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Alice and My Roommate

Alice and I were rolling around in the sheets of my dorm room. She and I had vibrators inside us and we were holding onto each other's toy – pushing it in and out of soaked swollen pussy. Anyone who has ever felt the odd sensation of something so desired, so thought about, so hoped for, finally complete – anyone who has felt that, could know what I was feeling. My virginity was gone. I felt like a bird released from her cage, and I lavished everything on Alice. I wanted to give everything to her, to loose myself in her. She whispered dirty thoughts into my ear, things I never would have thought of doing, and I knew I wouldn't withhold her anything.

“You guys, this is torture.”

“Really?” I asked.

“Yeeeessss,” my roommate moaned. She was touching herself. Her hands pulled up one floppy breast. I had purposefully asked Alice to help me turn the tables on my roommate. I wanted her to wake up to find me with my lover, naked, fucking, all totally in front of her, just like she had done to me so many times before. My roommate was a bitch, and I had wanted to make her angry; instead I made her horny.

“Tough.” Alice and I said together.

“Fuck you both then!” She yelled and stormed out of the room. She left the door open.

Alice and I looked at each other and considered for a moment getting up to close the door. Our dorm hall was a busy one. We could hear girls and boys talking and laughing. It would only be moments before someone came by and saw us.

“Fuck it!” We both yelled and jumped on top of each other.

“Oh God!” A girl said. Her voice was a mix of shock and disgust.

“Dear Lord,” another girl said. Her comment was less shock and more reprimand. She sounded like my mother. I turned and looked at the door. Alice and I were completely naked. We didn't have sheets over us and I wasn't just naked, I was totally exposed in every way possible. Alice whispered something in my ear, but I didn't hear. I was terrified and this only made the wetness between my legs more obscene.

“Spread your legs more,” Alice commanded. The tone in her voice was forceful, aggressive, and yet her voice was so sweet, so melodious, I couldn't resist. I opened my legs like a possessed girl.

“Good, now I want you to show them your special gift.”

My gift. I never thought of it as a “gift”, more like an embarrassing curse. Alice was referring to the flowing gush of juices that dripped and clung to my thighs like ropes of shame. My inability to resist my lovely Alice, only made my juices flow that much harder. I looked up at the girls in the hallway and saw more people had joined the crowd. I watched one girl roll her eyes in a mixture of disgust and complacent disregard, and walk away. I was sad to see her go. Something inside me wanted all of them to watch, to be fascinated by me, my show, my sex. What had I become?

“God, you love this don't you? Look at you. You are literally dripping so hard you are making a puddle in the sheets. I can't believe it!” Alice pushed my thighs open more, and made me look. She was right, there was a round circle of fabric made darker by my juices, and in the middle of the circle, creamy white stuff. My cream. “She is getting excited by you watching. I think she likes it. I think she wants this,” Alice said to the people outside our door.

“It's like watching a porno,” A girl with short blonde hair said. She moved into the room. Others walked away. Behind the blonde girl, my roommate walked back in and saw the show before her and frowned. Her eyebrows pushed together in anger, and she turned and pushed girls back and shut the door, leaving the blonde girl still in the room.

“So you guys won't let me play, but you'll do a show for the entire dorm?”

“Well the door was open, we just kinda stopped and watched. Are you her roommate?” The blonde girl asked.

“Yeah,” Vicky said.

“Cool, does she do this all the time?”

“ fact she has always been a prude. I'm kinda thinking she is on drugs or something.” Vicky said.

“This is an interesting situation,” Alice said, looking at the girls in the room. I attempted to close my legs. “Oh no you don't,” Alice pushed my legs open wider. A part of me didn't like where this was going, but another part screamed for Alice to command me, to push me, to tell me anything and everything she wanted me to do. Alice seemed to be reading my mind because she told me to turn over. I turned and pushed my face into the sheets. Now I couldn't see anyone and somehow that made what was happening more exciting. I pushed my ass into the air.

“Oh! Really?” Alice said.

“What?” I asked, thinking I had done something wrong.

“Oh please... you don't stick your ass in the air like that without a reason. Your little pink puckered hole is so cute,” and she didn't give me a moment to respond. Alice did something that I had never even dreamed before. I had never even considered. Alice put her mouth over my ass and shot her warm little tongue deep inside my ass!

“Oh! Oh my...GOD!” I screamed.

My roommate and a total stranger watching only made me hornier. After all, that was what I was craving all this time, that was what drove me to get naked way back when, I wanted people looking at me. I wanted attention. I was a whore for it. I needed that.

“Oh God,” I moaned. Alice knew my signals by now, she pushed the vibrator up against my clit and I exploded with orgasm. My body rocked into her and her tongue never left my little asshole. I came so hard. The pleasure was amazing! Who knew?

“Now I'm going to fuck that little ass.”

“What? No. No really, you can't. It will hurt,” I cried. I was protesting honestly, but the thought made me excited. I felt the familiar explosion of butterflies in my chest, and a sense of excitement rushed down to tingle between my legs. I'd never even thought of doing anything with my ass, but now...God, I wanted it. Alice brought this out in me. I wanted her to fuck me, and I wanted the girl and my roommate to watch, or more.

“Only a little, but that makes it fun. I remember the first time I got fucked in the ass, it was unreal. I love it, the tight sensation, the pain, the feeling of something forbidden. So let's do each other,” she said.

“Yes, then I'll love it too,” I said.

If I had been expecting intense pleasure, it was far beyond my expectations. In moments I was screaming, clutching at air, pillow, sheet, and Alice. I was rolling around, trying to get away from the stiff rods penetrating my ass and my pussy. When I came, it was like something exploded inside me and I was weak in the knees. The orgasm consumed every muscle of my body.

Alice rolled her tiny little ass up in the air, and her pussy and butt hole peeked out at me. She moved her hips around, and her labia parted, and I could see the white cream of her excitement pooling inside.

“Fuck this, I can't take anymore,” the blonde girl said. She took off her top and pulled down her pants. My roommate undressed beside her. The blonde girl had small breasts, tight and firm. Her nipples were almost the same color as her tanned skin, to the point where they were difficult to see. Her breasts were those of a girl much younger. My roommate, on the other hand, had large sagging breasts. The breasts of a girl much older. Her hips formed a sort of rippled effect. I never found her attractive.

I pushed the vibrator inside Alice and used the almost flat tip to scoop up her cream. Without even thinking, I put it in my mouth. I had tasted her before but never so bluntly, never so raw. Her cream was heaven to me, and before I could think, I said, “I love you.”

She turned, smiled and said, “Well... then fuck me.”

I did.

When it came time for Alice to cum, I wasn't, apparently, doing a good enough job. She was lying on her back, her head buried in a pillow, and her breasts thrust up, hard nipples dancing. She reached down, grabbed my hands holding the two vibrators and thrust them inside with a force I couldn't believe hadn't injured her! She kept ramming them inside until I saw the familiar thrust of her orgasm. Only I wasn't prepared for this orgasm. This was something new.

It started as all her other orgasms had; a simple thrust, freeze, and then the little girl whimper that slowly rocked into a moan and a scream. Only this one kept getting louder, and she rocked harder. Soon she was almost a parody of an orgasm. She threw her head forward and back, almost knocking her head against the wall. She wouldn't release my hands, and she had me thrust so deep my hands were touching flesh. Her thighs closed around my hands, and she turned, pulled me to her, and we kissed. Her orgasm wasn't over, however, she had only just started. I couldn't keep my hold on the toys, but she had them locked in her. I heard the faint hum of the little motors working.

“Fuck, God, yes...I love you too, fuck, yes!”

Was this just the orgasm talking? My heart was leaping out of my chest. I was so in love with her. I had never felt this way about anyone in my life. She was so different than me. So completely free and honest, and wild. I wanted to own her.

“Yes. Yes. YES!” She screamed. She bit my lip and pulled. She drove her tongue in my mouth. And when her screaming and thrusting were almost over, she trembled and cried.

Yes, cried.

She wrapped her arms and legs around me and pulled me to her. Her and I cried together. I kissed her neck and cheeks. I felt tears stinging but I was smiling. I was so happy, I couldn't help but cry.

“I love you,” I whispered.

“Jesus, you guys are hot,” the blonde girl said. She bent down and pulled my leg open. My roommate looked at me with anticipation and reservation. I smiled and she crawled over me. Her pussy hung over my face and I gulped. I didn't want to, but Alice said, “Lick her,” and I did.

Four girls fingered each other, four girls licked and rolled around on our beds until we were exhausted. I loved the little blonde girl's body, but not nearly half as much as Alice. Finally, I made my way back to Alice and our tongues entered each other's mouths. We fell back on the bed, our bodies wet with sweat and cum. We pulled together and kissed again, laughing.

“Am I yours now?” I asked.

“Yes,” Alice said.

For the first time in a very long time, I was happy.

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