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Anne's Confession, Part One

Our cruise friend Linda comes for a secret visit, and Anne makes my and Linda's fantasies come true.
The sound of the front door closing startled me out of a light sleep. I knew it had to be Anne coming home from her night out with the girls. I rubbed my eyes and focused on the clock on my bedside table. I was shocked to see it was 1:45 a.m. Anne had always been home before midnight on her previous girls’ nights.

I didn’t really care about the time because I enjoyed Anne’s girls’ nights out as much as she did. On almost every occasion, Anne would arrive back home tipsy and ready to fuck. It made we wonder what the women talked about all evening. The conversation had to be sexual to some extent. I secretly hoped that Anne was telling her friends that I was great between the sheets.

I heard Anne drop her shoes followed by her unsteady steps on the stairs. She opened the door to our bedroom and crept directly into the en-suite. I heard the faucet turn on and off several times as Anne removed her contact lenses and prepared for bed.

I pretended to be sound asleep, as was my modus operandi on every girls’ night. I found the sex was even hotter that way. When Anne climbed into bed and “woke” me with her eager mouth and body, I knew it was because she couldn’t wait until morning to fuck me senseless.

I opened my eyes just a sliver and waited impatiently for her to appear. It felt like hours, but it couldn’t have been more than three minutes. She opened the bathroom door and in the instant before she turned out the light, I caught a glimpse of her stunning naked body. Anne never sleeps in the nude, so I knew exactly what was about to happen. My cock stirred in anticipation.

Anne slipped beneath the sheets into our bed and pressed her anxious body against mine. I felt the warm flesh of her breasts against my arm as she gently rested a hand on my chest and snuggled her face close to my neck. I did my best to maintain my charade of sleep, but there would be no fooling her if she reached for my budding erection.

Anne kissed my neck lightly. Her hot, moist breath tickled me but I forced myself to remain still. She then shifted her head upwards and tenderly licked and kissed my ear lobe. Unable to generate a reaction from me, Anne jabbed her wet tongue into my ear.

I involuntarily shivered and instantly knew my game was over. I turned my head to face her and Anne’s lips found mine in the darkness. Her tongue probed my mouth eagerly and I returned the favour. Anne pressed her mouth tightly over mine as our tongues battled for supremacy. Hers won, and she celebrated her victory by nibbling my lower lip and sucking the tip of my tongue like it was a tiny cock.

“I’m glad you’re awake,” Anne purred. She wrapped her legs around mine and I could feel the heat and wetness of her pussy on my thigh.

“Well, I am now,” I lied.

“Good, I have something to tell you.”

Instantly my mind began racing with possibilities, from one extreme to the other. Was she so late because she’d succumbed to the barroom pick-up lines of another man? “God, please don’t let it be that,” I thought to myself. I wasn’t ready for that. 

“Do you remember, years ago, when we talked about me having sex with another woman?” she asked. “I mean me really fucking a chick, not just kissing and petting like with Linda in Spain this summer.”

Of course I remembered the conversation; it was my fantasy, after all. It had happened when we’d been married for less than a year and I was still in law school. A winter storm had blanketed the city with snow and fortuitously my classes had been cancelled on a day Anne was off work. She had readily accepted my suggestion that we spend the day in bed together. Somewhat reluctantly, she’d also agreed that I would go rent some porn.

I mindlessly picked out a couple of titles from the local convenience store and returned home as fast as I could. I pressed “Play” on the VCR and jumped into bed next to Anne. It wasn’t the first adult movie we’d watched together, but neither was it high on Anne’s list of things to do. She disliked watching the facials that are so common in porn, and she incorrectly assumed that I found the actresses hotter than her.

The first scene was set in a women’s prison. Predictably, two voluptuous cell mates were naked and kissing erotically within minutes. The girl-on-girl action continued to heat up the screen and I was certainly enjoying it, but I didn’t know if it was doing anything for Anne.

Near the end of the scene, the brunette inmate somehow produced a thick, 10 inch strap-on and began ravenously humping the blonde’s willing pussy. I assumed Anne was bored, so to lighten the mood I joked, “I thought when you get to prison they’d confiscate your strap-on.”

Anne didn’t immediately react, but then she gave me one of the first and most exciting surprises of our married lives. “It would be so cool to do that to another chick,” she said without taking her eyes off the TV.

Within moments the movie was forgotten and I was balls deep in Anne’s horny pussy. Over and over I penetrated her as deeply as I could while we fantasized about her screwing another woman. We both came fast and hard.

In the afterglow I told Anne that I wouldn’t consider it cheating if she had sex with a woman. I said that I dreamed about watching it or, failing that, having her tell me every filthy detail after the fact.

Since then we’d occasionally fantasized during sex about Anne being with a woman. But even after seeing Linda rubbing Anne’s body on the nude beach that summer and watching the two of them tongue kiss, I was convinced it would remain just a fantasy. For one thing, Linda was married to Darrell. For another, they lived two thousand miles away.

“Yes, I remember talking about you with another woman,” I replied as calmly as possible.

Anne continued, “And do you remember saying it wasn’t cheating if I told you about it?”

“Yes . . . if I wasn’t able to watch,” I reminded her. A lot of blood was diverting from my brain to my penis, but I was still cognizant enough to start piecing together what Anne had to tell me. I liked where it was heading.

Anne took a deep breath. “I didn’t go out with the girls tonight,” she confessed. “Linda is in town. I spent the evening with her.” She paused for effect then added, “I fucked her.”

I propped myself up on one elbow and stared at Anne in the faint glow of the streetlight. “Oh, my God. Was it good?”

Anne was beaming from ear to ear. “It was fucking great.”

“Tell me. Don’t leave anything out.”

Anne reported that she’d spoken with Linda around Christmas. Linda told her that she wanted to come for a visit sometime in January, but Darrell wouldn’t be coming with her. Anne said she wondered if it was because the two of them were having marital problems. She didn’t tell me about it because she didn’t want me talking to Darrell, just in case.

Anne said that she met Linda for dinner in the restaurant of Linda’s hotel. Linda was dressed to the nines in a tight-fitting silver cocktail dress that stopped well above her knees. Linda wore her long blonde hair up; Anne guessed it was professionally styled. Her make-up was impeccable, with dark red lipstick accentuating her pretty mouth.

I remembered what Anne was wearing earlier that evening. She looked terrific as usual, but her black dress was far too conservative for a woman of her amazing build. I wondered if Linda had been hoping for something sexier.

Anne explained that they had far too much wine during dinner. Before long, they were retelling explicit stories from the last few days of our cruise together last summer. Linda then asked if Anne liked the birthday card she’d sent her in November.

“The one that had the picture of Darrell’s dick in your ass?” Anne teased. “Yeah, I liked it. What did you think of the picture that John and I emailed back?”

Anne said that Linda reached into her purse and pulled out her phone. She pressed a few keys and then slid it across the table. Anne picked it up and saw the picture of her that I had taken about two months earlier. Anne’s flawless tits, soaked in my cum, filled the frame completely.

Linda said, “I know the email came from John, but even if it hadn’t, I would have recognized those gorgeous boobs anywhere.” She paused for a moment and then asked, “Would it be wrong for me to admit that I’ve lost count of how many times I’ve masturbated to that picture?”

Anne told me that at that point she’d never felt so horny. She said she desperately wanted to come home and fuck me, so she told Linda it was getting late and she should go. Instead, Linda asked Anne to go up to her room for a nightcap. Anne said that she tried to say no, but Linda insisted.

Poor, naïve Anne. She simply refused to believe that women are sexually attracted to her. As I lay in bed listening to her tell the story, and knowing the history between them, it was blindingly obvious what Linda wanted. It was equally obvious that somehow Anne didn’t see it coming.

Anne pressed her body closer to mine as she continued the story. “The second the elevator door closed, Linda pinned me in the corner and started kissing me. I started to melt in her arms. By the time we got to her floor, she had my dress unzipped and my bra unhooked.”

“She can’t keep her hands off your tits,” I said.

I pushed Anne’s top leg off of mine and we each rolled a quarter-turn, Anne onto her back and me onto my side facing her. I dropped my head to her chest and began circling her sensitive nipples with my tongue. At the same time, I reached my left hand down and gently parted her legs. My fingers found her soaking pussy and I slid two inside.

A soft moan escaped Anne’s lips. She reached to her chest and squeezed her boobs together so I could continue sucking them while fingering her wet slit.

The sensations my tongue and fingers were creating made it hard for Anne to concentrate, but she valiantly continued telling me about the evening’s events. “When the elevator door opened,” she said, “Linda pulled me down the hallway to her door. My head was swimming. Next thing I knew, I was on the bed and she was pulling off my dress.”

I listened intently as I continued to bathe Anne’s big tits with my tongue and probe her dripping pussy.

“When I had nothing left on but my panties, Linda stripped for me.”

“What was she wearing underneath her dress?” I interrupted.

“A black bra and matching garter belt and stockings. No panties.”

It was my turn to let out a low moan. “Fuck, she knew what she wanted tonight and came prepared,” I said.

“You don’t know the half of it,” Anne replied. “Linda stood at the end of the bed and stared at me while she took off her bra. She started rubbing her pussy and said, ‘You have no idea how long I’ve been waiting for tonight.’ Then she got on top of me and rubbed her tits against mine. She ground her bald pussy into my thigh while she did it.”

I removed my fingers from Anne’s twat, grabbed her hand and guided it down to my steely prick. Anne started to stroke it as my fingers turned their attention to her swollen clit.

“Linda went wild with my tits,” Anne continued. “She went back and forth between them, licking and pinching and pulling my nipples. Then she motorboated me, just like you do.”

It may not have been a request, but I nonetheless buried my face in Anne’s succulent cleavage. I did my best motorboat sound as my face thrashed from side to side against her boobs. “Who’s better?” I asked.

“Too close to call,” Anne teased, and then she returned to the story. “Linda was relentless. My nipples were actually starting to get sore when she stopped playing with them.”

“Then what did she do?” I asked in breathless anticipation.

“She pulled off my panties and licked my pussy.”

I had to stop Anne from stroking me as the image of Linda’s face between Anne’s legs overheated my already engorged cock.

“First, she teased me,” Anne explained. “She kissed the inside of my thighs and then licked all around my pussy with the tip of her tongue, but she didn’t touch it. I could feel her warm breath teasing me; it drove me crazy. My body started shaking and I couldn’t stand it anymore, so I grabbed the back of her head and pulled her face into my cunt.”

Anne's words became laboured as she struggled to continue the story. The vivid memory of Linda feasting on her delicious pussy combined with my probing fingers overpowered her. She spoke between gasps and moans as I touched her in all the right places.

“Linda told me that she loved the taste of my sex,” Anne groaned. “Her tongue was so far inside me. I looked down between my legs and she was staring at my face. It was like her eyes were begging me to cum.” Anne threw her head back against the pillow and her sounds of pure ecstasy filled the bedroom.

“Did you?” I asked.

“Oh fuck, John, yes, I came on her slutty tongue,” Anne screamed. “Oh God, I’m cumming now too, oh, fuck.”

Anne shrieked and squeezed her heaving tits as she climaxed around my fingers. I felt the tremors of Anne’s orgasm from inside her vagina as she soaked my already drenched hand. I slowly slid my sticky fingers out of her quivering tunnel and licked them clean.

I knew that couldn’t be the end of Anne’s evening with Linda. As I waited desperately for her to catch her breath so she could tell me more, I started jacking my neglected cock. The droplets of pre-cum that escaped during the first part of Anne’s sexy tale lubricated it perfectly for my fist.

When Anne regained some composure, she sensed from the movement of my arm in the darkness that I was masturbating. “Get on your back,” she ordered. “I’ll help you with that big problem in your hand.”

“But I want to hear the rest of the story,” I begged.

“Don’t worry, I’m not done,” Anne reassured me. She then lifted one leg overtop of me and assumed the cowgirl position. She slapped my hand away from my throbbing cock, grabbed the shaft firmly and pointed it towards her hungry pussy.

With tantalizing slowness, Anne eased herself down onto my raging prick. My hyper-sensitive cock felt every millimetre of her hot cunt as she impaled herself on me and sighed deeply. When she had taken my entire length, Anne pressed her hips down hard against mine. It was as if she thought I somehow had another inch or two to give her and she was determined to find it.

“God, I’ve been waiting all night to feel that fucking dick in me,” she gasped.

Anne made circular motions with her sexy hips while keeping my cock buried to the hilt inside her supercharged snatch. She grinded against me for a few minutes while I kneaded the flesh of her gorgeous boobs. Then, to my delight, Anne remembered that her story wasn’t finished.

Anne told me that after Linda tongued her to orgasm, they kissed on the bed for several minutes. Anne smelled and tasted her own pussy on Linda's lips and tongue. Their legs were intertwined and they each had a hand on the other’s firm ass. Linda said that she loved Darrell very much, but when he fucked her she couldn’t stop thinking about Anne.

“That’s weird,” I said to Anne. “It’s not like you can fuck her like Darrell can.”

“And that’s where you’re wrong,” Anne countered. She proceeded to tell me that at that point Linda got off the bed and opened her carry-on bag. She then turned towards Anne and held out an incredibly lifelike dildo and harness.

“Oh my God,” I whispered. “What did she say?”

“She said, ‘Will you please fuck me with this? I’ve wanted you to do it to me for so long.’”

“Holy fuck,” I gasped.

Anne explained how she awkwardly stepped into the harness and fastened the dildo in place. She had never done such a thing before and she needed Linda’s help.

Once it was secure, Linda knelt in front of Anne and started sucking Anne’s big plastic cock. “I was surprised how fucking hot it was to watch Linda suck me,” Anne said. “Her red lips were stretched wide around it and she moaned like she wanted it to cum down her throat. So I held her head still and fucked her mouth.” She giggled for a second then added, “I made her gag on it.”

“You nasty girl,” I said with admiration as I pictured the scene.

Anne said that Linda slobbered all over the thick strap-on cock to get it nice and wet. She then stood up and kissed Anne urgently on the mouth. As she caressed Anne’s tits yet again, Linda whispered into her ear, “Fuck me, Anne. Don’t make me wait any longer.”

Linda got on her back and presented her shaved, steaming pussy. Anne knelt between Linda’s stocking-covered legs and eased her cock into Linda’s aching cunt.

“I started slow; I wasn’t sure how fast to do it,” Anne told me. “But Linda wanted it harder, so I just nailed her as fast and deep as I could. She's such a noisy fuck. I was certain hotel security was going to come to the door.”

Meanwhile, I felt the familiar sensation of cum starting to boil in my balls. I began thrusting my hips up from underneath Anne. The force bounced her up and down on my granite cock like a doll.

“Linda reached down and played with her pussy and clit as I fucked her,” Anne continued. “Then she screamed, ‘I’m going to cum Anne. Oh God, you’re making me cum just like I dreamed!’”

The vision of my beautiful wife fucking her friend into bliss consumed me. I pulled Anne down towards me and felt her gorgeous tits pinned against my chest. I repeatedly stabbed my erupting prick deep into her hot pink box until I flooded her with jizz.

Anne slowly lifted her creamy cunt off my spent cock. I felt gobs of my warm cum drip onto my stomach as she rolled to my side.

Anne kissed my cheek. “Thanks for letting me do that,” she grinned.

“I should be thanking you,” I panted.

“I can hardly believe I did it, but it was absolutely amazing,” Anne said.

“As good as in a women’s prison?” I asked.

“What the hell are you talking about?”

Clearly Anne didn’t remember as much as I did about our snow day years earlier, but I certainly wasn’t complaining. “Never mind,” I replied. “I always knew there was a pussy hound somewhere deep inside you.”

“Maybe,” Anne smiled. “It helps when you have a sexy little slut like Linda to bring it out.”

“How long is Linda in town?” I inquired.

Anne chuckled. “And why would you like to know?” she asked with exaggerated innocence.

“Just thinking that I wouldn’t mind waiting up for you tomorrow if you wanted to see her again.”

Part Two coming soon . . .

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