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Stephanie went to the club and meets the bartender.

How am I going to keep myself from hitting on every woman here, Stephanie asked herself as she walked into the club. It was bad enough that when she drank she hit on girls, but it was controllable all until she slept with one. The woman broke up with her almost right after sleeping with Stephanie. That was three months ago. Now she knew what she wanted. She hadn’t found a woman since her first and that was driving Stephanie crazy.

It seemed like every time she looked at a woman now she could imagine them naked and in bed with her. The very thought made Stephanie’s juices start to flow. She wished that she had a girlfriend to care for and love. She felt empty without a woman in her life. She knew that she was almost going to lose control if she saw a sexy woman tonight. No matter how hard she could try, it would be inevitable. She hadn’t even had an orgasm since her first woman, no matter what she did. That too was driving her crazy.

As Stephanie walked up to the bar the bartender, who happened to be a woman, asked Stephanie what she wanted. Stephanie ordered three shots of Jack Daniel’s, being a whiskey girl.

After the woman gave her the drinks, Stephanie sat down and picked up a shot glass and brought it to her lips, downing the strong bitter drink in one gulp. She relished in the warmth that was moving to her stomach. Stephanie quickly drank the other two shots and asked the bartender what her name was after telling her name to her.

“My name is Rebecca, but can call me Beckah,” the bartender replied.

Stephanie could not tell what it was about Beckah that drew her in. Maybe it was her smooth gentle voice. Maybe it was her deep chocolate eyes and long wavy brown hair. Anyway she thought of this woman, she was hot.

As the hours passed, Stephanie and Beckah talked about their lives. Stephanie learned that Beckah was a very passionate person as she heard her talking about her family.

Finally Beckah said that it was closing time, but that Stephanie should wait for her. Stephanie was drunk by now and just wanted to relax. She told Beckah that she will wait.

Beckah came back after ten minutes and asked Stephanie if she wanted to go to her place when she was done changing.

Stephanie was totally excited at the thought and told Beckah that she would be more than happy to. Stephanie started to fidget in her seat while she waited for Beckah to change.

Someone tapped on Stephanie’s shoulder and she turned around. It was Beckah in a black mini skirt, a black tank top, and black high heeled boots. Stephanie was shocked at the beauty in front of her.

Since Beckah was serving drinks behind the counter, Stephanie could not get a good look at Beckah until now.

In front of her was the sexiest sight that Stephanie ever saw. A woman with at least D cup breasts and a flat stomach and a firm butt with toned thighs stood in front of her. Stephanie could feel herself becoming wet as she checked out Beckah’s body. Then she looked up and into Beckah’s eyes.  

“Are you ready to go,” Beckah asked her in a soft silky voice.

Stephanie told her that she might need some help out of the door as she stood up, stumbling. Beckah quickly put Stephanie’s left arm over her own shoulder supporting her with her body and put an arm around Stephanie’s hip to help her stand. They started to walk/stumble out of the door and after what seemed like forever, they were at the parking lot.

As they both approached a yellow Chevy Camaro with two black stripes down the center, Beckah walked Stephanie over to the passenger side and unlocked the door.  

“This is your car,"I asked, totally baffled at the woman now. She was totally happy that she went to the club today.

Beckah looked over at Stephanie and asked her if it was alright if she stopped by the store to get some drinks. She said that she wanted to get drunk too. It was a long day, apparently.

They both got buckled in and Beckah drove over to the closest store. Since there was not many people there at this time of day, Beckah came out shortly after going in with a brown paper bag.

“The Jack Daniel’s that you had earlier looked quite appetizing,” Beckah told her after showing Stephanie that she bought two fifths of the whiskey.

Beckah put the bottles on the floor next to Beckah and started to drive. It only took two minutes and then they arrived at a house and Beckah pulled into the driveway and turned off the car.

Beckah came around the car and to Stephanie’s side and opened the door. She unbuckled Stephanie and helped her get out of the car and walked her inside and sat her down on the couch before going back outside for the bottles of Jack.

Stephanie was starting to love the way that Beckah was being so nice to her. She could tell that she was already falling for this woman although love at first sight totally baffled her and made her laugh. This totally scared her because she did not know if Beckah was even into women.

Beckah went into the kitchen and after a few seconds, she came back out with a couple of shot glasses. She opened up a bottle and poured two shots. She put the top back on the bottle and handed Stephanie a glass and they cheered and then gulped down the shot.

“I can’t have any more of that,” Stephanie declared.

“Why is that,” Beckah asked her curiously.

“You might be angry at me if I tell you,” Stephanie said.

“I won’t. You can speak your mind with me,” Beckah replied.

“Okay, if you say so. I am a lesbian. When I drink I tend to hit on women. I have only slept with one woman before and she broke up with me before we got back together. I have wanted a girlfriend so bad lately and you are the hottest woman that I have seen. I don’t want to hit on you or do anything stupid, so I should not drink anymore. You probably hate me now,” Stephanie admitted to Beckah.

“Sweetie, I am a lesbian too. I totally knew that I liked you as soon as I saw you and that is why I asked you to come home with me. I just want to get as drunk as you are so that I do not feel like I am taking advantage of you,” Beckah answered her.

Stephanie was totally shocked at this news and looked at Beckah again, thinking that maybe she was dreaming. If she blinked, would Beckah disappear? She blinked and yet Beckah was still sitting right next to her.

Beckah put her hand on Stephanie’s chin and pulled her head up as she leaned down and kissed her, their soft full lips touching each other. Stephanie let out a soft moan of pleasure and put her arms around Beckah’s neck and pulled her on top of herself.

“Much better,” Stephanie said and Beckah giggled.

They resumed kissing and Stephanie deepened the kiss, tracing the curves of Beckah’s lips with her tongue before Beckah opened her mouth. She felt her tongue being caressed by Beckah’s soon afterwards.

This drove Stephanie to the point of where she could not stand it. She slowly pulled Beckah’s black tank top up and over her head, letting her see Beckah’s black lacy bra and her gorgeous breasts. She reached around Beckah and unclasped her bra, letting it fall to the floor.

Before her eyes was the most gorgeous pair of breasts that she had ever seen. Even though they were D cups, they were firm. She also already had hard nipples that were small and in the middle of each breast.


Stephanie kissed her and then started to make a trail of kisses from Beckah’s neck to her breasts. Beckah let out a soft moan and watched Stephanie as she started to lick around her areole and the tip of her nipple. Suddenly, Stephanie sucked her nipple into her mouth, still licking the tip with her tongue.

“Mmm, oh my god you are good,” Beckah moaned.

This gave Stephanie courage to start moving on. She kissed her way down Beckah’s stomach and slowly pulled her skirt off of her, revealing black lace panties. With her teeth, Stephanie carefully pulled the panties down her legs.

Once again, Stephanie was shocked at what she saw. Beckah was totally shaved smooth and her big pussy lips were shining from her wetness. Stephanie kissed her inner thighs and then pulled herself up to Beckah’s pussy and brought a finger up to her pussy and started to slide her finger up and down Beckah’s pussy, causing Beckah to moan a little louder.

“You tease,” Beckah moaned.

Stephanie got a devious look and then put a finger into Beckah’s soaking wet pussy and leaned down and started to lick her clit softly. She moved her tongue up and down Beckah’s cunt and tasted her sweet juices that were now flowing. She started to move her finger in and out of her pussy, letting herself feel the soft walls of her sex. She turned her hand around and bent her finger, finding Beckah’s G-spot and then started to lick Beckah’s clit. She started to make S’s and Z’s and M’s with her tongue, which drove Beckah crazy. Just as Beckah opened her mouth to say that she needed more, Stephanie started to suck her clit while licking it.

“Oh my GOD, right THERE,” Stephanie moaned.

Stephanie looked up at Beckah while she was sucking and fingering her and saw that Beckah was playing with her tits and had her head tilted back. Stephanie used her remaining hand and started to caress one of Beckah’s tits all the while sucking and fingering her.

“OH GOD I AM CUMMING,” Beckah screamed.

Stephanie continued to lick her juices up and then when Beckah calmed down she sat down on the couch.

“Wow,” Beckah said, “I never had an orgasm that great.”

Stephanie was totally turned on from pleasing Beckah and kissed her. Beckah pointed out that she was overdressed and Stephanie quickly stripped out of her jeans and t-shirt and underwear. After a moment, Beckah leaned in and kissed her.

“It has been a while, so I might cum easily,” Stephanie shyly said.

Beckah responded that it was okay and started to lick her hard nipples and kiss her way down Stephanie’s stomach. She made her way down Stephanie’s smooth pussy and found her treasure.

She started to lick and suck her clit and then started to push a finger slowly into her warm wet sex. Stephanie moaned loudly and squirmed underneath Beckah. Beckah lay down on the couch and told her to get on her face.

Stephanie happily obliged, since it was one of her fantasies to be on someone’s face while they ate her out. She put a knee on either side of Beckah’s face and eased her pussy down to her mouth.

Stephanie shuddered when she felt Beckah’s tongue going to work on her pussy.

“Oh god I am going to cum,” Stephanie moaned.

“Please do babe, I want to taste your sweet juices. I want you to cum into my mouth,” Beckah told her in a deep soft voice.

Because of what Beckah said to her, Stephanie found herself almost to the edge. She started to unconsciously move her hips on Beckah’s face, riding her face as she came.

After she calmed down, Stephanie laid down almost all the way on top of Beckah. Her leg was over Beckah’s and her arm was around Beckah’s chest. They fell asleep like that, Stephanie dreaming of her new girlfriend.
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