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Adventures of Kristof Marci, Marci's Story pt2

Tanya and Marci begin to explore their kinkier side
Continuing Marci’s story in her words...

We entered a gorgeous bedroom with a huge king size bed against one wall. There was a dressing room off to one side and at the end of the room a comfortable sofa. The decor was feminine but not over the top and the artwork on the walls was erotic in the extreme; mostly lesbian scenes which left just enough to the imagination to be tantalising. On the wall opposite the bed was a large mirror.

The phone rang and as Tanya went to answer it; I asked where the loo was. She pointed me towards the dressing room, with wardrobes on one wall and another large full length mirror on the other. I walked across to the bathroom and went in there was a vanity unit with 2 sinks, a loo and a large walk in shower. Another full length mirror adorned the wall in front of the shower; Tanya clearly liked mirrors and I suspected it was more to do with sex than vanity! I didn’t shut the door but just squatted over the loo to pee.

As I glanced about I caught a glimpse of movement in the mirror, I was careful not to look directly at it, but cast it a sideways glance and saw Tanya standing in the bedroom doorway. Was she watching me peeing? What should I do? I pretended not to notice her, but dipped my fingertips into the flow of pee, then lifted them to my lips and licked them. I heard Tanya give a soft but sharp intake of breath and an almost imperceptible moan. Another sly glance revealed that she had a hand between her legs. I dipped my fingers again and this time, as I raised them to my lips I looked directly at her reflection. She held my gaze as I licked my fingers, the hand between her legs was moving now and she raised the other to massage her breast, letting out another moan. I couldn’t believe it; she was masturbating as she watched me licking my own pee from my fingers. The flow of pee was subsiding now and she walked into the bathroom.

She stood right in front of me, holding my gaze. Bending slightly and ran one finger along the length of my pussy.

‘That was incredibly horny, I wish I had known you were into water sports, I would have asked you to wait and we could have had some fun.’ she said.

She lifted the finger to her mouth. Extending her tongue, she wrapped it round the finger then slowly sucked it into her mouth. All the time her eyes fixed on mine.

Finished, she said ‘Still, I could lick your pussy clean if you would let me?’

‘I was rather hoping you’d like to do that.’ I replied.

She kissed me briefly on the lips then lowered herself to her knees and tilted her head back. Pushing her chin between my thighs she extended her tongue and began running it the length of my pussy, lapping languidly at my juices. Then she tilted her head to one side and sucked on my labia, drawing the soft flap of tender flesh into her mouth, repeating the manoeuvre with the other before sucking on my clit.

‘Oh God, you taste soooo good!’ she exclaimed as she stood and kissed me again, giving me a taste of my own saltiness.

‘Come on, let’s get these shoes off, we wouldn’t want to ruin them in the shower.’

‘What about the stockings and my new basque?’ I asked.

‘Don’t worry, it’s washable. I just love the feel of it all wet and clinging. Try it, I’m sure you’ll like it. Remember, I own an underwear shop, I have plenty more to choose from for now!’

She took my hand and led me into the shower. ‘Why don’t you kneel down.’ she suggested.

I did and she positioned me so that we could both get a good view in the mirror of the action to come. Parting her legs she straddled my left shoulder, one leg behind me and one in front. I turned my head so that I was looking right at her pussy and almost immediately I saw a few drops of pee trickle over her labia and down the inside of her thigh. Running the fingers of my right hand over her pussy, I felt her wetness. I licked my fingers as she began to pee a little more. Now it fell onto my shoulder and began to run down my chest. She reached down and parted her labia, just as the floodgates released and a torrent of piss splashed onto my neck and chest; the feel of its warmth running over my body, was electrifying. I moved my head forward and clamped my lips over her cunt, feeling the pee fill my mouth then spilling down my chin, falling onto my breasts, cascading over my erect nipples.

I moved my head back and she directed the flow of pee right at my nipples, alternating from one to the other, then she changed position and crouched aiming her pee right at my clit. I kept glancing at our reflection in the mirror and reached down to begin masturbating as she peed on my pussy; I was hardly able to contain myself and came in a gushing torrent. As her flow subsided, she stood again. I took the cue and leaned my head forward, extending my tongue to lick her pussy as she finished peeing. I ran my tongue the length of her cunt, pushing it deep inside. Then, as she had done, I turned my attention to her labia, sucking each one in turn.

She was panting now as I worked her clit with my mouth. I soon felt her legs begin to shudder as her orgasm took hold and she unleashed another torrent into my mouth, this time mixed with a generous helping of cum.

Spent, Tanya leaned back against the wall of the shower and I stood to embrace her. She pulled my face towards her and we kissed passionately. Then she ducked her head to lick and suck hungrily at my nipples. We continued to embrace and kiss for several minutes, then she turned on the shower. The warm water cascaded over our bodies and our stockings began to cling to our legs. I was beginning to see what she had meant; the feel of the wet nylon was incredibly sexy. She reached out and switched off the flow of water and we let our hands wander over each other, then she picked up the shower gel and squirted a generous blob into her hand.

She began to massage the soap into my breasts and over my body lathering it up, her hands sliding over me, down until she reached my pussy. Her other hand was on my arse, both working up a foamy lather over my most intimate areas. She had me do the same to her, then we embraced again, our soapy bodies sliding against each other as our hands again took up their journey of exploration. The feeling was incredibly erotic and it was not long before we were bringing each other to another orgasm.

As we came down we stripped our underwear and washed each other down, before getting out of the shower and towelling each other dry. Then Tanya led me into the dressing room and we began looking through her extensive range of sexy outfits. I settled on a red PVC waist cincher with six broad suspender straps and a pair of sheer black Cuban heeled nylons with red seams and welts. The outfit was topped off with a pair of red killer heels with ankle straps

‘Mmmm, sexy.’ Tanya said as she picked up a black leather cincher, black stockings and a pair of black patent thigh boots.

We helped each other dress and had just finished when the security buzzer sounded. Tanya picked up the phone, spoke briefly then pressed the gate button. She grabbed a little satin robe and went to the door motioning me towards the balcony. She emerged a few minutes later with a tray of plates and takeaway cartons; she had a wry grin on her face and said that the delivery guy’s face had been a picture when he saw her outfit. She slipped off the robe and we sat in the warm evening air dressed just in our sexy underwear, eating our meal and drinking more of the champagne.

As we ate, we chatted about all sorts, discovering that we both had similar tastes. Inevitably the discussion turned to sex and again, we had much in common.

‘We can have some fun trying out our kinks on each other!’ she laughed, as we finished our food.

We cleared the table and headed into the kitchen. Tanya took the champagne bottle out of the fridge and drained the last of the wine into the glasses, then took me by the hand and led me into the passage. She opened one of the doors leading off the passage and led me into a large room.

‘Welcome to my playroom.’ she said, as she led me in.

Against the centre of the far wall was a large metal framed bed, bed was covered with just lilac sheet and some pillows and cushions; at each corner of the metal frame hung a chain with a soft leather cuff at the end. A large mirror adorned the wall to one side and another mirror took up the area of the ceiling above the bed. There was a long sofa under the window, opposite the mirror wall, a cabinet stood in one corner and there were a couple of small tables and one ladder backed wooden chair. On the wall opposite the bed was a large TV screen. Hanging from a ring in the ceiling alongside the bed was a pulley with another pair of soft leather cuffs on a length of cord, the other end of which was secured to a cleat on the wall. A tripod stood in one corner, with a professional video camera on it, pointing at the bed. The walls of the room were decorated in subtle shades of lilac and were adorned with erotic artwork. Despite all of this, there was still a reasonable area of floor space in the room.

She led me towards the bed, our heels clicking on the hard surface of the laminate floor.

‘What do you think?’ she asked.

‘Mmm, looks like a fun place.’ I giggled in response.

‘Oh it is, whether you have been naughty or nice!’ she replied, sitting on the bed and patting it for me to join her. ‘Now, I promised to show you some more uses for a champagne bottle, so lie back and enjoy.’

I did as she asked and she lowered her head to lick my pussy, then I felt the cold of the bottle neck enter me. Tanya moved the attention of her lips to my nipples as she began fucking me with the bottle. The cold glass inside me sent tingling sensations though my body and the feel of broad bulb at the top of the neck was exquisite as it rubbed against the walls of my cunt. It was not long before I began to moan and wriggle as my orgasm mounted. Tanya sucked harder on my nipples and increased the pressure and tempo of the bottle inside me. I was crying out now and came in a gush, as she lowered her head to lick me once again.

Tanya withdrew the bottle and knelt on the bed, beckoning me to join her. We knelt close to each other and couldn’t resist watching us in the mirror, as we licked my cum off the neck of the bottle. Then she laid it on the bed and took me in her arms and kissed me.

Pulling away after a few moments she said ‘Erotic, isn’t it. Watching yourself, I mean.’

‘Yes, I can hardly take my eyes off of us in the mirror there and watching in the ceiling mirror as you used the bottle on me was just incredible, too.’ I replied.

‘Well, like I said, there is plenty more fun to be had, while we explore or various desires and kinks.’

‘Ooohh, I look forward to that and I must say I like the idea of the cuffs and restraints. I do hope we get to try those out!’

‘Oh, don’t worry, we will...both of us.’ With which she climbed off the bed and went over to the cabinet.

She opened a drawer and took something out, then turned to face me with a paddle in her hand.

‘You have been a naughty girl.’ she said. ‘You told me fibs to get into my knickers. That cannot go unpunished. Come here, bend over and rest your hands on the chair .’

I did as she said, quivering with anticipation. I felt her hand on my bum, stroking the flesh then felt the sharp pain as she brought the paddle down with just enough force to make me flinch a little and a warm feeling spread across my buttocks. Several more sharp slaps followed, so that my arse was now tingling exquisitely. She ran a hand gently over what must have been a red patch on my cheeks, then a few more slaps with the paddle. I was squirming a little now, the heat radiating out from my buttocks accompanied by a warm, moist feeling in my pussy. She ran a finger down the cleft of my arse, between my thighs and along the length of my pussy.

‘Mmmm, nice and moist, someone is enjoying her punishment.’ she said as she slid her fingers into me.

She withdrew and I heard her sucking at her fingers. Her hand returned to my cunt, she slipped her fingers in again, then removed them and held them in front of my mouth. I obliged by licking and sucking my juices from the offered fingers. Then she told me to stand and handed me the paddle.

‘I’ve been a naughty girl, too, so I deserve to be punished.’ she said, bending over the table.

I delivered several firm strokes to her offered bottom and she let out a long sigh of satisfaction and asked for more. I obliged, then bent down and ran my lips over the red patches on her cheeks. Kneeling, I parted her buttocks and ran my tongue up the length of her pussy, then pressed it against her anus, moving in little circles. She squealed with delight and I pressed my tongue more firmly against her arse, rimming her gently, before returning my attention to her cunt.

I flicked my tongue over the soft folds of her labia and sucked at them, while my thumb and fingers worked her clit. Her legs began to shudder and her juices began to flow freely over my hand as she came. Finished, she helped me to my feet and we kissed and caressed each other, both licking her sticky cum from my hand.

Drawing away she went over to the cabinet and opened a drawer. She turned with a large, pink cock shaped dildo in her hand.

‘I want to watch while you masturbate with this.’ she announced, handing me the phallus.

Then she turned and took out another more conventional vibrator. I lay on the bed and spread my legs, inserting the dildo into myself as she sat and began using the vibrator on her own cunt. I was turned on by her watching me and it wasn’t long before I was giving myself a good, hard fucking. I was soon moaning and writhing on the bed as I worked my clit with my finger tips and pushed the firm rubber dildo in and out of my cunt.

Tanya got off the bed suddenly and went back to the cabinet. I slowed my rhythm and watched as she returned with another dildo, attached to a harness. Stopping by the side of the bed she stepped into the harness and was soon sporting a huge strap-on cock.

‘I want to fuck you.’ she said, climbing between my legs.

I spread my thighs and reached up to fondle her breasts as she gripped her “cock” and pressed it against the entrance to my cunt. Pushing down gently at first then with more force, she sunk the shaft into me and began to move her hips up and down as she fucked me; I wrapped my legs around her back and she began to move faster. Her heavy breasts swayed back and forth above my face and I lifted my head to take one of her nipples into my mouth, sucking hard and biting down on the dark bud, alternately sucking and tugging at it with my teeth.

She let out a cry of encouragement ‘Ahh, yessss, that’s soooo good. Don’t stop my darling.’

I reached up and gripped her other nipple, pulling at it and rolling it between my thumb and forefinger. I begged her to fuck me harder and she obliged, her hips slapping against the backs of my thighs as she increased the speed and strength of her movements. The two of us now urging the other on as our orgasms mounted. We came together, accompanied by screams of ‘Yessss.’ and ‘Ohhhh fuck!’

We lay in each others’ arms, her “cock” still embedded in me and kissed tenderly as we came down.

‘Ahhh, that’s the beauty of these things.’ she said with a little giggle. ‘They don’t go soft and are always ready to please. Men are OK, but you can’t beat the real thing, eh?’

We both laughed at that.

The rest of the evening was spent exploring her toys and watching some of her movie collection before going to bed.

To be continued...

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