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An Office Romance

Workmates decide to spite thier boss and show their love for one another.
Rebecca had always been quiet and meek around others. She kept herself to herself and clung to her few, close, friends who liked her just as she was…and why would she want anything more? Her days were usually long and stressful but knowing that the weekend was coming up made it all worth while. She took a sip of water and continued reading through the last few chapters; she worked for Python Publishing.
Her boss had been keen to get this book edited and published by today and Becca was not going to disappoint. She worked herself ragged over the next hour and finally finished. She emailed it to her boss and let out a sigh of relief “finished are you?” came the voice of her college from the next cubicle: Gwen.

“Yeah, you know I’m sure these books get worse every year,” Becca replied looking up at the Gwen’s beaming face.

“Ah well, don’t worry about it. I’m taking you out tonight; there’s this little club downtown which sounds like our kind of place,” Gwen said, giving Becca a cheeky wink.

“I’m looking forward to it.”

“Oh, just wondering; what’s that book called? I want to make it sound like I’ve at least glanced through it.”

“An Office Romance…how clichéd can you get?”

“Don’t let Ida hear you say that; she’ll have you out on your ass!" They both giggled and with one last smile Gwen returned to her cubicle. Which left Becca to finish off a quick report and a few other bits and bobs that were cluttering her inbox.
It wasn’t long until 5pm rolled around and it was finally time to reap the rewards of a hard week. Becca saved all of her documents and followed Gwen to her car. Becca and Gwen had a weekly routine of going to Gwen’s; getting dressed up and hitting some clubs.

“What do you think about this one?” Asked Gwen, holding up a red, strapless frock. Becca couldn’t help but feel an exited tingle as Gwen slipped it on: which fit her slender frame perfectly. The colour went well with her dark hair and hazel eyes and showed off her amazing cleavage. She looked ravishing.
“It’s awesome, you look really good in it,” Becca told her, trying hard to not stare. Becca had already picked out my dress; a light blue blouse and jeans. She didn’t feel like wearing a dress; not tonight. She wiped her blonde hair from her eyes and sneered at her reflection: she had never been as skinny as Gwen.
Rebecca sat and waited patiently for Gwen to finish putting on her makeup but when she was done; Gwen did something quite unexpected. She sat next to Becca and whispered into her ear seductively “I saw you looking…you only needed to ask you know.” She touched Becca’s cheek and kissed her lips passionately. Becca slid her tongue into Gwen’s mouth and she sucked on it enthusiastically, never breaking the kiss.
Finally, they parted and Gwen got an incredibly naughty idea “I know what we should do…let’s go to work!”

Gwen unlocked their office building, with the key she claimed had been given to her for emergencies. Becca knew that meant a quickie with the janitor but said nothing as they  quietly snuck in. They couldn’t believe how different the place looked in the dark but neither dared to turn on a light. Gwen took hold of Becca’s hand; led her up the stairs and into their part of the building. Without any exchange of words they both knew where they would end up: their boss’s desk. Gwen pulled off Becca’s blouse and dropped it to the floor, kissing her ardently while pressing her hands on Becca’s soft, luscious breasts. She removed Becca’s satin bra in a flash and cogently pushed her onto the desk.
Gwen swayed her hips and danced to a soundless beat as she slipped out of her frock and removed all but her black panties “you’re gorgeous!” Becca exclaimed as Gwen came in for another kiss. They massaged each other’s breasts and nuzzled each other affectionately. Gwen licked her neck lustfully and winked; she began removing everything from Ida’s desk as Becca took off her jeans and panties, revealing her shaved sex for all of its glory. Gwen gazed lovingly at Becca, pushing her body onto hers and pressing her against the wall. With a gasp of excitement Becca was hoisted up onto Gwen’s strong thigh as they began to rub bodies furiously.
Within only a few minutes both were groaning with intense pleasure, kissing and panting deeply. Gwen became increasingly aroused as she felt Rebecca’s juices spilling down her leg and as she bit into her neck lightly: she came. She cried out and held Becca tightly, kissing her feverishly and deeply.
Gwen easily lifted Becca up and placed her onto the desk. She parted Becca’s leg just slightly and placed her tongue directly on her juicy clitoris. Becca legs spasmed as Gwen got into a rhythm. Becca gripped the sides of the desk hard and bit her lip. Gwen pressed a finger in her anus and continued flicking her tongue against Becca’s vagina. Milking it for all of its juices and lapping them up vigorously. She pressed another finger into her anus and pushed them in deep. Enjoying Becca’s expression of pure ecstasy and with her head spinning; it wasn’t long until, she too, slipped into a spine-melting orgasm. She screamed and groaned as the intense pleasure flowed through her body and left her knees weak. It’d been a long time since she had felt that good.
They held each other in the darkness and kissed furiously; neither wanting to leave the other. “One more,” Becca pleaded, hitching her legs up and lying on her back. Gwen was more than happy to oblige as she mounted her woman and began to ride her. Thrusting and grinding intensely they both exploded in orgasms. They stared into each other’s eyes and shared a final kiss.

Both departed the office, leaving their boss’s desk soiled with their juices. Becca, who refused Gwen’s offer of a lift, walked home. It was cold and dark but not an overly unpleasant night. Her home wasn’t far away but it felt like miles; guilt had a strange effect on Rebecca.
She reached the gate of her house ten minutes later and dug into her jeans pocket. She slipped on her wedding ring and walked into the house. “Heya honey, late night at the office?” Sam, her husband asked cuddling her lovingly.

“Something like that…” she replied, kissing her husbands cheek “how’s the baby?”

“Oliver? He’s fine, sound asleep. Kelly’s not back yet though…”

“Teenagers!” Becca sighed, she kissed her husband again and sat on the couch. Exhausted…but not from work.
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