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At the end of the day

It all started with a drink after work
It had been a typical day in the office. The phone ringing off the hook; an inbox full of e-mails; the boss stressed and grumpy and my assistant leaving early because she wasn’t feeling well. I worked through my lunch hour, but by late afternoon I was still unconvinced that I had really achieved anything useful. So when it came to six-thirty, I decided that the one thing that I really needed was to relax with a drink.

I strolled out of the building and headed for my usual watering hole, which was a little wine bar a couple of streets away. Even mid-week, the place was busy, but there was still one small table unoccupied so I settled myself down and waited for the waitress to arrive. She was on her own and was, as my father would have said, dashing around like a ‘blue arsed fly’. Still, I was in no particular hurry and so I sat watching the world drift by until I became conscious of a woman standing by my table. I could see that the seat opposite was the only one not occupied, so I offered it to her.

‘This place is pretty busy tonight, but you are welcome to share this table, if you like.’

‘Oh thanks, I am just desperate for a drink after the day I have had. Perhaps we could share a bottle of wine?’

‘Sure. I was going to order a glass of Chardonnay, but we could order a bottle between us if you like.’

‘It’s a great idea. That’s my usual after work indulgence. I’m Megan by the way.’

We shook hands and exchange few banalities about the heat of the day and how lousy work had been as she made herself comfortable. She was a little older than me, probably in her late thirties or early forties, although it was hard to be sure. Her attractive, lightly tanned face was framed by auburn hair cut quite short in what I recognised as a high-class salon style. She wore a short, floral summer dress fitted around the bust to reveal a hint of cleavage, which was highlighted by a dark-red heart shaped pendant. She was clearly somebody of taste, but attired a little provocatively for work, I thought.

After a few minutes the waitress arrived, returning shortly afterwards with a bottle of Chardonnay and two glasses. We split the bill leaving the girl with a more than generous tip as some reward for her frantic efforts. As we drank our first glass I learned that Megan worked as the features editor on a magazine and that she had an apartment about ten minutes from the bar. As the wine slipped down I could tell that my companion was relaxed as she lounged comfortably in her chair, with her legs crossed, displaying a fair amount of tanned thigh.

We seemed to be on the same wavelength, and I too began to shed the stresses of the day and relax. I talked about work and my flat, and then in an unguarded moment I unburdened myself about some of my recent problems with relationships. Megan was a good listener, leaning forward and making eye contact, whilst interjecting with little thoughts and ideas at just the right moment. Once or twice I imagined that her foot had rubbed up against my ankle, and then her hand brushed mine and lingered there.

Eventually the bottle was empty and I murmured something about heading for home. The look on Megan’s face told me that she was disappointed by the suggestion, and with barely a moment’s thought she presented me with a different option:

‘Look, I don’t know what your plans are for this evening, but I was going to go home, put a pizza in the oven and watch a film on DVD. I’ve got some more of this stuff (nodding at the wine bottle) in the fridge, but it’s not much fun to drink alone. How do you fancy joining me?’

It was the middle of the week, and a woman that I hardly knew was asking me back to her place. But I was at a loose end, and so I asked myself where’s the harm in it? So I stood up, smoothed down my skirt, re-gathered my hair into its band, and said:

‘Sure. I have nothing going on tonight. It’ll be fun to share another bottle and watch a film together at your place.’

As Megan had indicated, her apartment was barely 10 minutes from the wine bar. She let us in, immediately kicking off her high heels and inviting me to make myself at home. I was ushered into a large lounge, comfortably furnished in a rather minimalist style. Megan indicated that she was off to the kitchen, suggesting that I divest myself of my jacket and shoes and make myself comfortable on the sofa, and invitation that I was only too willing to accept.

A few minutes later she was back carrying a tray with two large glasses of wine and some nibbles on it. We clinked glasses and had a sip before Megan said:

‘The pizza will be about 15 minutes, so let’s choose a film. Do you have any particular preferences, or are you happy to let me select something?’

I indicated that I was content to let Megan select something and she busied herself rummaging through a large cupboard to one side of the TV. After a couple of minutes she emerged with a film entitled ‘Bound’ and asked me if I had seen it. After I had confessed that I had not, and that I was happy with the choice, she set it running on the DVD player. The film had hardly started before a buzzer sounded in the kitchen, and Megan disappeared, reappearing soon after with slices of pizza on two plates. There were other easy chairs in the room, but the sofa offered the best view of the TV, so she handed one plate to me and we settled down together to watch the film.

Bound is a thriller, which was made nearly 20 years ago now. Although it is a crime caper, it is also a comedy with its share of violence. Above all, however, it features some very steamy girl on girl action between the two main female characters Corky and Violet. Within a few minutes of the film starting they share a really raunchy scene. From then on I was hooked as I have always found sex scenes in films a real turn-on. So what if it was lesbian action. It was still as erotic as hell.

The film progressed, and I was engaged, both by the girl on girl action and by the developing storyline. The pizza disappeared, but the wine seemed to just keep coming so that my glass was never empty. About an hour in, or maybe more Megan rested a hand on my shoulder and said:

‘I’ve been sitting here and looking at you Beth, and I wondered why you don’t wear your hair down. Would it be possible to remove that hair band and see what it looks like?’

‘I guess so. Usually I wear it up for work, but I do let it down sometimes. It depends what sort of a mood I am in.’

Megan clearly took my words as an invitation and she reached across and removed the band, letting my hair fall onto my shoulders. She didn’t remove her hands, however, resting one on the nape of my neck, which she gently massaged. I was relaxed and comfortable, and there seemed no need to stop her so I let her continue for two or three minutes until she put her mouth close to my ear and whispered:

‘Have you ever kissed another girl, Beth?’

‘When I was a 6 th former at boarding school my best friend and I shared a room. We would snog and caress each other sometimes, but I’ve done nothing like that for a long time.’

‘Well Beth, I find you very attractive and I really want to kiss you. Would you mind?’

It wasn’t really a question, because before I had chance to reply, she had taken my head in her hands and was gently pressing her mouth to mine. Yet somehow it didn’t seem to be a surprise and I wasn’t bothered by her actions. I suppose that the thing about a kiss is that you either like it or you don’t. Megan’s lips were soft and warm, and without a second thought I found myself kissing her back.

We started so gently, with our closed lips barely brushing and my head still cradled in Megan’s hands, but rapidly we moved on to kissing more fervently with our lips open and our hands caressing each other arm and backs. We embraced more passionately, pulling each other closer. Megan’s tongue began to explore my mouth and I realised that I was into something I had never experienced before.

I felt myself fondling Megan’s breasts, whilst she fumbled with the buttons on my blouse. Then she broke off from kissing my lips and began to nuzzle my neck, planting kisses on my ears and throat before working her way down to my cleavage. My hand caressed her thigh, and a worked my way up the bare flesh of her leg until I came into contact with her panties, which in truth were nothing more than a skimpy thong. Then Megan broke away from kissing my breasts, raised herself from the sofa and stretched out a hand, saying:

‘Necking on the sofa is OK for adolescents, but I much prefer the comfort of a double bed. Are you coming?’

Without speaking, I stood up and took her hand, allowing her to lead me across the corridor to a room with a king sized bed, where the black silk sheets were already pulled back. The room was softly lit and I was unable to pick out much detail except for a full-length mirror on the wall opposite the foot of the bed.

Megan started again to kiss me, whilst at the same time unbuttoning my blouse. She nimbly unhooked my bra, unzipped my skirt and dropped to the floor before sliding my pants down over my hips and letting them drop to my ankles. Pausing from our kiss she put her hands on my waist and said:

‘Beth, you are even more beautiful than when I saw you outside the bar. I am so glad that you agreed to come home with me.’

‘Does this happen a lot Megan? I mean do you pick up many girls on your way home from work?’

‘I only pick up girls if I really fancy them. But I knew as soon as I saw you that, I wanted you in my bed. Of course, I realised that you probably didn’t have any experience with women, but that made it all the more exciting.’

I stepped out of my skirt and pants, unbuttoned Megan’s dress and helped her to slip it over her head, fumbling with the fastening on her bra whilst she slid down her thong. The next thing that I knew was that we had tumbled onto the bed and we were kissing again. Our tongues were in each other’s mouths, probing and exploring, but Megan’s hand was already between my legs, stroking my clit. She must have known from my wetness that I was desperate for more, as I could feel my juices running down between my legs. She spread my pussy lips, first with one finger and then with two thrusting while at the same time caressing the walls of my vagina. I was lost. All that I wanted to do was lie back and soak it up.

I luxuriated in the pleasure of being stimulated, but then Megan eased her fingers out of me and knelt up on the bed. Then she eased me further onto the bed and opened my legs before putting her head down to kiss my outer lips. She spread the lips of my pussy and began to nibble at my clit, pulling at it with her lips and licking the area around. So often I had been disappointed by guys performing cunnilingus on me – many of them just aren’t able to find the right spot, but Megan knew instinctively what I wanted. She started by probing me with her tongue, flicking it in and out of my vagina and then switching to my clit. But before long she had two fingers inside me, gently easing them in and out while her licking became more vigorous. Her finger fucking steadily built in speed, whilst she licked my clit more urgently. I began to lose myself in the moment, the warm glow of orgasm enveloped my body and I pulled her head to my groin as my vagina contracted around her fingers.

Megan paused whilst the contractions of my pussy subsided, but she was not done with pleasuring me. Returning to my pussy lips she spread them with her fingers and began to nibble ever so gently on my still sensitive clit. She gradually increases the intensity of her licking and nibbling, but I was already on the edge and another orgasm overtook me within seconds. I gripped the sheets and arched my back, gasping with excitement.

‘Enough Megan, at least for a minute or two until I get my breath back.’

We lay holding each other for a while, as we exchanged soft kisses. I could taste myself on Megan’s lips, but it wasn’t the first time. After all, surely most of us girls have wondered at some time how our own pussy juices taste?

After a while I wanted to return the pleasure, so I eased Megan up to the top of the bed supporting her with a couple of pillows before opening her thighs. However, as I bent to spread her labia, she whispered:

‘Do you like toys Beth? I have an interesting collection in my bedside cabinet.’

‘I have a rabbit and a few other things at home, Megan. Why don’t you show me your favourite?

Megan reached into the cabinet and produced a most exquisite glass dildo together with a bottle of lubricant. The dildo was bright red with a heart at the end that doubled as a handle, and five beads along its slightly curved shaft, getting larger in size. Megan applied some lube to the dildo and handed it to me.

‘This is probably a first for you Beth. Just use your imagination and I will tell you what feels good.’

I grasped the handle of the dildo in my right hand and opened up Megan’s pussy lips with my left before placing it against the entrance to her vagina. Very slowly I began to ease it in with a gently twisting motion. First to one bead, then two, three, four and finally all the way in before I gently twisted it out. Megan’s eyes were closed and one hand was gently fingering her right nipple as I repeated the manoeuvre just a little faster. Then I lowered my head and began to lick at her lick clit, tasting her sticky sweetness for the first time.

I had decided that I would take my cues from Megan as she had done this many times before and would know exactly what she wanted. However, she was sweet enough to allow me to fumble for a while before she finally took control.

‘Push it in deeper Beth. That’s it, with the curve pressing upwards on the front wall of my pussy.’

‘Please, lick my clit harder and faster, keep up a steady pressure - this is so good.’

I knew instinctively when I had it right, when I was stimulating both clit and g-spot in perfect harmony. That was when Megan fell silent except for a low murmuring that gradually built to a load moaning as she neared orgasm.

‘That’s it Beth, more, more, more, don’t stop now I am going to come, please keep going.’

It was too thrilling, and I had no intention of stopping even though my lips and tongue were starting to ache. It seemed like an eternity, but in truth it was only a few minutes before Megan came with a sobbing, shuddering orgasm as she grasped my head and forced my face into the soft folds of her labia.

Afterwards, we lay together for a long time, gently kissing and fingering each other’s clits and vaginas. We seemed instinctively to know that each of us wanted to be teased towards another orgasm for which we were not quite ready. Then Megan took my head in her hands, and said very softly:

‘Beth, I want to fuck you.’

‘I thought that was what we had done already, Megan.’

‘No, I mean really fuck you, with a strapon. Will you let me?’

Even if I had some doubts about Megan’s request, I had already come so far during the evening that it seemed perfectly natural to agree. Thus with barely a pause, I responded by saying:

‘Megan, if that is what you want, then I that is what I want it too. But you will be gentle with me won’t you?’

Megan slipped off the bed and retrieved a harness and strapon from the bedside cabinet. The phallus was about 6 inches long and pink, with veins and realistic balls attached. The girth seemed ample, and I reached out and ran my fingers along its length. Not quite the real thing, but firm yet supple. The prospect of being fucked by it was a thrilling one. It fitted snugly into a well-made leather harness. Clearly Megan was prepared to splash out for a toy of such quality. Megan handed me the lubricant and I coated the cock with a generous amount.

Without a thought I knelt up on the bed and Megan positioned herself behind me. I felt her run the dildo up my inner thighs, caressing my clit and resting it tantalisingly between my pussy lips. Then she moved it higher until I could feel the head resting against my anus. After pausing for a few seconds I felt the head of the cock lightly probing me, as though Megan might start to ease it into my arse. I tensed at the thought, a sensation that Megan obviously sensed.

‘I have fucked quite a few of my girlfriends in the arse Beth, but I am not sure whether you are ready for that. Perhaps we will keep that pleasure for next time. I think that you would prefer to take this cock in your cunt, wouldn’t you?’

I felt the sharp sting of Megan’s hand across my buttocks followed by her hands gripping my waist as she repositioned the cock at the entrance to my pussy.

‘You really want me to fuck you, don’t you Beth? You are desperate to feel this thick cock inside you, aren’t you? Tell me Beth, tell me, beg me to fuck you.’

‘Oh yes Megan, please, please fuck me. I am desperate to feel your cock inside me.’

Megan eased the cock into my pussy, first halfway, and then all the way. Pausing to let me feel the coolness of the harness against my buttocks. She eased the cock almost out of me leaving only the head to tease my inner lips before she pushed it back in.

‘This is what you want, isn’t it Beth. You have always wanted a woman to fuck you like this, because only a woman can really understand how you should be fucked.’

'Yes, yes Megan, it feels so good, don’t stop please, keep fucking me.’

Megan started slowly with long, deep strokes of the dildo. Gradually she built up the rhythm thrusting deep and hard, letting her thighs and the harness thud against my arse. I pushed back in time with her thrusting urging her on to take me deeper and harder.

‘I want you to come Beth, to feel my cock inside you as you climax. Reach between your legs and find you clit. I will keep fucking you as long as it takes for you to come.’

As Megan had ordered me, I reached a hand back and found the small hard nub of my swollen clit. I had some vague notion that I could time my fingering to coordinate with Megan’s thrusting, but all I wanted was to come as quickly as possible. Taking two fingers to my clit I began to rub frantically, begging Megan not to stop fucking me as I frigged myself. My hair was matted and damp, and I felt a trickle of sweat on my back. I was madly rubbing at my clit, willing myself to come as the powerful contraction of a deep-seated orgasm overtook my body.

My pussy locked itself around the phallus as series of steadily reducing contractions ran through the whole of my body. Megan stopped thrusting and we collapsed onto the bed with her face pushed against my hair. I felt her move my hair to one side and nibble at my neck, kissing my back and shoulders before she slipped the dildo out of me.

As I lay on the bed I was conscious that Megan had eased herself off me and was removing the harness. When she had finished she lay back down, turned me over and began to kiss me.

We lay together for a long time, our damp bodies intertwined as we kissed and caressed each other. The fierceness of Megan as she fucked me was gone, and I felt the tenderness that I had experienced earlier. The finally, she broke away from kissing me and rolled over onto her back. I watched as she eased a hand down between her thighs and began to masturbate.

I had experienced three orgasms already, but I was still aroused and I reached down to finger my clit. The two of us were naked, masturbating together on the bed. It was something that I had not done since my boarding school years. But then this was a night for firsts.

This was a night when I had been picked up, seduced and fucked by a woman. Not only didn’t I care, I was desperate for more...

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