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An Invitation from Aphrodite

An Invitation from Aphrodite

Melissa and Desire receive a gift from Aphrodite.

Melissa woke slowly, she felt the body heat of another, stronger than Desire's heat, with which she was familiar with. The heat of another body, a hotness of flesh not human, but divine. As her head cleared of the dreams and visions her sleep brought her. A scent began to fill her nostrils, the scent of Kyphi, the most precious and rare scent of the ancient world, sacred to the Goddesses. Melissa opened her eyes, Desire was still sleeping, laid on her side, she rested against Melissa’s body. Melissa moved her head, pushed it softly away from the full roundness of her fleshy pillow. She felt a hand gently caress her cheek. 'Awake Melissa, come child of mine, awake and look upon me'. The seductive voice spoke with softness, almost a whisper.

Her head swimming from the odour of the divine perfume, Melissa rose up and looked upon the face of the glorious Aphrodite. Their eyes met. Aphrodite smiled, and spoke, ‘Welcome Child, do not look so astonished. I came to you in your daydreams throughout the long hot day, to show you events of long ago. You and your eternal companion have been through many ordeals, but we have watched over you. My sister Isis and I will never desert you. I am taking you this night to ...Cyprus.... to give you both renewals in me.'

Melissa bowed her head, and recalling the Homeric hymn, Melissa sang to Aphrodite.

'Demure and lovely Aphrodite, crowned in gold,
I praise, who holds the battlements of Cyprus, sea
girt, where the humid blowing breath of Zephyrus propelled Her o'er the tumbling rumbling ocean waves...
Hail, Thou sweetly winning one, with fluttering eyes; and give victory to me.
Enhance my song.
For I remember thee and yet another song'.

‘Just close your eyes and we shall be in my scared glade upon the blessed isle of Cyprus’.

The Goddess smiled her thanks, 'Come let us wake Desire now.'

Melissa looked on as the Goddess opened Desire's eyes. Desire murmured dreamily, as Aphrodite brought Desire to awakening. 'Wake now Desire' she spoke soothingly. Desire raised herself up, she looked at her lover, Melissa, and then at the Goddess.' My lady, you have called us to your service? Yes Desire, both you and Melissa need only my love, my passion, I have a precious gift to bestow upon you both'. There is not one soul has received this gift, not immortal, nor mortal. Come, first, let us drink the excellent wine of this place.' 

She led Melissa and Desire to an altar in front of a Temple, crafted from the finest white marble. Aphrodite beckoned to a priestess, 'Bring us the finest of the wine.' Bearing golden goblets, the priestess, offered them to the trio. 'Drink my friends, drink deep,' Aphrodite intoned.

Both Melissa and Desire took a long draft of the heady brew, feeling it flow through their limbs. Aphrodite drank too, and called for more. Soon, the three of them were laughing merrily. The night was falling quickly now, shadows lengthening. The priestesses were lighting lamps, which hung from the trees; the flames were casting flickering dancing shadows. Soon, the sound of music filled the air, lyres, drums, and sweet singing, the sweetest voices imaginable sang praises to the Mighty Goddess of Love.

Aphrodite, looking upon Melissa and Desire, slipped her white gown from her shoulders. The Goddess revealed the most perfect and desirable body, her skin shimmering in the golden light from the hundreds of lamps glowing in the darkness. Her perfectly formed breasts, her belly firm and taut, and the rise of her mound were highlighted by the glowing lamplight. Her strong lean thighs beckoned and her shapely calves rose above her delicate feet and ankles.

Melissa and Desire held hands in awe and they felt their syrups begin to trickle down the inside of their thighs. Smiling, Aphrodite motioned for Melissa and Desire to disrobe, which they did immediately. They both felt the refreshing coolness of the night air on their naked flesh. Aphrodite looked approvingly on their nakedness. ‘My girls, you have such wonderful bodies. You are exquisite, approach me now.'

They stepped towards the Goddess, who stood before the altar. 'Now, for each of you, I offer one of my breasts. Kiss my nipples, suck them hard.' 

They did as commanded, Melissa sucked the Goddesses right nipple, Desire the left. Aphrodite threw her divine head back, sighing with pleasure. Then she placed a hand behind each of their heads. ‘Now you, my favoured ones, bite me gently, and drink my divine blood. From now on, my blood will be within you.'

Melissa eased her teeth into the immortal skin of the Goddess's breast, and sucked blood. This blood did not taste like human blood and it was like Ambrosia thought Melissa. As the blood ran down her throat, Melissa felt herself spasm and a rush of cum poured from her sex. Melissa felt the Goddesses signal, that she'd taken enough of the divine blood. Melissa stood erect, as she licked the last traces of the blood essence of the Goddess from her lips. She watched as Desire did the same. They smiled at one another, their bodies pulsing with new life, immortal as they were; they were now also carriers of the divine Shakti. They could not be threatened again, Aphrodite had seen to that during this night of magic.

Aphrodite reached out and stroked both their cheeks, 'My Girls, now, you will always be a part of me, no other will ever receive this gift, it is my recognition of you both, as the most sublime and most precious girls to walk upon this earth. You give love, and you receive love in return. Now take me.'

The Goddess lay upon the alter, the sounds of singing reaching a crescendo, Desire lay between Aphrodite’s wide open legs, and licked the divine lips, as the mighty one writhed on the altar. The Goddess was a noisy lover; she screamed with pleasure as Desire's tongue penetrated her Vagina, licking her walls, and she came with huge force. The Goddess spurted forth a torrent of golden cum over Desire's face. Melissa sat astride the Goddess, her delicious bottom over the Goddesses face, Melissa leaned forward and sucked the Goddess’s breasts as Aphrodite hands reached back and parted Melissa's cheeks. The Goddess had an extraordinary long tongue, which licked up and down Melissa's hot wet spicy cunt. The Goddess penetrated Melissa's open split, curling against the sides of her canal. Melissa climaxed, spraying cum over the Goddess, soaking her face and hair. Sweating and writhing with their naked bodies entwined.

The three of them made love long into the night. Eventually exhausted, the three lovers, immortal and divine rested. Priestesses bathed their naked and overheated bodies with scented oils, massaging their skin tenderly. Soon they were utterly relaxed, feeling themselves in a dreamlike state of mind.

Melissa looked at the face of the Goddess, and sang softly, words of Sappho.

'Cyprian goddess, take you and pour gracefully like wine into golden cups, nectar mingled with all the joy of our celebrations.'

Aphrodite smiled that smile, of seductive brilliant charm, 'Come children, rest now... and in the morning, you shall be home on the Violet Coast.’

Copyright July 2007: Melissa Kara

This story is protected by International Copyright Law, by the author, all rights reserved. If found posted anywhere other than with this note attached, it has been posted without my permission.

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