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Anna's Dream

Could this be a reality?
Boom, boom, boom,ba-da-da, ba-da-da, boom, boom boom, whoomp 
Boom, boom, boom, ba-da-da, ba-da-da, boom, boom boom, whoomp
Boom, boom, boom, ba-da-da, ba-da-da, boom, boom boom, whoomp…

Fucking shit, she thought. It’s 9 P.M. on a Sunday night and people have real jobs where they need sleep in order to function the next day? This is just ridiculous! I’ve got to get some sleep!

After laying in bed, Anna decides to go across the way to tell her neighbor to stop with the loud music. She throws on a light silky robe over her negligee and walks across the way where the thunderous bass beats thud ever more loudly.

Knock, knock, knock!

Let the beat drop…” Boom, boom, boom, ba-da, ba-da, boom, boom boom, whoomp…


Boom, boom, boom, ba-da, ba-da, boom, boom boom, whoomp…

As Anna, becoming more irritated now, goes to beat on the door harder, the door opens up. To Anna’s astonishment, she sees that the loud raucous is being created by a chic…a pretty cute one at that: average height, tanned, loosely curled long brown hair and green eyes, nice full breasts and bearing such a beautiful smile. She yells, “Hi! Uh sorry, hang on, I’ll be right back!”

The girl leaves the door wide open and runs to turn down the music before returning to the door. In that brief moment, Anna analyses the interesting décor and pictures in the entryway: some are pictures of the girl, photographed of kissing another lady on a beach somewhere exotic, and others of signed and framed posters of music artists. With her curiosity getting the best of her, she starts to loom inside of the doorway before being startled by the young lady.

“Hi! I’m sorry…was I being too loud?” she asks with a smile.

“Yes, you were. My name’s Anna and I live across the way and I don’t know if you’re aware of the time, but it’s pretty late and the noise level can be brought down a bit.”

“Well, obviously you were in bed with that sexy negligee you’re wearing! I am terribly sorry. Shit, I’m being rude! My name is Cassidy and you must be cold, come in!”

“Sexy negligee?” Anna thought. But it’s just a simple design, nothing lacy or too revealing. She begins to blush. “I probably shouldn’t because it’s rather late and I have to get up pretty early for work.”

“It’s only a quarter after 9! Quit talking like you’re old! You look not older than 28!”

Anna manages a smile before saying, “Actually I’m--”

“Come on, I could use some feedback on this new mix that I’ve been working on. I promise I’ll let you go afterwards. Just give me 10 minutes. I have some wine too, if you’d like: white or red, whichever you prefer.”

Fuck. The girl kisses girls, calls me out in my ‘sexy negligee’, and she’s pretty damn cute. “Ok Cassidy. You’ve got 10 minutes and no more.”

“Wow!” exclaims Cassidy, “for being that stern, you must be a manager of some sort! And please, you’ve got to cut me some slack because I also have to pour you some wine! Follow me this way…” she takes hold of Anna’s hand and leads her through the hallway and into the dining room. Reaching into the bar, she asks Anna, “What’ll it be? For reds, I have a pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon, merlot and syrah. For whites, I have riesling, gewürztraminer, and a chardonnay.”

“You have quite the selection of wines! Which of those do you like?”

“I like whatever you like,” replies Cassidy, teasingly.

“Let’s have the chardonnay!”

“Good choice Anna! Ok, so obviously, I like my music loud and I promise I won’t let it get that loud again. Cross my heart! As you can probably tell, I DJ and I just bought a new toy…this mixer and I’ve been playing with it to see what kinds of sounds I can create.”

Anna watches Cassidy as she puts on her headphones and cues up the sound. She takes a sip of her wine and walks over towards her to watch and see what she is doing behind the laptop. This is surprisingly interesting. Anna enjoys music but never had the opportunity to see what happens behind the DJ booth. On the laptop screen, all she can see are just some circles and buttons that are supposed to do something and in the forefront, the left turntable is spinning. As the music begins to play, Cassidy looks up and smiles at her neighbor and starts bopping her head up and down to the beat and begins mouthing the words of the song: ‘You’re a hot mess….you act like you’ve got nothing to lose….but I’ve already lost my temper…’

Anna can’t help but smile and giggle, and bops her head to the beat as well, and takes another drink of her wine.

With a few taps on the keyboard Cassidy loads and cues up another track and cuts into a portion the chorus using the other turntable and in rhythm, slides the cross fader towards the center and manipulates others buttons to mix in another song while also creating a rather interesting blend. The way she moves between the turntables and the laptop, turning a knob here and there is utterly intriguing. Her timing is just spot on, Anna thinks, and it’s really cute.

After the impromptu track sampling, Cassidy takes off her headphones and takes a drink of her wine and glances at Anna. “I know it’s not perfect….I think I could’ve made some transitions a little bit smoother.”

“Are you kidding? That was pretty friggin phenomenal! I’ve never heard anything like that before! And the way you were moving along, was cool. You’re really good at working those turntables. I had a thought, once, about DJing. But I never really gave it a go.”

Grinning, Cassidy shoots back, “Well I can work a lot more than these turntables! But thank you! I’ve been DJing for several years now. Come here. I’ll show you some things here.”

Anna shyly walks over and stands between Cassidy and the set-up. She looks at the laptop and at the million things on the screen. “So why a laptop?” asks Anna.

“Nowadays most DJ’s use their digital media, like mp3’s and stuff, instead of actual vinyl records. So the laptop here holds all of my music that I use to play, and mix in songs.” Taking Anna’s right hand in hers, she places it on the record and moves the record back and forth. “Wow! You have really soft hands!”

Biting her lip, Anna partially turns to Cassidy. “You think so?”

“Yeah, I really do think so. Can I tell you something else?”

Slightly shocked, Anna replies with a meek, “Sure.”

Leaning in closer and barely touching her lip to Anna’s ear, Cassidy says, “I did mean it when I said earlier that I think your outfit was sexy!”

“Oh…wait, are you hitting on me?”

“So what if I am?” quips Cassidy while softly caressing her hand.

At that moment, Anna releases her hand off the record. “I think it’s late and I said I would give you only 10 minutes.”

“I don’t know what you want from me…I mean, I’m not a bloody social worker…”

“And I think you’re well beyond that 10-minute window now, hon! And yes, I am hitting on you. You look so fucking hot in that negligee and seeing you in that at my front door, made me kind of hot!”

“That’s very flattering, Cassidy! But—I—have—to—”

Before Anna can finish her sentence, Cassidy carefully moves her soft blonde hair to the side and gently kisses her at the base of her neck and moves up to her ear and retracts. She teases, “You have to do what now?”

“And I know, my temper’s been kind of crazy. I need somebody (what?) I need someone…”

At this point, Anna is lost in a daze. With that initial kiss, she instantaneously feels a heavy pang from deep within her stomach and feels an electrifying tingle run through her body, making the hairs on her body stand on end. Oh God it’s been so long since she last felt that feeling! After her last relationship, she just buried herself in work. She wants so bad to be touched, to be pleasured, and to release. But it's late and she needs to get up at 4 in the morning.

Not getting a reply from Anna, Cassidy traces her finger from her hand, up her arm, and down her upper body…feeling the soft silkiness of the negligee against the contours of her chest, breasts, and waist. The touch is exhilarating that she begins to notice that her own panties are getting wet. With each stroke down, Anna’s breathing becomes more intense— her chest rising higher and breathing getting deeper. Finally, she turns around to face her neighbor and exclaims, “I have to have you fuck me! You can have me any way you want!”

Stepping back for a moment, Cassidy gives Anna a good, long look-over, watching her leaned up against the table so desperately wanting to be fucked— noticing her erect nipples poking beneath the silky material. Narrowing her eyes, she takes Anna into her arms and kisses her long and deep, parting her mouth and feeling her tongue on hers. “Come here.” She takes Anna’s hand and brings her over to a long, plush couch. Standing in front of the couch, Cassidy pushes her sexy neighbor onto the couch, revealing yet another sexy piece of clothing.

“Ohhhh? And she has lace panties on? Someone was looking to get laid tonight!”

She then bends over, hovering, above Anna and brings her chin up where the two kiss again. Damn, Anna thinks, Cassidy has the sweetest lips and kisses! Wanting her even more, she pulls Cassidy onto her, kissing her harder and more passionately. Cassidy then slides her hand beneath the negligee, grabbing a hold of her breast, fondling it, feeling its fullness, it’s firmness, and lightly pinching her nipple where she elicits a soft moan from Anna. That makes Cassidy grin with excitement, and further, compels her to undress Anna.

She’s more beautiful than she initially thought. There in front of her, are a pair of soft and supple breasts with such hard nipples. Using both hands, she gropes them and gently massages them. She takes one nipple between her soft lips and begins to suckle on it. Looking up at Anna, she tosses her head back, hair draping down her back, and cupping Cassidy’s head with her hand, indirectly telling her to a bit more aggressive with her sucking. Cassidy lightly bites at her nipple and teasing it by running it along her teeth and finishing with a good suck. “Fuck, that was hot!” says Anna as she stares down at Cassidy and gives her that sultry look. While captivating her stare, she firmly grabs her boob and licks her areola and barely touches her tongue to the nip. Anna tries to push her chest out but then Cassidy pulls back, not allowing for the two to touch.

She then gets up and sits on the couch and gets Anna to straddle her. While supporting her back, Anna is leaned back as Cassidy kisses from the top part of her torso and works down to her navel, stopping to run her tongue around her belly. Bringing her up again, she grabs hold of both boobs with one hand while parting her soaking wet panties to the side and breaking the part of her labia. This causes Anna’s body to gyrate hard.

“Awwwww damn baby! You are awfully juicy! I’d like to taste you,” exclaims Cassidy.

“I’m all yours for the taking, remember?”

“Right. So come and straddle over my face.”

Cassidy lays down across the couch and Anna does as she is told. Hovering over Cassidy’s face, Cassidy grabs both thighs and pulls down and deeply thrusts her tongue deep into Anna’s sopping wet pussy. Anna gasps and lets out a loud moan. “Mmmmmhhhh….you taste so sweet like nectar! I want to see if you can come in my mouth.” She begins to move her tongue even faster, and also playing with her clit. Flicking it with her tongue, Anna’s body begins to shake uncontrollably. Switching back to tongue fucking the shit out of Annas pussy, she gets more of her juices in her mouth. “Good girl!”

Panting, Anna manages a smile at Cassidy and moves off her face.

“Where do you think you’re going? You’re not done yet!”

She then lays Anna on her back and lays on top of her between her legs. “Now that I’ve tasted you, I want to feel you come.”

Cassidy moves to kiss Anna, sharing with her, her own juices. Still feeling her pussy wet, she gently parts the folds of her vagina and thrusts two fingers inside her, which was no problem. This was the very thing Anna was looking for! Fuck the oral sex stuff. It’s ok, but she’s all about the penetration. With that initial thrust, Anna screams aloud. Can she feel that deep yearning inside of me? she wonders. With every stroke, Cassidy reaches deeply and stimulates the g spot….beckoning Anna to come. She begins to gyrate her hips and grabs and squeezes her breasts as Cassidy bangs her harder and harder. Damn! Cassidy thinks, Anna’s body is amazingly beautiful, soft cream skin like silk, beautiful blonde straight hair, hourglass figure, and has a nice round butt for a white girl. She sees the look of pleasure in her eyes which compels Cassidy to move up beside her and kiss those pretty lips. The two rock simultaneously together, and Cassidy switching up her rhythm from firm thrusting action to deeper and harder penetrating action.

She can tell Anna’s on the verge of reaching that pinnacle by her body movement and the moans of pleasure. Cassidy begins to feel Anna tighten up around her two fingers that she stops and pulls out her juicy wet fingers. With utter disappointment, Anna frowns. Cassidy sheepishly casts a glance at Anna as she takes her fingers and sucks the juices off of them.

“I felt that you were about to come for me, but I didn’t want to let you come just yet.”

“That’s pure torture Cassidy! Are you going to hurry up and finish what you started?” demands Anna with a smile.

Without saying a word, Cassidy moves to kiss Anna on her neck. Teasing that wet pussy with her hand, Cassidy surprises Anna by simultaneously biting her neck while plunging three fingers inside her wet and juicy hole. Anna’s upper body jumps up at the new sense of stimulation and to soothe the bite, Cassidy caresses the bite with her tongue, encircling the light indentations and kissing it ever so softly.

Reaching deeply with three fingers in, Cassidy continues to rock with Anna, penetrating deep, touching the g spot. Within a few minutes, Anna’s pussy begins to tighten and she bucks her hips towards Cassidy before becoming still. Sighing with relief and breathing easier now, she pulls Cassidy towards her and giving her a kiss on the lip. “You are really, really, good with your fingers!”

Giggling, Cassidy replies, “And you taste ever so good to my tongue.”

“Do you mind me staying here tonight? It feels so good to lay here with you and after that, I don’t think I can even walk!”

“Sure thing, you’re always welcome anytime. Though good thing you don’t have to travel too far, huh?”

As Anna closes her eyes and dozes off for what seems to be forever, she is suddenly awakened. Confused, she looks at the clock on her nightstand. The clock reads ‘10:12’ and she hears the sound of loud music coming from across the way. Is this a dream? Bewildered, she looks down at her body and sees the negligee on her body and smiles to herself and asks herself if she should go and yell at the neighbor or not.

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