Adventures of Olivia Chapter 3

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Lexi introduces Olivia to the Lesbian World.
The next morning, I woke up to find Lexi snoring on her bed. Eric wasn't there anymore but the sheets were all over the place and Lexi was sprawled all over her bed, at least she was wearing her pajamas. I mostly read magazines out in the balcony but my mind kept on wandering to how I was sitting on the same seat where Lexi and Eric had sex.

In reward, my pussy throbbed and leaked because of that thought. I couldn't help groaning so I put the magazine down and took out one of my porn magazines. There were so many memories from these porn magazines. I remember how I was basically surrounded by men in my family. You see, my mother and father are divorced. So I live with my father, older sister, and two brothers.

I didn't know anything about sex until I walked into Jake's room to see him jacking off his cock. He was pumping at it fast and moaning silently. That was when he showed me how to pump his dick the right way. He was the first guy whom I did a handjob to. My other brother (Justin) was the fist guy whom I did a blowjob too and my older sister (Kate) was the first person I lick my pussy out. She was the one who showed me every part of my pussy, licked me out all the time, and teased me with a vibrator. In return, I did the same to her.

My father was the man who took my virginity from me. He wasn't as good as the camp counselor who fucked me good but my dad was hot at sex. He has a girlfriend who is now my stepmother. They were screwing and moaning so loudly that I heard. My father pulled me into the "fun" and he ended up fucking me too.

Lexi walked in, glancing at the porn magazine in my hands.

Lexi and I both read porn magazines. We would admit it to one another and somtimes, we would trade them off. We didn't mind.

"Hey, so how'd it go with Eric last night?" I asked Lexi, not looking up from my magazine.

Lexi fell silent and quickly recovered, sitting on the chair next to mines. "Uh... yeah! It was so much fun! I learned so many new things about him and gawd, he's so talented..." Lexi stopped herself all of a sudden, but I didn't look up at all. "How much did you hear or see last night?"

I looked up, pretending to look confused. "What do you mean? I fell asleep last night as soon as my head hit the pillow. I took some Aspirin with me because my head hurt like hell from all those drinks," I explained, amazed with my lying. I rubbed my temple. "It still kinda does actually." I winced from fake-pain.

Lexi's jaw relaxed a little and she slumped in her chair. "Well, I was thinking... When are you going to start fucking guys? I mean, your resolution needs to be complete sooner or later. Doesn't it? And we've only got a week here, Olivia."

"To be honest, I was thinking about it too and I'm kinda nervous and scared about having sex with total strangers," I admitted, blurting it out.

Lexi turned all the way to give me a shocked look. "NO WAY," she simply stated. She shook her head and tried laughing it off. "Olivia, you've got the hot looks and babe, you're so sexy and just sitting here with you right now..." She shuddered and leaned back in her chair again. "Makes me wet and horny. I just wanna take you," she mumbled, loud enough for me to here.

Ignoring her last comment, I continued, "But what if I mess up? What if I screw up so badly and humiliate myself?"

"Babe," Lexi started. Okay, she never calls me babe. Ever. "I bet you're good at bed. And I'll teach you. Give you some professional lessons. I'll be like... your personal and private sex tutor." That sounds like a marvelous idea.

I nodded slowly. "I like where this is going..."

Lexi stood up and strutted over to me. She stood in front of me with her hands on her hips. "Olivia, babe. I need you to show me all you got on this one. I need you to prove to me that you're a sexy slut and that you're willing to fuck strangers. Got that? We'll go as far as I allow us to go and then we'll start with the lessons based on what I know about your sex skills."

Faster than the speed of light, she was straddling me and kissing me hard and passionately. I kissed her back just as badly. Damn, her lips were soft and worked so perfectly against mines. Our lips parted and crushed back onto each other again and again. Without thinking, my hips thrust upward to meet Lexi's crotch. She pulled back and groaned out loud, throwing her head back.

My hands tightened on her hips and I grinded harder and more repeatedly against her. "You like that, you little slut? Huh? You like the feeling of me grinding you. Treating you like the slut you are."

Both of us were now grinding and moaning like crazy. My pussy was dripping more and more every time Lexi's crotch met mines. She did the most amazing thing on Earth. She reached over and started tweaking my nipples through the fabric. I moaned against her mouth and wrapped my legs around her hips, still grinding as hard as I can. I imagined Lexi's crotch as a hard-on instead and that made it so much better.

Her fingers were like magic, tweaking and rubbing at my nipples. Finally, she pulled back and let me take off my shirt. She did the same until both of us were naked and completely undressed. Lexi grabbed my arm and whispered in a raspy voice, "Not here. On the couch in the living room."

She pulled me into the living room and I laid on the couch, waiting and shuddering. She came back from the bedroom with a couple of items gathered in her hands. I recognized one of them. A didlo. Oh Lord, I loved this girl.

She placed them all of the table and straddled me once again. She took one nipple in her mouth and started sucking it. I moaned and begged for more. "Lexi, please stop! You're getting me so fucking wet right now! Stop!"

Lexi froze, only to say: "This is all practice. You'll be thanking me later on."

I continued moaning helplessly for about one minute before Lexi moved back to my aching core. She slurped and licked at my pussy, cleaning my wetness out. I thrusted my pussy to her mouth and she worked harder. Immediately, she pushed her filthy tongue inside my pussy and pulled out. Oh my Lord, she was tongue-fucking me! God, this girl was so amazing!

I started rocking against her tongue and she only replaced them with her fingers. She slipped one finger inside my juicy cunt and I quickly started rocking against that single finger. She slid inside another finger and fucked me harder with a devilish grin on her face. Yet, my pussy had enough room for a third finger and Lexi was glad to help. Being fucked with three fingers were marvelous. I was moaning like crazy and thrashing around, helplessly.

When I finally climaxed, it felt like the greatest relief in the world. She licked me out clean and swallowed all of my cum. Satisfied, she rolled over and spread out her legs for me. Without being told, I stroked her thighs gently and softly, teasing her.

Lexi The Slut moaned and I hoisted her legs on my shoulders instead. I plunged my tongue into her cunt and she let out a scream. I tongue-fucked her as good as how she did to me. I traded my tongue for my fingers and stuck one finger inside. I slide it in and out. In and out. Faster. Harder. Earning the sexiest moans I've ever heard. My pussy was getting soaked once again.

I was stunned as I was fucking her with my entire hand. Lexi was rocking against my hand like it was nothing, moaning and screaming with anxiety. She pushed me off and grabbed the toy from the table. She handed it to me and said, "Lesson Number One. Pretend this is a cock and give it a handjob." I did what I was told. I wrapped my hands around the didlo and started sliding one hand up and down the shaft. Lexi would correct me whenever she had to and other times, she just watched, massaging her clit and never taking her eyes off the didlo. She snatched it from me all of a sudden and said, "I gotta fuck this, Olivia. Sorry." She lifted herself from the couch and slid her leaking cunt into the didlo. She did at least 3 thrusts when she stopped and placed it back on the table.

She took out a plastic cock. It was at least 10 inches, not exaggerating.

Lexi pushed me back and I automatically spread my legs out to give her the perfect view of my dripping wet pussy. "You fucking slut, this cock is 12 inches. 12 inches for you. Just for you. I'll let you keep it since I have another one but meanwhile, you will fuck this," Lexi ordered. She handed me the plastic cock and I inserted it straight into my pussy. I moved it around so it was teasing my opening and after a while, I finally slide it in. I lifted my hips from the couch and started thrusting.

Lexi stopped me and placed the end of the cock on her crotch so it looked like the cock was attatched to HER. "Here, it's more fun and realistic this way."

He started thrusting and I moaned loudly. The cock filled me up completely. 12 FULL INCHES. The knot at the bottom of my stomach was building up and my hips were moving towards Lexi's crotch and the plastic cock. "More, more. Almost there!" I whimpered, desperately needing release.

Lexi pushed in deeper and hissed at me, "That's right, you fucking slut! You better enjoy this cock!"

I suddenly exploded, my fluids leaking out my pussy and dripping onto the couch. I sighed, contently. Lexi pulled out of me and placed the cock on the table. Just then, the doorbell rang. Lexi ran to answer it and as I craned my neck to see who it was... it was a guy around his 20s with blonde hair and built-muscles. He had a confused look on his face until he noticed Lexi and me standing there, fully naked.

Lexi strutted towards him, pulling gently at his tie.

"I thought I saw something on the balcony-" He began but dropping his gaze to Lexi's breasts and my dripping cunt.

Oh shit.

"Did you like our little show out there?" Lexi asked, rubbing her crotch against his hard-on. "My little friend here needs some practice. Wanna help satisfy her dreams and join us?"

The man didn't even hesitate. He closed the door behind us and was taking off his clothes. He immediately made his way towards me.

Let me say. That night was incredible. I got fucked by my first stranger while Lexi played with my breasts from behind me. I just fucked in the asshole with Lexi's didlo while the man licked my pussy out from underneath me and once he left, Lexi and I grinded against each other without anything. Just like how Lesbians fuck.

I had so many things to thank Lexi for.