Alone In The Locker Room

By crazylesbian36

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I was very bicurious and my lesbian friend seduced me in the locker room
I walked into the change room with my friend a few minutes after the girls in the class had already entered. The wonderful bodies of all the women in my class were already covered up and on their way out the door. The sight of the girls half naked started making me curious of what it would be like to be with a girl sexually. I guess it's normal to be curious at my age. I was turning 18 this summer. My friend, Amanda, just had her 18th birthday last month.

Amanda and I rushed getting out of our gym clothes so we wouldn't be late for class. Her glistening muscles bare and nipples poking through her sports bra. My pussy dampened at the sight of her down in her bra and panties. She had on a white polka dot thong that rode up her ass exposing her tight ass cheeks. When she turned around, I could see the shape of her mound.

I stripped out of my own clothes and noticed her staring at me. We are friends and she told me (and only me) that she was a lesbian. She seemed embarrassed when she admitted she found me cute but told me not to worry because she had no feelings or sexual attraction towards me. I always found her cute myself.

"I love your underwear," she said.

"Thanks. I love the feel of the fabric," I replied.

She walked over to me and gently rubbed the top half of my black g-string with her thumb. I felt nervous and horny at the same time as she touched near my wet pussy.

"I hope you don't mind me touching you," she stated.

"No, not at all," I answered.

The bell rang and I grabbed my uniform shirt and put it on.

"No one uses the change room during fourth. Both teachers have prep this period," she calmed me.

"I can't be late for chemistry," I worried.

"Don't worry about it," she replied.

She caressed my collarbone with the tips of her fingers. Goosebumps ran up and down my spine.

I looked at her and was hypnotized. I leaned in and kissed her soft pink lips. Our warm half naked bodies were pulled together in a hot girl on girl kiss. Her hands running down my back, taking off my bra and leading down to my panties. She felt up my naked body.

I sat naked on the bench and stared up at this sexy friend of mine. She got on her knees and started to kiss down my neck.

She took one of my nipples in her mouth and started to swirl it in her mouth.

She continued kissing down my body until she reached my dripping wet pussy. She greeted my erect clit with the tip of her tongue. She pressed her lips against my pussy and circled my clit with her tongue in speedy swirls. I felt my body melt into the feeling. My breathing became shallow and I started to moan.

"Fuck!" I screamed as I orgasmed.

She looked up and wiped her mouth. She kissed me and put her tongue in my mouth, faintly tasting of my own pussy juices.

She was still kissing me while she was on her knees and rested her hand on my thigh. She slowly slit her hand up to my pussy and I thought she was going to rub my clit . She took her fingers and slid them up and down my pussy. She paused at my hole and rubbed it with her middle finger. Slowly, she slipped it inside. She curled her finger up to my G-spot.

"Oh god, that feels good, what are you doing?" I moaned, grabbing onto her head.

"Just relax and let me make you cum," she demanded.

I laid my head back and started to buck my hips. I had never had a squirting orgasm and figured I wasn't going to now.

I started to breathe deep but still didn't think anything of it. She leaned her mouth down to my pussy, going faster with her finger. Suddenly, I felt an orgasm build inside of me.

"Holy shit! Oh my god!" I screamed cumming right in her mouth.

She stuck a second finger inside me after cumming and finger screwed me for a few minutes. She stopped and licked my pussy clean.

She stood up and I got on my knees. I pulled her thong off as she took off her sports bra. She spread her legs slightly for me and I stuck my tongue between them. I lapped away at her pussy and stuck a finger inside her mimicking the same curling motion with her finger as she did to me.

"Oh yeah, I'm cumming," she groaned as she went into an orgasm.

I got up and looked her in the eyes as if asking her if I did okay. She just pushed me up against the wall and started kissing me intensely. She reached her hand between my legs and began rubbing my pussy.

I reached between hers and did the same. We were making out, swirling our tongues around each other's, rubbing each other's wet pussies. I arched my back and went into another orgasm.

She pulled me down by my shoulders and forced me onto my knees and forced her pussy into my mouth. I stuck my tongue inside her and she humped my face.

I stood back up and she told me she wanted to teach me how to scissor. We moved a bench out a few inches to give ourselves more distance from the wall and laid on her back. She told me to climb on top and have one leg below hers, and one leg over. I did so and our pussies touched. She commanded me to grind my pussy back and forth.

I rode her pussy fast and hard and she was moaning the entire time.

"Yeah that's it, faster! I'm going to cum!" she screamed.

I did as she wanted and rode her faster. She moaned loudly a few times then arched her back and went into a load spontaneous orgasm.

We suggested to get our clothes on and head to our classes. I fantasized about the taste of her pussy the entire time.