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At Long Last

Erica just had to know for sure

I had been married to Steve for close to four years. As ever, it had started out great but steadily gone down hill, as rather than me being the centre of his universe, it seemed that he had to be mine.

Now that's okay if it works both ways, but it did not. He wanted a mother to cook, clean and generally run around after him. Things in the bedroom were not too great either.

Yes, Steve possessed a fine cock of 8 inches and with a nice girth, yet this in itself was part of the problem. Not its size as such, but the fact that he thought its size on its own was enough to please a woman. To be honest my dildo felt just as good and had way more passion.

Anyway, Steve was gone now after yet another row about nothing. I'd had my fill of him, in fact, my fill of men!

That was a few weeks ago and I was pleasantly surprised at how much happier I felt being my own person again.  While searching for Steve's things to put into a black bin-liner bag I had come across an old school photo album. As I'm sure with everyone, as I looked it was a mix of good memories and some bad. But then my eyes stopped dead while looking at a last year class photo.

There she was, Rita. Rita had been my "girl crush" long before I fully understood what it meant. I'd never though of myself being with another girl but I had noticed that no matter how hard I tried not to look while in the girl's changing room, I simply could not stop glancing at her pert little breasts and how her nipples pointed slightly upwards. I knew I shouldn't but like a magnet, my eyes moved lower to her stunning little ginger pubic bush. I told myself this was only natural curiosity, it meant nothing. So what did it mean then as she bent over and her grey pleated skirt rode up revealing her white school knickers? My eyes feasting on the contrast of skin and material stretched over her bum.

I put the album away but over the next few days, I simply could not put my thoughts away.  That was it, I made my mind up to try to get back in touch with her. I just had to find out if this had simply been a silly crush, but if not then why since looking at her in the picture was I constantly moist between my legs?

Luckily when phoning around and nonchalantly just happening to inquire if anyone was still in touch with Rita my heart missed a beat when one said, "Yes, I have her phone number. would you like it?"

A few days later after a couple of catch-up chats over the phone, there was a knock on my door. We had a couple of drinks and chatted more about the "old days" and the silly boys at school. Rita asked to be excused to go to the bathroom. While she was gone I just could not stop myself from picking up her glass and placing my mouth right where her lipstick was left on the rim. Mmmmm cherry!

When she returned I could not believe my eyes. She had changed into a white blouse, so obviously no bra underneath, a little grey pleated skirt and white socks nearly to her knees. She looked at me with my jaw dropped and said, "Oh come on Erica, did you really think that I never noticed the way you would look at me in the changing room?" 

Then she blurted out how she would be so turned on and later lay on her bad with her skirt pulled up and watching her hand move inside her panties. "Oh, you did Rita ? Me too." I'd cup my boobs and make my nipples point the way yours do and caress my bottom through my panties, imaging you and how it would feel. We both smiled and simultaneously said, "OMG, why did you not say something?"

Well, we were not going to waste any more time, we both knew what we wanted. She came and sat next to me and our lips and tongues met with long overdue passion. I pulled away to say something but her finger went to my lips and as she said, "Shush... just touch me," and put my hand on her thigh. 

My hand automatically started to move under her skirt, my palm at first resting on her mound and then fingers caressing her pussy lips through the thin material, thin very wet material. I stopped for a moment to watch her taking my tits out after pulling my bra up. Her hand felt amazing, but nothing compared to her hot mouth sucking my nipples.

My fingers by now were working under her waistband, oh yes, her little bush was still there and felt every bit as wonderful as I thought it would. Soft curly hair, a little moist as I searched her upper slit for her clit. Elastic on my wrist and soft material on the back of my hand as my thoughts wonder, what colour are her knickers?.

As though she had just read my mind she reached down and lifted her skirt, "Mmmm there is a sight I have so longed to see, your hand down my panties. Oh please go inside and let me watch them move as you finger me." I did and we both watched the white material, this time my hand moving, not her own.

I had tights on but she said she loved seeing my red knickers through the black nylon, and that she loved how tights feel. I thought she meant how they feel to her hand but she stood up, dropped her panties and stepping out of them sat over my thigh. 

She asked me to pull my tights and panties down just enough to give her access. With my legs open she stroked my thin black bush, deftly parted my lips and inserted two fingers so easily into my dripping cunt. One hand playing with her tits, the other holding her skirt up to give my eyes full view she rode herself along my nylon covered thigh.

My thumb went to her clit as I enjoyed the feeling of her fingers fucking me and the heat and wetness of her pussy lips and pink hole on my leg. A couple of times she gave me her fingers to taste myself, then back in with wonderful wet finger-fucking sounds. My thigh was soaked then suddenly even hotter, she had cum on my leg. I was close to my orgasm too then as she lifted to show me the glistening mess she had left on my tights I just came and came and came. 

Damn, that felt good, only we could not leave it at that. We had to lick and taste each other. We did, no strawberry or raspberry, just pure musky sex juices, and girl cum.



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