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An Evening With Rikki

It is evening and I am getting ready for a date with Rikki.  Rikki is my beautiful blond girl friend, and I am already fantasizing about what the evening will bring.  I hop into the shower and lather myself with shower gel.  My fingers linger on my breasts and quim.  As I think about what will follow, I shiver slightly.

I dry off and put on my makeup and dab a touch of perfume behind my ears and on my thighs.  I select a black bra and black lace panties that I think she will like.  Black stockings and a short black skirt, I think.  A pink blouse and silver hoop earrings finish off my ensemble.  I brush my hair and apply some deep red lipstick, just in time for the door buzzer.

Rikki is a striking woman.  Her figure is sculpted, muscular, but not hard, and the black leather pants she is wearing show off her perfect ass.  Her pink blouse matches mine.  She has a pretty, gentle, face, with dancing blue eyes all framed by long strawberry blond hair.  Delightful I think as she wraps her arms around me and penetrates my mouth for a deep kiss.  I know that this evening will not be disappointing.

We head downtown to dinner, each of us recounting our week.  We park and, as we walk to Randolph's, Rikki's arm around me several men call out to us.  I feel safe in Rikki's arms and I know that she is mine.  We have a light dinner, a glass of wine, and share a dessert as we continue our chat.  Rikki pays the check and we head out the door.  She winks at me and squeezes my ass, and I know where we are going next.

Back to the car and soon we are at Rikki's apartment.  As we get to her door, she puts her arm around me and pins me against the wall for a deep, passionate kiss.  Rikki's apartment is very modern and sparse, none of the girlish frills of mine.  She asks me if I want to sit down and have a drink, but neither of us want to delay for niceties.

She leads me to the bedroom and holds me tight up against her as we share another kiss.  "God you look hot," I tell her.  My skirt hits the floor in no time and my shirt is open and off before I can say much more.  I unzip her leather pants and help her out of them.  Her blouse follows and she has on just a light blue bra enclosing her full breasts and low cut blue lace panties.  She moves me to the bed.  The light in the room is low and she clicks on some romantic music.

She lays me on my back and kisses me tenderly.  "I want you so, Jana," she says.  I bite her lip in reply.  She slides off my stockings and admires me in the dim light.  She is astride me and our pelvises rub together.  I arch my back so our pussies meet.  I am already wet and we have barely begun.  She unclasps my bra and takes it off.  Looking down at me, she admires my breasts.  Not as large as hers.  "So beautifully formed," she says.  She holds both of them in her hands and then gently plays with my hard little nipples.  Her mouth comes down and she licks my nipples and sucks on them.  I moan in ecstasy.  "Take off your bra," I tell her.  Soon, two alabaster breasts are hanging over my face, blue veins pulsing through the translucent tissue and small pink nipples gently nudging my lips.  I suck on them hungrily.  We take turns teasing each others nipples and engaging in long hot kisses.

"Baby" she says, "I think those panties, cute as they are, need to come off."  She quickly slides the panties down my legs and her mouth replaces them.  I feel her hot breath on my clit and soon her tongue and lips are teasing me.   Her fingers slide in and out of me as her mouth works my clit and I am soon over the top.  My thighs tense, clutching her hand as my body shakes in an orgasm.  She mounts me, but continues to tease my clit with her fingers as I buck and moan.

"Your turn," I say.  "Are you my dirty girl tonight," she asks.  My nod answers her question as I know exactly what she means.  Slipping off her panties, and up to my head, she turns around and squats with her beautiful ass over my face.  Oh yes, I am her dirty girl, I love that perfect ass.  I massage those soft round cheeks and gently kiss them.  My hand slips around to her clit and my tongue begins its exploration.  Like her pussy, Rikki's bottom is free of hair and spotlessly clean.  She works as a nude dancer, and many men have dreamed of doing what I am doing now.  I bury my face in her ass and she moans softly as my tongue pushes against her tight little ass hole.  She wiggles against my face moaning for a few more minutes, but then says, "time for the main course."

Turning around, she crouches over my face and grabs hold of the high headboard.  My hand clutch her thighs as she pins my head to the pillow and I suck and lick her clit and quim.  I lap up her tasty juices as they flow into my mouth and she clutches my head with her hand, fucking it with her wet pussy as she cums again and again.  Shaking off the last of her orgasm, she dismounts.  "That was fucking incredible, baby," she says, "and now for the finale."

Taking a double ended dildo from her drawer she inserts it in herself and tells me to prepare to be fucked.  Climbing back on the bed, she lifts my legs to my head with one hand and slides the dildo inside my wet pussy with the other.  "ready to be ridden," she says.  I just smile.  She fucks me with long deep strokes until we are both shaking with another orgasm.  She slowly slides the dildo out of me and licks it in a suggestive manner, before putting it away.

She turns out the light and I move over so she can lie next to me.  She holds me and I feel warm and protected and fall off to sleep enjoying her taste on my lips and dreaming about the morning shower.

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