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After the pub

She was too young for me to be staring at
She was stunning, I couldn’t take my eyes off her. I was at the pub with friends, enjoying a beer or two. We had attended the festival in the park and the day had been a scorcher. The air was finally starting to cool as day turned into night. The pub was quite crowded and we were sitting outside undercover, I was chatting to Tom, one of the boys I knew when I first noticed her. She was young, too young for me to be staring at but I couldn’t help myself. Long blond wavy hair with the face of an angel, the most gorgeous smile I had ever seen.

Tom noticed I was staring and teased me, he knew the girl. Her name was Simone, Tom worked with Simone’s girlfriend. He told me they had been together for 5 yrs, having had met at school when they were 16 yrs old. Tom pointed out the girlfriend, a very good looking dark haired baby dyke who was very drunk and happily chatting to friends on the other side of the pub. Simone was standing on the edge of our group chatting and laughing with some girls. I caught her eye and smiled a friendly hi and received a gorgeous smile in return. I forced myself to not stare and continued chatting with my friends, enjoying the night.

Stealing the odd look every now and than I caught her looking at me. At first I thought I was imagining it, fantasizing with myself when suddenly she came over and said goodbye to me. We hadn’t actually said hello but she was saying she was leaving. I kissed her goodbye on the lips, she was shocked and said you kissed me on the lips. I responded with where was I suppose to kiss you?

She walked away to say goodbye to her friends than came back and said goodbye again. This time she kissed me briefly and whispered in my ear to follow her. I waited until she had left the pub before doing as she asked. Walking outside I noticed her waiting against the wall of the shop next door looking even more beautiful than before. As I approached she smiled and slipped into the lane way beside the shop, I quickly followed.

Simone told me her girlfriend would be at the pub until closing time, a couple of hours away. I took her hand and led her back to my friends apartment, I knew they too wouldn’t be home until closing time. As soon as we were inside she told me with a sexy smile I could now kiss her where I was suppose to.

She slowly slid out of her clothes and lay back on the couch. Her body was exquisite with the most delectable breasts and her pussy clean shaven. I started at her lips, kissing and biting. Slowly sliding down her neck, biting and kissing down to her breasts and sucking on her nipples. Her nipples were large and rock hard, her body was pushing against mine.

My leg was pushed up hard against her thigh, I could feel the wetness of her juices. I held her hand and inserted her finger into her pussy. Than pushed my own finger inside of her. Our fingers moved in and out as one, her pussy tight and hot. Pulling our fingers out I put mine in her mouth for her to taste her own juices while I while I suck and lick her finger. Her juices are sweet and I can’t wait any longer. I kiss her inner thigh, slowly moving over her mound to her swollen clit rolling my tongue around before gently sucking.

Sliding my tongue up and down her cunt, plunging into her hole, licking and sucking on her clit. I can feel her orgasm building and keep going, wanting to give this gorgeous stunning girl all the pleasure she deserves. She screams with ecstasy as she comes, I lick her cunt savoring her juices. She pulls me up and kisses me and whispers, your turn.

(to be continued)

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