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Adoptive Mother does Female Teacher Reporter too

Mom is all over the board doing son's female teacher and reporter as well
And if you can believe it…I was also up early that next morning, showering, shaving, and doing all the right things to make myself look beautiful as ever for Cynthia while her son began to prepare himself for the next chapter in his life. Me, I didn’t care about Max any longer. I cared about me. I cared about my long overdue needs. I simply cared about all the overdue cum which had built up inside my body. And I only cared about sharing it with Cynthia as I assumed she cared about having it from me too.

Well…things are always changing it turns out. Once I left, and I found this out later on, Max had come back, and he told his mom everything about his session with Grace. It turns out what he said to Grace had made and impression on her in a big, big way. No one had ever said anything so sweet to her like he’d said it. It made her feel special inside and she initially did not know how to handle it.

It turns out she felt “different” about him and his words once she thought about what he’d said to her. What he’d said made her feel whole and womanly. Nobody had ever done that for her before. How he said it, how it all sounded well it filled her in a manner of speaking and this young woman wanted to enjoy and experience all the pleasures a lady like her should enjoy at her age.

Well, see, you know where this was going, and as a result Grace thought about doing it. However, something came up. First off, let me interject something here. I received a call from Cynthia. “My husband came in last night so we’ll have to delay any uhhh other interviews” she told me on the phone. Damn, I thought. And here I was. Already to bed down with her but she said something came up that she “had” to attend to. I assumed she had to “attend” to her 79 year old husband’s needs. Nope. I was wrong about that although he did want a little sex time in his own way. Turns out, and I know I’m getting off on the beaten track she went into the bedroom, and laid down with him. Next they knew it, he had gotten hard and he happily came all over himself.

She had to get together with Grace. They had a long breakfast together. It was all about Max’s infatuation with Grace. “He likes you Grace. I know that sounds ridiculous but he does. He thinks…well he thinks you’re the most beautiful woman on the face of this earth. I don’t know what else to say.”

“Next to you maybe but we both know I’m not,” she came back.

“Sure you are,” Cynthia told her. “Yes, okay, I know I’m a really good woman, but everybody has different facets others find…well others like my son find special. And to him well you are special.”

The two stared at each other, wondering.

And then Cynthia added “And if he feels that way then so do I Grace,” she said smiling.

“Honestly…you feel that way too?” Grace said.

“Sure I do,” Cynthia came back. Oddly she added “Even I’d make love to you.” With that Cynthia and Grace stared at one another as Grace thought about it all. “I mean that dear.”

Me, her making love Grace asked herself. Come on, no way…really? I couldn’t ever see that. As a result of her saying that and Grace’s reaction to the comment, Cynthia reached out for whatever reason, and she touched Grace’s hand with hers. Grace looked down at Cynthia’s hand and then looked at Cynthia.

“Are…am I…am I to understand what I think your saying?” Grace asked.

Cynthia nodded, quietly. She smiled, again as she looked at her potential lover, and took Grace’s hand in hers. Finally she said “You will love it. You know that right? I know you will. You’ve made love to other women before and we both know that, right?”

“What…how…how would you know that?” Grace said in a surprised voice.

“Ohhhhhh come now Grace…there was college, there were those two, maybe three affairs you were having right out of college while dating that one young man who was what…a junior? Come now…nothing gets by me dear. And I also love a good bisexual affair too.” And she held Grace’s hand softly in hers as she smiled and looked at her.

Yes, it was true. Grace had a few previous affairs with women. Those were for her own self pleasure. Those were simply so she could discover what it was she enjoyed, sexually, in life. She knew she liked them but nothing was better then a good old cock in ones pussy but a woman’s tender, loving touch could never be beaten…ever.

“So how about it dear?” Cynthia said as she held Grace’s hand, gently, in hers. “How about you and I go back to the compound? We’ll get undressed and you and I’ll make love to each other.” Cynthia went silent for a moment and then added “Ohhhhhh I’d soooo love to feel your body up against mine like that.”

Grace was astounded. She was dumbfounded. Her thick and curvy figure joined with Cynthia’s beautiful skinny body, she thought. She wants me, really? Ohhh wow, I can’t believe it. Her eyes grew wide as she thought about it.

“Okay,” she finally said.

She couldn’t believe she was going to do it. She was stunned that she’d said “Okay” to Cynthia. Plus, how did Cynthia know about her past affairs? No way could she have ever known, she thought. Nobody knows about them…do they? But she decided she would do it. It has been a long, long time since the very last one happened, and so she drove in when Max and Cynthia’s husband weren’t around and found the day to be rather pleasurable and excitable as ever.

Inside the guest house, both approached it with reservation, but as the moments moved by they gradually were in one anothers arms and Grace found her lips all over Cynthia’s. It told Cynthia something too. The woman had to have a long, loving interlude that Grace hadn’t had in ages.

Ohhhhhh the passion which developed once Grace’s arms went around Cynthia’s body. Her lips swallowed up Cynthia’s as if famished and needing love as if it were practically nonexistent. They fell to the bed and Grace pulled Cynthia’s body in against her. Arms still entwined around the other as each kissed the other while their legs made twisting movements that locked in one another’s body, almost forever.

Grace pulled at Cynthia even more. The need for passion grew steamier within her soul. She started to rub Cynthia’s upper body already. Cynthia loved that seeing as she pushed her upper body into Grace’s hand.

Grace pushed down on her bosoms to let her know she loved Cynthia’s breasts. Bodies, each one of them, pushed into the others, and love or was it lust, began to form through the room. Quiet squeals or moaning escaped their oral cavities as one body or the other rolled this way or that way or wherever. Still, the needs of each woman appeared to grow.

Before Cynthia knew it, her top was slowly coming off her body, and Grace’s hand was gradually on the rise as to show Cynthia that she was more then interested in making love to her employer. And then it touched down. Her hand felt Cynthia’s boob and she rubbed it unequivocally. That felt like new life had been instilled into Cynthia’s heart too. In return, as a result, they kissed more passionately then earlier, and seeing as they were Cynthia’s hand found its way up into the inside of Grace’s top.

Yes, it was soft underneath her top, but this was passion playing its fine desirous role here. Oh Lord, I need this. I soooo need this and I need more of it too, Cynthia found herself thinking. Grace’s hand switched sides, changing from one boob to the other, and arousing Cynthia even more. Grace touched down on Cynthia’s nipple, easily making it hard, and easily making her more turned on then expected. She went from one tit to the other, doing what she was doing to the nipple until it was rock hard, and then going back so she could do it to the other nipple too.

But before long, Cynthia’s hand soared down into Grace’s slacks, undoing them, and pushing them down so she could dive inside her panties she had on and feeling her soft warm pussy out. Success was one word one could use here as Cynthia’s hand, then her fingers were uploading themselves into Grace’s pussy.

As they kissed and as they petted and wrapped themselves around the other, their bodies moved about one another so that each one’s crotch was again intertwined with the others. Humping, feeling, and pulling at each other, one or the other was arousing and getting each other wetter and wetter and each came closer to having an orgasm.

But Grace quickly, after they humped one another’s body, dove in. She went down on Cynthia and stuck out her tongue and tasted her sexy employer’s pussy. “Oh…ohhhhhh my God,” she called out as if this never happened before. “Oh uhhh Grace oh Grace!”

Grace kept on licking as if she required it. Maybe Cynthia tasted good but who knows. This was sex and we all know…sex is usually good, right? Well these women were madly going at each other. If it wasn’t one hand, it was their mouth. If it wasn’t their mouth it was their hands. If it wasn’t that it was one another humping the other’s crotch. Crotch against crotch, shagging one or the other, and orgasms finally occurring as these two women had one of the best times of their lives.

They “collapsed” to the mattress as each one, worn out, spread their arms out as if to say they needed a breather, which both did, ended up discovering the other’s hand. Slowly, they both latched on to one another. Holding hands and breathing hard as a result of shagging each other Cynthia spoke up.

“I must admit Grace…that has to be,” and she paused a moment. “That had to be the most exciting stretch of love making I’ve made in…in years. I mean that too.”

“Really, you mean that for real?” Grace came back and Cynthia said yes. Grace smiled and looked at her naked slender boss, and her body, but did not say a thing.

However a few minutes later, after not saying anything, Grace finally said “Do this again sometime?”

“Ohhhhhh Grace, I’d love to, but there’s so much more we could do isn’t there?” Cynthia told her. “I mean today it was like you were soooo perfect.”

A couple days later I get a call. It was Cynthia of course. “Care to come over dear?” she asks. I was about to say no because I was busy as heck, honestly, but then she adds “Oh honey, I’m…I’m soooo horny. God I’m horny. I need…I need-”

“I’ll be there in about 25 minutes, okay?”

“Mmmmmm, good uh ohhhhhh that sounds soooo good dear,” she says.

Man, did she sound horny or what I asked myself. I couldn’t wait. Wait a minute I thought. I’m going to this woman’s place, a woman who is 19 years older then I am, and well we’re going to umm well…you know…she and I are going to get it on. I’m 35 and she’s 54. What am I doing?

I was in my car and here I am…heading over to her mansion…to fuck her.

I was there in 23 minutes flat and looking good I might at too. But she looked good and she looked a lot better then I did. Here she was, the sweet, hot looking 54 year old lady, and I’ve taken a liking to her which I can’t put words to.

She meets me outside, smiling and jumps into my car. We head over to the guest house, a really nice place on their grounds, and she’s talking my ear off. She tells me all about her time with Grace, which I am unable to believe at first, and then she reaches out and takes my hand in hers.

“I’ve always enjoyed the feel of a strong man’s hand you know. Like your hand…it feels nice…like a real man’s hand should feel,” she tells me.

I look down at it and then I look at her. She’s holding my hand and smiling right at me. Now, I’m the horny one. I’m the one who is messed up and wants to jump her bones. I want to undo the blouse I’m assuming she has on underneath that coat she has on and I want to do everything possible to her that I can.

“What about you dear?” she asks in that sweet, seductive tone I’ve come to know so well. “What would you like to do first? I know what I’d like to do?”

I swallow hard, again, like her son had swallowed hard, and I start thinking. Am I like her son, maybe? No, I’m not. Well, maybe I am. He is older then I am now. He’s like what? 47 years old or something and we haven’t even touched on that part.

“What I’d love to do,” she says out of nowhere as I’m thinking and she lets go of my hand and continues by saying “I’d love to put my hand down here.” She lays her hand on my lap. I see it near my crotch. I looked at her and she smiling right at me. She winks and then says “I’d really love it if I could rub you right here. Mmmmm, like this,” she tells me. And her hand is moving all over the place- down my thigh, inside of my leg, and then…holy shit…she’s palming my balls and cock and she smiling tool. “That honey is what I’d love...mmmmmm.”

I’m staring at her hand as it cups my balls and cock and while I stare at it I swallow hard again and she’s smiling and telling me how nice “this” feels, meaning my balls and cock. She rubs it lightly, almost warmly, and talks about this and that and love and desire. And I want her even more. I want her in my arms. I want my lips on her lips. And I want her body against mine. And I also want her naked as naked can be.

“Here we are sweetheart. Just pull up, alright?”

We pull up. She’s out of the car before I can get to her side of the car and she’s even got the key in the front door and the house is opened up. Smiling, as usual, she invites me in. Her hands are all over me. She pushed me up against the wall. And get this…her lips are on mine and she and I are kissing, madly.

Wow, the woman is madly and feverishly kissing me as if she just got out of a marriage or something like that. I’m kissing her back and as I do, her arms are rising up on my body, and she’s pulling me against her so she can feel the heat on my body. Yes, there is a lot of heat coming off me. I want this woman. I’ve wanted this woman for days. As good looking as she is she’s well worth it all I’ve come to find out. Cynthia can kiss the daylights out of you.

Her fingers all of a sudden were on my shirt. I stop her. She smiles. She tells me to unbutton her coat. So I do and when I do I find something out I didn’t expect to find out at all. Here she is and she’s wearing this black partially lace, partially see-thru teddy. My eyes go wide. The woman looks ohhh soooo terrific in it as if she is 20 to 25 years younger then she ought to look. Holy mother of God, I’m thinking…how can she look so, but then she stops me.

“Like it I hope?” she says.

“Uhhhhhh,” and I look stupid as ever as I ogle the piece she’s wearing. I’ve looked at it from top to bottom and then some. Every “corner” of her physique is enhanced by this piece and my mouth, even before I say yes, wants to bite into it, or is it her? It doesn’t matter because she already knows what I think and how I feel about how she looks in it.

“So I can assume that means, from the look on your face that is, that I look fantastic to you?” I told her yes it does. “So, now, what do you look like beneath all those clothes you have on? Like this shirt?” she said and then, as she smiles, she starts undoing my shirt for me.

I was assuming the look on my face said a lot of things. I don’t know what exactly seeing as what she had on, that teddy of course, had all my biorhythms up in a roar in a manner of speaking. All she did was watch my eyes and face and as she did, she stood there with her hands on her hips as she smiled back at me.

My heart was beating. My hormones were roaring. And from what I recall my cock was yelling something out as well. Hell if I know what it was but this woman, Cynthia, did not look as if she was 54. In no way did she closely resemble a 54 year old at all. Holy Christ I thought. How in the world can a 54 year old look like that. Whoa…am I lucky or what I asked myself.

“Awwww honey, here,” she said. “Let me help you undo your shirt for you.”

With that and as stunned at how great she looked in that teddy she reached out and took one button at a time and had my shirt open and my chest for the taking.

“Mmmmm, this is a nice, nice chest,” I heard her say.

Her hands were all over my chest, gently, and lightly caressing it as she felt my still chiseled pectoral muscles and a six-pack, thankfully, and she ogled it as she felt along all the crevices or whatever…and meanwhile making me feel especially good.

“Oh God,” I said.

“What honey?” she asked.

“Oh uhhh nothing,” I replied.

“Nooooo tell me,” she went on to say.

My eyes momentarily closed. Then as I reopened them I took a deep breath of air. “I’m umm well I’m” and then I did it again. I took another deep breath of air. And her hands remained on my chest, delicately placed like earlier, and I then finally felt like a little boy saying “I think you are soooo darn sexy. I wish I knew what to do.”

“Ohhhhhh honey, you know what to do. You’ve been here before. Not with me maybe but you’ve been in this situation. I know that and you do to. So take me…take me into your arms, get me into that bed there sweetheart, and then…then you and I will make love with one another like we should be.” And she stopped for a moment as she stared, I’m not sure, but lovingly I asked myself. She went on to say “You and I, once we get it on baby, will cum like were creating a volcano. You’ll cum inside me like no man has ever cum inside me before. Does that make sense dear? It does to me…mmmmmm, I can’t wait to feel it. I can’t wait to feel you inside me honey. I just can’t baby.”

She said her words in the softest and sweetest tone I’d ever heard a woman say them.

So with that I grabbed her up. I carried her to that room nearby. And I put her into that bed inside, all the time she looked into my eyes with a smile as if knowing exactly what I was going to do with her. I gently laid her down on it and once I did she waited for me to get in with her. I took off my shoes. I removed my socks. I took off my pants and the woman watched as I did. So other then my boxers, I was entirely naked, and we laid down together and looked into the other’s eyes. I was the one who started to kiss this woman’s body and I kissed her beautiful slim, curvaceous frame all over the place.

As I did, I realized I even wanted to kiss her ass. I told myself to do it. Go on down there. Go inside of her cheeks. So I eased her over, and she let me, and I placed my face up next to her ass. I eased my lips against it and did so gently as I kissed her sweet looking, cellulite-less ass, and I kissed it more then I recalled. Yes, I kissed it and I kissed it some more. I even licked her soft succulent buttocks. Mmmmm God that had to be the most enjoyable thing I did with a woman ever. I even sucked those mature woman’s ass cheeks. Having sex with this woman was a marvelous almost idiotic adventure to my libido but don’t worry…I survived it all and I’ve never forgotten that day in that bedroom either.

She and I were all over that bed, bumping, jumping, rolling, and humping. Her mouth on mine and my mouth on hers as she or I sucked and kissed the other’s body, everywhere possible. Did we mean to do what we’d done? I’m not sure. But it was as fun as fun got. I came, she orgasmed, and when I say that I mean it too. I’m pretty sure we did just about everything possible as I moaned and grunted and she whaled, screamed, or and cried out. However, in the end Cynthia and I were sweating our asses off and for me, and I’m assuming her too, it was a lot of damn fun.

I thought to myself were we going at it that hard with each other, really?

It was as if she read my mind. “Yes dear, I’m also thinking wow now that was well,” and she paused a moment, smiling. “Wow, now that was absolutely out of this world.” She took a deep breath, while continuing to sweat, and finishing with “I’ve…my…ohhhhhh,” and then she closed her eyes. “No one has ever done it like that…like how you just did.”

Honestly, she did say that too. I smiled and felt her arms and hands around me more.

“Come here honey, come closer and hold me even tighter, will you?”

This woman certainly has a way with people. At least she has it with me. She has to because I’m not sure how else to explain her and how she does what she did. She’s good! She’s really good. I mean, like here, I was sweating too. Using her sheets, I wiped my brow and hers as well.

Actually she’s great in the art of sex and sexual persuasion as well. I mean I’ve never known a woman to be as good as her but of course I’m a lot younger then her mind you. But that doesn’t mean much. The bottom line is I had a wild and fun time. Her body, seeing that she’s 54 years of age, is still magnificent.

That’s all that counts. I bet I’ve not been with half the people she’s been with. I’m sure of it. I don’t care if she’s married. She’s a promiscuous sexy angel who wants it all the time. And I was lucky as ever to get some of that too.

As we laid there snuggling, I could still smell her and Cynthia smelled good. She’d lean in and look at me, smiling. Then she’d kiss me on my cheek as she smiled of course.

Finally she said “I have to go on and tell you the rest of my life story, shouldn’t I?”

“I don’t know,” I replied, “I liked the sex part better.” She has these eyes and looking into them, she laughed, or giggled, as we cuddled even closer. “Soooo how much more time do we have today?” I finally asked as if she didn’t know why I asked the question.

She knew why and answered with “As much time as you need honey.” Then using her fingernails she danced them on my chest as she ended with “As much time as we need.”

She sure knows how to work a man, doesn’t she?

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