Aunt Cathy Joins Sarah and Cousin Jan

By Stephanie008

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Part 2 of Sarah teachs Cousin Jan where aunt Cathy joins the taboo fun
This is chapter 2 of Sarah teaches Cousin Jan. I recommend reading that story prior to enjoying this one.

The family secret was out as Aunt Cathy approached her niece and daughter. Jan’s eyes moved from her aunt’s eyes to the flesh colored strap on dildo bouncing inches from her. Not a word was uttered as aunt Cathy grasped her fake cock and the hair of her niece, Jan. Sarah watched in awe as her mother feed her dildo to her cousin. Jan complied with her aunt’s actions taking her dildo between her soft quivering lips. Sarah pulled the double sided dildo from her and Jan’s pussies. Jam moaned on the fake cock feeling her pussy empty. Aunt Cathy stroked her niece’s hair lovingly as the young girl began to lose herself in her oral task. Sarah moved to her mother, taking one of her firm tits into her mouth. She sucked and flicked her mother’s nipple before kissing up her breast. Sarah’s room filled with soft muffled moans as Sarah kissed her mother deeply and Jan sucked on aunt Cathy’s strap-on.

Jan was then pushed onto her back on her cousin’s soft bed. “It’s time I really joined you girls.” Aunt Cathy purred as she moved between her niece’s soft milky white thighs. The saliva lubed tip of her strap-on brushed Jan’s hairy pussy.

“OOOOO aunt Cathy, it feels sooo good.” Jan moaned.

“MMMMM good honey, I am going to show you how girls in this family have fun.” Aunt Cathy whispered to Jan as she began inserting her dildo that soft pink wet pussy.

Sarah quickly took her position atop her cousin’s face. Jan looked up to see Sarah’s wet pussy moving down to her mouth.

“Lick my pussy baby.” Sarah cooed.

Aunt Cathy had sunk the entire dildo into her niece making her moan up into Sarah/s smooth pussy. “Fuck her good mommy.” Sarah seductively purred.

“MMMMM yeah she is tight.” Aunt Cathy hissed as she began to saw the wet cock in and out of her niece.

Jan only moaned and groaned as she was fucked my her aunt and ate her cousin’s pussy. The smell of sex permeated the room. Jan leaned forward fondling her mother’s tits and kissing her passionately. Jan began to have a hard time licking Sarah as her body seized with pleasure. At that point Sarah began to rub her pussy and ass on Jan’s face bringing herself to another orgasm. Aunt Cathy’s fucking had become deep and fast pounding her hips into the soft flesh of her niece.

Sarah was restless and wanted her turn. “Mommy, please, please let me fuck her.” she pleaded.

Aunt Cathy reluctantly agreed and pulled her dildo from her niece. Jan was in a lustful haze as Aunt Cathy stripped off her strap-on and handed it off to her daughter. Jan’s body was flipped over and her ass pulled up in the air. Aunt Cathy laid with her legs spread as her daughter moved Jan’s face between them.

“MMMM time for you to use that hot little tongue on my pussy baby.” Aunt Cathy whispered down to her niece.

Jan smiled as she smelled her aunt’s feminine scent and she began to use her tongue to trace the pink folds of her aunt’s shaved pussy. Jan moaned at the sweet and tangy taste of her aunt. She tasted different than her daughter but both equally delicious. Jan then gasped out pulling her head up as her cousin rammed the strap-on straight into her spread pussy. Sarah was not as loving and gentle as her mother as she took hold of Jan’s hips and began plowing her cousin’s cunt. Aunt Cathy took her niece’s hair between her fingers. She began to twist her wrists putting tension on her niece.

“MMMMMMMMM yeah!” Jan cried out as her hair was being pulled as she was being roughly fucked.

“MMMMM fuck her good baby, give it to her rough!” Aunt Cathy encouraged her kinky daughter.

“OOOOOOO take my big hard cock!” Sarah grunted. Every forceful thrust into Jan pushed the base of the strap-on against Sarah’s clit. Faster and harder she fucked Jan feeling her own climax approaching. Jan was already there soaking the dildo fucking her pussy and the sheets below her. Her aunt’s cum covered her face as aunt Cathy ground her cunt against her mouth and face. Sarah’s body shuddered with a huge orgasm making her slump forward onto Jan’s back. Aunt Cathy finally released her niece’s hair as she too climaxed gushing her juices on Jan’s lips and face. Jan just laid in the puddle of mixed pussy cum and sweat as Sarah struggled to right herself and wiggle off the strap-on. Aunt Cathy pulled the girls up to her and kissed each one passionately before gathering her things.

The two girls snuggled up against each other stroking each other’s naked bodies until they drifted off to sleep.