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A Wet Introduction

A young redhead finds that other girls can be sexy when her female boss leads her to the washroom
Okay, so what exactly was the deal with Amanda?

Zoe had been working at the hotel for three weeks now, to make ends meet during the summer vacation. Two of those weeks had been the epitome of dullness: mainly she sat at reception, repeated the same lines to guests and answered the phones whenever they rang. Not really work best suited to a sharp mind, but she knew that the high flying stuff would come in a few years' time. And at least she got to talk to people, even if only briefly. Still, it had been pretty tedious, all told.

And then on the third week, her schedule had been rotated, to take the evening shift, where a young manager called Amanda was in charge. Zoe guessed that Amanda was probably only a couple of years older than her: 23 or 24. And there was something about her...she wasn't classically beautiful, but she was attractive, and was...charismatic, magnetic. Sexy. Zoe didn't have any problem using that word. Girls could see when other girls were sexy. Girls could even find other girls sexy, without wanting to sleep with them. Which Zoe didn't. She was straight. Well, pretty much.

Amanda was away from the reception desk, and Zoe played idly with her red hair while reading a magazine. She needed to get that hair cut; it was in danger of losing its shape and its shine. Although, really, who needed to look like a model when they were working at a hotel at the edge of a small town in Oregon? If there were any hot guys around she would have made it a higher priority. The only person to impress this week was...Amanda.

A frown flickered across Zoe's face. She was still trying to decide whether or not the older girl had been flirting with her, or whether that was just her way: friendly and tactile with everyone, irrespective of gender. But there had certainly been some interesting signals. On the Monday, when they'd met, they'd chatted for ages in between dealing with guests, exchanged life stories, funny anecdotes, observations on the world, and on this town, and talked about where they hoped to be in five years' time. Amanda had listened to her intently, had locked her large brown eyes on Zoe as the younger girl told her stories, had nodded and smiled, laughed. And held her gaze on Zoe just a little longer than was comfortable, every time. Before they'd gone home that night, Amanda had asked Zoe to help adjust the zip on the back of her dress, which had come a little loose just at the top. Zoe had been happy to oblige, reaching underneath Amanda's straight brown hair to pull the zip up. Amanda had turned her head round a little. "Thanks", she'd whispered. 

And as she had walked back to her car, Zoe had been surprised to discover that her panties were noticeably wet.

On the Wednesday, Amanda had given her the briefest of winks when she saw her at the start of the shift. At 8pm she came in to hand Zoe a few sheets of paperwork, and her finger had brushed against the younger girl's pale arm in a way that seemed entirely deliberate. Zoe had looked up, briefly startled, and had caught the flicker of a smile on Amanda's face, even though no eye contact was made. And, Christ, she'd looked so damn hot that night: a hairband that suited her really well, black skirt hugging her toned thighs, black lace bra just visible at the top of her red blouse, with its two open buttons. Good tits as well. Almost as good as mine, she thought after Amanda had left the reception area, and allowed herself a little smile. 

Now it was Thursday, and Zoe's heart had been thumping noticeably when she started her shift. But Amanda had phoned to say that she was going to be thirty minutes late that evening. Zoe's disappointment had been palpable. What the hell was going on? Was she infatuated? Did she want something to happen? She looked at herself in the mirror. Still no haircut, but the effort was clear to see. A gorgeous green blouse, sapphire earrings to match her eyes, a pleated black skirt, and heels. She'd washed her hair a few hours earlier, and it shone in waves. She looked good enough to eat.

She heard Amanda's car pull up outside, and pretended to busy herself in a magazine. Amanda's shoes clacked as she walked through reception and into the corridor on Zoe's right, wearing a white shirt and a navy skirt. "Hi Zoe", she called out.

"Hi", the redhead shot back, deliberately not looking up from her article.

"You're looking very foxy," Amanda called over her shoulder matter-of-factly as she disappeared around the corner.

Zoe looked up over her magazine, at the empty area in front of her. The magazine dropped a little, onto the desk. Her mouth was slightly open, and she closed it quickly.

And then nothing happened. Business as usual for the next four hours. Zoe began to realise that she'd been living in a bizarre, erotic fantasy land. Amanda wasn't flirting with her; that was just the way she was. She made you feel special. She complimented you. She touched you reassuringly. She was friendly.

At 10pm, Amanda came back to the reception desk and sat down at the second chair. It had been a quiet night. The two of them started chatting at length. Zoe felt much more relaxed than earlier, if perhaps a little disappointed inwardly. The conversation steered around to the subject of previous boyfriends. So Amanda was straight after all, thought Zoe...just like she was.

"And what about girls, Zoe? Have you ever been with any girls?"
Amanda looked at her very directly, smiling. Zoe's heart thumped, and her mouth went dry.
"Girls? No..." she laughed. There was a brief uncomfortable silence. Amanda kept looking at her. Zoe adjusted the phone's position on the reception desk.
"Really? Never been interested?"
Zoe bit her lower lip and smiled nervously. "I guess not." The wetness and warmth she felt in her pussy right now suggested otherwise. Her head swam with the heady thrill of anticipation, of something forbidden that seemed about to be offered to her.
"Why not?"
Zoe shrugged. "I don't know." She looked up and gave a short laugh. "I guess there are some things a guy can do that a girl can't!"
Amanda maintained her smile, which took on a wry curl at one corner. "Like what?"
Zoe fumbled for an answer, and settled on the safety of comedy. "I don't know... Ummm...they can pee standing up!"
Amanda's face took on a look of theatrical dismissal. "Oh, please! I can pee standing up!"
Zoe laughed again.
"I can! I'll show you if you don't believe me."

What the hell did that mean?

Amanda reached out her hand. Before she had even thought about it, Zoe had taken it. They walked hand in hand down the side corridor, toward the bathrooms, Amanda leading the way slightly. To Zoe's surprise, the older woman led her into the men's bathroom.

Zoe laughed, uncertainly. "What are we doing in here?" 

Amanda gave no response, but checked the room briefly, and then locked the door with a key. "I just had this place cleaned", she whispered mischievously. She turned to the bank of three light switches on the wall, and flicked two of them downwards. The illumination instantly became much less harsh as only one of the strip-lights was left on.

Amanda turned to Zoe, with her hands on her hips. "So you've never seen a girl pee standing up, then?"

Zoe shook her head wordlessly. 

"Unzip my skirt", Amanda told her firmly.

Zoe stepped towards her, her mouth slightly agape. This time she didn't have the presence of mind to close it. She was panting slightly. Amanda clasped her hands behind her head and waited while the younger girl found the zip and pulled it down.

The navy skirt dropped onto the clean, dry, tiled floor, some of it nestling against Amanda's shoes. Zoe's gaze worked its way up from Amanda's slender ankles, up her tanned, toned legs, to her thighs and her white lace panties. She wasn't wearing any pantyhose. Just the underwear. Oh, God, how Zoe wanted to run her fingers over those panties, to run a fingernail down the centre of the crotch like she would do to tease herself at home, to pull them to one side and slip an eager finger gently into the wetness between her lips.

Amanda stepped out of and away from her skirt. What was she going to do now? Just stand there and pee? Zoe actually found herself thrilled at the thought, at the sheer naughtiness of it all. She almost giggled. Amanda walked over the the two urinals against the far wall, her heels clacking on the tiles. "Left or right?" she asked over her shoulder. "Left" replied Zoe, not caring.

The brunette placed her legs either side of the urinal bowl. She was still wearing her panties. But she moved her right hand down between her legs and pulled her underwear aside. She bent her knees just a little, and waited.

Zoe had moved her hand between her own legs, and underneath her black cotton panties. As she watched the other girl intently, hardly breathing, she found the slippery fluid she was looking for between her lips, and moved her wet finger up to her clit, where she began circling, slowly and rhythmically, in little short bursts.

Amanda turned back over her shoulder, her hair flicking around slightly as she did so. "I'm trying to go!" she laughed. She ignored the sight of Zoe playing with her pussy, as though it were the most natural thing in the world.

There was a short period of silence. "Hang on," Amanda whispered, as though concentrating. Zoe caught a brief smile on her lips. The redhead moved a little closer.

Suddenly there was the sound of a short dribble, then a full feminine hiss as the pee flowed out from between Amanda's pink labia. As Zoe watched, a little bit of it went down Amanda's left leg, but most of it fanned out excitedly into the bowl, the tone changing pitch slightly as she continued. Zoe felt waves of pleasure building up around her swollen clit as she cycled herself up towards ever higher levels of arousal. But not yet, though, she didn't want to come yet...

Amanda finished her pee, and turned her head around again. "Get me some paper," she instructed off-handedly. Zoe broke off from playing with herself, and quickly darted into the nearest cubicle, pulling out a yard of paper. She brought it over to where Amanda was standing.

"Would you like to clean me up?" asked Amanda. Oddly, Zoe realised that this was the first moment when she knew for sure that Amanda didn't just have a strange sense of humour. This was an invitation. She smiled and nodded. Folding a few squares, she kneeled down and patted them up the inside of Amanda's left leg, starting at the ankle. Moving higher, she brushed up along the inside of her thigh. Then she hesitated.

"Aren't you going to dry me?" asked Amanda. There was a brief pause. She looked down. "I can do it myself if you like."

"No, it's okay," replied Zoe assuredly. She prepared another few sheets.

Tenderly, she took hold of Amanda's panties with her right hand, and, holding them in place, took this opportunity to look at Amanda's pussy. Unlike hers, the inner lips teased their way out slightly from the outer, and she had a small amount of light brown hair. Zoe pressed the paper softly against Amanda's moist flesh, starting up by her clitoris. She felt the warm wetness of the remaining drops of Amanda's pee through the paper, and drew it back slowly, down the centre of her lips, almost a caress, all the way back to her entrance. She turned the paper over and repeated the entire movement again, with the same lingering slowness. Then she stood up behind the slightly taller girl, who was still facing away from her. "Hang on", she told the brunette. As Amanda waited, Zoe began unbuttoning her blouse. "Take yours off", she instructed Amanda, who smiled and obliged. She handed her white top to Zoe, who threw it back towards the skirt in the middle of the room.

The younger girl stepped forward and pressed her C-cup breasts, still in their black bra, up against Amanda's back. She began kissing the back of her neck, while she slipped her thumbs under the elastic of Amanda's panties and wriggled them down over her hips. They dropped to the floor. Her hands moved around onto the older girl's lower torso, and she ran the back of both forefingers in a V down the lines of the tops of her thighs and brushed them against the warmth of Amanda's labia. 

"Turn around," said Zoe. Amanda did so, and they both moved back a little, away from the wall. Amanda reached up to touch Zoe's bra cups, and moved her hands underneath her blouse and around to her back, to unclip the bra. Zoe closed her eyes, her head thumping with excitement. Her breath was heavy, her mouth open.

Amanda leaned in to kiss her.

The older woman tasted fantastic. Her skin smelled good, her hair even better. Jesus, this was so intense! The kiss alone was making her dizzy, but Zoe wanted more. She slipped a finger into Amanda's pussy and started playing with her. The brunette was, if anything, even wetter than she was. And her lips felt hard and hot, gorgeous to the touch. If only Amanda would do the same to her! But for now...mmm, this was almost as good. Amanda's hands moved Zoe's bra cups out of the way, and she placed both hands over the redhead's curvy, pale breasts. Forefingers circled playfully over her nipples, prompting a moan of pleasure and an intensification to the kissing. Gasping, Zoe broke out of the kiss. She stepped back slightly, reached a hand under her own skirt, and took a fingerful of slippery girl juice from her pussy. Staring intently into Amanda's eyes, she brushed the glistening finger along her own open mouth, then moved her head back towards Amanda's. Amanda half laughed, half gasped, and lunged forward into a wide-mouthed kiss that allowed her tongue to take all the juices from Zoe's mouth and into her own.

As the kiss continued, Zoe repositioned her legs slightly apart, and arched herself forward a little. The invitation was clear, and Amanda took it. The redhead smiled as she felt Amanda's hand explore under her pleated skirt, and brush up against her smooth thighs. The older girl's finger teased under the elastic of her panties, and toyed at the edge of her labia for what seemed like an eternity. She squirmed with frustration. Amanda laughed a little, even as they still kissed each other. "Are you ready?" she asked aggressively between short soft bites on Zoe's lips. "Yes," gasped Zoe.

Amanda's finger plunged deep inside her. She bucked, startled, with the sheer pleasure of it. "Oh Jesus, yes" she moaned, as the finger slid in and out, firmly. "You want more?" asked Amanda. "You want more?"

"Yes," pleaded Zoe. "Yes, please". She could barely catch her breath.

Amanda's finger slid out of her, up between her lips, and up against her clit, where it began to press and circle firmly. Zoe broke out of the kiss. "Holy shit," she whispered. "Holy shit, that's good..." Her breathing became even faster. "Fuck," she intoned, as the waves began to build up again deep within her clitoris and the areas around it. "Fuck..." It became overwhelming...too intense. She opened her mouth as though to scream, but no sound came out. Her eyes screwed up. "Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuck......." She gritted her teeth, and contractions pulsed through her, making her body buck. She gripped onto Amanda as though to a mast in a storm. The waves came again and again. And suddenly it was too much.

She pulled away. Panting, she opened her eyes, and looked straight at the other girl. There was a look of near-confusion in her eyes. She dropped down to the floor and sat there, as though recovering from two hours at the gym. Gradually her breathing slowed down again. She shook her head, and looked up at Amanda. 

"So that was interesting..."

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