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A Week In A Dungeon - Day 5A

Ashley's 5th day on her journey is full of love, affection and arousal.
Ashley wakes up. Before her memory reminds her where she is, a rush of surprise fills her body. Her skin is warm, her joints don't ache, her head lays against something soft.

I'm in Miss Rose's room!

The memories of last night fill her mind; the warm bath Miss Rose made for her. The candle lit dinner they shared, and the glorious, uninterrupted affection Miss Rose has been giving her.

Ashley wiggles comfortably in her bed as she slowly wakes up. She feels the warm leather cuffs around her ankles and wrists, they seem like part of her body now. Her eyes open to see that she is fastened to one of the four bedposts. A long chain leash attaches itself to a new leather collar around her neck. Ashley inspects it with her gentle fingers.

She sits up as she rubs her eyes, taking in her surroundings again. Her bed is a small mattress on the floor, next to Miss Rose's. The soft blankets feel like heaven against her smooth, naked body.

Ashley gets onto her knees and peeks into Miss Rose's gorgeous canopy bed. She isn't in there, and it's already neatly made.

She sits back down onto the warm blankets and begins to yawn. Her arms stretching out as she does.

I'm in heaven. Although I could really go for some…

"Would you like some tea, my dear?" Miss Rose asks, as she enters the room and sits on the side of her luxurious bed.

Ashley feels butterflies in her stomach as she watches the woman sit down next to her. Miss Rose is clad in dark purple nylons covering her long, slender legs, and a matching teddy. Its translucent material teases at her perfect figure underneath.

"Oh, yes please. That would be great," Ashley responds, trying to sound as lovely as possible.

"Good. I'm having some brought up for you with your breakfast," Miss Rose says, matter-of-factly.

Ashley smiles uncontrollably.

"I… I get breakfast?" She asks, to make sure she isn't hearing things.

"Breakfast in bed, dear," Miss Rose clarifies.

Ashley giggles with delight.

"I feel so spoiled, Miss Rose," Ashley declares.

Miss Rose looks down at Ashley lovingly. "You are being spoiled a little, yes. You deserve it, for having been such a good girl the past few days."

Ashley feels the warm glow of appreciation and love fill her body.

"Lie down dear. Close your eyes," Miss Rose's warm voice instructs.

Ashley does so. The soft blankets nuzzling her skin as she relaxes. She feels the gentle touch of something against her right nipple. Her hands move to discover what it is, but Miss Rose interjects.

"No, no… be a good girl and keep your hands at your sides. They're not to move again."

Ashley nods silently and keeps her hands locked at her hips. The metal buckles on her wrist restraints kiss her skin cooly. The instructions of her mistress cause her to feel the tingle of nervous excitement through her whole body. Ashley feels her toes curl up in anticipation.

Again, the touch returns to her chest. Both nipples now, being nuzzled by something soft and warm. They tickle just slightly, as they deliver slight jolts of pleasure over her skin. One disappears, while the other travels lower. Slowly, tracing a path down Ashley's stomach and over her belly button.

The other one returns, this time against Ashley's lips.

"Open, dear," Miss Rose instructs, lovingly. A note of delight in her tone.

Ashley opens her little mouth and feels something enter it.

Her foot. Mmm… her toes. How can her toes taste so fucking good?

Ashley opens her mouth widely and takes in Miss Rose's foot as deeply as she can. The nylon stocking still covering every inch of it and adding an interesting, sexy texture to the foot. It feels so wrong, tasting the nylon inside her mouth, but there is something so satisfying, knowing she's doing exactly as she's told.

The other foot continues to travel down her body. It wiggles between her thighs and forces her legs apart. She suddenly feels incredibly vulnerable. However, being on the floor, under her mistress' feet is causing her pussy to become very moist.

The long slender toes in her mouth tease the back of her throat, straining Ashley's resistance to gag.

"You are such a good girl, aren't you?" Miss Rose asks, smiling. She softly rubs her fingers against her clit, though her panties as she watches her pet below her.

Ashley slides her tongue back and forth along the nylon, deep in her mouth. The wet nylon hugs the skin of the foot, making it feel incredibly naughty. Miss Rose's toes wiggling deep in her throat, challenging her to be obedient and keep them inside her. At the same time, she feels the other foot tickling her inner thigh.

Oh fuck, please, touch my pussy, please.

Ashley, unknowingly lifts her pelvis up for attention. But, it only causes Miss Rose to ignore it further.

Ashley moans in frustration as the foot slides even deeper inside her mouth. Ashley's clit hums with sexual hunger as it swells between her lips.

Knock. Knock. Knock.

"Oh, that must be your breakfast," Miss Rose giggles. She turns her attention to the door, "You may enter!"

The foot leaves Ashely's mouth. She opens her eyes and sits up in her blankets. The leash tugs the collar around her neck, reminding her of her new identity. Just the feeling of being collared to Miss Rose's bed, makes Ashley's nipples hard.

Tessa comes through the door, completely naked as usual, save for her frilly, white socks. She is holding a silver tray steadily in both hands. It's adorned with yogurt, fresh fruit, toast and tea.

Ashley is happy to see Tessa, although, she is unsure why. Her stomach growls, and her attention gravitates to the glamorous breakfast presented in front of her.

Tessa places the tray on the floor next to Ashley's bed. She then stands with her arms neatly folded behind her back.

Before beginning to eat, Ashley feels herself staring at Tessa.

She is so well behaved. Trained? Is that what I'm doing here? Being… trained? For what?

Ashley's eyes wander below the girl's belly button, to her soft pink lips. The tiny patch of blonde hair decorating her perfect mound. Ashley's stomach grumbles again and she shakes herself into focus.

Miss Rose gets up off the bed. "I'm going to get ready now, I have a big day. Enjoy your breakfast while I get dressed," she says, gracefully disappearing into the adjacent room,

Ashley begins lathering her toast with jam. She takes a bite and moans with satisfaction.

As she finishes chewing, she notices Tessa looking at her, namely, the food in her hand. Ashley glances back at her jam laden toast and back at the girl who delivered it to her.

Can I offer her some? Am I allowed?

"Miss Rose? Could I share some of my food with Tessa?" Ashley asks, as gently as she possibly can.

Miss Rose pops her head around the corner. Her long, slightly curled hair dangles around her elegant neck. "Of course. It's your food dear," she laughs, vanishing again.

Ashley feels light with joy as she smiles at Tessa.

Tessa bends her head forward, raising her eyebrows, hoping for an invitation.

Ashley waves her hand quickly. Tessa smiles and hurries over next to her.

They giggle as they share bites of toast and sips of tea.

"Ohh, this is so cozy," Tessa rejoices, nestling her pale, supple ass into the blankets.

Ashley takes a deep breath in relaxation, taking in her surroundings. The warm air, the soft blankets, the good company and a full stomach. She feels Tessa's left foot against the inside of her leg. Ashley doesn't know why it feels so comforting.

Miss Rose steps back into the bedroom. Ashley and Tessa both stare in amazement. Miss Rose is dressed in a gorgeous black dress, which seems to glimmer. Her hair falls delicately over her collar bone on each side.

Ashley feels nervous just being in the same room as this beautiful, powerful woman.

Miss Rose finishes putting on her last earring as she looks at her two guests, cuddled on the floor. She bites her lip ever so gently, suppressing the urge to do something.

"Hmm… I really wish I had the time to play with you two girls right now. But now is not the time for play," Miss Rose explains.

She bends down next to Ashley. Her cleavage, glowing with sexual energy as she places two fingers under Ashley's chin, lifting her face slightly.

"You missed some, dear."

Before Ashley can process what's happening, Miss Rose licks the side of her mouth, cleaning the remnants of jam from her lips. Ashley's heart stops beating for a moment as her mistress' tongue caresses her. Ashley can feel her pussy moisten from the interaction.

Miss Rose licks her lips and winks at Ashley. She stands back up and heads to the door.

"Oh, I almost forgot," Miss Rose remarks, skipping weightlessly on her very high heels into the other room.

Ashley and Tessa look at each other, puzzled.

Miss Rose returns, with a little, white box, a red ribbon bow on its lid.

"A small gift, for my good girl," Miss Rose sings.

Ashley feels dizzy as she takes the tiny box from her mistress. She feels embarrassed by how much attention and praise she's being given.

Her fingers shake as she fumbles with the ribbon. Eventually she manages to get it open, pulling out a pair of long, soft, light-pink, knee socks.

"Oh my, th… thank you Miss Rose! They're beautiful," Ashley stammers.

"Try them on dear. Tessa, why don't you give her a hand."

Tessa and Ashley look into each other's eyes for just a moment as Tessa takes one of the socks. She lifts Ashley's left foot gently into her hands and places the sock over the little toes.

Ashley tries to focus putting her right sock on, as the feeling of Tessa's touch distracts her immensely. She manages to pull the material under the tight ankle restraint. She dares not remove it, even for a moment.

Tessa's fingers pull the sock tight, just above the top of Ashley's calf. Her finger's linger on the soft material long enough to send a shiver down Ashley's spine, and into her ass.

"Oh, you look adorable dear," Miss Rose comments. "They will help with the cold, when you are in your cage."

Ashley feels the love of her mistress like a warm hug.

"Thank you again, so much," Ashley says genuinely, ensuring Miss Rose understands how much she appreciates the gesture.

"It's my pleasure, dear. Be good girls today."

Miss Rose shuts the ornate door behind her as she leaves. The room is suddenly so quiet. Ashley wiggles her toes in the soft new fabric, she notices that Tessa is looking right at her. Tessa's eyes seem to be slightly lost in Ashley's.

"What is it?" Ashley inquires, quickly.

Tessa breaks her gaze for a moment before shyly looking down at the floor. The silver tray and various scraps from breakfast lie beside them.

"Oh, um, nothing. I should really clean this up and get back…" Tessa fumbles, as she gets on her hands and knees to clean up.

For a moment, Ashley watches the young, slim girl clean up. Her soft, pale skin seems to glow in the light. Then, Ashley grabs Tessa's arm, interrupting her tidying.

"Come on, tell me. What is it?" Ashley asks, not realizing how adorable she sounds.

"I… well… Can I kiss you, Ashley?" Tessa asks, biting her lip in suspense.

Ashley is caught completely off-guard.

"You want to kiss me?" Ashley repeats. "But, I'm not…"

I'm not gay? How can I possibly tell myself that now? After… after everything that has happened. I mean… women are beautiful, Tessa is beautiful… but…

Watching Tessa's nipples harden, causes Ashley's pussy to tingle. All of a sudden, her mouth begins to water and her cheeks feel flush. This gorgeous young lady wants to kiss her, and the idea of it is making Ashley aroused. Very aroused.

"Yes… Okay," Ashley mumbles, almost in a whimper. She feels dizzy as Tessa smiles and moves in closer to her.

Tessa leans forward and places a hand on the back of Ashley's neck. Her fingers effortlessly flow through Ashley's brown hair.

Ashley feels butterflies screaming around inside her belly. She's never felt like this before. Not that she can remember.

Tessa… Oh fuck, Tessa…

Tessa moistens her lips as their noses gently touch. Ashley feels out of breath as Tessa pauses to take in Ashley's sweet smell. They both giggle, just slightly as their excitement begins to overwhelm them.


A loud bang hits the door. It swings open interrupting the girls' hopeful kiss.

Mistress stands in the doorway, a cage next to her.

"Good morning sluts. You, get in, now!" Mistress demands of Ashley.

Ashley, shaken, stands up and walks quickly towards Mistress. She kneels down in front of her then slowly crawls into the cold, metal cage.

"On your back. Legs up. Come on, show me your ass," Mistress gently roars. A slight look of impatient pleasure washes across her face as she watches Ashley wiggle into her ordered position.

Mistress looks over to Tessa. "Now you. Here," Mistress commands, pointing to the foot of the cage.

Ashley turns her head to watch her friend crawl towards Mistress on her hands and knees.

Tessa attempts to get in the cage, but Mistress stops her by grabbing her firmly by the hair.

"What were you doing when I got here? Hmm?" Mistress asks, a sternness in her voice that cuts to Ashley's core.

"Having breakfast, Mistress," Tessa humbly replies.

"Is that so?"

Mistress pulls Tessa's hair, so that her neck is forced up and her head back. With her other hand, Mistress slowly slides her middle finger along Tessa's slit. It gently pushes Tessa's folds apart exploring her pussy. Mistress removes her finger, looking at it with fake surprise.

She rubs her finger across Tessa's lips and into her mouth.

"Breakfast makes your pussy wet, does it?" Mistress inquires, sarcastically.

"No Mistress. I'm sorry," Tessa whimpers.

Mistress lets Tessa's hair go and pushes her ass into the cage so that she's facing the opposite way as Ashley.

"You better not lie to me again slut. Or I'll make your last punishment seem like a day at the spa," Mistress hisses.

From a tray on top of the cage, Mistress grabs several thick, leather restraints. She begins strapping them around Tessa's wrists and ankles. Mistress doesn't say a word as she grabs Ashley's left hand and secures it to Tessa's left foot. Then Ashley's right wrist is attached to Tessa's right ankle.

Ashley can barely move her arms now as the cage is very restrictive, and Tessa's little, socked feet are pressed against the sides of her head. Looking up, all she can see are the bars of the cage and Tessa's perfect pink pussy. It's still glistening with moisture above Ashley's face, as their other wrists and ankles become securely fastened to each other.

Mistress finishes restraining both girls and bends down to look at them.

"Both of you better be quiet. And do not touch each other," Mistress orders, in a very cold tone. She stands up and covers the cage with the heavy black tarp and begins to transport them.

Don't touch each other?

The thought of Mistress' last command stings inside Ashley's body.

As her eyes adjust to the darkness, the view of Tessa's gorgeous mound becomes more and more clear. It hovers, inches above Ashley's face, beading with droplets of sexual arousal. Ashley can feel herself secretly wanting it to drip into her greedy mouth. Ashley bites her tongue in silence.

Is Tessa thinking the same thing? I wonder what she thinks of me… she did want to kiss me. Does she like me? Like-like me? Do I like her like that?

The thoughts continue to roll through Ashley's mind as their cage is wheeled down countless hallways.

Ashley can feel her skin tingle with excitement as Tessa adjusts her position. Tessa's hard nipples press into Ashley's stomach. She feels so needy right now. She wants to speak to Tessa so badly. She wants to touch her. She wants to touch her own pussy, which is beginning to pulse with growing urges.

She instinctively tries to move her right hand down to quickly rub her clit, but the restraint keeps her arm stuck beside her head.

Ashley can smell Tessa's pussy. It causes her heart to beat uncontrollably inside her chest. She can feel her clit swelling up inside her sensitive labia.

Suddenly, Ashley jumps in her restraints as she feels something cold and wet trickling down her slit.

Is that? Is Tessa drooling onto my pussy? Oh fuck… this is torture.

Ashley wishes she could reciprocate in some way. She rolls her hands around until she finds Tessa's feet. She gently gives them a loving squeeze to thank the girl sharing her cage. As she holds Tessa's socks in her dainty hands, she feels her own feet being squeezed. Ashley can feel a warmth in her heart, like she was just given a long hug.

The cage stops. Silence. Ashley and Tessa both listen expectantly for anything. Then, the unmistakable sound of Mistress' heels echoing through a dungeon room is heard. But they are moving away from them. The heels stop and the sound of a large metal door shutting brings silence to the chamber.

A few minutes pass. Nothing. No sounds, no Mistress. The tarp remains on their cage.

Finally, Tessa breaks the silence.

"I think we're alone," Tessa whispers.

"We can't know that… What if she's just standing there.. waiting for us to do something and catch us?" Ashley responds quickly and quietly. Just the thought of Mistress punishing her, causes her asshole to clench tightly in fear and subconscious exhilaration.

"Well, she is at least over by the door, which sounded far away. She won't hear us as long as we're quiet. And she can't see us unless she takes this cover off. But we'd hear her heels coming if she walks towards us." Tessa says, sounding pleased with her reasoning.

"Ok. I guess you're right. Wait, what if she takes her heels off!?" Ashley thinks out loud, almost in a panicked shout.

"The only time I've ever seen Mistress take her shoes off, was to put her foot in someone's mouth…"

Ashley thinks this over. Was this worth the risk? Being punished by Mistress scared her thoroughly.

The aroma from Tessa's sweet pussy fills Ashley's nose. Suddenly she forgets what she was worrying about. And begins thinking only of Tessa. The questions she had wanted to ask her, fill her mind. Who was she? How did she get here? How long has she been here?

"Tessa, I wanted to ask you…" Ashley stops talking, as she feels Tessa's tongue slide into her pussy.

Ashley's mind goes blank. Her legs and arms spasm outwards with pure bliss as Tessa slowly pushes her tongue in and out of her cunt. Her swollen clit begs for attention as she tries not to scream out in ecstasy.

Tessa lifts her head for a moment. "Oh fuck you taste good, Ashley. I just wanted to say thank you for sharing breakfast with me."

Ashley's eyes are in the back of her head as she wiggles in the cage. She bites her lip hard to suppress the urge to yell out to Tessa.

Tessa goes right back to Ashley's dripping hole. She sucks Ashley's juices up hungrily and then starts tonguing her clit.

Ashley can now think of nothing but Tessa's pussy. She is horny and wet and the pheromones entering her nose make her crazy. She desperately lifts her head up 6 inches and delves her tongue as deep as she can into Tessa's soaking, swollen mound.

It tastes fucking heavenly. For a moment, Ashley imagines never again, having the opportunity to taste Tessa's pussy. The thought makes her feel empty and awful.

Tessa's engorged lips are plump with sweet juices of sexual arousal. Ashley hungrily drinks and slurps them up, hoping to please the girl on top of her.

Tessa whimpers loudly as her pussy gets eaten out intensely.

"Shh, quiet," Ashley whispers in a gasp, using her last ounce of willpower. She strains her neck further upward to hungrily lick inside Tessa's sopping hole.

Tessa breathes heavily as she sucks on Ashley's swelling clit. Keeping it bound tightly between her lips as she runs her tongue all over it. The intense, electric feeling causes the inside of Ashley's belly to convulse with pleasure. Her insides clench and release with a wonderful agony.

Ashley's neck becomes sore from the effort and her mouth falls from its delicious duty. Suddenly, Tessa somehow flattens herself, lowering her hips several inches. She then wedges her little, socked feet under Ashley's head. Lifting her feet, she presses Ashley's face into her desperate cunt.

Ashley can barely breathe, as she licks, sucks and drinks Tessa's sex. She can think of nothing but orgasm, for herself and for her Tessa. She begins lapping wildly at Tessa's pussy. Starting deep inside the girl's soaking, warm hole and ending on her engorged button.

Tessa really seems to like this as she begins whimpering with intense pleasure. She tongue-fucks Ashley desperately to show her appreciation.

Ashley keeps going; in and out, deeply, relentlessly. She's doing everything in her power to please the honey-flavoured pussy in her mouth.

Tessa begins to shake as she cries out softly into Ashley's hole. Ashley can feel Tessa's feet press her head harder into Tessa's erupting mound. She can feel the delicate girl's pussy tighten around her tongue as it spasms with delight.

Ashley tastes the rich juices of her success streaming over her tongue and down her throat.

Tessa squeezes Ashley's feet tightly and madly laps up her cunt. Ashley feels herself about to fall over the edge.

Oh my fucking God, Tessa… Oh fuck Tessa. 

Ashley swallows the girl's juices filling her mouth with a sexual hunger she never before possessed.

I'm going to Cum, I'm going to cum with Tessa's pussy all over my face.


The large metal door to the room opens loudly.

Tessa's tongue stops as both girls freeze.

The sound of Mistress' heels clack towards them quickly.

Ashley's urge to cum stings her deeply as the pleasure on her clit ceases. The walls of her pussy seize in frustration.

Mistress rips off the cover on their cage. She doesn't look overly pleased with them.

Mistress is holding 2 butt plugs in her left hand. In her right, a leash attached to the slave girl. Who is on her knees next to Mistress. An uncomfortable metal gag in her mouth, forcing it to stay open.

Ashley's asshole clenches with fear as she looks upon Mistress from inside her cage.

Mistress inspects Tessa and Ashley briefly, then speaks coldly.

"What were you two girls doing?

~~~~~ ~~~~~~

Continued in ~ Day ~ 5B

~~~~~ ~~~~~~

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