Adventures of Ebony and Sarah Part Two

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Part Two to Ebony and Sarahs adventures...

It's been almost a week since that wild night when Sarah slept over Ebony's house. Since then, the girls have had regular "meetups" at school in the toilets. Every lunch break, they would take turns sitting on the toilet as the other licked out and fingered her. They were as quiet as they could be off course so no one seemed to notice, despite being interupted every now and then. They were eagerly waiting for the next sleepover where they could have as much space and time as they wanted to get each other off.

Saturday finally arrived. Once again, Ebony's mum was out and Ebony's sister, Katie, was locked up in her room. Ebony often wondered about what she did in there, and why she was been so private. The night started with the two girls sitting on Ebony's bed, watching Sailor Moon(they loved anime), eating chocolate and talking about various things. As it got late, they put on another Johhny Deep movie, The Secret Window, and got into bed with Ebony spooning Sarah, still be able to see the movie.

Not even twenty minutes in, Ebony snuck her hand up inside Sarah's shirt, gently and slowly fondling Sarah's naked boobs. Sarah let Ebony do this until Sarah could feel herself getting wet, so she slided her hand down into her own panties and start running a finger up and down her slit. Ebony could tell what she was doing and encouraged her by kissing and gently sucking on her neck as Sarah started sliding a finger in and out of her wet pussy. It wasn't long before Sarah was moaning, and Ebony took it as her cue to turn Sarah on her back, sliding down in between her legs, and with the blanket still over them, pull aside Sarahs damp panties and started sliding her tongue up and down Sarahs wet and sweet tasting slit.

Sarah let out a louder moan, not caring, and doubting, if Ebony's sister could hear. Sarah gently pushed Ebony's head down as she used her other hand to fondle her boobs, pinching her hard erect nipples. "Oh fuck, lick my clit, ooh..please", Sarah begged Ebony. Ebony couldn't complain, she loved Sarahs clit, especially when it was nice and hard as it is now. She started flicking her clit up and down and round in circles, driving Sarah faster to her orgasm. Wanting to please more, Ebony stuck two fingers inside Sarahs tight wet hole, pumping her fingers in and out with a "come here" motion to reach Sarahs g-spot. It seemed like it worked, because a mere ten seconds after Sarah started shouting she was cumming.

Ebony pumped faster, grinding her own pussy against the bed mattress. Without much notice, Sarah let loose, arching her back up as she came, wetting Ebony's fingers even more. Ebony stopped licking Sarah's clit and withdrew her fingers so she could lick up Sarah's juices from her hole. Flicking her tongue around the hole, up and down the slit, and then she flickered her tongue against Sarah's hole, trying to fit as much as her tonuge in as possiable to lap up Sarah's sweet tasting juices. Sarah layed there recovering, breathing hard and gently pinching her hard nipples while still holding Ebony's head.

"Oh fuck, Ebs, that was great", Sarah told her best friend, still trying to catch her breath. Ebony responded by getting up, gently sitting on top of Sarah, her legs on either side of her, and placing a finger wet of Sarah's juices up to Sarah's lips. "Wanna taste?", Ebony asked. Sarah opened her mouth and Ebony slid her wet finger, Sarah then closing her mouth around Ebony's finger. Sarah begun sucking on it as she reached out and fondled Ebony's boobs through her shirt. When Sarah was finished sucking, she gently laid Ebony down on the bed, took of her wet, soaked panties, slid off Ebony's even wetter, soaked panties and layed on top of her.

Sarah gently started grinding up and down against Ebony, trying to make sure her clit was rubbing against Ebony's. As they grinded against each other, they begun making out, sliding their tongues into each others mouths. They quickly got more turned out and started grinding faster and harder, moaning into each others mouths. Ebony wrapped her hands around Sarah tightly. Ebony broke the kiss, "Fuck me harder, come on, fuck me", she begged. The girls found it more pleasurable if the girl on top just rubbed up and down, instead of them both grinding together. "Fuck, I'm getting close, oooohh godd", Ebony accounced, moaning as Sarah fucked her friends clit with her own, panting as she layed on top of her.

Ebony couldnt keep her moaning down, this was driving her crazy. "Oh fuck, Sarah, don't stop, I'm almost there, fuck yeah, oh god!!!" "Your such a naughty girl Ebs!" Sarah told her as she reached down and started kissing her neck, only making Ebony more louder. "Fuck, I'm...going to CUM!!" FUCK!". Within a few more grinds from Sarah, Ebony came. She moaned she loud even Sarah was worried that Ebony's sister would hear. As Ebony was calming down, gasping deeply, Sarah whispered into Ebony's ear that she'll be back in a minute, that she has a cool idea. They quickly pashed and Sarah got up.

Sarah walked towards the bedroom door and opened it. As she opened it, she stood there shocked. Standing right at the door, was Ebony's sister Katie....


** I'll write Part Three if i get good comments. The next part will involve Katie =] Suggestions welcomed.