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An afternoon by the pool Part Four

The following morning
The following morning Carl was up late, as he pottered about in the kitchen making himself a cup of tea he heard movement from upstairs. He picked up his brimming mug and walked into his office. Placing the mug carefully on a mat, he reached down and moved the mouse bringing his computer out of hibernation. Ever hopeful he clicked onto the ‘nanny-cam’ programme, waiting as the screen resolved fully.

At last the pictures cleared and he saw the two cams, one showing his step-daughter’s bedroom, the other her adjacent en-suite bathroom. In the bedroom he saw a naked Nina stepping into her pink bikini bottoms. In the bathroom he saw his stepdaughter Jay laid prone in the soapy bathwater. Not surprisingly, she was naked. His cock twitched in arousal at the sight of the two nubile teenagers, he lifted his bum off the seat and slipped his shorts down until they were at mid thigh, allowing him unhindered access to his rapidly hardening cock.

He clicked the bathroom scene to full screen as h is left hand started gently stroking his erect cock. His eyes were riveted on the scene on the screen in front of him. His nearly nineteen year old daughter was laid back in the bath. A thin sheen of bubbles were covering the parts of her body that were under the water but above the water he could clearly see her as she reclined against the end of the tub. She was massaging her pert tits using the soapy suds to lubricate her hands as they travelled across the upturned brown tipped mounds.

She turned her head to one side, a look of contentment on her face as she used both hands to caress them. Every so often one hand would travel down the flat plane of her tummy and dip down between her legs stroking her newly shaved pussy. Her mouth opened provocatively; then lifting her left breast she sucked gently on her nipple. As she released it Carl saw how the sucking and nibbling had caused it to harden, the areola crinkling, the nipple engorged and fiercely erect. Her hands went back to concentrate on her breasts kneading and rubbing them.

As if drawn by a magnet her right hand once more descended between her widely spread legs. She lifted her bum, pushing her pussy clear of the soapy suds and she slid her fingers between her hairless lips, her face contorted with the pleasurable sensations as her fingers slipped back and forth between her dark pink inner lips.

Carl peered at the screen and could clearly see the split of her labia, her finger sliding between them into the depths of her pussy. Spreading her labia wide she inserted her middle finger deep into herself and it appeared that she pulled against the back of her pubic bone. It seemed like she was trying to pull her cute hooded clitoris towards her.

Her head moved from side to side in obvious sexual pleasure as she released her pussy and ran both hands over her erect nipples in a circular counter-rotation. Her tongue peeped from her mouth and licked up over her top lip, its pointed end nearly touching her nose. She gripped each breast and squeezed them both hard then released, then did it once again. She circled both breasts, again using her long cobalt blue painted nails to scratch lightly around the edges of her brown areola. Throwing her head back she closed her eyes and opened her mouth wide in pleasure.

Carl zoomed in tight to her face then switched to her nipples as she continued to fondle them, squeezing and twisting them, her nails scratching over the erect nubs. Then holding them between finger and thumb she gave them both a really hard squeeze, causing her face to contort lustfully.

Her eyes snapped open and he saw her gaze move towards the door that was out of view. He pulled back on the tight focus to a wide angle view and saw the petite body of Jay’s friend Nina appear in the field of view. She was wearing the shocking pink bikini he’d seen her putting on earlier as she sashayed across the large bathroom. She stopped beside the end of the bath and looking down, watched as Jay continued the intimate manipulation of her boobs.

Kneeling down on the hard tiled floor she moved her head closer to her friend, not taking her beautiful brown eyes from Jay’s tits for an instant. Her right hand dipped out of sight over the edge of the bath only to reappear again a few seconds later her fingers between Jay’s legs rubbing gently between her gaping lips.

She then ran her hand up the slopes of her friend’s rib-cage until she found the upwards thrusting wet breasts. Her hand circled them both briefly and she fastened onto her nipple and squeezed gently, her finger and thumb gripping the extended erect nipple, gently pulling it away from the mass of her breast.

She knelt up, her hand slipping away from Jay’s boob and put her hand around her back releasing the clip on her bikini top. She then reached behind her neck and released the tie. Her top stayed in place for a few seconds then fell to the floor revealing her own pale, and slightly pink tinged upturned breasts.

Jay changed her position to one that replicated Nina’s. She knelt up in the bath and put her arms around her friend pulling their breasts tightly together, their nipples mashing together, water streaming off Jay to run down Nina’s paler skin onto the floor.

Their mouths locked and their tongues began a lustful dance flicking in and out of each other’s mouths; licking around open lips, flicking lustfully in and out as they kissed like lovers.


Carl found the scene as erotic as watching hard core porn; their tongues were literally fucking each other’s mouths like stiff pink cocks, invading open gaping cunts. He gripped his erection tightly; running his hand up and down his shaft, the friction drying out his own secretions. He moved his fingers to his mouth and spat a gob of saliva onto his fingertips and smeared it all over the head of his cock then resumed his wanking as he watched the girls kiss.

Jay slid her wet hand down over Nina’s chin and down her throat until she took Nina’s right breast in her hand. She scraped her long nails down over the flaccid nipple causing it to become erect; the areola surrounding nipple began to darken as the tissues contracted as it became fully erect, betraying her arousal. Nina forced her mouth hard against Jay’s and pulled her head hard against her face.

Jay lifted both hands and sensually caressed her lover’s hair. She ran her fingers between the skeins of her dark brown hair; curling them and gripping the hair, reciprocating the earlier pull. Then, releasing the hair, she held either side of her face lovingly stroking her head and ears.

Releasing her head; Jay allowed her hands to drop and rub down Nina’s side from the side bulges of her breast down to her hips, then back up again to cup her breasts once more. Nina threw her head back breaking their kiss. Her expression changing from contentment to eyes closed, open mouthed lust.

She put her head forward again and kissed down the slope of Jay’s throat, licking and nibbling the smooth tanned skin. Then her lips encompassed Jay’s left nipple and she began to suck and lick the hard erection; alternately sucking it deep into her mouth, then releasing it and flicking her tongue over it. Using both hands she gripped the breast and massaged it, her fingers digging deeply into the breast flesh as she sucked.

It was Jay’s turn to throw her head back as the multiple sensations swept through her already erotically charged body. She looked down at her breast marvelling at the sensations that pulsed through it, enjoying the touch of hands and mouth on her flesh. Nina switched her attention to Jay’s other breast and repeated her actions, licking and sucking its nub until it looked ready to explode, the nipple now an angry dark red/brown colour. She sucked hard, nearly taking the whole breast in her mouth then released her suction, her tongue flicking over the tip.

Nina stood up and slipped her hands down between the waist-band of her bikini pants and her hips, then slid them down her thighs. Carl briefly caught sight of a wisp of dark pubic hair just above her clit as it was revealed to his lustful gaze. Jay leant forward and fastened her lips upon her nipple; sucking and then releasing the nub, licking and lashing her tongue all over it.

Nina once more threw her head back in ecstacy and pulled Jay’s face hard against her tit, crushing it into her friend’s mouth. Nina then released her lover’s head and pushed both hands down her belly and started to rub herself using all of her fingers to stimulate her wet opening. She began to fuck herself with the fingers of her right hand and with the other hand she reached back over her hip and slipped a finger into herself from the rear. Carl could clearly see her fingers sliding into the opening as she leant forward, her mouth kissing Jay hard as her arousal built.

Nina broke away from Jay and stood again, then moved across to the sink. She leant against the cold marble slab on which it sat and spread her legs wide. She lifted one foot onto the marble and looked directly at Jay then started to plunge her fingers in and out of her gaping lips seeking by means of her exhibitionism to inflame Jay further. Jay beckoned to her.

“Come here Nina, come in the bath with me, and let me make you cum. Let me lick and finger you until you squirt your hot cum all over me.”

Nina slid off the sink top and took two strides across the bathroom then stepped into the warm soapy water.

Jay leant back against the end of the bath as Nina knelt between her thighs and started to kiss her again. She moved her hands up the sides of her waist and onto the lower slopes of her breasts. Nina meanwhile was using her left hand to massage one breast as the other dipped down to rub her open pussy. This mutual stimulation lasted for several minutes until Jay said.

“No, not yet, I’m not ready to cum yet. I want to lick you.”

Jay struggled to sit up, slipping on the slippery porcelain surface. She finally managed to kneel up and then put her hands on her friend’s hips and turned her round until she was facing the end of the bath. Nina placed her hands on the edge of the bath and felt Jay’s face insinuate itself between the perfect globular cheeks of her bum.

Using both hands Jay spread the delicious globes wide and licked for a few seconds at her erect clitoris as it stood proud from its protective hood. It looked for all the world like a tiny erect penis, red and shiny with arousal. She sucked it hard and was rewarded with a shudder as Nina twitched.

Jay then did one of her party tricks; she formed her tongue into a stiff long tube and pushed it between Nina’s open inner labia, stabbing it in as deep as she could manage. Then keeping it as deep as she could, she moved it up between her labia until it reached her perineum.

She flicked it around this sensitive patch of skin then started to circle the crinkly skin surrounding her arse-hole. As it received this unaccustomed stimulation Nina pushed down against the intruder causing her rosette to open like a flower. The dark pink mucous membrane was revealed and Jay stabbed her tongue hard against it, alternately licking and stabbing her hole.

Nina reached between her legs and inserted two of the fingers of her right hand deep inside herself desperately searching for the coarse rubbery pad of her G Spot. Finding it, she started to rub it in time with the sensations she was feeling from Jay’s stiff tongue as it continued its anal stimulation. This additional oral stimulation caused Nina to push herself even harder onto Jay’s probing tongue. Her arsehole dilated even more as a result of this stimulation, opening until it formed a welcoming tunnel into her bowels.

Jay replaced her tongue with her thumb. She fucked the digit in and out of the open arsehole, plunging it fully in until the web of skin at its base stopped it.

“Fuck yes Jay that feels so good; use more fingers, fuck my arse hard. Stick them into me, Fuck me!”

Jay slid her forefinger and middle finger, side by side into her friend’s arse. She started a persistent fucking action which curiously, unknown to the two girls was matched by Carl’s rhythm as he jerked his hard cock downstairs in his office.


He felt the familiar sensation of his cum boiling in his balls, his orgasm was rapidly approaching. Carl watched the lewd sight of his daughter finger fucking her friend’s arsehole intently. He watched as Nina rubbed deeply within her own cunt, stimulating her G spot and saw her bum jerk back hard against Jay’s hand and he saw her orgasm as it exploded within her, saw her snatch her fingers out and saw the jet of her cum hit his daughter square on her tumescent tits and splash up over her chin.

The sight of this lewd exhibition was just too much for the sixty year old voyeur and it triggered his orgasm. He felt his balls contract and once more he deposited a hot sticky load all over his stomach and chest. At the point of Nina’s orgasm, Jay pulled out her fingers and stabbed her thumb back in pulling up hard as the gaping cunt before her gushed its ejaculate all over her.

She lowered her face into the viscous spray and luxuriated in the taste and warmth as it streamed into, then ran out of her open waiting mouth. Removing her thumb, she dropped both hands to her own sex and inflamed almost to the point of orgasm by the sight and taste she frigged her own cunt mercilessly. Up and down plunged her hands stimulating her clit until she too achieved her own nirvana.

Leaning against the side of the bath she continued to frig herself until the pleasure became too much for her pleasure receptors to cope with and she slumped down into the tepid water, utterly satiated.

Nina had also collapsed and had dropped her head down onto her hands on the edge of the bath, totally spent. “Fucking hell Jay, what did you do to me? I am utterly, utterly fucked!”

Downstairs Carl looked away from the inaction on the screen; he looked down and saw his cum distributed all across his clean T shirt. Oh my fucking God,” he said to himself. “How the fuck am I going to get to fuck those two dirty little girls?”

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