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Amber-Part Three

Amber comes for a weekend visit....

After our closet episode Amber and I sneak back to study hall one at a time. First, I return to the room with five minutes to spare before the bell rang. I enter the room and immediately Mrs. Anderson begins to question me.

"Where is your English homework, Mindy?" she asks me, snatching the hall pass from my hand.

"What?" I ask her, confusion written all over my face.

"The English homework that you forgot in your gym locker and went to retrieve 45 minutes ago," she said, leaning back in her chair and crossing her arms in front of her. "Where is it?"

"Oh yeah...that!" I say, suddenly remembering. "Well, it wasn't there so I went to check in my other locker and......" my words trail off as Amber enters the room.

I tried and failed to suppress a giggle as Amber tried to sneak past to her desk unnoticed. Her hair was still a mess of tangles and her face was still flush with the excitement of our time in the closet. Her clothes were a bit wrinkled and she seemed not to notice any of this as she tried to make a b-line to the safety of her desk.

"Stop!" Mrs. Anderson barked. This gets the attention of everyone in the class. A giggle sweeps through the room and Mrs. Anderson holds up a hand to silence them.

Amber stopped in her tracks with her back to the teacher and a grimace on her face. She stared at me from the corner of her eye.

"Turn." Mrs. Anderson ordered.

Slowly, Amber turned to face her, trying unsuccessfully to smooth her hair and clothes as she did.

"So...what's YOUR story?" Mrs. Anderson asked her, standing up and staring Amber down.

"I went to the bathroom, remember, Mrs. Anderson?" Amber says very sweetly. Her eyes are now showing the smallest glint of fear.

"And just WHAT happened to you while you were in there? Was there a stampede?" Mrs. Anderson yells.

The entire room burst out into laughter and Mrs. Anderson slams her hand down on the desk. Silence falls over the room and she glares at Amber and I, one at a time. The bell rings and the room exploded once again with whispers and giggles as everyone files out. Mrs. Anderson holds out an arm to stop us from leaving. Once the room is empty of everyone but the three of us she turns and look us over.

Sitting on the edge of her desk she asks, "What is going on with the two of you?"

Amber and I stare at each other as if the answer may be discovered on one another. We both look at Mrs. Anderson, silently, as she turns for her detention slips and begins to write.

After school that day, while we were sitting in detention Amber slips me a note.

"We are never going to get out of study hall again." the note says. I giggle and grab my pen.

"It's not like that is the only time we see each other." I write.

"What are you doing this weekend?" she asks me.

"What would you LIKE to do this weekend?" I ask.

"Well, first I would like to come over to your house and play with you until you scream. Then you are going to do the same for me." she writes.

As I read that line I feel myself getting wetter by the second and I am afraid that once I do leave my chair there will be a noticeable wet spot where I was sitting. I pick up the pen that I dropped when I read her last line and begin to write again.

"Tomorrow is Friday. We won't have to wait long. I will be at my dad's house this weekend."

Friday evening comes so slow and my impatience shows as I pace the sidewalk in front of my dad's house. Finally, I see her mom's car up the road and my heart leaps to my throat as my nervousness sets in. On shaky legs, I walk to the road to greet them. As Amber gets out of the car I stop and stare with my mouth agape...She looks so hot. She is wearing a knee length, black skirt and a sexy red sweater that shows off her perky breasts. I quickly look her over and grab her hand as I say hello and good bye to her mom in one breath and we take off for the house. Amber waves goodbye to her as we disappear inside. We nearly run into my dad as we get just inside the door.

"Oh, I see your friend finally showed up." he says to me as he looks at her. "You girls hungry? Supper is ready."

"Aww, dad. We have things to do." I say to him and Amber agrees.

"Well, you have all weekend. Sit down and eat first." he says, pointing to the table.

With a look of defeat, Amber and I sit down across from each other. My dad sets the food on the table and we start to load our plates. My dad busies himself on the other side of the kitchen but then begins to ask us questions.

"I hear you both had detention yesterday. What happened?" he asks us, with his back to us.

Amber gives me a sly smile as a look of panic crosses my face. Suddenly I feel her foot slowly running up my leg and I almost jump out of my chair. My eyes widen as I try not to show my surprise. Her toes make their way up until she is rubbing my pussy through my shorts and I let out a small yelp.

"Well?" my dad says as he turns to look at us. He doesn't seem to notice how nervous I look but his face shows that he is expecting an answer from one or both of us.

Shifting in my seat I just look at him and shrug. I look at Amber for some answers but she has her back to my dad and all she gives me is that mischievous smile that I have come to love. She continues to rub on me underneath the table and I suppress a soft moan and try to hide the pleasure and fear that is written all over my face.

"I couldn't find my English homework and I guess I took too long. Amber was trying to help me find it." I say a little breathlessly.

"Well, did you find it?" he asks. "You didn't leave it here did you?"

"Yeah, it was in the closet at school." Amber finally chimes in.

My eyes widen as I look at her in disbelief for saying that. She gives me a look as if to say, "What?"

"Oh...well, don't let it happen again. Okay?" my dad says to us. His mild confusion shows but then he drops the subject.

"Okay!" Amber and I say to him. Glad that he has dropped it.

Supper could not get over quick enough. My shorts were soaked through by the time it was over and Amber and I jumped from the table and went upstairs to hide out in my brother's bedroom. He was staying with a friend that weekend so we had the whole upstairs to ourselves. Once inside his room I let out the breath that I had been holding all through supper.

"I can't believe you did that to me!" I nearly scream at Amber. She bursts into giggles and I follow suit.

Amber drops her bag on the floor and I turn on some music. She grabs a pillow and lays down on the bed on her stomach. I stare at her beautiful body, from her perfect lips all the way down her back and legs until I get to her feet. Just looking at her feet reminds me of supper and I get turned on instantly. I sit down next to her on the bed. I run my fingers from the bottom of her feet and up her leg, stopping just inches from the bottom of her skirt and running back down the other leg. Her body shudders and I can tell she is getting excited. I do it again a few more times, getting closer and closer each time and watching her squirm with excitement the closer I got to her pussy. Finally, my hand disappears under her skirt and I gasp out loud when I realize that Amber was not wearing any panties.

"Amber! I can't believe you came to my dad's house without any panties on!" I say in utter shock.

"Well, you would have just taken them off anyways!" she giggles and flips over to her back to look at me. "What are you going to do about it?" she asks me with a smile.

"Just this." I say, as I move down between her legs.

My fingers begin to run up and down her legs again, getting closer and closer until they reach her pussy lips. They are soft and smooth and I trace them with my finger slowly running up and down until I part them slightly to find that she is very wet. I smile up at her and run a finger over her clit. She jumps and lets out a soft moan. I rub her clit in small circles and soon her hips begin to move and I know she wants my fingers inside of her. I give her no indication that I plan to do so as I keep rubbing her clit. She shuts her eyes and spreads her legs a little wider.

"Put your fingers in!" she pleads.

"Nope, not yet." I say, running my fingers down and across her glistening opening.

This makes her moan a little louder and I know it is driving her crazy. I begin to use two fingers and I run them across and barely put them inside. Her hips are pushing up, trying to get them fully inside her. Finally, I stick them all the way in. She lets out a loud gasp and begins to moan. It feels so warm and wet in there and I lean down and kiss her inner thigh. Another shudder runs through her and I slowly move my face closer. I begin to lick her clit in small circles. I take my fingers out and stick my tongue inside. She tastes good, I think as I part her lips even farther and try to get my tongue as deep as I can. Her hands suddenly find their way to my hair and she grabs handfuls of it and pulls my face closer. I run my tongue from bottom to top and slide my fingers back inside of her as I begin to lightly suck on her clit. This sends her body into overdrive as her first orgasm takes over and she buries my face so deep inside her pussy that I think I might suffocate.

"Ohhh....Mindy....." she is moaning out loud.

"Shhh!!! Do you want my dad to come up here?" I ask her.

This only makes her moan louder and she pulls the pillow over her face. Her juices cover my face and tongue and I have my first orgasm just pleasing her.

When she finally came down from her high she begins to kiss me. Her hands run up my t-shirt and begins to massage my breasts. She lightly squeezes my nipples and they harden in her hands. She pulls my t-shirt over my head and pushes me back on the pillow. She pulls her sweater off and gets on all fours, hovering above me. She leans down to kiss me some more and as I enjoy her soft lips on mine I can feel her breasts rubbing against mine. It feels so good and my body begins to quiver. She leans down and rubs our breasts together a little harder. She stops kissing me and begins to kiss her way down my neck and to my breasts, where she sucks in my nipple and begins to suck and nibble on them, giving each the same amount of attention. Her hand begins to slide down my stomach to my waiting pussy and she lightly rubs my clit and slides her fingers inside. I move my hips against her hand, shuddering at her touch. Then, suddenly, she stops and looks at me. She lays down with her head at the other end of the bed and positions her pussy against mine. She scoots up until they are touching and begins moving her hips. This feels so good that it sends a shock wave through my entire body. I begin to move my hips, too, and her wet pussy rubbing against mine is just too much as my orgasm tears through my body with such force that I am shaking and moaning uncontrollably. This sets her off and she begins to scream so loudly that I know that my dad has got to be able to hear the two of us. As we begin to finally calm down but still breathing heavy from such an intense orgasm we hear a knock at the door.

"What's going on in there?" I hear my dad ask.

"Nothing dad!" I yell back.

"Just girl stuff!" Amber adds.

"Well, quiet down, would you? I can't hear myself think downstairs!" he says.

Amber and I look at each other and burst out into hysterical giggles....

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