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An old friend

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I sat at the table, thinking about many things but mostly about my old friend, an old friend I hadn’t seen in a long time.

I’ve always considered myself to be straight, so I’m definitely not going to give myself any kind of label anytime soon. However, I do admit that I have done a lot of crazy lesbian type things. When I was in school I had this friend, who evidently, was a lesbian. Anyway, we would walk home from school together and run back to my house and fuck like crazy. This was before my parents came home of course, or if my parents were going to be home we’d go and do it at her place.

So about a week ago, this old friend of mine called me up, asking if we could catch up. I said yes of course, thinking she might have lots to tell me. It was weird seeing her again, after all those years, and memories. She hadn’t changed all that much, I do admit she looked a lot like her mother though, and had put on a lot of weight. He casually sat down and talked, going over the old memories and what not. She asked me if I had a boyfriend, I said no, I then asked her if she had a boyfriend, she said no too. We laughed and then she just randomly said.

“So, do you think we could ever go back to how we used to be?”

I assumed she was talking about the ‘friendship’ not the ‘sexual’ stuff so I just said “Yeah, sure”.

She seemed to be looking at me a lot and I started to feel concerned, would it be right to go back to how we used to be? Would it be unacceptable now that we were older? It’s not like we were involved in relationships with anybody, so did it really matter? I still didn’t really know if that’s what she meant though so I didn’t say anything. We watched a movie and talked some more then she kissed me, I gave in and decided to be my outgoing self and do ‘out there’ things, whether that be sky diving, posing naked or kissing my lesbian friend. I couldn’t blame her really, I mean I knew I looked great so how could she resist right?

We kissed some more and eventually started stripping, throwing our clothes to the floor and picking up from where we last left off. The passion we used to share was still there, we still wanted each other sexually, even if it was a few years later. Nothing was going through my mind but how it felt to kiss her again, how if felt to have her hand make it’s way up my thigh. She kissed down my neck and placed her mouth over my nipple, sighing and sucking on it. She continued to do so for a long time; it was almost as though she’d missed it. I’d never really been into touching her; she was always the one that touched me. I would just sit back and let her do whatever she wanted; I remember it used to be like she worshipped my body.

She used to touch me whenever she could, she would stroke my hands and tell me that she loved me and I would just nod and fail to say anything back at all. She placed her hands on the side of my face and kissed me again, moving away a bit to look into my eyes. I quickly moved away and stood up. “This is so, so scary” I said, not really being able to find the right words.

“We just have to get used to it again” she said, looking me up and down.

She walked over to me and kissed me, slowly and tenderly stroking my breasts. We walked to the bedroom and continued undressing, pressing our bodies against each other and hugging for a moment. She placed her fingers inside of me and make me gasp over and over again. I could see an eager smile on her face and she seemed to enjoy hearing my gasps. She explored my whole body with her tongue, her hands and her eyes and moaned while she licked at my juices. I always found it amusing to see her moaning at such a thing, people usually moan when somebody is pleasuring them, not so much the other way around. Well at least that’s what I’ve always thought.

I have to admit that she reminded me of a man at times, she has huge hands with really short bitten down nails and quite a deep voice. She isn’t really into fashion and always wears her dirty mechanic clothes and sometimes her brother’s deodorant.

I am very feminie and always wear feminie perfumes. I guess you could say that we are both very different.

It was all starting to feel like old times, I simply liked the feeling of being touched by somebody. I was never attracted to her and liked the fact that she was attracted to me, it always made me feel good and still does.

She kissed me again, almost too eager and started humping my leg. I laughed and watched her face as she came, eventually grabbing onto me again and touching me for the tenth time.

Her tongue explored my mouth some more and she went to sleep hugging me, still latching onto one of my breasts.

Several hours later she got ready to leave, “That was nice” she said, “I hope we can do it again soon, how about next week?” “Sure” I said, “Next week’s good”.

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