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Annie and Michelle Part 2: The Bet

Part 2: The Bet
Since the incident in high school, years earlier, Annie and Michelle had not seen each other naked again. Michelle was too embarrassed by what happened, and too afraid of being caught, and Annie respected her friend enough to protect her privacy.

But things had changed since then. Michelle had matured and grown more comfortable with her sexuality- she was ready to embrace the fact that she might be a little attracted to Annie, and was acknowledging the possibility that she might be bisexual. Annie had blossomed into an even more beautiful young woman, stronger and more comfortable than ever. Her breasts had grown a full cup size and then some, up to a large perky C.

In order to pass the time at the office, Annie and Michelle amused each other with friendly competitions. Usually they were harmless, innocent things- like seeing how many things they could take from a co-worker's desk without him noticing, or how many times they could change their clothes during one work day. But today, Michelle had something special in mind.

She glanced across the room at Annie and caught her eye, signalling that they should meet in the break room for another one of their bets. So Annie walked over and Michelle followed her.

"OK, what's the plan?" Annie asked.

"Ummm," Michelle said, nervously, "I was thinking, that, we could try something a bit, different, today."

"I'm intrigued," Annie said, "tell me."

"Well, it might not be entirely appropriate."

"Come on, look who you're talking to. Spit it out."

"OK, here's my idea. We each have to go in the ladies room and shave legs, arms, armpits, and pubes. The other one of us stands guard outside the door. Then, whoever can do it the fastest and with the least nicks, smoothest shave and lest razor burn is the winner."

"I'm in," Annie said, instantly, "but what's the prize and what's the penalty."

Annie and Michelle's bets always had a prize that the loser would give to the winner, and an unpleasant penalty that the loser would have to endure.

"The prize," Michelle said, "is a free Brazilian wax. The penalty- the loser can't shave her pussy for a month."

"Ew, I don't know if I could stand growing a bush. And besides, how does the winner know the loser isn't shaving in secret?"

"Well, you might just have to see what having a bush is like, and as for knowing, I guess we'll just have to do daily checks in the bathroom stall."

"This is a pretty hardcore bet Michelle. Which means I'd better win." The two girls shook hands and walked, giggling, out of the room.

The next day, neither girl shaved in their morning shower, and they snuck a razor and a can of shaving cream into work in their purses. They met outside the bathroom as soon as they were done with their morning's paperwork.



Michelle went first, since it was her idea. In order to shave all the designated areas, the girls realized they would have to get entirely nude in the bathroom stall. Michelle didn't usually shave her arms, but she thought it would add to the challenge and make it more exciting. Knowing this, both girls dressed in their most stripped down outfits- short skirts, blouses and no underwear.

Michelle stepped into the bathroom and locked the door. Annie stood outside and started the timer. Michelle covered her body in shaving cream, then went to work. Even working as fast as she could, Michelle was very cautious, especially when it came to handling her delicate pussy. It took her all of 20 minutes to completely denude her body, and when she was done, she felt extremely aroused and her pussy was soaking wet. She hastily slipped on her clothes and stepped out.

Then it was Annie's turn. Michelle stood outside the door and started the timer. She had barely been out there for 10 minutes when Annie emerged, smirking.

"Well, I guess I beat you again."

"Not so fast, we have to make sure you did a good job." Michelle replied.

They both slipped into the bathroom and locked the door behind them. They had the whole room to themselves. Wordlessly, they stripped naked. For the first time in 5 years, Michelle beheld Annie's naked beauty. Smooth, curvaceous and slender, Annie had shaved herself perfectly. She had made no mistake, and even taken time to apply lotion and oil to her legs. She stood there, her bare skin shining, and said to Michelle "As soon as you proposed this bet, I knew I was gonna win."

"I knew you would win too," Michelle said, "that's why I planned it."

Then, as if by some unspoken agreement, they embraced. Michelle felt Annie's firm, large tits pressed against her body, and the smooth embrace of her newly shaven arms and legs. They kissed, their soft, moist lips meeting and locking together, their tongues dancing and colliding in their mouths. Then they broke their embrace and stared into each others eyes.

Annie reached out and slowly stroked her hand down Michelles hair, past her shoulders and along her slender waste. Then she traced the lines of her hips down to her soft, shaven pubic mound, and down that until they reached her clit, which she gave a gentle, teasing flick.

Michelle trembled with the pleasure of that single touch- it was the first time Annie had ever touched her that way. Shaking, she reached out towards Annie's pristine, delicate, clean-shaven pussy, aching to touch her soft hairless temple for the first time. But Annie smacked her hand away.

"Oh no," Annie said, "you lost. You don't get to touch this yet. But you- you're all mine!"

She grabbed Michelle by the shoulders and pushed her up against the wall. Then she reached down to her pussy and began rubbing in circles around her clit, causing Michelle's already soaking pussy to grow even wetter. Then, she took two fingers and stuck them inside Michelle's tight, warm cunt, thrusting them in and out, while still stimulating her clit. With her other hand, she pinched Michelle's nipples and fondled her breasts, causing a conduit of pleasure to flow between Michelle's tits and her aching pussy.

Michelle opened her mouth to moan, but Annie covered it- after all, they were still in the office, and as Annie's hand covered her mouth she tasted her own sweet pussy juices.

Annie then returned her attentions to Michelle's cunt, thrusting her fingers in deeper while still swirling around her clit.

"Oh Annie," Michelle whispered, "I'm going to cum."

"Oh no you're not!" Annie suddenly stopped. She pulled her fingers out, and left her friend desperate, gasping for air and longing again for Annie's touch. "You don't get to cum until I get my wax, and you pay your penalty" she said, teasingly but with a hint of cruelty. She picked up her clothes and covered herself, so that Michelle could no longer see her beautiful naked body.

"I'll see you here, same time tomorrow, for the inspection. Dress slutty, no panties. See you later."

And she walked out of the room, swinging her hips.

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