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After Alice

I totally consider myself a straight woman, but damn I love that chase—the pursuit and seduction of another straight woman. That moment I meet a beautiful, eccentric woman and start crafting my plan to get under her bed sheets. The moment she realizes I desire her. And the moment she gives in to me…


“Start the night off with shots?” Seth asked me. He turned around and glided backwards, clapping his hands in short bursts.

He and I were walking down the pebbled city sidewalk, toward the square. On a Friday night like this, we didn’t have to plan anything. The school year had just started and college students were swarming the bars every night, taking full advantage of their free time while we all still had some. Even with this, we were planning to meet a friend of Seth’s, and from there, we had no idea what could happen. The air was stiff and floral, cooler than it had been in months, and we both were striding down the road with excited energy.

“I’ll do one,” I said. “I’m not looking to go crazy tonight.”

“You wanna stay classy in front of the guys tonight, huh?”

“You know I don’t hook up with guys!” Seth knew this very well. I had never had a one night stand with a guy. I date ‘em then I dump ‘em. But a one night stand with a woman… that’s always a possibility for me. Tonight I just wanted to meet some new people and go home sober. I wasn’t even trying to look flashy. I was wearing cute jeans and a tight black shirt. My gold colored hair was pulled straight back.

We descended into the Blind Cat, our favorite casual pub, located under a clothing store. The atmosphere is full of wood tables and counters, and old black and white photographs of club swingers are hung across the walls. It’s a strange mixture of classy and casual, because everyone around is usually wearing flip flops and the same clothes they wore to class. We found our friend, mingled our way into a new group of people, drank some beer, like any night, and to my own personal excitement some interesting guys were setting up some band equipment on the stage.

That’s when I met Alice. Seth and I were brought over to a table, where I sat across from her. She was paying attention to two guys at the end of the table who were sucking up all the attention. For a moment, I threw several glances in her direction, hoping to meet her eyes. Finally, I broke a short moment of silence. “I’m Keri,” I shouted. I stuck my hand out and she shook my hand, smiling. “What brings you into a group full of these knuckle heads?”

She made up a brief, sarcastic answer, then looked away from me again. She was very outspoken, constantly sparring with the two jocks at our table. They knew each other well enough to go down memory lane in their conversation, over and over. But when I said anything to her, she was shy. When I couldn’t get a word in, I would lean across the table and almost stare at her, hoping to catch her green eyes again. She had dark red hair, fluffy and wavy. Her features were rounded off, her whole frame quite broad but well toned all around.

Oh I wanted her.

But she kept vying for Rob’s attention, turning sideways and slapping at his arm any chance she’d get. Seth and his friend, on the other side of me, wanted to talk with me constantly. I didn’t even know his friend’s name, yet it seemed he was ready to know everything about me, and he would smile and nod after every question he asked me. “How were your classes last year?—Do you like beer or love it?—Are you coming out tomorrow night?”

I took off for the bar and brought back a round of those shots that Seth had put on my mind, crafted a rowdy toast with all six of us, and downed mine as fast as possible. I pounded the shot glass on the table. “Ohh. Alice. Come here, check this out.” I grabbed her arm and we walked toward the stage.

“What are we doing?”

“I don’t know,” I laughed. I bumped straight into one of the guitarists for the band, and within seconds we were talking about music. Alice seemed to like them. After a couple of minutes they went back to setting up, and I asked Alice, “Do you want to watch them play?”

“Of course.”

“So what’s your deal with…” I leaned my head forward, motioning toward Rob.

She rolled her eyes. “Is it that obvious I like him? …We hooked up a couple of times last spring, but he’s a jerk sometimes, so I don’t know.”

I laughed. “We’re gonna have to get you hooked up with one of these band geeks, huh?” I bumped my hip against hers.

“Ooo. Maybe, maybe,” she played along.

“Let’s get another beer!”

We drank a couple more, and when the band started we were the ones to get a decent crowd dancing to the music. I danced with Alice, whenever Rob didn’t try to cut in. I would wait a while, then grab her firm shoulders and jiggle her back and forth. She liked my wild energy, and I was desperate for her bold attitude, her awesome legs and perfect breasts. I imagined myself in a bed with her, taking a handful of that hair and pulling it down against her neck, hearing her whisper, “oh yeah.”

I put my crotch closer to hers while the music thumped against the crowd. The dance floor had become a thick wave under a few dim red lights. I put my hands on her hips, and a few times I rubbed her back from under her shirt. Sometimes she would touch me on the arms and run her soft fingers down, then float away from me. I kept inching forward though.

“How’s it going, ladies?” Seth’s friend butted in when the band took a break.

“Oh. I think I’m going home soon,” Alice said.

I looked at her like she was crazy. But apparently the night hadn’t gotten crazy enough. I let Seth’s friend buy us a round of drinks. Five minutes later, I pulled Seth aside and told him, “I’m getting fairly drunk, so keep an eye on that friend of yours will ya?”

“Maybe I should take you home.”

“Maybe you should take him home. He’s drunk too.”

“No way,” he smirked.

I had to lose Seth and his friend fast, which meant finding them a couple of ladies to talk to. Done. I mixed us up with a couple of small, perky girls on their way to the stairs. Next thing we knew, they were staying for “one more drink.”

And I had my fifth drink of the night. By then I my head was zipping around, and I was talking twice as fast as normal. I found Alice again and leaned against her. “Oh this night,” I said. “Let’s take a walk, I need some fresh air.”

“Hey, I can take you home if you need me to?” she said.

“No. Just air for now.”

We went once around the square, and our conversation didn’t pause for a moment. Our connection seemed like something emerging from poetry—but she had no idea I wanted her for more than friendship. I patted her shoulder along with several compliments I threw at her. When we squeezed between a crowd of people leaving another bar, I pressed my chest excessively into her side, and I adored her soft but firm arm. We made our way around to the empty half of the square, the side with City Hall, where we could escape the thumping bass lines and shouting kids. Our walk slowed to such a linger that we didn’t reach the end of the block for several minutes.

“So, that Seth guy,” she asked. “Is that your boyfriend?”

“No way! I’m almost always single.”

“Why is that?”

“Why do you think? I just can’t stay in one place at a time. Can’t stay with one guy at a time.” We laughed. “I mean. What can I say—I love sex a little bit too much.”

“I see.”

“Don’t you?”

“Of course.” She smiled.

And my stomach felt jitters. “I mean… I wish I could have sex tonight.” I glanced at her.

She smiled. “Make it happen then.”

“Oh, I think that’s a definite possibility, girl.”

Just as we rounded the corner, ready to reenter the road down to Blind Cat, I brought out my phone and pretended to check it.

“Oh God,” I said.


“Seth says he already left me. He’s probably going to try to fuck that girl he just met. What a loser.”

“Well like I said, I can drive you.”

“But I was going to sleep on his couch tonight. Ugh! I can’t go back to my apartment tonight. My roommate and I are kinda fighting right now. And her boyfriend is staying over a lot, and I hate trying to get along with him.” I turned fully toward her and relaxed my neck a tad, looking up at her eyes, some two inches above mine. Her soft face delighted me, the way she smiled without a scrap of anxiety showing on her face. Already I felt I could say anything to her.

“Well come sleep at my place,” she said slowly. “I have a pretty good couch, if you’ll take that.”

“Definitely!” I hopped once, then dove into her chest for a hug. “See? We’re such gal pals already.”

“I love it,” she said. “You’re awesome.”

“Hey! You’re awesome too.” I rubbed her back and felt her bra strap, thinking about when I’d get under that shirt and unhook that thing. She was wearing a loose top and a medium length skirt, and I imagined myself making that first move by slipping my hand just under the hem of her skirt while saying something slightly kinky. Then I’d edge my hand further in, until she looked at me, stunned but in submission.

Or maybe I’d want to bring my face close to hers, like I was lost in drunken giddiness, then start making out with her until she realized just how much she enjoyed it.

Maybe I’d want to compliment her boobs then just start rubbing them.

About a dozen other scenarios played out in my head in an instant, and I wanted to be in all of them. More than anything, I wanted her bare chest pressed onto mine. I wanted to feel the heat of her crotch on my thigh, her nails digging irresistibly into the back of my shoulder, or mine into hers—in darkness or in full light, the two of us silently humming or moaning loud enough for the neighbors to listen in. I wanted her in every way I could get her.

In her car I went on talking, but I didn’t even know our topic half the time, because all I thought about was her body, and my plan for getting past each layer of her clothing and under her sheets. Alice giggled at my frequent confusion, thinking I had drunk too much to keep up with conversation.

We walked into her apartment at half past midnight. The place was upscale, and very clean. But the best part about it was a mellow smell of mango or cucumber lingering all throughout. “Okay,” she whispered. “My roommate is probably asleep.” She pointed at a closed door by the kitchen. “I’ll grab you some blankets and pillows.”

“Let me check out your room first.”

“Okay, come on.”

I rubbed my hands on her back as she led the way through the living room and through her door. She closed the door and talked in a normal voice. “We don’t have to be so quiet in here,” she said.

“Great.” I looked around her room and admired the posters of hip art. It smelled even better in her room than out front. There was an open door leading into a bathroom. I was most delighted that her bed was queen sized. I sat down at the edge of it. “I’ve got to get out of these jeans,” I said, as I unbuttoned and started the long process of slipping off my pants.

“Oh.” Maybe she was startled.

“They’re a bit too tight for me to still wear them. I don’t know why I do… Ah that’s better.” I tossed my pants on an open space on her floor and sat there, in my panties and black T-shirt, both solid black.

“Nice legs, girl.”

“Thank you! Hey, do you like my panties?” I lifted my shirt up and shook side to side.

She giggled. “You are the opposite of shy, aren’t you? Do you want some pajama bottoms?”

“I don’t know. What do we got in here?” I went to her dresser and rummaged through the top drawer. “I’m not gonna bump into a big ole dildo in here, am I?”

“Ha ha, no,” she said. “I’m not gonna show you my dildo.”

I looked at her. “So you have one then?”

She smiled.

“Naughty little Alice.” I went back into her drawer and pulled out a couple of her thongs. “Hmm. I like the looks of these.” Then I pulled up some laced panties with accompanying high-thigh stockings. “Ohh. I’d like to see you in these.” I waved them in front of her.

She looked at me, a bit confused. “Okay, that’s enough of that. Here. You can wear these.” She pulled out some pajama bottoms.

“Okay. I’m going to take a shower if that’s alright.” My heart started racing as I prepared to make quite a forward move on her.

“Go ahead, girl.”

“You want to come jump in with me?”

She looked at me a moment, holding back a smile. “You take showers with your friends?”

“Of course I do. It’s fun.” I put my hand on her back, then slipped it under her shirt and rubbed her back. “With my other friends who like to do it. We just love looking at each other’s sexy bodies,” I joked. “I’m sure yours is one to die for.”

She grinned, looking at the floor. “Keri. I think you’re making me blush.”

“Am I? Let me see.” I touched her chin.

She looked at me.

“Nope. Now come on, I know you got a little sweaty with me on that dance floor. We could both use a nice freshen up.” I slipped my hand into her skirt and felt her panties a moment before unbuttoning the front and dropping it to her ankles.

“You first,” she said.

“Alright.” I took my shirt and panties off without a hesitation, then put my hands on my hips and shook my little tits for her.

She giggled. “You’re so confident.”

“Well damn, you should be too. Let me see those big tits.” I went under her shirt again, this time feeling up her stomach with both hands—the adrenaline rush, the warmth in the back of my head. I smelled her shirt then looked at her. She seemed to figure something was happening between us, but she didn’t know what it was and wasn’t fighting it. I removed her shirt and she stood there motionless. I rubbed her another moment, then took off her bra. When I saw her tits I gasped quietly then let out a long and deep hum. I twirled my hips along with the motion of my hand, then massaged each of her breasts. “Damn, Alice. Your body is just—putting some kind of spell on me.”

“I see.” She brought her hands up timidly and touched my arms.

I looked into her eyes.

“Are we gonna shower?” Her voice cracked.

“In just a minute,” I whispered. I edged around her then pushed my body onto hers, until she was sitting on the bed. “I want to play with you for a while.”

She took a deep breath and let it blow out her nervous and excited energy.

I raised up and mounted my crotch onto one of her legs hanging off the edge of the bed, then brought my face close to hers and smelled her hair. I ran my hands through her hair, then kissed her. Her lips were stunning, and with pure bliss, she pressed her lips back into mine. Then it was on. I used one hand to grab her mane of hair and the other to press her whole body into mine. We eased all the way down onto her bed and edged our heads up to her pillows.

“Oh my God,” she whispered. “I’ve never done this before."

“Well you’re gonna love it.”

“I can’t believe you,” she said with a grin. “Were you planning this the whole time?”


She was still hesitant with me for the beginning. We kissed, rubbing the surface of our lips, until my tongue was fully in her mouth. I did the same with my pussy, and eventually I had rubbed an entire side of her thigh to be completely moist. I paused a moment and rose up. She only stared into my eyes with a sort of quiet desperation. I smiled.

“What?” she asked. Five seconds passed and she began to rub both my tits with each hand.

“That’s it, girl,” I said. I went back to rubbing my pussy on her, but only lightly. One of my hands hovered over her panties and pressed down on her and grabbed. She had another elongated gasp, and after letting out the hot breath, she pushed her crotch toward my hand several times, then paused. She pushed my body back to slip off her panties in one swift motion. Her small, soft patch of hair was dripping wet and gave off the best scent in the room. Then I fell back on top of her and we each took turns thrusting our pussies into the other’s thigh. Each time she went, she would go slow, grabbing the back of my leg with both hands, and at the end of each thrust she would end another gasp, until those gasps turned to light moans. We did this for a few minutes. I wrapped my hand around most of her hair, close to the back of her head, and pulled just a tad. “Oh God,” she said, as she sped up. “Oh yeah,” she moaned. It happened a few more times, as she grasped my hips and reached her orgasm.

We slowed down a minute. Her thigh was soaked by my pussy. I arched up, getting on my knees, and I humped vigorously, so that my heart was pounding so hard I could feel it in the sides of my neck and in my temples. I couldn’t make a sound—could barely breathe. I only looked fiercely into her eyes, then leaned down to lick her nipple. As the orgasm built in my stomach, I bit her gently and thrust so fast that the sound of my pussy on her leg excited me even more so. I reached my peak, whipped my head back, and squeezed my eyes shut. Then I looked at her and we both laughed.

We lay under the covers for a while and talked about our sex lives. I told her about the one other time I had gotten a woman to bed and hoped to do it again. She kept speaking of amazement, and how she wanted to fuck me again some time—some time when she wouldn’t expect it to happen.

After about ten minutes, I broke our quiet mood. “So do you really have a dildo?”

“Of course.” She reached under my big pillow and pulled out a large, pink dildo, the classic, floppy kind.

“Wow, girl.” I took it and smelled.

She giggled.

“This thing is just as beautiful as you.”

“Why thank you.”

I kept it in my hand while we small talked, and I caressed the outside of her pussy with it. We went on. Our conversation got personal again, then turned to flirting, until she stopped talking and closed her eyes. She rubbed her tits with one hand and the top of her pussy with the other. I threw the covers back, sat up cross-legged, and used the dildo to beat on her pussy and my other hand to finger her. A few moments later I was jamming three fingers into her as rapidly as possible and she moaned without inhibition. “Oh God,” she said. “Oh my God, fuck yes!” She came much harder than the first time.

And she did the same for me. She put her dildo inside my tight pussy and twirled it in chaotic rhythm, along with her other palm bearing down on my clit. I couldn’t lie still even if I wanted. She flopped down on me and rubbed her tits all over me, kissing my lips and fingering like crazy, then crawled backwards and devoured my pussy with her tongue. My orgasm was also one of the most intense kind.

We stayed in the bed and fell asleep. I played with her hair and cuddled her throughout the night. The morning after was graceful, but not kinky, and we finally got around to showering together.

I’d probably fuck her again a couple of times. But after that, I would be on the prowl for another.

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