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A Trip to NYC

I never knew spending the night in my best friends house would be so interesting....
I quickly packed up my clothes and sleeping bag for my week long stay in Payton's new house. She had invited me over after I had almost had an emotional breakdown after my year long relationship crumbled. Payton was my best friend all through high school and now in college it was no different.

I hopped into my car and headed for the interstate, I wasn't happy about the two hour long drive up to the city where Payton was now living. The only thought in my mind as I drove was how I hoped I'd get laid on this trip. Micheal, my ex was an attractive man, he had all the right features, the strong jaw, nice body, great in bed, ect. ect., but he was lacking in the emotional connection department. I hadn't had a good screw in two months and my pussy needed a good work out.

Two hours later I hit the Lincoln tunnel and was entering NYC. I called Payton from the other side and had her give me directions. I weaved my way through the streets and finally ended up near Central park where I was supposed to meet her. As I sat waiting I saw the most gorgeous guy I'd ever seen walking across the street. He saw me staring and winked at me before continuing over to a sexy a little blonde, who he embraced and began to grope heavily.

Just about that time a loud knock on my window brought me from my thoughts of how lucky the girl was. Payton stood there happily. I jumped from the car and ran to embrace my friend. It had been far to long and I missed her dearly. As I hugged her I noticed she was thinner than before and her breasts seemed larger. She noticed my gawking and giggled.

"They are new..." she poked her left breast with her finger.
"No way. You did not get a boob job!" I laughed.

"Totally did. When we get home I'll show you!" she giggled and climbed into my car.

We drove to her apartment and she had me park on the street outside her building. Once out of the car she grabbed my wrist and pulled me up to the door. A charming gentleman was standing outside, he smiled at Payton and she blushed. I had a feeling she was fucking him. Payton was hot, there was no way around that. She has long blonde hair that retch her thin waist and bright blue eyes. She was 5'5, with a nice thin body, full breasts and a nice ass. I,on the other hand, have long black hair, green eyes, I'm 5'3 and pretty thin myself. I have smaller breasts than Payton but I have a better ass.

Back in high school we had experimented with each other in the locker room after cheer practice a few times but it never went anywhere.

Payton drag me up the stairs and to a door that read 5321, she looked around and quickly unlocked the door and shoved me inside. I tripped over her feet and fell on top of her.

She pushed me off of her and stood up, smiling at me, "Still so clumsy."

With that she promptly stripped off her shirt and pants leaving her in only her lacy, pink panties.

"Payton...what are you doing?" I asked nervously.

"Come feel", she smiled.

I slowly walked over to her and reached out my hand. She took it and placed it on her right breast and made me squeeze it. She let out a soft moan and smiled.

"Like em?"

All I could do is nod. She smiled and took my other hand, placing it on her left breast. This time I squeezed it all on my own. She let out another moan and I took it upon myself to pinch her hardening, pink nipples. She let out another moan and I smiled. I had missed Payton so much.

"Dakota....I...I want you." she whispered.

I nodded and stripped off my mini skirt and button up shirt. I stood before Payton in only my gray push up bra and gray lacy panties. Payton looked over my body and licked her lips. She grabbed my wrist and pulled me into her bedroom before shoving me backwards and kneeling in front of me.

"Oh, Dakota. You are wet already!" she exclaimed and took hold of my panties before tearing them from my body.

I laid back and waited to see what she'd do. Before I knew it I felt her pull my legs apart more and then she gave my clit a quick little lick. I let out a light moan and she smiled.

"Like that?"

"Mmm yeah." I moaned happily.

She quickly went back to my pussy giving it quick little licks and occasionally sucking on my clit. I was moaning loudly when out of nowhere she shoved two fingering into my soaking wet pussy. I let another loud moan and started bucking my hips against her hand.

She started licking my clit faster and before I knew it I was cumming all over her pretty face. I moaned until the last of my cum was out of my body. She stood up smiling as she wiped my cum off her face and licked it off her hands.

"My turn."I grinned and sat up pulling her down on the bed.

I climbed off the bed and pulled her hips to the edge. She let out a sigh as I ran my hand over her perfectly shaved pussy. I knelt down and parted her lips gently. She was soaked already and I was excited to taste her again.

I quickly leaned forward and gave her pussy a nice, quick lick. She jumped and let out a sigh of happiness. I did it again and this time I sucked her clit into my mouth and gave it a nice tonguing for a few minutes. She was withering under my tongue and I finally released it and shoved a couple fingers into her.

They slid right in and she moaned loudly. I started pumping my fingers in and out of her quickly and she started to pant wildly. I kept licking her and soon without warning she came everywhere. Her beautiful body stiffened and then became to shake.

I watched in awe as she came down from her orgasm and leaned up to kiss me.

"Wow Dakota, you're way better than in high school." she giggled.

"I have had some practice." I smiled and thought about the multiple threesomes Micheal had made me take part in.

"Well since you made me feel sooo good I have a surprise for you."

I watched her confused as she jumped off the bed and went to the closet. She returned holding a little vibrator, it was one of the those tiny ones that you can really work your clit with.

She motioned for me to lay down and I did. She turned the little vibrator on and pushed my legs apart. She took it and circled my clit with it slowly. I let out a series of long, sexy moans and she took that as go even slower.

She kept circling my clit with it until I begged her to end my suffering and let me cum. She completely pulled away and went back to the closet. She returned holding a big pink dildo. She smiled and started to rub my pussy with it. I started moaning again and she put the mini vibrator back against my clit just as she shoved the dildo into me.

I gasped and she started to work the dildo in and out of me as fast as she could. I could feel my muscles tensing and I knew I was ready to blow.

"Oh....Oh Pay...Payton...I'm....gonna....c.cuuuuummm!" I screamed as my body finally let go.

She held the dildo inside of me while my body clenched around it. When I finally stopped shaking she tossed both the vibrator and the dildo onto the night stand and laid down beside me.

She kissed me passionately then leaned up on her elbows,"Aren't you glad you came to see me?"

I smiled and nodded, "Hell yeah. Micheal was never that good."

"Well there is more where that came from." she laughed and climbed back on top of me for round two.

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