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She opens the door for me without a word, leads me through her living room then outside to her deck. She was mad at me for not coming through on a promise I made her. I beg for her forgiveness as I lightly kiss her neck, shoulders, and cheek as she stands beside me at the counter. She tries to fight it, trying to appear strong, but I won’t give up. I try giving her a hickey, but she pushes me away. She hasn’t warmed up yet.

Coaxing her a little longer, finally, she lets me kiss her pouty lips. First butterfly kisses, which lead to sucking lightly, individually, at her top, then bottom lip, in between my whisperings of “Sorry”.

She is a tough one to crack, but I think I have her. I know this is true when her tongue enters my mouth, rubbing seductively against mine. We stay on her outdoor deck as long as we can, kissing, and feeling each other up. When we start removing each other’s clothes, we move into the house.

We end up on her bed, both of us lying side by side, partially undressed, kissing and “petting” each other. She is beautiful. She stands up from me to take off the rest of her clothes. I can make out her features in the semi darkness. Her spiky styled hair, her prominent nose, luscious lips. She undress’ in the darkness, and then comes back to me on the bed. I lay back, supported on my elbows, as she comes toward me. Her silky shaved legs, straddled mine as she climbs on top of me. She nuzzles my neck with her nose and lips. I turn my head toward her ear and whisper,

“I want you to sit on my face.”

She smiles at me, then moves to oblige.

Her knees straddle me at my waist as she begins her climb. She playfully tugs at my nipples, since I hadn’t worn a bra, thru my wife-beater t-shirt. I flinch because she knows this is a sensitive area for me. She stops climbing, to playfully rest her “kitten” on my chin. I can smell her scent from where she is, and it is turning me on. I can feel my pussy juicing, at the anticipating thought of placing my tongue against her clit, and the very tip into her hole.

I try to bring my arms up, to nudge her toward my mouth, but she strategically had them pinned with her shins.

“Come on babe, don’t tease.” I utter.

She rubs her pussy along the base of my chin.

“You want this baby huh?”

I try to loosen my arms free from her legs. She catches herself from falling by placing her hands on the bed, in a doggy-style position. I raise my head, and catch one of her nipples in my mouth. I bite hard, but playfully on it.

“Ouch!” she exclaims, startled, but doesn’t try to pull from me.

I suck hard on her she likes it rough. She puts both of her hands into my shoulder length hair, pulling hard at my roots.

I like it rough as well.

When I release my hold on her breast, she continues her climb, hands still in my hair, and rests her “treat” at my lips. I don’t hesitate; I take her fully into my mouth. Her moist folds are slick with her wetness. I lick her until her taste transfers to my mouth. She pulls at my hair, letting me know, what I already knew, she is loving this.

She breaks away from me, for a minute to turn around, placing us in a 69 position. She lifts my short skirt revealing my mesh, fishnet panties. She moves them to the side then takes her index and middle finger and rubs down and through my wet pussy lips.

With me, my cream ALWAYS rose to the top, so it didn’t surprise me when she says,

“Your ready huh babe.”

I attack her pussy. Pushing my tongue as far as it would go into her hole. She continues to fondle me with her fingers, as she grinds against my mouth, her asshole comes closer and closer to my nose. I hear her when she sighs of ecstasy, then bends down to return the favor to me.

She latches her thumbs on both sides of my hips, under the elastic of my panties, then slides them down from my waist. She pushes them to my knees, where I then take over, kicking off my flip flops, and bringing one of my knees up to shimmy out of them. Once discarded, she pulls at my thighs. I bring both of my legs up until my feet rest flat against her cotton bedspread. She parts my “gem” with her tongue, since I was hairless, and timidly played within me.

“FUCK”, I thought to myself. This bitch is not Fuckin serious!! I ate her out on a regular, and she STILL can’t get the gist of eating pussy! My emotions get the better of me. I just stop.

“Know what, get off me!”

“What babe? What’s wrong?”

She slowly climbs from over me. Looking hurt and confused.

“I don’t understand why you don’t get this. You know what I do to you. I know you like it. Why is it so hard for you to return the favor?”

“You know I’m new at this.” She answers with a pout.

It’s not working. She’s cute, but not that cute.

“I’ve been eating you out for like 6 months now. The first 2, I’ve NEVER asked you to return the favor. I think I’ve been more than patient with you. You’re going to eat my pussy right, or we will be here all day.”

I didn’t mean to sound so harsh, but shit, I have been holding back for 6 months, this hoe is going to show me her worth.

She took up residence between my legs. She wrapped both of her arms around the underside of my thighs.

Just as she pokes out her tongue to enter me, looking down at her, from where I lay I instruct,

“Don’t poke out your tongue. Relax it.”

She looked up attentively, as if she REALLY didn’t know. She flattens her tongue out, then for the first time, from bottom up, she licks my pussy like I like it!

After a few minutes I realize she apparently likes it too, because she really starts getting into it. She stops a few times to mutter;

“Mmmmm, you taste so good.”

I felt like saying, “and after 4 months, you’re just figuring it out.” But I didn’t.

She takes the liberty of exploring more on her own. Burrowing her tongue deep within me, then lapping at the hole distributing my juice. I was blown away when she took it upon herself to start humming into my pussy as she sucked. Had me wondering if she has been “playing me” all along?

The more intense it came, the tables turned. She had me sucking on my own breast, holding it within one hand, while my other hand held the back of her head steady. I ground my twat into her face. I was going to cum, and after 6 months of waiting it’s going to be all I’ve been waiting for.

She didn’t disappoint, I came hard bucking against her in the process. She licked me until my spasms subsided, then climbs her way back up top, and to my mouth so I can finish her off.

We must have been a sight to see. My feet flat on her bedspread, legs cocked open, pussy glistening with cum.

Her riding me like a trooper, head thrown back in the throes of passion, her size B Titties in each of her hands, fingertips pulling at her nipples.

Her ceiling fan rotates around at a medium speed, distributing our scent within the room.

All I heard was, “WHAT THE FUCK!!!”

“OH MY GOD! Baby, I’m sorry.” She tries to explain as she jumps from me, and runs to him.

At the abruptness of it all, I didn’t know what to do. I jumped up to a sitting position, straightening out my clothes, scoop up my thong from the floor and slide my feet back into my flip-flops.

She argues with him in the doorway of their bedroom, until he storms off into the kitchen with her following him.

This is their bedroom and I had to get out of here. Their arguing got louder as I came out of the bedroom, heading toward her front door. A dish crashed against the wall behind where I just past.


“You know what Ty, FUCK YOU! If you had been putting it down, I would have never been able to get in.”

Diane holds him back as he tries lunging at me.

“JUST LEAVE!” she hollars out.

I lick my lips slowly and seductively, making sure to catch his eyes, before I walk out the door.

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