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Alicia's Sin

"Who the hell draws these little devil chics anyway?" I asked Sil.
"I don't know, but I have been thinking about getting one tattooed on my ass!" Sil said.
"Ohhhh…my…god! That would be sooo fucking cool! If you do it, I'm gonna get a tattoo too!" I said.
"Yeah! Fucking-A-stylely! Let's do it!" Sil said laughing and we gave each other this little high five!
Alicia walked in and she was in a somber-as-usual mood.
"Hey 'Licia!? Wanna go get a tattoo on your ass?!" I said.
She gave me a 'you are such a tard' look and I laughed. I stood for a few minutes and stared at the little poster. In the illustration, a man was crawling on his knees, he was dressed in only a diaper and he had a horse saddle on his back on which a very curvy, very sexy devil chick rode. You've probably seen the devil chick before, same artist does a lot of these, his name is Coop. She was wearing a cowboy hat and was busy spanking his ass with a riding crop...looked like fun!
I went with several friends, including Sil and one other roomy. Because of some of the people we were with wanted to, I arrived early (not my style). We all went upstairs and sat around 'people watching' and drinking. I was dressed in a very tight silver cat suit with a zipper down the front. I also had on cat-like horn rim sun-glasses (gotta look cool baby) and I had my hair up in a ponytail. I had my best vamp-red lipstick on and nails painted to match. Of course I wasn't wearing any underwear (why bother?) who wants panty lines in a cat suit!? The best part of the outfit was my brand-spankin' new lace up 3-inch heel boots! Oh yeah!
At first we had the odd collection of Goth-kids dressed in the Anne Rice line of typical black attire (yawn), then people started to get a little more interesting. The great thing about going to a fetish party is all the creative people that show up. It's as much about looking freaky as looking sexy. I love it! About three or four drinks later, I found my way on the dance floor. I made myself unapproachable (a girl’s civic duty) and found some of my friends. We danced a little. As with most of these things, people didn't really get loose for the first couple of hours. I found myself mainly observing and not really participating. Several people had made their ways into a couple of cages and were busy tying themselves up and getting spanked. It was all very tame, nothing to get worked up about. Mostly it was a bunch of college kids lightly slapping each other on the ass and laughing. Then Desire and her gang came in! I went over and hugged her and kissed her on the mouth, something we had started doing in public whenever possible.
"Someone needs to get something going in this place, these people are practically dead!" Desire said.
Whenever Desire was in public, she started to get this air of cocky cheap theatrics about her. Once you got used to it, it was actually kinda funny, but mostly it was annoying.
"Yeah, mostly a bunch of college kids trying to get laid." I said.
"Mmmmm...then this might be fun after all!" Desire said.
Tonight, Desire was total leather dyke and she wasn't about to let anyone stop her from having a good time. She made her way over to the cages and watched as a very butch lesbian whipped this much smaller, almost clean-cut looking girl. The clean cut girl was almost expressionless as the butch dyke (probably around 40ish) cracked the whip. It wasn't long before Desire had her own slave girl tied up and was whipping her. The room seemed to pause as each crack of the whip echoed. I saw some of the people wince as the whip cracked down on Desire’s girl again and again. It wasn't long before the poor girl ended up in only a open ass skirt and electric tape over her nipples. Honestly, I got bored of watching Desire and this other Dyke have their way with some girl. I made my way down to where people where wrapping each other with plastic wrap. It was funny watching this young guy and girl being bound together and then lifted above the crowd.
"Having fun?" Alicia said, surprising me.
"Yeah, this is great! Are you?" I asked.
"It's funny, but I don't think I'm really into this. Are you?"
"I'm not sure (I lied). But I know I want to go spank some booty! Wanna come?!"
We both ran out to the middle of the floor where they were tying a guy and a girl up to a big X hanging from a rope attached to the ceiling. The girl was facing the cross with her very nearly naked (dressed only in a Teddy) ass facing us. I took a sip of my drink and then walked over and gave her a couple of good slaps on the ass! She looked back, but the guy (who was also facing inward) was busy trying his best to get her to kiss him. She tried to ignore him for most of the time that they were spinning around getting spanked, but after a while she gave in and kissed him. Poor kid, probably his first kiss.
Desire snuck up behind me and before I knew what was going on she said, "Aren't you hot in this thing!?" and she unzipped me all the way down to just above my crotch. I looked at her like she was crazy and zipped it back up to my tits.
"Oh, come on girl!" She said, "At least go down to here." and she unzipped me back down to just below my navel.
This made it so that my breasts were exposed about halfway and sometimes all the way, depending on how I moved. I noticed several people giving Desire and me 'the eye'. One girl walked up, she was a very muscular butch dyke, dressed in leather pants and a white Tee with suspenders (Butch dykes are really funny). She passed us and said, "whores". Desire looked at her and the dyke looked back and grinned to show she wasn't afraid. Desire just looked her up and down and said, "Scagg!".
It was obvious that the dyke was drunk. A smaller girl, I guess the larger dyke’s girlfriend, tried to pull the large girl away.
"Just leave them alone, they’re just poser whores."
Desire turned away from them. I could tell she was angry but she was "on stage" (that's what I call it when she goes into her theater chick mode) and she wasn't going to let anything get her down. She looked at me and I was like, "What the fuck was that all about?"
"Just a skanky bitch that is jealous of women with marketable talents."
We didn't talk about it much, but as the evening went on it was obvious the big dyke was going around talking to several people. I would walk over to the bar or to certain areas of the dance floor and people would walk away. I only found out later that in “the scene” anyone who sells their skills as a Domme is pretty much shunned by the so called “true” Dominants. I don’t know. I could care a less about all the “rules”, what happened to just having fun?
I found my way up to a cage over the dance floor and worked it. A sleek young skinny guy found his way up and danced behind me. The music was really pumping and the more I danced, the less I thought about all the bullshit that had been going on tonight and always. I worshipped the AC/DC God and lost all sense of place and time. I found myself rubbing and grinding against this guy I was dancing with. He was obviously enjoying it. He had on a leather vest with his nipples pierced and tattoos on both arms. He was wearing black PVC pants and after several minutes of rubbing against him he was giving quite a show of his own. He got a little brave and put his arms around me and unzipped my suit a little more. He reached around me and pulled the front open so that my breasts where completely exposed. I leaned back into him and he kissed my neck and ran his hands down my sweat slick stomach. The cat suit was almost completely unzipped now and this guy I was dancing with had his cock glued to my ass crack and his hands working my tiny little breasts. Another girl ( obviously really, really drunk ) danced in front of me with no top on and only panties, a garter, and stockings and heels. She put her hands around my hips and pressed her crotch into my leg. Did I start this freak show or were people already getting nasty and I hadn’t noticed?
The girl tried to take my cat-suit off. Before I could even attempt to stop her, she had her hands down the front of my suit! I pulled her hand out of my suit and I zipped up the front a little. She looked at me with glazed eyes and leaned in to try to say something. I couldn't understand her with the music blasting. I pulled away and she frowned. Finally I pulled away from both of them. The guy behind me was like, "Hey, where are you going?"
"I gotta piss!" I said.
They both seemed satisfied with that response. I slipped away.
Alicia was sitting alone at the bar and she perked up when she saw me. I was far drunker than I thought I was and couldn’t make it to the bathroom, I went and sat next to her.
"So, still not having fun in the night of sexual debauchery?" I said.
"No, this isn't really my thing." She said and shrugged her shoulders.
"But, it looks like you are having fun." She said her eyes locked on my exposed breasts.
I laughed and before I could reply, several guys came over and started hitting on us. They tried to ask if we wanted to dance or would we spank them or some other shit but it was obvious they wanted to stare at my tits. I couldn’t understand why. I had no tits. Honestly. Nothing. Zip. Zilch. Just nipples barely protruding from a skinny white chest. I sat there and let them look but guys don’t know how to let a good thing be so the started crowding in and trying to push Alicia out of the way. I grabbed her and without asking, I kissed her. She didn't respond at first, most likely shocked. She’s a pretty conservative girl but a hippy that works at Whole foods so you know she is at least Bi. Finally, gratefully, she kissed me back. She and I had never done anything. Sure I had seen her walking around the house in her shirt and panties, her large breasts always swinging free of a bra. I knew she liked men and had a boyfriend. I knew she was quiet, reserved and didn’t cause drama in our house. All these things contributed to the fucking amazing feeling I was having now that my tongue was firmly in her mouth. Of course I was shit-faced too. But my body burned.
Stupid me. Kissing Alicia only turned the guys on more and they were like, “Hey, we could all head back to our Frat house.”
"You wanna cut?" I asked.
“Absolutely.” Alicia said.
“Sorry boys, this is going to be an all girl party. Tootles.”

Alicia kicked off her Doc Martin's and put her feet up on the table, kicking off a few magazines and wrappers in the process. I was burning up in the suit, so I went and changed into shorts and my old T-shirt. When I came back Alicia had lain down on the couch and was watching MTV. I picked her legs up and sat down on the other end of the couch and put her legs on top of mine. I rubbed her feet and she was like, "Hey, you can keep doing that as long as you want."
I kept rubbing and moved my fingers on up her calves. She is kinda a bigger girl with full but not fat legs. My tiny hands barely fit around her calves and I bravely moved my way up her leg to her thigh. She looked down at me with blood-shot eyes and for a moment I thought she would say stop. She moved her foot up my little ripped up T-shirt. Her toes found my nipple and started to play. I kinda pulled away because her toes were rough and felt strange. She laughed and let her legs fall apart and put her arms out waiting for me to come to her. I crawled between her legs and lay on top of her. Her arms wrapped around me and our faces were only a few inches away. She looked into my eyes, I tried to lean in to kiss her but she shrank away from me. She looked like she wanted to say something, something obviously on her mind so I was like, "What?"
"Listen, I really do love Anthony." She said.
"I know." I said.
I didn't wait for her to respond before I kissed her. She wrapped her fingers into my hair and brought her leg up between mine and pressed against me. I let myself drown in her warm embrace and my hands worked the buttons on her shirt. I slowly undid each button until her shirt was open. Her hands found their way under my shirt and she playfully teased my nipples to full erection. She broke away from kissing me to help me take her shirt off. I quickly pulled my little T-shirt off. She kissed me again and this time her hands pressed firmly against my small breasts. Her lips tickled my neck and her tongue dove into my ear. Her warm, wet tongue moved around in my ear sending chills down my back. My body warmed to her touch, her hands firmly pinching and twisting my little nipples. I moved down to her crotch and my fingers pressed into her jeans. She was hot and moist. I tried to unbutton her pants but she stopped me. We broke from each other for a second, both of us breathing heavy and between breaths she said, "I'm not sure if we should do this."
 I looked at her and her eyes moved back and forth searching mine. I smiled and said, "Why?"
She just shrugged her shoulders and said, "You know? Roommates and all that shit?"
She was searching. I could tell she wanted me to prove her wrong.
"I don't care if you don't care." I said.
Hoping she would kiss me again or put her hand on my moist crotch, I waited. She looked at the door and I followed her gaze, no one was there.
"Don't you think we should go to a room or something?" She said.
I was like, "Sure, whatever you want."
We went into her room and kicked off her stuffed animals. I pulled my shorts off. Totally nude I walked up to her and she was afraid! She was visibly shaking! I didn't care, I wanted her and I knew that she wanted me.
"How many girls have you actually had sex with?" I asked.
Her face was flushed. Her breathing very hard and her nipples were like two hard acorns waiting to be touched.
"Well, none." She said.
“No. You would be my first.”
Her large brown nipples hung low on her breasts and her round little belly made her so cute. I moved in closer and she took a deep breath, holding it, afraid. I touched her soft breasts and I pressed into them, circling and rubbing.
"Do you want to have sex with me?" I asked.
I moved in close. Her fear making me brave, making me want her more. She closed her eyes, obviously thinking, obviously afraid. I wanted her so bad. I would have done anything to kiss her during this uncomfortable moment. But I waited. I pressed my naked chest against her soft breasts and waited. Finally, her arms went around my naked waist and she said in a soft whisper, almost a whimper, "please don’t."
“Why? You want me. You’re so wet I can feel it just pressing against you. I’m not asking for you to break up with anyone. I just want to make love to you. You are so beautiful Alicia. Just let the moment happen.”
I didn't wait but went down to her breasts and ran my tongue across her nipple. Her hands went into my hair and I unbuttoned her pants and pulled them off. My hands moved up and down her round hips and across her soft ass. She pulled me back up. She kissed me again. Her lips trembled and I tasted salt from her tears. I moved her hand to my crotch. I placed it on my little shaved pussy and her fingers eagerly slipped inside me. I was dripping down my legs, my juices covering her hand as she fucked me. I pressed my tongue deep into her mouth and found her soaked pussy.
We fell onto the bed, her fingers never leaving my wet pussy. I opened my legs to her and she pushed between them so I curled my legs around her. I bit her neck while she fingered my warm little cunt. She only wanted to look down, I guess fascinated by watching herself finger my pussy. I lifted my legs higher and spread them open wide, giving her a wide view of my wet, pink little hairless pussy. She rolled to the side and watched my pussy as she fingered me. I didn't know what to do, I put my hands through her hair and tried to push her down to my dripping hot cunt, but she wouldn't move. She seemed to only want to finger me and watch. I pinched and played with my own breasts and moaned as her fingers dank down deep inside me. She seemed absolutely fascinated by my pussy. I found myself really turned on by this. I moved my hand down and helped her play with my clit. I pulled my lips apart for her and she looked up at my face. I smiled. I was getting so horny I wanted her to give me head, but all she seemed to want to do was finger me and watch. I got up and crawled around so that I was over her. I pushed her down and onto the bed. If she wouldn’t eat my dripping pussy I would damn sure taste her. Her legs were pressed tightly together and I had to pry them apart. She was so shy she tried to cover her pussy with her hands.
I didn't give her a choice, I turned around and put my slick naked cunt over her face! I went down on her and reached under me so I could spread my wet little pink pussy on her face. Her own pussy was strong, and wet and I sucked at her clit with absolute abandon! Finally, she licked my pussy, her warm tongue flicking across my tender little pink labia.
The more I licked her and sucked her clit, the tighter her legs kept getting and the less she would lick me. I wondered if she were a true virgin, not just with me but with anyone? I positioned my arms so that my elbows were between her legs, prying them open, then I dove back into her delicious wetness. I got my tongue deep into her pussy. I found her swollen clit and rolled it back and forth under my tongue and sure enough, in came the legs. I had to really keep my arms locked to keep her legs apart! Finally she began whimpering, moaning and then she yelled, “PLEASE, please stop.” Then in a soft whisper, “Please stop.”
"What's wrong?" I asked.
"I just can't, it's too much, I just can't!"
“You were about to cum.”
“No, I…I never have.”
“No, you were. I felt it. You were going to have an orgasm.”
“No, I mean I have never had one before. I’m scared.”
“For real?”
“Don’t say it like that.”
"Licia, just relax. I’m going to make you cum and after this you’ll never want to do anything else."
She looked afraid but I turned back to her soaked pussy, pried her legs apart again and fingered her, first one finger and then a second. She responded by raising her hips and pulling me down to her dripping pussy. But as soon as she got worked up again she closed up!
"I'm sorry, this always happens." She said, looking truly upset.
I smiled and said, "It's ok, don't worry about it."
I was a little disappointed.
"What do you want to do?" I asked.
She looked up at me and kinda bit her bottom lip, "Can we just lay naked together? That is like my favorite part of sex and I’ve never just been with another woman naked. I just like feeling your body against mine, just being nude in each others arms."
My heart melted right then! Isn't that so sweet?
“Sure. I love it too. I love laying naked with another woman. Our bodies touching, so soft and warm.”
Alicia fell asleep almost instantly. I lay next to her and masturbated slowly. I came lying against my virgin roommate. I kissed her lips but she didn’t notice. She rolled away from me and I spooned in behind her.
Alicia was a virgin. You would never know it but it explained so much about her. I felt good not taking that from her. I think she wanted to save it for someone and even though that someone wasn’t me I still felt special to have been her first experience with a woman.
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