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A Very Naughty Workplace: Part 2

Alexandra fears what's going to happen at work after her night with Thalia.
You can say that what happened last night was unexpected. I mean having sex with my married boss wasn't exactly a normality for me. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoyed every hot minute of it. Honestly I would do anything to have that experience with her again. But I doubt we'll ever do anything like that together again, due to the fact that she's married.

As I got ready for work, her gorgeous naked body was the only thing on my mind. I buttoned up my blouse imagining her hands caressing my body as she kissed my neck. I had a taste of her luxurious juices last night and now I wanted more. It's almost as if she's a drug and I'm the addict.

My commute to work wasn't any better. I constantly thought about her and all the things we could do to one another. All the naughty things we could do to one another.

I snapped out of it. What happened last night with Thalia was a one time thing. Honestly what we did last night was just going to make work painfully awkward. What we did was nothing but a mistake.

As I walked towards her office I kept imagining different scenarios of what may happen once I opened that door. None of them ended good at all.

I reached out to turn the door handle. It had a chilling cold to it, as if behind the door hid nothing but despair and regret. Once I opened the door she was sitting there at her desk. She was clearly very captivated by her work.

She looked up at me and smiled. I didn't get a feeling of regret from her smile, nor did I get a feeling of despair. Her smile gave me a warmth. A warmth that filled the room with an happily sensational feeling.

I started to walk towards her. She got up and stared at me as I walked right in front of her. We just stood there and stared into each other's eyes for a few seconds.

Her sea green eyes were truly mesmerizing. I moved closer to her. As I moved closer my gaze fell to her lips. Her full luscious lips were the only thing I desired at that moment.

It was almost as if I was possessed, I pulled her into an kiss. The feeling of her lips pressed against mine was enough to send me over the edge.

She didn't push me away, instead she reached her hands down and gripped my ass. I tried to let out a soft moan but her lips silenced me as we began to kiss more vigorously. I pushed her against the wall as I began unzipping her dress.

Suddenly we heard a knock at the door. She pushed me away and proceeded to fix herself as she went to open it. Standing at the door was her husband.

I couldn't help but stare at him in shock, mainly due to the fact I was kissing his wife just before he came into the room. Oh yeah, let's not forget the fact that I had sex with his wife the night before.

“How are you Alexandra?” He asked.

I just stared at him in complete shock unable to form words in response to his question.

“She's fine,” said Thalia as she moves closer to her husband. “Alexander would you please go pick up the papers from the main office for me?”

I immediately knew this was her way of asking me to leave her alone with her husband. So I left the room. I sat outside just wondering what they possibly could be talking about right now. I knew that their relationship wasn't at its best currently. You probably could tell that from us sleeping together.

What if that's what they were talking about? What if her husband somehow knew what happened between us the night before? What if she told him out of guilt? How would that make me look?

I didn't want to be an homewrecker. I didn't want to ruin a perfectly fine relationship, but I craved her and nothing but her. I wanted her body in a sexual way. I wanted her to want me.

Her husband left her office in a hurry. He didn't make eye contact with me. It made me wonder what exactly they were talking about. I walked into her office. She was sitting at her desk staring at me.

The look in her eyes was lustful and I loved every moment she stared at me with that look in her eyes.

“What exactly did y'all talk about?” I asked hoping it had nothing to do with what happened with us.

“Nothing important,” she said as she slowly walked over to me removing a piece of clothing at a time.

“Are you sure it was nothing important?” I asked very nervously as she came closer to me.

“Alexandra, don't worry about it. I'm standing in front of you half naked, are we gonna keep talking about my husband or are we gonna have some fun,” she said with a seductive smile on her face as she began undressing me.

I reached back to make sure that her office door was locked so no one would walk in on us. Soon we both were completely naked in front of each other. Her naked body in front of me was enough to send my mind running.

She stared down at my breasts and gave me a very deviant smile. She slowly began groping my breasts. Her touch sent shivers up my spine. Within a few seconds my nipples were completely erect. She came in close and started vigorously kissing me. Our tongues were entangled together as our hands explored one another's body.

I slowly moved my hand down her body towards her wet spot as she continued to fondle with my breast. Within a few seconds my hand was playing with her clit. Her breathing began to speed up. My fingers slowly found their way into her. She tried to let multiple moans escape but my lips sealed hers.

I pushed her on top of her desk. Several items fell to the floor and made a loud noise. She looked up at me and smiled, clearly turned on by the fact that we were having sex in her office.

I pulled my fingers out of her and slowly licked them, smiling at her the whole time. I came down and kissed her, allowing her to taste her own sweet juices. I began to kiss down her body as I slowly made my way to her sweet spot.

I spread her thighs and took in the sweet aroma as my finger found its way into her ass. I slowly began licking her pussy, taking in her sweet juices. I was tracing each letter of the alphabet on her pussy, finding the letters that made her squirm the most. Her sweet juices slowly dripped down her pussy.

I sucked on her clit enjoying the sounds of her moans. Her body began to tense up and I knew she was close to an orgasm, so I started to suck her clit and finger her ass more and more vigorously. As she came to an orgasm and covered my face in her sweet juices, she got up and pushed me on the floor. She sat on my belly, grinding her pussy on my belly leaving her sweet juices there.

She looked at me with a naughty smile on her face. She took the finger that was in her ass and slowly began to suck it while staring into my eyes. The sight of her doing this made my pussy soaking wet and sent my mind into a frenzy.

We suddenly heard a knock at the door.

“Ma'am your one o'clock is here,” we heard said from the other side of the door.

“I got to go, but I want you to come by my house tonight,” she said as she hurried and got dressed.

“Okay, but what about your husband.”

“Don't worry about him,” she said as she kissed me.

“Okay, I'll be there.”

She smiled at me as she walked out. She wanted me to come to her house tonight. I wonder what she wanted to do. I just smiled at the thought of all the things we could do together. I literally couldn't wait until the next time we'd alone together.

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