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An Old Friend Visits

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Alice met Ella while on holiday, now Ella has come back to visit...
Dave always hated the fact that he had never been my first kiss (even though I’d lost my virginity to him). It had been a particularly sore point when we’d first started dating three years ago, but even though he’d asked me many times, I had never told him for fear of what he would think. Would he stop respecting me if he knew how wanton I had been?

Then one day I finally decided to talk to him about it.

We’d been making out on the sofa – deep, intense French kissing that made me shake with desire and my pussy wet. I straddled him, grinding against his erection, scraping my hands through his hair, his bare chest – his hands moved expertly all over me, first tugging at my hair, pulling my head back to give him better access to nibble my neck, then down to my back, to my butt, squeezing hard with need (grunting appreciatively), and up my stomach, impatiently pulling my shirt over my head, kissing the exposed curves of my breasts, nibbling my hard nipples through my bra, while I moaned for more and pushed by breasts in his face.

‘Enough,’ he said hoarsely, and it all stopped. I looked at him blankly, my cunt hot and aching and wet – I needed him – and suddenly he’d pinned me down on the sofa, and he was over me, and it started all over again. My pants came off, almost by their own accord I believe, and then he was there, rubbing his nose against my wetness through my underwear slowly, teasingly, his eyes closed, savouring the moment. He had me, I was frustrated, and he was toying with me!

He sat up, grinning, his erection straining against his shorts, then lifting my legs, he started licking my toes, then the curve of my foot. I sucked my breath in hard. It was the most erotic thing I had ever seen, even though I wasn’t much of a foot fetishist. He kissed down the length of one leg, stopping just short of my pussy, then repeated the movement along the other leg. And finally he was there again, his face so close, I was ready to push his head into me and demand he satisfy me orally.

Then in a swift movement, he’d taken off my underwear, and then it was just his tongue against my pussy, the slow and steady licks along the slit. The sensation was unbearable, almost painful, and I cried out. He focused on my clit, alternating between different pressures, different strokes, and his fingers were inside me, first two, then three. I could feel the pressure building up, I couldn’t take my eyes off him and his slow, repetitive motion, and then his eyes met mine and I came.


We spent the rest of the evening in each other’s arms, sated (for the moment, at least), with the television tuned to some show about a dysfunctional family. I had his shirt on (he didn’t want me to catch a chill), and we said nothing – it was a perfect, intimate moment that didn’t need words. His face was buried in my hair, and my heart skipped every time he gave me a little kiss, first at the top of my head, then my forehead, and when I looked up, he gave me one on the tip of my nose and then on my lips. I loved this man, I really, really loved him, and I wondered if he loved me as unconditionally as I loved him. He was my first love, and I hoped he would be the only one.

‘What are you thinking about?’ Dave said softly.

I contemplated between telling him ‘nothing’ and the truth – if I wanted to spend the rest of my life with him, shouldn’t I be completely honest? He’d been honest with me; I remember the day we talked about the other women he’d gone out and had sex with before he’d met me. But on the flip side, I was worried about him getting angry, and what would I do if I lost him? Dave was the kind of person who appreciated honesty, and I was pretty sure he would be angry because I had been deceitful – the fact I had lied would hurt him more than the actual lie. In what was possibly the bravest thing I had done in this relationship, I finally admitted the truth.

‘Dave, when we first met… I lied,’ I said. He raised his eyebrow, and his arms tightened around me. I winced in slight pain, but pressed forward.

‘I wasn’t a virgin – or at least, not a real one. I’d had sex before.’

I remember my first kiss.

It was at some festival I didn’t even want to attend, but was dragged to by a group of friends who needed an ‘adult’ – and being the only one who was 18 (having just turned), the duty fell on me to supervise them. Though, in the end, I didn’t really do much supervising; whilst they ran about smoking pot, drinking excessively and fucking strangers, I stayed in the hotel room watching action films, counting down the days until we would have to pack up and leave.

One week here seemed too long.

On day three, I finally decided I couldn’t stay cooped up much longer. The weather was far too hot for my customary sweater and jeans, so I threw on a tank top and a pair of shorts and made my way downstairs to the hotel bar.

There were way too many people.

I had never been sociable by nature, so being in such a crowded area made me rather uncomfortable. I squeezed through the crowd to the bar, bought a cold beer and headed towards a table in the corner where I wouldn’t be disturbed.

Then I saw her.

She must have been nearly six feet tall, with fiery red hair and bright green eyes. When she walked past, all the men whistled appreciatively – she only winked and looked smug. I suppose she was used to the attention; she did look stunning in an expensive blue dress that contrasted amazingly with her pale skin. It hugged her curves like a second skin; her massive tits looked ready to tear the flimsy material apart, and her ass looked positively glorious.

I hated her instantly. At just over five feet, caramel-coloured and skinny as I was, I couldn’t even begin to compare with someone like her.

Then she turned around, and our eyes locked for a moment, and she smiled, dimples showing. I simply grabbed my drink and stalked out of the bar, furious, making my way to the elevators.

I didn’t realise I had been followed until I turned around and she was standing there, looking down at me with a surprised expression on her face.

‘Hi,’ she began uncertainly, ‘My name is Ella.’ She had a strong French accent, but her English was impeccable – she was obviously very well-educated. And rich.

‘Alice,’ I said curtly.

‘Have I offended you?’ she asked.

I was taken back. Had she? What exactly had she done? Oh yes, she simply existed. But wasn’t I just being a whiny cunt? Sure God had decided not to shower me with exquisite beauty, but at least he’d given me intelligence, and I prided myself on being brainy. So I honestly told her no, and that I was simply having a bad day. She simply nodded and said nothing. But I had noticed that she hadn’t pressed the elevator button, so I asked her which floor she was going to.

‘Wherever you’re going,’ she said pretty bluntly. I was surprised for the second time, but I said nothing, and instead pressed the ground floor button and made my way to the garden.

The hotel gardens were pretty secluded; no one ever came here, since most people were either at the festival, or they preferred to lounge by the bigger pool. There was a pool here, but much smaller, and a few lawn chairs. I mostly came here simply because it was quiet, and I could go for a relaxing swim if I wanted to, or read a book while basking in the sunshine.

‘This is a really nice place,’ said Ella. ‘Erm, yeah, it’s cool if you want to get away from it all, or need some privacy,’ I said pretty lamely. Ella said nothing, walked towards the pool. Looking over her shoulder at me, she smiled and asked if I wanted to join her for a swim. I shook my head.

Shrugging, she tugged at her dress, and I watched in shock as it fell off her. Underneath, she wore nothing except a pair of matching blue panties, then she looked over me with a knowing smile and dove into the water.

I couldn’t tear my eyes off her as I watched her swim practically naked. Her body was toned and athletic, her skin smooth. My eyes were drawn to the action of her long legs as she opened and closed them while performing the breaststroke – her ass was a vision to behold as she moved, round and sculpted.

I was pretty sure I was straight, but I found myself getting aroused watching this half naked woman swim.

Then she was swimming back to me, and all I could see were her tits. Each one of them was bigger than maybe even three handfuls! She had large areola and nipples that thrust out against the cold. Or was it arousal?

When she got out of the water, I simply stared at her – her wet hair was plastered against her back, her breasts bounced slightly each step she took, those nipples twin nubs of arousal, and that ass swaying seductively as she moved. She looked at me, and I saw how aroused she was too.

‘Did you like that?’ she said thickly, her voice full of desire as she walked towards me. I made the biggest effort to pull my eyes from the movement of her breasts as I looked at her face, my throat suddenly dry. And then she was suddenly right in front of me, her breasts in my face, and I was looking up at her. I think she must have been expecting something from me, because her face suddenly clouded with frustration. ‘Are you some sort of virgin?’ she demanded.

I gulped. Nodded. And this time, I was stuck staring at her nipples again.

She laughed, and they moved. My own breasts felt swollen, and there was a deep ache in my cunt.

‘Kiss them’, she said softly and moved closer.

They were rubbing against my face now, and I just stopped thinking. Tentatively, I held both breasts with my hands and gave her right nipple a lick.

She moaned so loudly, startling me that I let go of her boobs, thinking I had somehow hurt her.

‘No!’ she cried out, ‘it was good!’ She smiled.

I felt a bit of pride that, despite my inexperience, I had made her feel good.

I took her right breast again, and lightly licked her nipple. She moaned again. Taking as much of her breast into my mouth as I could, I sucked her nipple, first softly, then harder. She grabbed hold of my head with an exultant ‘Yes!’. I was getting braver.

I released her breast, and took hold of her hand instead, pulling her to a lawn chair and making her lie on it. Standing over her, I was able to admire the view much better, from the seductive curve of her full lips to her heaving breasts, down her flat stomach to her womanhood, and then the length of her legs. She watched me looking her over, and smiled again.

‘My body pleases you,’ she stated. It wasn’t a question, and I found her confidence all the more arousing.

Without saying a word, I straddled her and kissed her hard on her lips. I was only so brave because I was so aroused. Then she was kissing me back, her tongue pushing between my lips, and then our tongues were intertwined and we were both moaning. My hands found her breasts and squeezed them, her cool hands were around my waist, holding on to me tightly. We stopped and looked at each other, panting.

‘Is there somewhere else we can continue?’ she smiled.

Wordlessly, I waited while she put on her dress, and we made our way to the elevators once more. As soon as the doors had closed, however, she was on me, pushing me against the wall, her hungry mouth claiming mine.

We barely made it to my room with our clothes on.

She went to the bathroom to undress while I sat uncertainly on the bed. Should I undress? Should I get under the sheets? I found the dimmer switch, thinking I would rather have sex for the first time in the dark.

But she frowned when she walked out, covered only by a towel. ‘I want to see you – all of you,’ Ella said. ‘There’s nothing to see,’ I protested weakly, nothing compared to her. She looked annoyed, so I turned the lights up again.

‘Better,’ she whispered, and discarded the towel. This time she’d taken off her panties, revealing the thick red curls of her pubic hair. I had the strangest thought of licking her there, and I was suddenly ashamed for thinking such disgusting things.

Then she was in bed again, this time on me. Instinctively, I opened my legs wide, and she settled herself between them, and her lips found mine and we were kissing. I tightly wrapped my legs around her waist, and she moaned as she buried her tongue in my mouth. I was moaning too, and we were both breathing hard; I could feel her nipples against my own breasts.

She nibbled my ears, leaving a trail of kisses from my ears, along my jaw. Finding the curve of my neck, she kissed me there once, then gave a hard suck. I gasped in pain, but she only smiled. ‘A lovebite, nothing more,’ she whispered, and continued kissing me, moving slowly downwards until she’d reached my breasts.

Ella pulled the tank top off me, unclipped my bra, and smiled delightedly at my exposed breasts. I turned red with embarrassment, the pink flush spreading across my cheeks and my chest, but she ignored me and kissed and area between my breasts. Another hard suck, and this time I could see the bruise forming.

She took my left breast, and slowly licked around it, then the underside, ignoring the nipple. It was pure, sweet torture. She nibbled around the nipple, and suddenly sucked it. I screamed in pleasure as she continued suckling my breast. Her free hand snaked its way down my stomach, going inside my shorts. I wasn’t wearing underwear. She chuckled as she tugged at my pubic hair.

She moved to my right breast, giving it the same treatment as before. I was helpless, I could only watch her as I drowned in these pleasurable sensations.

She stopped again, and began kissing down my stomach, licking my navel. I held my breath in anticipation as she neared the waistband of my shorts. Then she stopped and took them off in a swift motion. I was too exposed, I felt uncomfortable, but I couldn’t say anything to stop this siren. She simply smiled at my naked form, a hungry look on her face.

Ella pulled my legs apart and dived towards my cunt. I screamed again as she began eating me, licking me from my clit to the opening of my vagina with an almost violent need. She was moaning too – she liked this. Then she looked up at me, and all I could was stare at her, her face half buried in my pussy. I wrapped my legs around her and raked my fingers through her hair. Was I in pain? Or was it just incredible pleasure? Her tongue darted expertly into my vagina, and she was fucking me with her tongue!

I felt a strong pulling sensation from within me, and the sense of a building up of force. I needed to pee, and I began to panic – what if I suddenly released in this incredible woman’s face? She sensed me tensing up, because she suddenly gripped my breasts in a show of control. Calm down, she seemed to say, even though her mouth was fixated on me, on my pussy. She tugged at my nipples, and her tongue was back on my clit, lapping at it.

And then I came; it was a feeling of utter euphoria. I couldn’t think, or speak, or move, as my body coiled and writhed, letting the sensations of pleasure run through me.

I passed out.

 Dave looked at me incredulously. ‘That’s it?’ he asked.

‘Well, yeah,’ I said, equally surprised. He wasn’t mad! ‘Actually, no. That wasn’t the only time I saw her,’ I explained. ‘We met up loads of times for like a year, before she met this guy and I met you. We still keep in touch though, on Skype and stuff.’

‘So this big secret was basically about you being a closet lesbian,’ he grinned. I flushed in embarrassment.

‘Well, I’m not really a lesbian. I mean, whenever we met up, we’d make out, and it’d be really intense and passionate, and she’d practically throw me on the bed and eat me out, but she never let me reciprocate.’


‘Nope. It’s like she was scared of me going down on her or something. She wouldn’t even let me finger her. But we did do all sorts of kinky stuff anyway.’

‘Like what?’ Dave asked suggestively. I could feel his growing erection pressing against me.

‘Oh, I don’t know, she just gave me better oral sex than you ever did,’ I teased. ‘But she liked tying me up, blindfolding me, and once after I asked her, she let me sit on her face while she ate me!’

Dave was jealous.

‘By the way,’ I continued, ‘she’s coming over to visit me for a week next month.’

‘But I’ll be in China, I wanted to see!’ Dave complained.

‘I know,’ I winked. That was why we had planned the visit that week. Dave glared, and the next thing I knew, I was laughing as he hauled me up the stairs, threw me on the bed and fucked me roughly the entire night.

She still looked the same, even after all these years, stunning as ever, in her tight fitting top and jeans. Heads turned as she moved, and jaws dropped when she scooped me up in a tight hug and planted a kiss on either cheek.

‘It’s been so long,’ she breathed, ‘you look beautiful as ever. And you’re in a skirt.’ Ella and Dave had been the only people who called me beautiful.

‘Wait until you see what I’ve got in store,’ I grinned. ‘I’m feeling really naughty’, she answered.

I guided her to my car.

‘Take off your clothes,’ I told her. She looked at me in shock. ‘What, here?’ Yes, I answered, in public, where people could see her, or anyone who happened to be in the underground parking lot at that time of night. She liked that. Even though she wasn’t really an exhibitionist, she did enjoy the attention her looks brought her. And she looked even better naked than she did with her clothes on. ‘Take that off too,’ I said when she’d stripped to nothing but her panties and heels. She hesitated. ‘Now,’ I said commandingly, ‘but leave the heels on,’ I added as an afterthought. That made her horny, I thought smugly, as she gave me that red-hot look of desire.

I was so aroused, watching her stand proudly naked, her breasts swollen and aroused, the triangle of red curls between her legs. I picked up her panties and sniffed it, smelling her sex, and gave it a lick, whilst maintaining eye contact with her. She watched me warily, and I knew she knew I was not going to have no for an answer tonight.

I fetched my handcuffs and placed them over her hands. ‘Get into the backseat,’ I told her, and she climbed on. For a split second, her legs were wide open, and I caught a glimpse of her pink pussy. The hair around it was wet with her arousal. I climbed into the back seat with her.

‘Tonight, you can’t fight me,’ I whispered in her ear. I pulled one of her nipples hard, and she whimpered in as much pain as pleasure. ‘I will do whatever I want with you.’ As I spoke, I rubbed my fingers against my wet pussy. I brought my fingers to her lips. ‘Lick,’ I whispered, and she opened her mouth, greedily licking the juice from my fingers. We couldn’t continue here, which frustrated me. Better to leave now, so we could get home sooner.

I got into the driver’s seat and started the engine.


By the time we got back to the house, it was past midnight. I left Ella in the car as I went inside and switched on the light of one of the guest bedrooms – I’d agreed with Dave we wouldn’t have sex in the master bedroom where he and I slept. Going back to the car, I opened the back door. Ella looked at me – she was worried about people seeing her naked. ‘Go inside, to the bedroom with the light on. Get in bed, and wait for me.’

She got out of the car unsteadily, her tits and ass bouncing and walked inside. I got her luggage out of the car and put them in the living room. Then I made my way to the bedroom.

Ella was lying sideways in bed, her back towards me, her hands still bound behind her. I stepped inside and closed the door behind me. She turned her head around and looked at me impassively. This was new to her, I realised gleefully. It had always been her in charge, and now it was my turn.

I opened a drawer and took out another set of handcuffs. I removed the handcuffs on her hands, so I could cuff her to the bed posts instead. She didn’t say a word, but only watched me the entire time. I took off my clothes and stood by the bed, letting her eyes roam my body, drinking in the sight hungrily. She saw my shaved cunt and gave a small smile.

‘Do you like being tied up?’ I asked her. She nodded. ‘It’s an… odd sensation, feeling so powerless, but I think I like it.’

I got on the bed and started kissing her briefly and pulled away. She looked deep into my eyes. ‘Tonight, you do as I say,’ I told her. She nodded again.

I kissed her breasts and her nipples and squeezed them hard. Roughly, I suckled on her nipples, pulling them, pinching, squeezing, rubbing with my hands. She moaned and bucked and thrashed underneath me. Then without a word of warning, I pulled myself and pushed my throbbing pussy against her face. Her moans were muffled, and after a second she began greedily lapping at my pussy. Holding the bedpost, I pushed myself against her face. She fucked my vagina with her tongue, before lapping at my clit. I rubbed myself against her circular motions. Looking down, I saw her eyes fixated on my face, my breasts and their hardened nipples. I laughed giddily and got off her. She gasped for breath. ‘I loved it when… when you did that last time,’ she admitted. ‘All I could taste was your pussy, all I could breathe was the smell of your ass and your beautiful, sweet cunt.’

I sat on her again, this time with my ass in her mouth. She moaned loudly and licked my asshole. I bent backwards slightly, rubbing my ass on her nose and mouth, and reached down to rub my clit. With my free hand, I tugged at her nipples. She was moaning even harder than I was, and it wasn’t long before I had my orgasm.

‘Oh fuck,’ she said breathlessly, ‘fuck, fuck, fuck. You’re amazing, your pussy, I love it, I could eat it all day.’ And she had, I remembered fondly. She could spend hours simply pleasuring me orally. I remembered the time she had told me I was the only girl she’d been with, whose pussy she’d eaten.

‘Your face is covered in my cunt juice,’ I told her. She grinned wickedly. ‘Come sit on it again,’ she challenged me. I was so badly tempted, seeing her lick her lips.

I rubbed my pussy against her face again, pressing against her forehead, her cheeks, her nose, pausing at her hungry mouth as her tongue lapped at me again, then I continued lower, rubbing against her cheek, sitting on her neck, even lower until I reached her breasts. I grabbed one of those magnificent tits and rubbed my pussy all over it, pressing the hard nipple against my clit. I did the same for the other tit and watched the ecstasy on her face which mirrored my own. I rubbed myself against her taut stomach, and moved to go lower, expecting her to tell me to stop, but she only looked at me, expecting more.

I went down to her legs, took her foot, and rubbed it against my pussy, using her heel to rub up and down my slit. ‘Fuck…’ she moaned. I moved up from her feet, rubbing myself against her legs, her knees, her thighs. She’d opened her legs ever so slightly, letting me see the rich tuft of hair between her legs and the treasure that lay hidden between them. I was surprised at her lack of hesitation. She knew, even without me telling her, and raised her hips ever so slightly. Positioning myself with one leg under her and the other resting over her, I brought my pussy to meet hers. Holding her hips, I pulled her towards me, and we were furiously mashing our cunts together.

‘Fuck, Alice, I’m going to cum, I’m going to cum,’ she chanted. I gritted my teeth and looked at her, focusing on the build of pressure within me. The sight of our pussies against each other was highly erotic – I could see why Dave loved watching his cock enter me whenever we fucked.

She came before I did, with a loud scream, shaking uncontrollably. I collapsed on her, exhausted. We lay there, breathing hard for a few minutes, and then I took off her cuffs. I climbed onto her again, positioning myself between her legs, and lay my head on her breasts. She put her arms around me and we drifted off to sleep.


 I woke up a few hours later, having dreamt of our sexual encounter. I was horny again, and this time, I wanted to properly fuck her. Ella was still asleep, her breasts rose and fell with each slow breath. I pulled her breasts together and buried my face between them, enjoying the warmth and softness of her massive tits.

After a moment, I lowered myself to the triangular patch of hair at the apex of her thighs. I gently ran my fingers through it, then lowered myself further. Breathing in the scent of her pussy, I felt myself getting aroused. I ran a finger down her slit.

Ella woke with a start.

‘I was just about to start,’ I whispered. I began licking the sides of her cunt, then her large outer labia. I licked one side first, taking the entire labia into my mouth and sucking, before releasing it and repeating the motion with the other side. Ella’s thighs tightened around me, pushing my face further into her pussy. I knew she was dying to have my tongue on her clit, but I prolonged it, focusing instead on the area surrounding her slit.

‘Alice, please…’ she moaned, and I finally gave her clit a lick. She gasped and writhed in pleasure. I licked it softly and gently at first, before increasing my pace and pressure. I clamped my lips around it and sucked it slowly, then rubbed my nose against it as I licked around the entrance of her vagina. I soon went back to her clit, savouring the taste of her juice and the smells of her cunt. Inserting two fingers into her vagina, I found the ridge of skin – her G-spot – and began rubbing it in a ‘come hither’ motion.

I quickly got off the bed and found my strap-on and vibrator which I’d left in the other room. Ella pulled her legs over her head as I got on, the massive plastic purple cock jutting forward in front of me. Rather cruelly, I pushed the cock all the way into her and she screamed. I was unforgiving, as I fucked her hard and fast, watching the way her tits bounced. Her hips came up to meet my thrusts, and my hand went down to rub against her clit.

‘Oh God, God, God, God,’ Ella said repeatedly, looking at my face, my own breasts, and down to the purple strap-on I was fucking her with. I pulled out just as she came, placing my mouth over her pussy as she squirted. She tasted fucking delicious. I wanted more.

‘Turn over,’ I said hoarsely. Without hesitating, Ella turned over on all fours. I lay on the bed, and she lowered her pussy so she was essentially facesitting me. I began licking her ass, with another finger on her pussy. Her asshole puckered under my ministrations; gently, I inserted one finger and fingered her with one finger in both her ass and vagina, and licked her clit instead. She moaned, and I inserted a second finger into her ass. When I inserted my third finger, she came again, this time without squirting.

Getting up from underneath her, I pull her ass cheeks apart, and positioning myself, pushed the dildo into her ass. Ella screamed again as I roughly fucked her. ‘You’re a slut, you know that?’ I told her through gritted teeth, and spanked her ass. ‘Yes,’ she panted, ‘I am. Please, please punish me.’ I spanked her harder. Her breasts hung and bounced with the movement; I reached round and roughly yanked a nipple. Ella moaned harder. I grabbed my vibrator and pushed it up her vagina, and she was ecstatic.

‘Oh Alice, oh God, Alice,’ she cried out as she came, and slumped on the bed. I removed the vibrator and strap-on, left them on the table, and crawled to lie next to her. She raised her arm and pulled me close, and kissed me. ‘Next time, it’s my turn,’ she promised and laughed. ‘I have to visit you more often.’ Then she wrapped herself around me, her breasts pressed against my face and my legs pressed against her cunt, and we fell asleep.

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