she took Sandy's index finger into her mouth, caressing it with a warm, wet tongue. 

The teen's mouth went slack, her body swaying slightly. She managed to stammer, "Y-your... p-p-pussy, right?" 

Withdrawing the moistened finger from between her lips, Emily smiled. "That's it, Sandy. I want you to touch my pussy. I've dreamed of you caressing me there, making me come." A shiver raced through her upper half. "Ohhh... will you do that for me, Sandy?" 

"Yes!" the girl gasped, nodding frantically. "Yes, I will, Emily, oh yes... I will!"

"Thank you, precious," the teacher cooed. "When you do what I want, that makes me very happy." 

Placing a delicate kiss on Sandy's fingertips, she slowly drew the girl's hand down the length of her body, finally tucking it between her thighs so that the sixteen-year-old was cupping her mound. She took a deep, shaky breath as she firmly pressed the girl's hand to the thick curls that grew there... seeking the wet, warm flesh of her vulva.

"Jeez," exclaimed Sandy, her eyes wide. "It's so hot... it feels like you're b-burning up down there!"

"Oh, I am, lover – mmmm, s-so hot. I'm on fire for you!" Miss Ayers moaned, her hips gently undulating while she clutched the teen's hand to her throbbing sex. 

She had yet to climax, and her body ached with the need for release. But even then, she refused to hasten their lovemaking. Sandy was a sumptuous feast in the form of a young girl – and Emily was determined to enjoy each course of the meal, to savor every kiss and caress this naked nymph had to give.

Taking the teen's sticky hand between hers, Emily extended Sandy's index and middle fingers to their full length, then placed them at her vaginal opening. Grasping the girl's thin wrist, she slid both digits deep into the juicy canal, a soft cry escaping her lips as she was penetrated by her beloved student. 

If Sandy had been excited to touch Miss Ayers' sex, that was a tame thrill compared to being inside her teacher's body, feeling the raw heat of a woman. Her face was alight with wonder.

Emily's hand covered that of the girl, holding it in place for a moment. "Now... work your fingers b-back and forth inside me, like this." She guided Sandy into a pumping motion, accompanying her for several strokes before letting go. "There – now you do it."

Emily's sex was so moist that Sandy's digits slid in and out effortlessly... and the girl quickly fell into a slow, steady rhythm, staring enthralled at the sight of her fingers entering and exiting Miss Ayers' vagina.

"Tell me, Sandy," the woman spoke softly, her breath growing steadily deeper as she moved to her lover's touch, "have you ever been fucked before?"

Pausing in mid-stroke, Sandy made a tiny squeak of surprise. "Um, well, no," she answered, her cheeks scarlet. "I don't really like guys... I wouldn't even let a boy kiss me!" She made a face.

"I understand, Sandy," replied Emily. "But women can fuck each other, too. Didn't you know that?"

The sixteen-year-old pondered this. "You mean…?"

Emily smiled. "You're doing it right now, my love." She caressed Sandy's hand. "This... this is fucking."

The teen's mouth twisted in a sheepish smile. "Yeah, I guess it is, huh? Cool!" And she began to plunge her fingers in and out of her teacher's cunt with a new enthusiasm. 

"Oh, God... oh! You have n-no idea how wonderful this is." She rolled her hips, pushing back against Sandy's thrusts. "Ohhhh... fuck me harder, Sandy, please. It feels – g-glorious!" Her cunt was flowing freely, thick warm juices oozing down into the crack of her ass.

Sandy was focused on her task, jaw set in concentration as her arm sawed back and forth, making a squishing sound with every stroke. "Jeez, Emily," she panted, "You – you're really wet!"

"That m-means – oh, God – it means I'm excited, Sandy. You thrill me." Emily lifted her head, staring at the sixteen-year-old with lust-glazed eyes. "You make me hot, lover... so damned hot!" 

She felt the gentle throb in her belly that signaled the approach of orgasm; felt it swell and grow. Jesus, she needed to come so desperately but there were other delights she was determined to explore with Sandy, more ways to fuck and be fucked.

It took every ounce of resolve Emily could summon up, but she managed to place a hand upon Sandy's, halting the girl's determined motion. 

Startled, the girl gaped at her teacher. "What's wrong?"

"N-nothing," Emily panted, squeezing Sandy's hand reassuringly. "I... I just didn't want to finish right then."

The teen tilted her head to one side, a puzzled look on her face. "You don't want to... to get off?"

"Oh, I want to, Sandy," Emily laughed. "But not just yet. There are other things, new things that I want to try with you." She squeezed the girl's hand, quivering as Sandy's fingers shifted slightly inside her. "Mmmm, that feels nice... I told you that I'd teach you everything about making love, didn't I?"

"Mmm-hmm, yeah," the teen sighed dreamily.

"Well, then... it's time for your next lesson." She released Sandy's hand. "Now, take your fingers out."

The girl carefully withdrew her fingers from Miss Ayers' juicy vagina. They shone with moisture, and Sandy studied them in the light of the afternoon, still filtering through the blinds in thick stripes.

"Well, go on," Emily murmured, "taste it."

Startled, the teen's gaze shifted to her teacher. "Really?"

"Yes, Sandy," Emily replied. "You know what that wetness on your fingers really is?" She raised herself onto her elbows, her voice gone soft and low. "It's the flavor of a woman – the taste of sex. Believe me, there's nothing better."

Sandy cautiously brought her hand to her face to suck at the tip of one finger, sampling Emily's essence. She scrunched up her face, weighing the taste... and, finally, she grinned. "It's kinda weird, but... pretty good, too!" Humming happily, she licked her fingers clean.

"Good," Emily crooned. "Well then, if you like my honey..." she spread her thighs, "then you ought to try some straight from the pot." She stroked her clitoris with a fingertip, her eyes burning into Sandy's. "Do you understand what I mean?"

The girl nodded, her eyes dancing in anticipation. "Yeah, I do... you want me to k-kiss your pussy, right?" 

Miss Ayers nodded. "That's correct," she murmured, casually opening her cunt with two fingers, exposing the fiery pink flesh to an awed Sandy. "So – how do you feel about that?" She gave a gentle laugh. "About this."

Sandy was so transfixed by the sight of her teacher's sex that she only half-registered the question. Suddenly noticing the expectant look on Emily's face, she blurted, "I d-do want to, to kiss you down there! Only..." She nibbled at her lower lip. "I - I've never done anything like that before."

Emily rose to kneel beside Sandy. "Lie down on your back... I'm going to feed my pussy to you. It'll be like you're nursing from me."

The teen quickly arranged herself on their makeshift bed, her auburn tresses spread out upon the thick comforter. 

Emily gazed down adoringly at her young lover. "Oh, Sandy... you are the most exquisite creature. I've wanted to love you like this since I first laid eyes on you. It was the opening day of school. Do you remember that day?" 

"I do," whispered the girl. "Your lips were so red. I... I wanted to t-touch them."

"You came up to my desk to tell me that you'd broken your pencil, and you didn't have another. My heart was beating so loudly, I was sure you could hear it."

"I broke that pencil myself!" squeaked Sandy, grinning in spite of herself. "It was the only way I could think of to get close to you."

Miss Ayers reached out to stroke the teen's face. "Little minx... Lord, how I wanted to take you in my lap and kiss that perfect little mouth!"

Sandy hugged herself, rocking from side to side. "You could kiss me now, if you wanted to."

"Oh, I do..." Emily lowered her face to Sandy's, and the teen thrust her tongue into the woman's mouth as their lips met.

They kissed hotly for awhile, then Sandy broke away with a determined air, her eyes flashing. "Emily? I wanna taste y-your pussy now..."

Miss Ayers fixed the teen with a penetrating leer, moistening her lips. "How can I resist such a generous offer?" 

And the teacher carefully straddled Sandy's face, lowering her pelvis until her cunt was only a few inches from the girl's mouth. 

Her heart racing, the sixteen-year-old took in the intoxicating sight of a grown woman's vagina. Miss Ayers' pubic triangle was thick and curly; Sandy imagined it tickling her face. Nestled in the dark curls, there was pink flesh that shone with wetness, proof of Emily's excitement. The teen breathed deeply, filling her nose with the fine thick scent. 

Once, years before, she had dug a hole in the back yard, intending to plant a tulip bulb a neighbor had given her. The black earth she turned with her little spade had a wondrous aroma that she had never forgotten. It smelled of life, of the sun and grass, bits of stone and dead plants. Sandy was reminded of that scent as she filled her lungs again with her lover's thick musk – and she moistened her lips with the tip of her tongue, eager to taste.

Slowly the teen lifted her head from the comforter, mouth already open in anticipation of kissing her teacher's sex – only to find herself straining toward the prize, unable to make contact. She realized that Miss Ayers was holding her shoulders down, keeping Sandy from what she craved so desperately. 

"I c-can't..." the girl whimpered, glancing up along the glorious length of her teacher's body to the woman's face.

Miss Ayers gazed coolly at her pupil, casually cupping her breasts. "Do you really want to kiss my pussy?" An awed Sandy quickly nodded. "You do? Tell me why, sweetheart."

Sandy could feel her heart thudding wildly against her ribcage as she fumbled for the words. "I... I... your pussy is so beautiful, Miss Ayers, and it smells really great... and – and I want to, to, to m-make you feel good, just like you did for me..."

Emily parted her thighs even further, and a shiver raced through Sandy when she saw her teacher's vagina open ever so slightly. 

"Ask me nicely, Sandy," murmured the voice from above. "Ask me to let you kiss my cunt. That's the word that women use for it, you know. Maybe I'll give you a taste, if you convince me that you want it badly enough." 

"Please, Miss Ayers," the girl begged, "please let me k-kiss your cunt! I'll do anything for you. I'll make you feel wonderful. I will!" She was panting now, her eyes pleading. "I love you, Miss Ayers. God, I love you."

A satisfied smile warmed the teacher's stern face. "I believe you, dear girl. You may taste me." With that, she allowed her sex to drift down to Sandy's open mouth. 

With a tiny growl of excitement, Sandy plunged her face into Emily's pubic thatch, lips pressed against the wet heat of her teacher's pussy in an ardent kiss. A violent shudder rippled through the woman's body, and she threw her head back in a silent cry of triumph. With her free hand, she savagely mauled her breasts as the girl crushed her mouth into the moist flesh.

"Now lick me," Miss Ayers spoke thickly through trembling lips. "Lick my cunt, Sandy. Do it!"

Closing her eyes tightly, the woman visualized the image even as it was made real: the teen's tongue emerging from parted lips, penetrating the thick curls to touch her vulva. 

"Mmmmff... yes, girl," Emily growled, holding herself steady, resisting a surprisingly powerful urge to grind her pussy into Sandy's face. Instead, she reached down to open her cunt, in a lewd display calculated to inflame her young lover's passion. Sure enough, Sandy accepted the teacher's invitation, sliding her tongue into the gaping orifice.

"Ohhh, that's it... lick." 

Miss Ayers leaned forward, supporting herself with hands planted on the comforter, Sandy's head lying between them. She searched the teen's face, trying to read her expression. Sandy's eyes were glazed and partially closed, as if she were half asleep... but the movements of her tongue as it traced the opening of Emily's slit made it clear that she was very much awake.

"Do you like this, Sandy?" the teacher softly spoke, fixing the girl with a penetrating stare. "Do you enjoy tasting my cunt?"

Sandy drew back just enough to gasp, "Yes!" her lips barely brushing Emily's labia as she spoke the single word. Then the teen buried her nose once more in the pubic triangle, eyes drifting shut as she resumed her licking. Satisfied, Emily closed her eyes, leaving Sandy to her task.

The girl's mouth roamed freely, exploring every part of Miss Ayers' sex, including the clitoris... causing Emily to shiver every time her young lover's tongue brushed the inflamed button. 

Once again Emily began to feel the rising tide within, threatening to spill over into orgasm. After more than an hour of flirtation and sex play with Sandy, every atom of her being was screaming for release. 

But there was one more game the teacher hungered to play. It would be the fulfillment of a kinky fantasy the middle-aged lesbian had lived with for years – in fact, nearly as long as she had known of her desire for teenage girls.

Sandy's hands were curved around her teacher's thighs, and Emily patted one to get her attention. "Wait a second, sweetheart," she moaned. When the girl paused in mid-lick, Miss Ayers raised her cunt from Sandy's open mouth, then dismounted the teen's face to sit down heavily next to her. Her head still reeling, she leaned back against the front of the desk.

The entire lower half of the girl's face was shining with wetness. "Wha' appen?" she gasped, lifting her head to gape at Emily. 

"Not yet, my beautiful young lover, not yet," a trembling Emily replied. "Goodness, Sandy, you have a wonderful mouth... Mmmm, it felt so... it was heavenly. But there's one last thing I want you to do for me, to make me come."

Sandy slowly pushed herself up into a seated position, and Miss Ayers reached out to draw the girl into her arms. Sandy was dazed and damp with perspiration, but nodded. "Sure, okay... whatever you want." Resting her cheek upon the teacher's generous breast, she whispered, "I'll do anything for you, Emily."

Drawing Sandy's face up to meet hers, Emily kissed her roughly, relishing the sharp flavor of her own sex, the sticky essence that still lingered on that soft young mouth. Suddenly breaking away, she smiled at the girl. "Oh, sweetheart, the things you make me feel... a poet couldn't do them justice."

Woman and teen sat quietly together, cuddling – the only sound their own breathing and the muffled whoosh of traffic from outdoors.

Finally, Emily lifted her head to place a feather-light peck upon the girl's nose. "Remember what I told you, Sandy... about how two women can fuck each other?"

"Uh-huh!" The teen's eyes flashed with excitement as she nodded. 

"Well, I'm going to show you another way to do it. You're going to fuck me, sweetheart, just like a man would." 

"Really?" squeaked Sandy, rapidly bobbing her head in anticipation of further fun and games. "Wh-what do I do?"

"My goodness," Emily laughed. "You are an enthusiastic little lover, aren't you?"

"Yeah, I totally am..." the teen replied, giggling delightedly. "But... how can I f-fuck you like a man? Do you have one of those, um, fake dick thingies that women wear?" Emily gave Sandy a bemused look, and the girl flushed hotly, mumbling, "Uh, I saw them on th-the internet."

"It's called a strap-on, sweetheart... and yes, I have one, though not here," answered the teacher. She reached for Sandy's hand. "Let me show you something else. Here, put your thumb and fingers together, so your hand looks a bit like a duck's head." The girl did so. "Now, I'm going to get up on my hands and knees, and I'll want you to kneel behind me. Then, when I tell you to, you'll place all your fingers – the duck's bill, see – right at the opening of my vagina. Now, going very slowly, you push them inside me. Understand so far?"

"Mmm-hmm," agreed Sandy, her brow knitted as she concentrated on Miss Ayers' instructions.

"Good. Well, you move your fingers in and out of me, still keeping them together, like you have them now... and when you've got my pussy all juicy and opened up, I'll tell you to go even deeper... until you can push your whole hand inside."

"All of it? And that won't, like... hurt you or anything?" The girl's lips were pursed, an expression of concern on her face.

Emily smiled, reaching out to tousle Sandy's hair. "No, my love. A baby is born through the vagina, after all – and your hand is much smaller than that. On the other hand, it's big enough so that, when you really fuck me hard and deep... well, I'm sure that I'll feel every bit of it." She shivered. "Just thinking about it makes me all warm inside, like a stove." She brought the teen's face to hers, their noses touching. "How about it, Sandy? Can you do that for your favorite teacher?"

The girl nodded once, emphatically. "Oh, sure," she proudly replied. "You'll see. I'll f-fuck you, Emily – just the way you like."

Miss Ayers placed a warm kiss on Sandy's mouth. "Good girl," she purred. "Now... let me up." She patted the teen's knee.

Sandy crawled from her teacher's lap, and Emily slowly stood, stretched herself, then padded around her desk to get at the middle drawer. Sliding it open, she took what looked like a toothpaste tube from inside. "Here you are, sweetheart," she said, returning to kneel next to Sandy, offering the tube to her. "Use some of this. It'll help you to slip your hand into me." She grinned. "I'm pretty wet already, but this will make the job even easier. So... are you ready?"

"Yeah!" the teen replied, her head bobbing excitedly.

Miss Ayers got down on all fours, legs spread widely apart to show every bit of her cunt and anus to her young lover. "Now, Sandy," she began, "take some of that lubricant and spread it all around the opening of my pussy. Get me ready for your hand."

Kneeling behind the teacher, Sandy popped the cap on the white tube and squirted a generous dab of the cool, clear jelly onto her fingertips. The girl bent down slightly, pursing her lips in concentration as she began to smear the stuff on Emily's vulva.

"Mmmm, that feels lovely," Emily sighed. "Put some just inside me, too." 

Squeezing a bit more on her fingers, Sandy gingerly slipped two of them into the woman's slippery orifice, then moved them around in a tight circle.

Emily gasped. "Oooh, yes, that's good. Now – put some more on your hand, especially on the top side."

Sandy squirted a large glob of lubricant onto the back of her right hand, using the left to spread it all over her knuckles and fingers. "Okay," she soon said.

Emily took a long, deep breath. "All right... then fuck me. Just like I showed you." She arched her back, pushing her ass toward the teen.

Pausing for a brief moment to compose herself, Sandy rested her left hand on Miss Ayers' apple-round bottom as she carefully placed the tips of all five fingers at the entrance to the warm, gooey hole. "Are you... are you ready?" 

"Yes, Sandy," breathed Emily, her body alight with sexual heat as she braced herself for the fuck of a lifetime, fingertips digging into the comforter's softness. 

Her eyes widened as she felt Sandy's fingers begin their slow journey into the fleshy furnace of her vagina, a long, low moan spilling like water from her throat as she felt the opening begin to stretch.

The teen nibbled absently on her lower lip as she continued to push her hand into her teacher's body, concentrating so intensely that she flinched in when Emily gasped, "Stop, Sandy. No, no – don't pull out! Just d-don't go any deeper than that, not yet."

Sandy steadied her wrist, all four fingers and her thumb buried in Miss Ayers' vagina just past the second knuckle. "Okay. Now what do I do?" 

The teacher took a steadying breath. Relax. "Just push your fingers in and, and out of me... m-move them around a bit. You – oh my, that does feel lovely, Sandy, yes – what you want is to open me up, to g-get my cunt relaxed enough to take, ooooh, t-take the whole hand."

"Got it!" exclaimed Sandy, her excitement mounting as she began to work her bunched fingers back and forth – sliding in, then out of her older lover's slippery channel. After about a dozen thrusts, the teen started rotating her wrist in a small circle, massaging Emily's vaginal walls.

"Oh. Oh. Oh my God, Sandy, th-that feels d-divine! Oooohhh..." Emily was churning her hips in time with the girl's hand as they found a common rhythm, and when Sandy suddenly switched back to those in-and-out motions, it had the teacher's head spinning crazily. 

She could feel the long-delayed explosion rising inside, churning, amassing strength – but Emily was determined to have all of her young lover's fist inside before that could be allowed to happen.

"Sandy," she cried hoarsely. When the girl slowed her movements, she panted, "You, you can g-g-go deeper now. D-do it carefully, though..." 

And her head fell back, a whimper escaping clenched teeth as Sandy's hand began to press past the opening of her cunt, entering one delirious inch at a time. Even her largest dildo was narrower than this. There was pain, but it was tangled together with pleasure, the two extremes melding into a kind of crazy ecstasy that made Emily want to shout. 

"It's going in!" Sandy gasped, her eyes enormous. 

Emily was in no state to speak at that moment. Her back was bowed, head arched high, the breath leaving her body in tiny gasps as Sandy's knuckles slowly pressed through the vaginal ring. Then with a sudden small lurch, the girl's hand was inside Emily's body. 

The orgasm began from a single point, like a struck match; then quickly radiated forth in all directions, from the uterus outward. Her body was steel-rigid, fingernails almost tearing into the comforter as Emily's climax swelled into a raging storm. A cry broke from her throat, quickly mounting into a hoarse scream. 

Sandy could only gape, afraid to move. Emily's cunt gripped tightly at her hand, the woman's body quivering relentlessly.

The pleasure was all-encompassing; it seemed to shake the teacher's soul like a rag doll. She was still on all fours, but somehow felt as if she were simultaneously floating in deepest space, listening to herself moan miles below. Then something tugged sharply at this detached self, and it rejoined her body with a snap. 

The teen gave a soft, startled cry when her lover's body gave a violent jerk – then Miss Ayers slowly went limp, like an inflatable toy that had just been punctured. Emily went down onto her elbows, burying her face in the comforter with her ass still jutting out. 

Sandy stared at her teacher's vagina, which still enveloped her hand completely. "Um... Emily?" she whispered, uncertain of what to do next.

Twisting her head to one side, Miss Ayers took a deep breath. "Sandy," she mumbled. "You can t-take your hand out now, but! Do it g-gently as you can... I'm – I'm a little tender down there." 

Bracing herself, the girl cautiously drew her arm back, watching in awe as Emily's cunt began to open wider, her hand beginning to emerge.

"Oh, God," groaned Miss Ayers, shakily raising herself back onto all fours, "that f-feels incredible. Ohhhh!"

Sandy's lips were firmly set, her body taut with tension as she continued to withdraw from her teacher's opening. Then she paused. "This is the – the big part of my hand," she declared, glancing at the back of Emily's head. "I'm g-gonna pull it out now, 'kay?"

Miss Ayers peered back over her shoulder, giving the teen a shaky smile. "I'm... I'm ready, sweetheart."

Sandy gave a somewhat harder tug, her whole body arching slightly backward... and the rest of her hand emerged, all at once. 

Emily gave a sharp, brief cry, and the girl nearly tipped over, but managed to right herself. She caught the barest glimpse of the fleshy interior of Miss Ayers' wet vagina, just before it closed. "Coooool," Sandy breathed... then studied her hand, now glistening with her lover's vaginal essence. She sniffed it, then licked her fingers, humming with pleasure at the taste.

Head reeling, body glowing like fire-warmed coal, a panting Emily lowered herself into the embrace of the comforter, rolling onto her side. Peering up at Sandy through unfocused eyes, she watched as the naked teen sampled and savored the juices that coated her hand. "C'mere, you," she murmured, lazily extending an arm toward Sandy. "I need a hug."

Grinning happily, Sandy lay down to join the older woman, slipping into her arms.

Emily gazed deep into the teenager's emerald eyes. "That was marvelous, sweetheart. I don't believe I've ever come so hard."

"You got off so fast! I didn't get to do much, really..."

"Mmm," Emily sighed. "I was just too close to coming right then, and when your hand popped inside me, it felt so amazing that I couldn't hold myself back for another second." She was absently fondling Sandy's ass. "We'll do that again sometime – it's called fisting, by the way – and we'll start earlier, when I'm not quite so keyed up. I really do want to feel you fuck me, like your hand is a great big cock."

Sandy giggled. "That sounds so wild, the way you say it!" She paused, then purred, "Emily...?" 

Emily felt a prickle of awakening arousal as Sandy's lips brushed her ear, the girl's hand moving to cover her breast. "Mmm-hmm?"

"Can you make me come again? I'm kinda all hot and tingly now..."

"Oh, of course," cooed Emily, "just let me up for a second."

Sandy rolled onto her side, propping herself on an elbow. 

Sitting up, Emily took both pillows and shoved them against the desk, then leaned back onto them in something of a slouched sitting position. "There," she murmured. "Now, dear heart... sit between my legs and lie back against me."

"Yeah!" Sandy exclaimed, crawling into the V formed by Emily's outstretched legs, then relaxing into her lover's body with a blissful sigh. "Mmmmm, this feels nice...   I'd like to sleep like this!"

"Oh, it gets better than just sleeping," replied Emily, placing a hand on the teen's thigh. "Much better."

Sandy shivered, and a tiny whimper escaped her lips. "Oh, Emily... touch me, please."

The tips of Emily's fingers slowly trailed along the pale, soft flesh of Sandy's inner thigh. Her hand curved to cup the girl's shaved pubis, still sticky with the dew of desire.

"That's nice..." Sandy breathed, "mmmm, s-so good!" Her voice rose to a squeal on the last word as Emily's index finger traced the gentle line of her vaginal opening, ending with a teasing stroke of the clitoris. 

A blissful Sandy lay against her older lover, squirming with rapture while Emily masturbated her, steadily guiding the virgin teen toward her second orgasm of the afternoon. Soon enough, Sandy's whimpers mounted into a wail of pleasure, her fists clenched tightly as Emily carried her to the threshold of blessed oblivion and beyond. 

Finally, when it was clear that the mewling nymph could stand no more, Emily took her fingers away from Sandy's sex; instead, she lightly caressed her belly and lower, occasionally allowing her fingertips to stray over the rise of the girl's mound.

Still quivering in ecstasy's sweet aftermath, Sandy settled into her teacher's arms with a happy sigh. "Thank you," she gasped, "thank you."

Emily paused to brush the damp strands of hair from her forehead, then bent down to nibble at her teenage lover's ear. "I've had such a lovely afternoon with you, my precious." Leaning back, she rested her head against the front of her desk. "It's getting late, though... we should see about getting you home."

Sandy slowly nodded. "S'pose so," she sighed. Twisting around in Emily's embrace, she knelt before the older woman. "Can I have a kiss first?"

Reaching out to cup Sandy's chin, Emily drew the girl's face to hers, their mouths meeting. They kissed gently but with real passion, tongues flickering back and forth. 

Finally breaking away, Sandy stared beseechingly at her teacher. "We'll do this again sometime... we will, won't we, Emily? Please?"

Emily reached for the teen's hand. "Of course   we will, silly girl. It's like I told you – we're lovers now." She paused, struck by a flash of inspiration. "You know, my workload has been a bit much lately. Perhaps what I need is a bright student to help me after school for extra credit... adding up test scores, grading papers and the like."

Sandy's grinned hugely, clapping her hands in glee. "Oh, yeah, Emily... that sounds fantastic!" 

"Good," murmured Emily, slowly rising to her feet. "Now come on, girl – let's get ourselves dressed." Glancing around the tiny office, she winced. "Gracious... we certainly made a mess in here." Plucking her panties from the floor, she stepped into them, then reached for her bra.

They quickly dressed and straightened themselves, taking turns using a small hand mirror Emily had in her purse while fixing their hair and makeup. 

As she returned her lipstick to the handbag, the teacher noticed something on the carpet, and bent to retrieve it. She smiled, studying the oval object in her hand.

Sandy was slipping into her shoes when Emily touched her shoulder. She glanced at the woman's smiling face, then saw the green disc of malachite resting in her palm.

"Here, my darling girl," Emily said, extending her open hand toward the wide-eyed teen. "I want you to have this."

"Ohmigosh," whispered Sandy, staring at the paperweight. She hesitantly took the object from her teacher, then closed her hand, pressing it to her breasts. "Thank you, Emily. I'll take good care of it, I promise. For as long as I live."

"I know you will, sweetheart. Come along, now – I'll give you a ride home." 

Nodding, Sandy reached down for her bag, hoisting it onto her shoulder. They both moved toward the door, then the teen paused in mid-step. "Emily?"

"What, dear?"

"I – I love you," breathed Sandy, her eyes suddenly moist.

Emily Ayers drew the trembling girl close, enfolding her in a tender embrace. "I know, Sandy. And I love you."

The two women shared a brief kiss – then a shy smile. Emily's hand trailed down Sandy's arm, giving the girl's hand a squeeze before she turned to unlock and open her office door. 

Gesturing Sandy ahead, the teacher followed, snapping off the light before closing the door behind her.
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