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Annie and Michelle Part 3: The Penalty

After losing a bet, Michelle goes a month without shaving her pussy, and Annie gets to inspect her.
It was a hard month for Michelle, but not because of Annie. Annie tortured her mercilessly, of course, but that was the part she enjoyed. The whole idea of the bet was to get Annie to touch her, to hurt her, to love her, and in that respect, she had succeeded.

Michelle secretly loved getting dressed every day, finding the shortest skirt possible, and slipping it on, with no panties. She loved having to cross her legs tight at work, knowing that the useless piece of fabric she was wearing would do almost nothing to cover her pussy, and that one slip would bare her to anyone who was looking. But most of all, she loved her daily inspections with Annie.

The two would carefully avoid each other every day, making sure to not seem at all connected. They would eat, work, and take their breaks separately, but once a day, they would sneak into the bathroom together. Annie would lift up Michelle's skirt and look under to make sure she was holding up her end of the bargain.

Then she would tease her, saying "Poor Michelle, you must feel so unclean." Or, "Michelle darling, didn't anyone teach you to take care of yourself?" Annie acted as if the bet had never existed- she simply treated Michelle as if she was doing this by choice, as if she were her own personal slave who she teased for pleasure.

At first, Annie would pleasure Michelle at each inspection, rubbing her clit and fingering her to the brink of orgasm and telling her "You're lucky that I touch you with your shit this hairy. If you weren't so fucking sexy I wouldn't lay a finger on you." Then she would pull out just before Michelle's climax, and Michelle dared not finish herself later, for she knew that her own touch could never be as loving, tender and overpowering as Annie's.

Instead, she would cross her legs over her tiny skirt and savor the moment in her mind. Eventually, as Michelle's bush started to poof out, Annie touched her even less, simply running a finger down her pubic mound or stroking her inner thigh, but still causing her to shiver with pleasure and making her pussy soaking wet. Then she would tell her, "This is as close as I'm getting to that bush, you hairy bitch," and she would smack her hard on the ass, over and over again, before giving a dismissive backhanded blow to her hairy crotch which was her signal to leave.

But, as much as she enjoyed the pleasure and the pain Annie gave her, Michelle herself found that she could no longer stand the sight of her bush. Although she had lived with it for much of high school, she now found that the mere thought of having hair revolted her. The feeling of the hair between her legs brought back the feelings of shame and sexual insecurity that she felt as a teenager, as if by regrowing her bush, she regrew all the innocent self-loathing that had characterized her virginal years. These feelings played into her power play with Annie, as her own shame and misgiving made her adventures in the bathroom all the more exciting.

At last, the final day of the bet arrived. Michelle took extra care in getting ready, dressing as sluttily as she could get away with in her office. Her tiny navy skirt clung so tightly to her ass that if the fabric had been cream colored a person looking at her from behind might have thought she was wearing nothing at all.

She took a blouse from her high school days, before her breasts had become the perky round B-cups she had today, and slipped it on. It strained against her bust, threatening to burst, but held fast. Because she wore no bra under it, her nipples were visible under the white material, so she covered it with a tight fitting blue blazer that hugged her thin waist while creating tantalizing cleavage. Satisfied, she drove into work and awaited her final inspection.

At the designated time, she and Annie met in the bathroom for one last time. Annie lifted up her skirt, revealing Michelle's now full and unruly bush. Without saying a word, Annie kissed her hand, and blew the kiss between Michelle's legs. Annie had trained Michelle so well with her month's worth of daily teasing, that the simple caress of her breath was enough to make Michelle soaking wet.

Annie stood up, pulled Michelle's skirt back down, and said softly "Your penalty is now complete. Have this cleaned up by the next time we meet. It will be sooner then you think."

Then she walked out of the room without another word.

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