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Ashley teaches Kirsten a lesson

Teach me a real good lesson I said loosening my towel.
All I wanted to do was watch some porn, some good old girl on girl action but of course my internet would be down on the day I was so horny. I could order it on TV but if it came on the bill there would be a long discussion with my parents about sex, puberty and all that good stuff. I mean I was 17, I had heard the sex talk over a hundred times I knew all the basic stuff like use condoms, birth control etc. I was sexually active because who the hell in Orange Country at the age of 17 wasn't? Especially someone as hot as me, with tan skin, long legs, platinum blonde hair and perky 36 C breasts.
Annoyed with the whole situation I laid down on my bed and flipped through my pictures on my phone. No way was I going to watch porn on my phone, that was not enjoyable since it froze every two seconds. I stopped at the picture of my good friend Ashley. Ashley oh Ashley. This picture was taken last weekend at the beach, she was wearing a blue polka dot bikini, oversized glasses and hooped earrings. Her own platinum blonde hair was wavy and spilled over her shoulders. In the picture, I who was wearing a white striped bikini was hugging her tightly and we were both smiling.

Staring at the picture and how hot she looked with her breasts nearly spilling out of the bikini and I slid my hand into my skirt and panties, imagining Ashley doing that instead. My other hand which was clutching the phone now dropped it and I shivered as it trailed under my tank top and bra to my breasts and squeezed, pinching my nipple. I closed my eyes imagining Ashley's hand with a fresh French manicure squeezing my nipple instead. My hand slid further down into my dripping wet pussy, I imagined her tongue there instead and I bit my lip from screaming in pleasure. I moaned her name as I slid my fingers inside myself.

"Ashley..." I inserted my fingers faster, moaning louder than ever. " Ashley ... oh fuck yes ... fuck me Ashley please." I wanted her big luscious lips on mine more than ever, I wanted her skin touching mine and her big breasts brushing mine. I wanted to grab her ass and squeeze her nipples. "Oh Ashley ... baby ah." I was at my peak now knowing if I continued for 45 more seconds I was going to break into a leg shaking orgasm. But that's when I heard a giggle and I froze.

I turned to my right to see Ashley standing at the door giggling. I was worried, but also aroused as she walked into my room surveying it as if it changed since Tuesday when she was in here last. She looked so hot in those snug white shorts where I could see her pink thong and her freshly waxed tan legs and those big big breasts spilling out of her tight tank top.

"W-What're you doing here?" I stammered, embarrassed wondering how long she had been there. She couldn't have heard me, I wasn't that loud.

"I came to return your jeans you let me borrow," she replied, tossing them on the bed.

"How'd you get in?" I demanded as she sat down on my bed carelessly.

"Your door was open," she replied as she picked up Elle magazine off the ground and began flipping through it. She smirked and my heart sank; she knew what I had been doing. What I had been screaming.

Everyone knew I was bi-curious because which 17 year old isn't? But she saw me fucking myself screaming her name. "Um ... I'm gonna go take a shower," I said awkwardly thinking she would take this as her cue to leave.

"Okay, " she replied not looking up."I'll wait here."

I took a short ten minute shower, letting the cold water just hit me. I was positive I had locked the door, maybe she had used the key under the mat? And what was I gonna do now, I was still horny and seeing her just made me want to release myself even more. I considered using the shower head but it would be a poor setting if she heard me moaning. I was toweling myself dry when she burst through the door shoving my phone in her face.

 "You were masturbating to ME?" she demanded looking disgusted.

" Um .. no Ash," I said wide-eyed. How was I gonna get out of this?

 She shook her head as she raced to my room, to probably grab her bag and leave.

 "Ash I'm sorry! I was just horny," I said chasing her to my room where she stood her hands at her hips. I forced myself to look at her eyes and not those big milky breasts that I just wanted to touch so bad.

"You're a lesbian?" she questioned and I nodded looking down, there was no point in hiding this any longer.
"You're nasty." She spat and I didn't move. "You're such a bad girl," she said moving towards me until she was so close that her breasts nearly touched mine. "You're so bad," she repeated.

I looked up into her blue eyes which were burning into mine. "Teach me a lesson then," I challenged. "Teach me a real good lesson," I said loosening my towel.

She looked me up and down, pausing at my breasts and licking her lips.

"You're a bad girl," she whispered putting her hands around my bare waist.

"Teach my a lesson," I repeated.

" Your tits are so big," she whispered pushing my towards the bed, we were lying on it now, her on top of me.

"You're gonna think twice before you mess with me." She mumbled brushing her hair out of her way and her lips were on my nipple.

She bit me gently, playing with my breasts and I didn't want to even blink, I didn't want to miss a second. She licked my stomach her hand squeezing my breast tightly, and I bit my lip from screaming.

 "Ashley," I moaned.

She hadn't even reached my pussy yet, it was dripping wet. She slowly took off her tank top teasing me by slowly lifting it. She was straddled on me leaning over me and I sucked her breast letting her hair fall over me. I bit it causing her hand to travel to my pussy. She was moaning louder now and I was trembling from excitement. She slowly rolled off me and took off her shorts and her hot pink thong rolling me on top of her. I kissed her, my first time kissing a girl and it felt so right. I let my tongue wander her mouth as her hands were on my breasts squeezing every time I nibbled her lip. She was going south now, she gave me a sexy smile before her head dissappeared in between my thighs.

"Ashley!" I screamed on the top of my lungs as she sucked and licked like her life depended on it.

Fuck this felt so good, better than Nick Marcus and even Evan Jameson. One of her fingers went inside my asshole and I couldn't breathe. I was thrusting, humping doing things I didn't know I could do.

"You like that?" she demanded sliding her tongue in my cunt and flicking. " You fucking whore. You dirty slut, you like that?" I felt like I was on fire, I couldnt control myself.

"Ashley yes. YESSS." I moaned as I was reaching my orgasm. Her fingers were inside my now, pumping in and out. I arched my back, I was gonna cum.

"Give it to me you whore. Come on me bitch, give it to me."

Creamy liquid spilled out of my pussy, a bucket full. She licked my pussy clean and was on my lips, kissing me, making me taste my juices. I climbed on top of her trailing kisses all the way down to her pussy which smelled so sweet. It was so wet, dripping onto the covers. She was helpless at my touch, and it felt good to be in control. I kissed her pussy, kissed with such a passion. I stuck one finger inside, two, then three and her screams were so loud that I thought the neighbours would come to complain later.

"Kirsten yes ... baby ... ahh"

"Come for me you fucking barbie," I demanded sticking in another finger, then my whole fist.

Tears spilled out of her eyes, "Kirsten!" She screamed with pleasure, my other hand squeezed her big juicy butt, I slipped to fingers inside her ass and that was enough to make her leak open. I drank all her juices as if I was a dying person drinking water to save their life. We were both a sweaty mess, kissing now.

"That'll teach you," she whispered , her hands trailing down to my pussy again, and we went all night. 
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