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Anne's Confession, Part Two

Anne and Linda heat things up when I get home from work.
I peered around the half closed door to my boss’s office. He was talking on the phone with the CEO but saw me out of the corner of his eye and waved me inside. I took the chair on the opposite side of his desk and waited patiently, despite the fact that it was close to 7:00 pm on a Friday and I was exhausted. Mercifully, their conversation was short.

My boss placed the phone back in its cradle and said to me, “That pompous ass doesn’t know half of what he thinks he does.”

I wholeheartedly agreed, and we spent a few minutes lampooning the old curmudgeon. How he made it to the CEO’s chair was a mystery to us both. He must have some compromising photos of someone important.

“Sorry, John,” my boss said as he turned his mind back to business. “I know you didn’t come over here to bitch and complain about that old fart. Just give me a quick summary of where we stand on the Anderson matter and you can go.”

I reminded my boss about a couple of problems I’d been having with the file earlier in the week that had me and my team stumped. Then I reported, with no small sense of pride, that I’d resolved them to everyone’s satisfaction. I told him all that was left was the routine paperwork which would be complete by next week. I should have finished it that day, but my boss didn’t need to know that.

“Great job, John.” He got up from his chair and shook my hand appreciatively across his wide desk. “Now get on home. I can tell that you’re dead tired from working late on this file, and you must have moved mountains today to get it to the goal line.”

He was wrong on both counts.

The fatigued look on my face had nothing to do with work. Rather, I’d been up half the night with my wife Anne. She’d come home close to 2:00 am and confessed that our friend Linda had seduced her at a downtown hotel. Linda had ravaged Anne’s gorgeous, round tits and then tongue-fucked her to a thundering orgasm. Anne then pounded Linda’s horny pussy with a strap-on dildo that Linda had brought for the occasion and prayed that Anne would be willing to use. Anne eagerly told me all the details of their steamy evening while riding my rigid prick.

I accomplished next to nothing at work that day. No matter how hard I tried to concentrate on paperwork, the mental images of my wife having sex with Linda the previous night crowded everything else out of my mind. Countless times I replayed in my head what Anne told me. Twice I snuck off to the men’s washroom to relieve my aching cock. I jerked thick streams of cum into the toilet like a 13 year old boy who had just learned how to masturbate. Each time I returned to my office ashamed of my lack of self-control, but no more focused on my work.

As I rode the subway home, I wondered if Anne would be there when I arrived. She admitted over breakfast that Linda was spending one more day in town before flying back to the west coast and her husband, Darrell. I was certain Anne would want to see Linda again. How could she not after the evening they’d shared?

As I fumbled in my briefcase for my keys, the front door of my house swung open and Linda stood in the doorway. It shouldn’t have surprised me that she was there, but it did.

“I thought I heard someone outside,” she said. “Well, don’t just stand there. Come in and close the door.”

I realized that I was frozen on the front porch like a statue. “Sorry,” I said. I stepped inside and gave her friendly hug. “I just wasn’t expecting to see you. I didn’t know you were coming to visit. Where’s Darrell?”

“Oh, stop lying,” Anne teased as she appeared behind Linda from the kitchen. “Linda already knows that I’ve told you everything.”

I hugged Anne and kissed her on the cheek as she greeted me. I looked back at Linda’s smiling face but was at a loss for words. What do you say to the woman who fucked your wife last night?

“Don’t be embarrassed John,” Linda reassured me. “We’re all adults here. Anne told me that you’ve always fantasized about her having sex with another woman, and I think you know that I’ve fantasized about her since we met on the cruise. Everyone’s a winner.”

Darrell might not have agreed, but at that point he was the furthest thing from my mind. Anne and Linda both looked ravishing, despite being casually dressed. Anne was wearing black yoga pants with burgundy trim and a matching, tight-fitting zip-up jacket over a grey tee shirt. I have a fetish for Anne’s yoga outfits; they amplify the seductive curves of her beautiful body, particularly her narrow waist as it flows gracefully into her tight ass and hips.

Linda had on a pair of designer jeans with a colourful pattern stitched into the back pockets that drew my attention to her backside. On top she wore a dark blue sweater that hugged her pert tits. Linda had a slimmer build than Anne but she was very toned. I remembered seeing her both in and out of her bikini last summer, and it was clear that she was no stranger to the gym.

Linda graciously took my coat and hung it in the hall closet. As I removed my shoes, she disappeared into the living room. On the kitchen counter I saw a wine bottle and two glasses, all of them empty. It looked as though the women had started the party without me.

“Where are the kids?” I asked Anne.

“I took them to my parents’ house before I got Linda from her hotel,” she replied.

“What time do they need to get picked up?”

Anne stepped closer to me and put her arms around my waist. “Not until morning,” she said suggestively. “Unless you want to get them sooner.”

“God no.”

“Good,” Anne replied. “Then go change out of this suit while I pour some wine.”

I had to force myself not to run up the stairs to the master bedroom. On the way I passed Linda slouched in the loveseat. We smiled at each other but didn’t speak.

I pulled out a pair of dark blue jeans and a hoodie and started to change my clothes. I also started mentally playing out the possibilities for the evening. Clearly Anne was not done with Linda. A round trip drive to my in-laws’ house is about ninety minutes long. Anne would not have made the trek if a pleasant dinner and friendly conversation were all she had in store. But why had Linda come to our house? Was I supposed to be part of Act Two? Suddenly I was grateful that I’d jerked off twice at work. If what I thought might happen was truly about to happen, I’d need all the stamina I could muster.

Still, I wrestled with a nagging uncertainty in my mind. During all the times Anne and I fantasized about her and another woman, we never talked about what I might do if I was there. It was probably because the two of us never thought it would happen, so there was no point venturing into dangerous territory that might ruin the fantasy and leave one or both of us with hurt feelings. It successfully kept the fantasy alive. However, it also meant that I had no idea if Linda was off limits to me.

When I returned downstairs, I found Anne curled up in the loveseat next to Linda. They were so close together it would have been impossible to slide a sheet of paper between them. They each held a half-empty glass of white wine. A full glass was on the coffee table in front of the couch where I was presumably meant to sit. I plopped down and took a large sip. It was only then that I noticed Anne’s jacket was unzipped down to the level of her belly button. Her large tits strained against the fabric of her shirt and the v-neck exposed more than a hint of her superb cleavage.

Linda caught me staring at Anne’s boobs. With her free hand she cupped Anne’s left breast and said to me, “I can’t stop looking at them either.” Linda dipped her index finger into Anne’s cleavage and then traced the tops of Anne’s breasts. “If I had tits like these to play with, I’d never get anything done.”

Anne put her hand on the back of Linda’s head and pulled her face closer. They kissed delicately and their lips lingered together as I watched in amazement.

Linda finally broke the kiss and then took a long drink. She nearly emptied her glass, so she squeezed out of the loveseat and announced she was going to the kitchen for a refill.

When Linda was almost out of the room, I jumped from the couch to the loveseat next to Anne. “Do we need to set some ground rules here?” I asked anxiously.

“What do you mean?”

“I know where this is headed, or at least I sure hope I do,” I explained. “But, are you comfortable with me... you know... being involved?”

“I wouldn’t have suggested that she come over if I didn’t want you to be part of it,” Anne smiled.

“That’s great, really it’s amazing, but how much of a part?” I knew that Linda would be back any moment and Anne was not answering my question. I continued, “I’m not at all jealous of Linda. I love you more than anything, and I can’t even begin to explain how happy I am that you got to be with her and enjoyed it. But will you be jealous of her if I get involved?”

“Honey, you’re overthinking it,” Anne replied. “Just go with the flow.”

At that moment Linda returned with a full wine glass and what was left of the bottle. “Hey, John took my spot,” she pouted.

Linda put the glass and bottle on the table and stepped to the loveseat. Before I had a chance to move, she sat down on my lap and leaned over to resume kissing Anne. I watched Linda’s pink tongue invade Anne’s mouth no more than two feet from my face. Their tongues teased each other relentlessly and soft moans began to escape their mouths. With both hands now free, Linda grabbed onto Anne’s full tits and squeezed them together hard.

With my left hand I stroked Anne’s long brown hair but my right remained planted on the arm of the loveseat. I didn’t know if I should touch Linda or not. “Just go with the flow,” Anne had said. That could mean just about anything.

“Let’s go upstairs,” Anne suggested.

Linda released Anne’s tits and lifted herself off my lap. She then reached for Anne’s hand and helped her off the loveseat. Anne did the same to me and the three of us made our way up the stairs with Linda in the lead. When we got inside the bedroom, Linda turned and kissed Anne again as her hands roamed over Anne’s delicious ass. After a moment, Anne turned her back to Linda and kissed me passionately.

“You heard the review last night,” Anne said. “Are you ready for the live show?”

“More than you can imagine,” I replied.

Anne and Linda jumped onto the bed and started rolling around in a tight lip lock. Their hands seemed to be everywhere at once. Anne slapped Linda’s ass a couple of times before creating some separation between their hips so she could rub Linda’s pussy through her jeans. Linda’s hands found Anne’s chest again and she pinched Anne’s protruding nipples. It stuck me that in the last 24 hours Linda had probably spent more time playing with Anne’s tits than I had.

I sat down in the large arm chair beside the bed and watched as the women started to undress each other. Anne undid Linda’s pants and tried to reach inside, but they were still too confining. She knelt beside Linda and tugged at her open jeans. Linda lifted her slender hips off the bed to accommodate, and in an instant her jeans were inside-out on the floor. Anne and I both stared between Linda’s legs and saw a tiny, white thong stretching to cover her mound.

As Anne knelt, Linda pulled Anne’s yoga pants halfway down her thighs. Anne was also wearing a white lace thong. Linda wasted no time and felt the thin, damp material between Anne’s legs.

“You horny slut,” Linda accused. “Your panties are already soaked.”

Anne leaned forward and her fingers tested the fabric covering her friend’s crotch. “Mmmmm, then that makes two of us,” she groaned.

Linda sat up and the two of them frantically removed clothing. When they were both down to just their underwear, they knelt facing each other on the bed and unhooked each other’s bra. Two gorgeous sets of tits popped into view as their bras fell to the bed. Their erect nipples poked and brushed together as they kissed passionately.

Then Anne and Linda simultaneously reached between the other’s legs. They delicately pulled thongs aside and pressed fingers against wet slits and began to rub. When Anne’s finger penetrated Linda’s eager box, Linda moaned loudly and rested her head on Anne’s shoulder.

“Oh, that feels good,” Linda gasped.

Meanwhile, my growing cock made me regret changing into jeans. I undid my button and zipper and pushed my pants and boxers down to my knees. My hard-on sprang free and I started pulling on it lightly.

Linda was the first to notice. “Ooohhh, your husband’s jacking off to us,” she panted in Anne’s ear. “Look at how big and hard his cock is. I bet it feels great in your cunt.”

Anne turned and saw me stroking my prick. “It does,” she said. “He really knows how to use it.”

Anne then stretched out on her back and slid off her thong. She spread her legs and exposed to me her dripping pussy and perfectly groomed strip of pubic hair. Anne’s eyes burned into mine as her hands rubbed the inside of her thighs and then found her swollen clit.

“Does he like watching you masturbate?” Linda asked rhetorically. “Of course he does; who wouldn’t want to see that? I wonder if he’ll like watching two women do it.”

Linda removed her thong and positioned herself on the bed next to Anne. She interlocked one leg with Anne’s as she displayed her completely bare pussy to me. She unnecessarily sucked on two of her fingers to wet them and then slid them both into her waiting snatch.

“Oh, fucking hell,” I said mindlessly. My cock throbbed in my hand as I watched Anne and Linda pleasure themselves on my bed. Their pussies made wet, squishing noises as they thrust their fingers in and out and toyed with their clits. I could see that Anne, in particular, had worked herself into a frenzy. Her sultry body thrashed on the bed as she assaulted her own sweltering pussy.

“Fuck, here it comes, I’m cumming,” Anne shrieked. Her right hand became a blur as she violently rubbed her aching clit. “Argh, ugh, oh fuck,” she wailed.

Anne’s legs snapped shut as the orgasmic pressure building within her was released. Her legs were still up in the air and I could see her puffy pussy glistening with her juices. I desperately wanted to taste her, but the nagging doubts about my participation kept me planted on the chair. Instead, I pulled off my jeans and the rest of my clothes and watched to see what would happen next.

As Anne’s climax subsided, Linda rolled towards her and said, “I love watching you cum Anne, you’re so fucking hot.” She slid a hand into Anne’s cleavage and kissed her cheek.

Anne turned her head towards Linda and kissed her lips. “Thank you,” Anne said. “But now I think it’s time I took care of you.”

Anne got up and shifted Linda to the far side of the bed. She was lying across the bed on an angle with her head in one corner and her legs pointing diagonally to the opposite corner closest to my chair. Anne then grabbed the back of Linda’s knees and lifted her shapely legs, once again providing me with a direct look at Linda’s pussy and ass. Anne then blocked my view by crawling between Linda’s legs. She gazed down into Linda’s eyes and said, “I should have done this last night; I’m not going to miss my second chance.”

Linda’s eyes grew as big as saucers as Anne lowered her face towards Linda’s wet cunt. I involuntarily jumped to the edge of the chair and strained my neck to get a better view. I watched in awe as Anne’s tongue poked from her mouth and inched closer to Linda’s pussy. Linda’s legs trembled in anticipation as she felt Anne’s warm breath on her labia before there was any contact. Then, as if in slow motion, Anne’s tongue prodded the bottom of Linda’s horny slit and then licked a swath all the way up to her clit.

“Oh God, Anne, you don’t know how bad I wanted this,” Linda gasped.

Anne was tentative at first, but with Linda’s encouragement she vigorously licked and sucked Linda’s hot pink opening. The more noise Linda made, the farther Anne’s tongue disappeared into Linda’s tunnel. Then Anne reached up to fondle Linda’s perky tits. It’s a move I often do when my face is buried in Anne’s mound, and I wondered if Anne was subconsciously copying me.

Suddenly, the realization hit me that I was watching my beautiful wife eat her first pussy, and she loved it. I felt like I should pinch myself, but it was no dream. The pulsating prick in my hand was proof of that.

Kneeling on the bed with her face in Linda’s cunt, Anne’s glorious ass and pussy were aimed straight at me. I glanced down to my lap where I still stroked my inflamed cock. Strands of clear, sticky pre-cum were dangling from the tip and several drops had pooled together on the hardwood floor. It was time to “go with the flow.”

I got off the chair and knelt on the bed behind Anne. She felt the movement on the mattress and knew what was coming. She spread her knees apart to make room for me while she continued to devour Linda’s pussy. I lined up the tip of my dick with Anne’s cunt and pushed it against her opening. Her hot pussy gripped my shaft tightly as I slid deep inside.

I grabbed Anne’s hips and began pumping her sweet cunt. The force rocked her body back and forth and she struggled to keep her mouth locked on Linda’s pussy.

“Fuck her John,” Linda commanded me. “Give her all that beautiful cock of yours.”

I increased the pace and depth of my thrusts in response to Linda’s order. Over and over I pulled back until just the tip of my cock connected me to Anne, and then rammed my full length back inside her. Anne moaned with desire as she alternated between feeling empty and then completely full of my meat, but the sounds were mostly muffled by Linda’s mound.

Linda looked at me again and said, “Look at your hot wife, John. She’s tongue fucking me while she takes all your cock. Did you know you married such a hot, pussy loving slut?”

Linda’s dirty talk stoked all of our fires, but I didn’t want to cum yet. I pulled out of Anne’s steaming pussy and grabbed the base of my shaft like a vise. “Turn over,” I said.

“Not yet,” Anne objected. “I want to make Linda cum.”

“I want that too, darling, badly,” said Linda. “But there’s more than one way to do it.” With that, Linda sat up and guided Anne over onto her back.

Anne wrapped her legs around my waist as I penetrated her again. Linda knelt beside Anne and held her hand as she watched me fuck her. Anne’s round tits bounced back and forth in rhythm with my thrusts, and Linda seemed fascinated with the sight. “God, I love how your tits jiggle while you get fucked,” she moaned. Linda then leaned forward to Anne’s chest and greedily sucked a nipple into her mouth and stretched it with her lips.

Linda then grabbed the headboard and lifted one leg over Anne’s head. She straddled Anne’s face and lowered her dripping pussy onto Anne’s mouth. Linda’s back was to me so as she leaned forward I could easily see Anne’s tongue going back to work on her friend’s sex. Anne eagerly lapped up Linda’s juices and zeroed in on her sensitive clit.

“Fuck Anne, for a first-timer you eat pussy so well,” Linda huffed. “I’m so close. Don’t stop.”

Stopping was the last thing on Anne’s mind. On hearing that Linda was about to cum, Anne worked her tongue even faster. She licked in and all around Linda’s pussy trying to find the spot that would push Linda over the edge. Linda responded by humping Anne’s pretty face while I kept fucking Anne’s slippery cunt.

“Ahhhh, yes Anne, fuck, I’m cumming,” Linda howled. Uncontrollable spasms rocked Linda’s body and she reached down and pressed hard on her clit trying to prolong the ecstasy.

I reached between Anne’s legs and rubbed her love button at the same time. I felt her pussy clench tightly around my shaft as she came again.

“Me too,” Anne shrieked. “Oh, God. Fuck my pussy John.”

Linda crumpled against the headboard panting. I noticed that Anne’s face was completely glazed with pussy juice. I leaned forward and kissed Anne’s lips and we shared Linda’s taste. The thought of savouring a pussy that wasn’t Anne’s for the first time in close to 20 years was powerfully stimulating.

As I looked at Anne and Linda’s naked and spent bodies on my bed, I knew I wouldn’t last much longer. Then I thought of the picture of Anne’s cum soaked tits that I’d emailed to Linda two months earlier, and that Anne said was still on her phone. I decided in that instant that I was going to fuck Anne’s tits again so that Linda could see it in person. I straddled Anne’s chest and pressed my hard, slippery cock into her gorgeous cleavage.

“You dirty fuckers,” Linda grinned. “You knew I wanted to see this.”

Linda pushed herself off the headboard and knelt beside me as Anne squeezed her big tits together around my shaft. Linda put her arm around my waist as she strained to get closer. She seemed to want to see the same view that I had, looking straight down at my cock moving like a piston between Anne’s luscious boobs. I felt Linda’s warm, naked breasts pressed against my skin. That strangely erotic feeling was more than I could handle.

“Fuck, here it comes,” I panted.

As fast as a coiled snake, Linda’s hand struck at my cock. She grabbed my rigid pole just as the first blast of cum landed on Anne’s neck. Linda stroked me wildly and aimed the tip of my cock first at Anne’s left nipple, then the right. With Linda’s help I coated them both with massive shots of sticky sperm.

Linda squeezed the last drop from my dick and then wiped the sensitive opening with her fingers. She then released her grip on my cock and clutched Anne’s heaving tits. She lewdly massaged Anne’s boobs with my cum and smeared it all over her chest.

I felt a moment of panic as I watched Linda finger painting Anne’s tits with my jizz. How would Anne react to another woman jerking the cum from my balls? Had Linda crossed a line? Should I have stopped her? I don’t think I could have if I tried.

“Mmmm, that’s fucking sexy,” Anne said as Linda groped her slippery chest.

Equal parts relief and exhaustion washed over me. I collapsed on one side of Anne and Linda snuggled close to her on the other. Linda and I both claimed one of Anne’s breasts with our hands and we each kissed her on the cheek.

“That’s one amazing woman you have here,” Linda said to me.

Don’t I know it.

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