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Allie's Flower

For the most beautiful alliebug69
Dawn crept over our camp like a soft sonata two lovers enjoy by candlelight. Soft and damp with dew. I breathe deep. Everything green and wonderful – spring.

Allie awakes to join me. The rest of our camp near comas from last night's drunk. While the rest pounded cheap beer and passed joints, Allie and I sipped and shared. Her eyes held me then – something lingering about her irises that hinted at a lifetime beyond what most girl's in college had felt.

Kindred spirits.

“Good morning.” She yawns and stretches, her slender arms reaching out and then her fists flashing out her fingers.

“Morning,” I reply. “Sleep okay?”

Allie bends down to touch her polished toes. She rises up slowly, her finger tips trailing along her tan legs and stoping at the hem of her yellow boy shorts.

“Did you hear that last night?” She reaches to the sky, her white spaghetti tank rising up and allowing the morning sun to glint off her belly button stud.

“The fucking or the puking?” I am too fucking blunt but Allie laughs then stops herself, holding her hand over her mouth. She takes creeping steps over to me, takes my hand and leads me away.

~ Sinns ~

Water splashes behind us, a large waterfall cut through the mountains providing the source. Allie and I hold each other in the cool stream, letting the bubbling flow weave in and around our naked limbs.

Caresses become kisses. Kisses become more.

The slow current works around Allie's breasts – the top half of her tan, perky mounds a perfect target for my lips. Her arms wrap around my neck. Her hands clasp behind my head. Her tongue moves over my lips and into my mouth. We savor each other's hot breathe in the moments between our passionate kisses.

I cup her firm tits with my hands and slide my thumbs over her hard nipples. I push her back to the shore, moments of her body rising out of the water with each step back. Each new bit of her young, fresh skin exposed another chance for me to taste her.

I pressed my mouth onto her nipple then suck and twirl and lick and tease. Allie's head tilts back in ecstasy and the exposed sinews of her slender neck beg for my lips.

~ Sinns ~

I clutch the dewey grass between my fingers. My hips hitch forward. My mouth opens and my breathe catches. In that moment the sounds of water and swallow vanish. The morning sun eclipses. My entire body tenses as Allie's mouth remains buried between my thighs. Her tongue glides like a gentle brook as her finger strokes the inside of my already quivering lips.

“I'm cumming,” I exhale and Allie slows ever so slightly. “I'm... Oh fuck!”

An earthquake ripples through the forest, tearing up mighty oaks by their roots and throwing them like twigs into the raging fire lapping at my exhausted everything. But still, Allie licks.

The thunder of the apocalypse streaks across the sky, drowning out my moans, but still, Allie licks.

I have cum, once? Twice? Three hundred fucking times since the first moment Allie slid her finger over my barren pink and whispered the words “Cum for me.”

Once my wonder subsides, I push myself into Allie, my lips to her ear and my finger down to the folds of her soft flower.

“My turn.”


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