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An afternoon by the pool

This is the first part in a short series of stories
"Jay," came the shout up the stairs.

"Yes Mummy," I shouted back sarcastically.

"Nina's here.”

I rushed down the stairs, nearly slipping on the marble steps as I hurried down to see my new best female friend.

She stood just inside the front door, blinking in the relative darkness, her designer sunglasses in her hand.

"I'm not too early am I Jay? Mum was on her way to the mall and dropped me off, saved me getting a cab."

I threw my arms around her neck and gave her a long hug and then stood back as we air kissed.

"Mwaaah, mwaaah."

"Course not,” I replied to her previous question.

“Mum's just on her way out,” I continued. “Anyway, the pool's free, so let’s go. Do you want to get changed? You can use the loo if you want."

"No, I'm good; I've got my bikini on underneath this." She said pulling the top of her dress off her shoulder showing her bikini top beneath.

We both trooped across the hall and through the sunroom that led out onto the patio beside the pool.

"Take a pew Nina; I'll get us some big towels and a drink, is Coke ok?"

"Perfect,” she smiled in response.

As I walked into the kitchen, mum was just walking out.

"Ok Jay, I'm off to the Mall, Carl will be home around six o'clock and I should be in just after. There's lots of Coke and Sprite in the beer fridge upstairs if you need them, make sure you use plenty of factor thirty if you go in the pool, won't you? “

“Of course,” I replied.

“And drink lots of water," she added as she went out the front door.

With her gone for the rest of the afternoon, Nina and I settled down outside. I was already wearing my new pink and black flowered bikini, the one with the ridiculously small bottoms that Mum had forbidden me to wear anywhere but by our pool. I was certainly not allowed to wear it on the public beaches here in Abu Dhabi, for fear of getting arrested for indecency or lewd behaviour.

Nina undid the spaghetti straps of her long floor length dress and peeled it off. She pulled it down her short but slender five foot three inch body, revealing a candy-floss pink bikini with a bandeau top, secured with a thin strap around her neck.

"Phew, that’s better; I've been looking forward to getting that off all morning. I wonder why it is that bikini tops always feel so hot under clothes?" she asked.

We threw our towels onto the sun-beds and then arranged our sunglasses and drinks to our satisfaction before flopping on the beds by the pool. I sat up briefly; reached around to the ties of my black bikini behind my neck and undid them, allowing them to drop forward. I then reached behind me and unclipped the fastening, easing the tiny cups down off my breasts.

"Wow Jay, your boobs look lovely. You’re so brown; you’ve obviously been sunbathing topless a lot. You’re so lucky here; our pool is overlooked on three sides, no-one can see you in here."

"Yeah, every time I get the place to myself, I get them out. In fact, when I can, I'm usually naked. I just love to have the sun on my body. Mum and I often sunbathe topless out here together if Carl's away. She's always got her boobs out and I've caught her out here naked loads times."

"You're so lucky; my mum would kill me if she saw me topless. Do you know? I'm eighteen and I've never ever seen my mum's boobs, let alone seen her naked. She is such a prude, Dad's far more relaxed. I've seen him naked a few times; he's quite fit for his age. Just like Carl; if you don't mind me saying, I think he's pretty hot."

"Yeah, he is isn't he? I've seen him naked loads of times; he's always walking round with no clothes on, he just doesn't care. It’s quite nice having a good looking bloke to have a letch at, even if he is nearly sixty."

"Sixty? You're joking. I thought he was in his late forties like your mum. He must really take good care of himself. Wasn't he in the army?"

"Yeah he retired a few years ago; he was a helicopter pilot for a long time."

"Wow, how sexy is that? You are so lucky Jay, having such a stud as your stepdad. I bet he looks awesome naked. I saw him in his board shorts when we were up at the club last week. He's got a great bod; his thighs and his chest are massive,” she paused.

“I hope you don't mind me saying so but I bet he's got a gorgeous big package."

She started laughing and blushed slightly.

"Gimme a break Nina, he's my stepdad, I don't look at him like that."

"Yeah right!" she said with an ‘I know better’ look on her face as she lay back on her bed and stretched languorously.

"How long have we got out here before anyone comes home?" She asked.

"What's the time now?" I asked myself as I checked the clock on my iPhone.

"It's nearly 2:30 now,” I continued.

“Carl will be home around 6:00, so I make that about three and a half hours. We’ve got plenty of time for some serious sunbathing and a nice swim or two."

She stretched once more and I couldn't help but notice the firm definition of her abs as she did so and saw the pale whiteness of the under-slopes of her boobs as her top rode up.

"Fucking hell Nina, where did you get that six pack from? Have you been working out or what?" I almost blushed at my use of such a cliché.

She laughed. "Actually, yes I have, you know my Dad’s big into his sport? Well he got my little brother Martin doing this training program back at Christmas, so I thought I'd have a go too. Seems to be working OK I reckon."

"You're telling me, your stomach looks amazing, I'm way too lazy for all that stuff though." I admitted.

I lay back down and plugged in my ear buds to listen to some music, glancing across at Nina as she reached behind her back and undid her top, then lifted the pink bandeau top over her head and dropped it on the floor beside her sun-bed.

"Ooooh look at you, tits out and everything, wow they are so pale,” I said pulling my ear buds back out as I turned back towards her and rested my head on my bent arm as I spoke.

“Here put some of this factor thirty on, you don't want to burn your nipples, that'll really sting." I passed my small tube of sun-block to her across the gap between our beds.

Her boobs were absolutely wonderful. Each a perfect globe, about a C cup, with cheekily upturned nipples. They were milky white, which accented her hard little nipple's darkness. Like me, she had brown eyes and dark brown hair, but unlike mine, hers were streaked with paler highlights. I just wanted to reach out and touch them and almost did before I realised it would probably totally freak her out. She'd given me no indications that she'd be receptive to me groping her, unfortunately.

"Thanks Jay, you're a sweetheart. Wow, it feels so nice to be topless, I've never done this before, it feels so naughty."

She carefully massaged the sun-block into the areola around each nipple studiously avoiding the whiteness of her breasts.

"Yeah, I love it too, it feels naughty but nice. Here,” I passed over another tube, this time a factor eight cream.

“Use this on your boobs; you don’t want them to burn either. So you haven't done it naked then either?"

"Are you kidding,” she replied. “I've never had the slightest opportunity, not with my prudish mum, she’d have a fit. You said you get naked whenever you can, how often is that?" She continued.

"Obviously I never get a chance in the UK, too bloody cold and cloudy. But every time I come over here on holiday, I always manage to find an opportunity to get naked. I really think that a nice brown bum looks so sexy, particularly when you wear a thong. I hate being white. The other bonus of course is that letting your skin see the sun means that you don't get an awful spotty bum. I’d just hate that."

With that, I rolled onto my back; lifted my hips and supporting my weight on my shoulders, slid my bikini pants down over my hips and kicked them off my feet. I spread my legs wide to let the accumulated sweat dry in the hot sun.

"There, that's so much better, now I’m naked as a jay bird." I laughed. Then continued.

"Try it if you want, I don't mind. You'll never get a better opportunity.” I paused for a second or two.

She looked at me with an unfathomable look on her face.

“Just kidding," I added.

"I don't know,” she replied hesitantly. “I've never done it before, you know? I mean been totally naked in front of someone else. Well other than when I’m in the gym changing rooms or the showers at school of course. But that's different."

"Suit yourself, whatever you're comfortable with, I'm just loving it."

I adjusted my stepdad’s baseball cap partly over my eyes to block out the glare and pushed my Ray Ban Aviators back up onto the bridge of my nose.

Everything now as I wanted, I laid back with my arms stretched out over my head. I bent my legs at the knees and pushed both my boobs and my fanny up towards the red hot sun, luxuriating in the feel of the UV rays warming my skin. I closed my eyes and let my mind wander. The picture of Nina's perfect breasts caused a small shiver of arousal to course through my body ending up at my hot pussy. I half opened my eyes; peeping between my eyelids, I sneaked a look at her slim pale body.

She glanced over in my direction, apparently drinking in the sight of my nude body exactly as I was hers. She seemed totally unaware of me watching her as she appraised my nakedness. She looked at my brown; darkly tanned boobs, their even darker nipples starting to become erect under her gaze. The areolas crinkled as the nipples filled with blood and stiffened sticking out like the erasers on the end of a pencil.

She then lowered her gaze to the juncture of my thighs, clean-shaven, as I had been pretty much most of the time since I had first shaved as a young teenager. She swallowed convulsively as she watched me. Aware of her close attention I slowly opened my legs and dropped both feet either side of the sun-bed. My soles were flat on the hot patio and my legs were widely spread. I could feel the warm air on my inner labia as the outer lips spread open slightly.

Once again, I watched her as she swallowed nervously.

I sat up and then reached down between our two beds and picked up the factor four, sun-tan oil. I poured some onto my brown tummy, making a small pool in my belly button. Then as sensuously as I could I started to spread it all over my chest, paying particular attention to my boobs and their erect nipples. I held them between my forefinger and thumb as I rubbed in the oil with the other hand. I could see her paying close attention to what I was doing, though she was trying not to let me see her interest.

I decided to up the ante. So I rubbed the palm of my right hand in the coconut flavoured oil and started to rub it over my lower tummy. I then allowed my fingers to occasionally stray down into the vee of my thighs, my fingers sliding down over my bald outer labia. I rubbed the oil in small circles over and then dipped my fingers briefly between my lips. As my fingers touched my wet pink inner lips, I saw her start as she focussed on my fingers.

Her interest was obviously acute as I rubbed the oil into my skin. I pointed my toes then sat up and continued to rub the oil down my legs and onto the top of my feet. My whole body covered and glistening with the oil. I once more leant back and relaxed, half closing my eyes and watching her from between my eyelashes my gaze hidden behind the reflective Ray Bans.

I could feel my own arousal increasing as I saw her apparently nod to herself, lift her hips, shimmy her fluorescent pink bikini bottoms off her hips, and slide them down her shapely thighs. I immediately noticed that her dark, almost black pubic hair curled invitingly over her slit. She was neatly trimmed with a cute little landing strip of longish hairs that pointed unerringly towards her clit. The area just above her clit was shaved clean, the hair stopping about a half inch above her pink lips.

I shuddered in anticipation as I saw her lie back and emulate my position, her feet also flat on the patio. She had a pale triangle of skin extending from just above her pubes down between her thighs. I found the paleness captivating, a complete contrast to my own tanned pudendum.

"Would you mind if I borrowed some of your coconut oil? I just love that smell, it’s so sexy," she asked.

I handed her the brown plastic bottle of oil and she started to rub it over her pale body. She, like me spent an inordinate amount of time applying the fragrant oil to the whole of her lower body, concentrating as I had in the area between her legs.

As I secretly watched her I imagined my tongue making its way across her paleness down to her pink; slightly open slit, my tongue flicking between her lips and up onto her darker pink clitoral hood. Feeling my arousal building at her wanton display I distinctly felt a drop of my arousal squeeze from between my own opening and run down my lips into the crack between my bum cheeks.

I desperately needed to touch myself and slide my fingers between my slick lips. Part them wide and allow my digits to glide on into my wet depths, fingering myself. Frigging my wet open cunt.

Not wishing to spoil the moment and maybe scaring Nina off. I controlled my lust and concentrated on my fantasy. Imagining it was my fingers that were rubbing the oil into the sensitive skin between her legs, then fingering and licking her to orgasm. Amazingly, I felt myself becoming more and more aroused purely as a result of my fantasy, so much, so I was dangerously close to cumming at my lascivious thoughts.


Carl aimed the garage door opener in the rough direction of his house as he rounded the last corner. With satisfaction, he watched as the door began to lift. He paused briefly at the kerb before allowing the car to enter the darkness of the garage. He turned off the engine and took a last drink of water from his bottle before climbing out of the SUV. He opened the rear door and retrieved his brief case as he walked around the back of the vehicle and headed to the front door. 'God its warm again, summer's nearly here,' he thought briefly to himself as he stepped into the cool dark hallway of the company villa.

"Anyone home?" he called into the empty villa.

No answer. He turned into his office, dropped his brief case and phone onto his desk. He then strode quickly up the two turns of the staircase to change out of his work clothes. He walked into the master bedroom, stripping off his sweaty clothes as he did so. Naked, he walked across to the window and looked outside to the pool below. He stood frozen to the spot. On the broad expanse of patio that faced the house were two totally naked teenagers, legs spread, arms above their heads one as brown as a berry the other with three white triangles betraying her more conventional sunbathing habits.

Jay he recognised at once; he had seen her beautifully slim, but nevertheless fully developed and so, so fuckable body on many occasions recently. He stared closely at the paler girl trying to ascertain who it was that was contributing to the stiffening of his cock as he gazed upon the two of them below. The second girl turned her head and Carl immediately recognised her, it was Nina the daughter of a friend of his.

But this was not the shy girl he had seen so often before. This was a beautiful nubile young woman whose body was ripe for fucking.

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