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Jennifer befriends her young neighbor, and both fill a lonely void.
Jennifer sighed. Next month would mark the five year anniversary of her divorce, and in those five long years, not once had she had sex. She missed the touch of a live, warm person. It had gotten to where even her fingers and toys weren't enough.

When she moved out of her husband's house, Jennifer moved into a quaint apartment complex. Little did she know that it was inhabited by married people, most of whom were elderly. She was very happy with her little apartment, but was very lonely and frustrated with her life.

Jennifer had taken to staring out her front window, trying to figure out how to solve her no sex problem. About a month ago, she caught a glimpse of her new neighbor; beautiful brunette that lived two doors down from her. She would watch her walk with her military husband down to his truck each morning, and most of the time the lady was wearing a short, thin robe. Jennifer's pussy would tighten when sexy neighbor lady would bend over to kiss her husband, because the woman apparently slept naked. Just the mere sight of her puffy clam peeking from between her thighs make Jennifer's slit drool.

Jennifer, a night shift nurse at the local hospital, had just gotten off work and was heading home. She was overjoyed with the fact that her vacation had begun. As she walked to her apartment, she noticed that military man's truck was gone. She found that odd, because he didn't normally leave until well after Jennifer was home. Continuing to her apartment, she was stopped dead in her tracks by sexy neighbor lady sobbing.

"Hey! Are you ok?" Jennifer asked.

Sexy neighbor lady jumped. She looked around, as if she expected to be mugged. Jennifer, wanting to ease her tension, stepped closer.

"I'm Jennifer. I live in 104A; two doors down from you," she said softly.

"I'm Alisha," she replied, trying to gather her wits.

"I couldn't help noticing how extremely upset you are. Are you ok? Can I do anything to help?" Jennifer asked.

Alisha took a big breath, straightened her robe, and sat down beside her door. Jennifer, standing at the bottom of the porch, got a clear view of her new friend's bare pussy. Wanting to be support, but unable to look anywhere else, Jennifer felt her slit tingling; the crotch of her panties was drenched in her cream. She couldn't lie to herself. She wanted Alisha in a bad way.

"My husband deployed to Thailand for the next six months. This is the first time we've been apart. I'm gonna be alone...all alone," she said, with tears welling up in her eyes again.

Jennifer ripped her gaze from Alisha's pussy. Thank God she had been halfway listening. Sitting down next to the younger lady, she wrapped her arm around Alisha's shoulders.

"You're not alone. You can visit me anytime, and I'll come visit you whenever you want me too," she said, "I know how hard it is to be alone. I've been on my own for the last five years, ever since my asshole of an ex-husband left me for his secretary."

Alisha gave her a watery smile. They sat on the stoop for a while longer, making plans to go shopping, work out, whatnot. Within the next month, both ladies grew very close. One would stay with the other to alleviate the loneliness.

With each waking moment, Jennifer grew more obsessed with Alisha. Every night, she would finger her wet pussy, while tugging on her turgid clit, until her sheets were soaked in her juices. She had to struggle to stay quiet, because she didn't want to wake Alisha; who usually slept in Jennifer's bed with her.

The night time was the hardest time for Jennifer. Old habits die hard, and Alisha continued to sleep in the nude. But, it was just the two women, so modesty was not a high priority.

Jennifer spent a lot of time secretly looking at Alisha's body. Her's was a body to die for. She was taller than Jennifer, by at least 4 inches, with long legs, a tiny waist, and full, rounded hips. Her ass was tight and oh so bubbly, but it was Alisha's tits that garnered all the attention. They were full and high, with pencil eraser sized nipples that were always erect.

Jennifer, a mere 5'4", was not bad on the eyes, either. A natural redhead; she was fair skinned with bright blue eyes. Her body was curvy; her breasts firm. Months of working out gave her a tight, flat tummy and a rock hard ass.

Three months into their friendship, Jennifer noticed how down her friend was and decided she needed a special kind of cheering up. She went to the liquor store and bought several different kinds of alcohol. Going to Alisha's apartment, she let herself inside and called out to her friend.

"Hey, Alisha! Come here," Jennifer shouted.

"Why are you yelling?" she answered, entering the kitchen.

"You're halfway through! Your hubby will be home in three months," Jennifer said, "So, grab your jammies, we're having a party for two at my place."

Although she was happy that Alisha's husband would be coming home, Jennifer was a bit jealous. She didn't want to share her, and to tell the truth, she was half in love with Alisha. She knew that her friend wasn't comfortable in bars and absolutely detested being hit on by drunkards. So, Jennifer opted to stay home and get drunk.

Jennifer ran home and quickly changed clothes. She put on a pair of loose shorts and a tank top. Deciding against wearing a bra, she reasoned with herself that it was because she was at home, not that she wanted to tongue fuck her friend's pussy.

Alisha arrived about twenty minutes late, wearing shorts so short that they molded her slit into a camel toe. Her shirt, or lack of a shirt, stunned Jennifer. Alisha had on a tiny tube top that barely covered her tanned boobs. In fact, most of her tits spilled over the top. Jennifer started to wonder who was going to seduce who.

While Alisha pulled shot glasses from her bag, Jennifer sneaked to the thermostat and hiked it up, making it warmer. She returned to the kitchen to find her friend bent over at the waist digging in the fridge for some limes. Jennifer's mouth watered when she saw how far up Alisha's ass her shorts were. She could literally see most of her ass cheeks and some of her friend's curly pubic hair.

With her cunt humming, Jennifer gathered the tequila and went to the living room. They played games where the penalty was to drink a shot, and before long, both women were buzzing nicely. Sitting back on the couch, they abandoned the liquor for talk.

"You know what? I really miss Steven. I miss him a lot," Alisha said.

"Know what I miss?" Jennifer asked, "I miss the physical contact."

"Me, too. Steven has a huge dick. When I was in top, I could move my hips just right, and his dick would rub this spot high up in my pussy. I would nearly drown him; I would get so wet," Alisha admitted.

Jennifer was never able to hold her liquor. She sat beside her friend for a moment; both quiet and reflective.

"It's been five years, since anyone's touched me," Jennifer whispered; tears welling up in her eyes.

Alisha draped her arm around Jennifer's shoulders and pulled her close. Their heads touched, and they sat quietly for a moment.

Jennifer, who had been staring off into space, noticed that Alisha's hand had begun to slowly rub up and down the inside of her thigh. She watched that small hand travel from her knee all the way up to a fraction of an inch from her pussy.

Holding her breath, Jennifer hoped she would continue upward. Under the pretext of changing positions, she opened her legs wider, so that Alisha had a clear path to her moist lips. Alisha took the hint and lightly brushed her fingertips over Jennifer's crotch, causing the woman to jump slightly.

Unaccustomed to another one's touch, Jennifer felt the electric sizzle all the way down to her toes. She looked at her friend, who smiled gently, and then leaned forward and kissed her.

Jennifer could taste the tequila on Alisha's soft lips. She opened her lips slightly, and felt Alisha's tongue dart gently into her mouth. She traced Jennifer's lips and teeth with her nimble tongue.

Gradually, Jennifer's tongue came to life and began dancing with hers. As they kissed, Alisha rubbed her hands up and down Jennifer's arm, before pushing the woman flat on the couch. She cupped Jennifer's breasts through her shirt and squeezed them lightly.

Having been without for so long, Jennifer was frenzied. She ran her hands up Alisha's almost bare back, and then around to the front. Her skin, so smooth and buttery soft, was goose pimpled when Jennifer slipped her warm hands underneath the tube top.

She sat up and pulled the skimpy top from Alisha's body. Her globes were pert and high, but totally natural and creamy tan in color. Jennifer brushed her fingers over the most perfect rose colored nipples.

"Alisha...I want...I mean, can I...," Jennifer whispered.

"Shh," she said.

Alisha lifted one of her breasts and offered it to Jennifer. Hesitantly, Jennifer leaned forward and rubbed her face into the brunette's chest. She brushed her lips over the offered breast's rubbery nipple, before latching onto it. Tonguing that nub had Jennifer's slit moist and throbbing. When she sucked Alisha's nipple all the way into her mouth, she felt her friend's back arch.

"Suck harder. Please!" Alisha pleaded.

Jennifer sucked her nipple harder. The brunette’s skin was sweet, like she used an edible lotion or something. In fact, she tasted like vanilla, which made Jennifer want to eat her even more.

Rubbing all over Alisha’s back and ass, she let her hands explore every silky inch. Alisha, done being idle, began to explore, until both women’s skins were tingly.

Jennifer rolled Alisha to her back and positioned herself between her friend’s legs. She slowly trailed small kisses down her stomach, while continuing to pinch and pull at Alisha’s hard nipples.

Returning to Alisha’s luscious mouth, Jennifer let her hand wander down to her friend’s steamy mound. Using only her fingers, she rubbed firmly over Alisha’s clothed pussy. When she heard her moan softly, Jennifer opened the set of creamy thighs open wider.

She rubbed Alisha’s clit harder and quicker, making a small wet spot appear. The brunette’s kisses became frantic. She tried to suck Jennifer’s tongue out of her mouth.

Done with romance, Jennifer broke the kiss, sat up, and pulled Alisha’s shorts down over her hips. She sat back and gazed at the feast laid out before her. Alisha’s tanned legs and toned tummy led to V-shaped curls that covered a set of thick lips. In the present day, bare pussies was the thing, but Alisha’s nicely trimmed, dark brown curls seemed right. Jennifer cupped Alisha’s cunt full in her hand. She could the moist heat of it radiating outward.

“Get on the couch, please. I’m gonna suck and lick your pussy, and I want to be comfortable,” Jennifer said; her voice husky.

Alisha climbed back on the couch and opened her thighs. This time, instead of a hairy slit, her cunt gaped wide open. Jennifer reached under her ass and scooted her to the edge of the couch. She kissed her inner thighs, close to where her leg joined her hip. Alisha’s arousal filled the air

When her nose nuzzled Alisha’s clit, Jennifer opened her friend’s hot slit with her fingers and stared into the wet treasure. Alisha’s pussy was a dark pink, just a shade darker than her nipples. She was so wet that her skin glistened. Jennifer could actually see beads of milky dew on her lips and entrance to her sheath. She darted her tongue out to touch one of those beads, which tasted both salty and sweet.

Getting bolder, Jennifer tongued the pulsing clit; circling it. Alisha dug her fingers into Jennifer’s hair, pulling the redhead closer. She rubbed her cunt all over her face, smearing her cuntal juices all over her face.

Jennifer thrust her tongue deep into Alisha’s pussy hole. She went so deep that she could feel soft pubic hair tickle her cheeks and nose. After tongue fucking the beautiful woman for several minutes, she latched onto a swollen bud and felt it pulse under her tongue.

“Oh! OH! God, that feels so good. Don’t stop! Please, don’t stop,” Alisha begged; her hips humping Jennifer’s face.

Taking that as encouragement, Jennifer sucked on the full nub, while circling her tongue around the base of it. To add more stimulation, she pushed her middle finger inside Alisha’s slit. She tickled the wet walls and felt Alisha’s cunt clamp down on her finger, making her even tighter.

Slipping another finger inside that snug sheath, Jennifer fingered her friend using rapid and deep strokes. Alisha gasped and moaned. Sounds of wet pussy being played with filled the air.

Jennifer covered her teeth with her lips and gnawed Alisha’s clit, which had grown so much that it was fully exposed from it’s hood. She sucked on that clit like a tiny cock. Alisha fucked Jennifer’s hand, who was using her whole arm to pump in and out. She could feel Alisha’s pussy sucking her fingers.

Jennifer felt her friend’s cunt get wetter and tighter. Alisha was humping her face, madly. With a hoarse scream, she clamped her thighs tightly around Jennifer’s face. Her legs quivered; as she splashed her face with pearly cum. Alisha panted, and then looked at Jennifer.

Smiling, she said, “Your turn!”

Jennifer kissed Alisha gently. She let her friend lick her lips, tongue, and chin, cleaning the cunt juice from her face. Alisha pushed Jennifer to her back on the floor. Running her hands all over Jennifer’s tits, she pushed them together to make it easier to suck both nipples at the same time.

It had been so long since Jennifer felt a pair of lips on her nipples that she was disappointed when Alisha pulled her warm mouth away. Her disappointed disappeared quickly when Alisha went straight for her pussy and started kissing her shaved pussy vigorously. She almost came right then, when Alisha pushed her finger inside.

“Oh fuck! God! More, baby. Fill my pussy,” Jennifer groaned.

Alisha did her better and pushed two inside. With three fingers deep inside her, Jennifer pulled Alisha’s head down to her clit and begged her to suck on it. She screeched long and loud, when Alisha slurped her throbbing bud into her mouth.

She used her tongue and teeth on Jennifer’s clit, like she was trying to eat her. Jennifer rode her hand, until her oyster colored juices drained out of her cunt and down her ass cheeks. She tried to hold off on cumming; she wanted it to last.

Alisha tried a trick that her husband used on her a lot. She rubbed her free finger back and forth over Jennifer’s tightly closed rear entrance. Jennifer, at first startled, relaxed and let Alisha probe gently.

Her insistent finger kept pushing and probing until it overcame all the resistance and slid in to the first knuckle. Jennifer howled and tried to impale her ass on that small finger. Alisha pulled a wet finger from her friend’s cunt and pushed it in her ass beside her other finger.

Alisha used her fingers like a piston. With two in her ass and two in her pussy, she power fucked Jennifer, while sucking on her pulsing clit. Too much for the redhead, she came like a firecracker.

Jennifer pushed down hard, as all her muscles seized. Caught in a silent scream, she squirted a large amount of cunt cream all over Alisha’s face. When Jennifer relaxed, Alisha pulled her fingers from the redhead’s body and licked the nectar off them.

Alisha climbed up Jennifer’s body and kissed her. They shared their combined juices, and then snuggled together on the couch. Not speaking much, the women cuddled.

“What are you thinking about,” Jennifer asked.

Alisha grinned up at her friend, and then said, “I was planning a party for Steven…a special surprise party.”

“Oh?” Jennifer replied.

“Yeah. We’re gonna fuck his brains out,” Alisha laughed.

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