All is fair in love and war (part 2)

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Scarlett was awfully turned on by Elisabeth's dominance. It was already making her wet. She liked being controlled, made her feel naughty. "So come on then Scar, I don't have all day!" she said tapping her foot and raising an eyebrow before mumbling with lust in her eyes "take me right now!"

Scarlett gulped and extended her hand taking hers and wandering over to the single bed.

Elisabeth needed no prompting or help whilst she casually undressed in front of her as though she was just getting ready for bed, but instead of going to sleep she'd of course be getting fucked senseless. Elisabeth sat on the bed and opened her legs, looking up at Scarlett and biting her bottom lip gently "I said take me" she said in a soft tone. 

Scarlett was speechless, getting onto her knees, her stomach brushing against the side of the bed as she leaned in and starting to gently lick upon Elisabeth's clit, slowly penetrating her with the tip of the dildo. Elisabeth gasped and extended her legs further.

Scarlett slowly guided the dildo inside of her and starting fucking her with it, speeding up and looking up at the expression of pleasure playing on Elisabeth's beautiful face. 

Whilst fucking her pussy with the dildo - she leaned in and began to suck upon Elisabeth's clit. She licked it up and down lightly like a painter would gently stroke their paint brush onto their blank canvas only in this case they'd only use the colour white to create a beautiful piece of art.

"Fuck!" screamed out Elisabeth as she felt Scarlett's soft tongue down bellow. Scarlett grinned looking up at her knowing she was doing her job pleasing her correctly. 

Scarlett rammed the dildo deep inside her, hitting her G spot over and over. Listening to her violent moans as Elisabeth only moaned and groaned louder; cursing and screaming. 

Ten glorious minutes later - Elisabeth was thrusting her hips to meet the dildos fast pounds and Scarlett was fucking her with it so roughly, determined to give her the ultimate orgasm. She herself was so wet now, she had to push her legs together, feeling her pussy dampen more and more. "Fuck! I'm cumming!" cried out Elisabeth as her sticky load trickled down the big thick dildo. 

Scarlett climbed up onto the bed and watched as she saw Elisabeth panting and trying to re-gain her breathe. "Watch me, Elisabeth," said Scarlett softly and sweetly before starting to lick the tip of the dildo for a moment before deep throating it and retrieving all the juices and swallowing it in a instance. "mmmm!" she said as she licked her lips. Elisabeth watched with an open jaw thinking about sexy she looked.

She pushed Scarlett down onto the bed so she was laying down. Ripping down her panties. Lifting up her skirt as she held up her thighs and with in a second or two she was between her legs eating her virgin pussy.

Her tongue glided through her wet pussy as she started to slowly rub her clit in a circular motion "Oh yeah!" cried out Scarlett as she arched her back in pure pleasure, feeling as though she was in heaven. Elisabeth let her tongue roam deep inside Scarlett's damp pussy, twisting her tongue around deep inside of her and rubbing her clit up and down gently with her thumb.

Scarlett was moaning softly and her mouth barely closed unless she was biting her lip to keep quiet. It did not long take long to make her virgin pussy cum as it was the first time she'd ever been touched by anyone down there. Scarlett curled her toes and gripped onto the bed sheets as she came moaning out Elisabeth's name as she did.

Elisabeth's tongue licked her pussy clean in a minute, saving her juices in her mouth as she took her load in making an "mmm" sound during.

Afterwards, Elisabeth got up and smiled. "Okay, we're cool now" and just that second her phone vibrated so she give a hand gesture to say she'd be right back.

Elisabeth put on her panties and picked her phone up, turning it on and answering the phone in the bathroom. Scarlett took the time while she away to put on some new underwear since her old ones got ripped off her flesh by Elisabeth. 

When the phone call ended 15 minutes later, Elisabeth came back in and starting to put on her clothes fast, seaming down. "Elisabeth? what's wrong? don't you want to stay and play around some more!" said Scarlett playfully. She wanted her to stay so they could continue to have hot passionate sex.

Elisabeth looked up when she was back in her clothes, lifting up her Gucci bag and sighing before sitting besides Scarlett on the bed. "Listen, what happened here just then was a lot of fun and if I wasn't in the situation I was in then I'd continue but I just... I have prior commitments"

Scarlett raised her eyebrow and thought about what she said for a moment before questioning her. "..Prior commitments?" she asked looking at her with a slight raised eyebrow. "Scarlett, I kinda.. sorta" she paused and Scarlett placed a hand on Elisabeth's face looking into her eyes "tell me right now!" she said with pleading eyes.

Elisabeth stood up biting her lip unable to make eye contact as she wandered over to the door, looking back to Scarlett and looking into space as she finally got the nerve to say what she had to say. "I have a boyfriend" and with that Scarlett's face dropped and she looked as though she'd seen a ghost or something spooky like that.

"A.. boyfriend?" Scarlett had not expected that at all.

Elisabeth gulped "Just let me explain okay?" pausing for a brief moment before continuing her explanation. "Okay, so.. my boyfriend's name is Samuel and he's in the Army so he is rarely around and he just called me to tell me he is coming home tomorrow night for his Birthday and he's coming to stay at my place with me for the weekend"

Scarlett just looked down. She couldn't believe the first woman to touch her was unavailable because she already had a major crush on her but little did she know that Elisabeth felt the same.

Elisabeth currently was a closest lesbian and she was only dating Samuel to keep her family from knowing the truth since she was in a respectable family who didn't believe in such things as being different because they were small minded idiotic people. She felt like she had to live she didn't actually want but her family did. Samuel was a close childhood friend of hers and she would feel bad also to let him know she didn't really love him though little did she know he was dating another girl, a young woman from the Army base he was living on. 

Elisabeth broke the silence by looking at her, finally being able to make eye contact. "But, Sammy has always wanted a third person in the bedroom with us and since it's his birthday.." she said hinting at the idea of a threesome but never actually saying it.

She couldn't because she was interrupted. "Are you seriously asking me to have a threesome with you and your boyfriend?" asked Scarlett with wide eyes.

Elisabeth nodded "It's the only way we can sleep together again because if not then I guess this is the end of the road, I can't allow myself to cheat again" said Elisabeth in a sad tone. 

Just then, Elisabeth received a text from her boyfriend saying he was waiting at the hotel for Elisabeth now. It wasn't his birthday until tomorrow so she had a night to think about it. "Scarlett honey, he's home now, I've got to run, but please think about it and text me" she said taking her lipstick out of her Gucci bag and walking over.

Elisabeth held Scarlett's hand and wrote her mobile number in lipstick up the inner part of her arm.

Elisabeth lightly kissed Scarlett's lips and mumbled against them "text me when you've decided, please.. just think about all the pleasure we can have together, I'll make you feel like a real woman again, only this time longer and with more passion"

Scarlett nodded against her lips and placed her hands on Elisabeth's cheeks as she kissed her tenderly one last time.

Elisabeth said goodbye and left quickly. 

Scarlett laid down being able to hear Elisabeth arguing on the phone to Samuel, rolled her eyes and folded her arms looking up at the ceiling. "Should I have a threesome?" she said to herself wondering if she wanted to go through with it.

(To be continued)