Be Gentle

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My dearest friend Beth came by last week and wanted to confide in me a secret. I was so excited to see her as it had been 25 years since we last saw each other at our high school graduation. I had always had a crush on Beth as she was a raven beauty and her seductive smile was so radiant. As I watched her pull in my driveway, I experienced butterflies like I did in school. She could always take my breath away.

As she was getting out of her Lexus I felt myself getting wet; feeling the hotness between my legs brought back a lot of memories. She came to the door and I opened it, we hugged and I kissed her on the cheek. In school she was always with boys therefore I figured she was still straight.

I took her coat and led her into my front room, and we sat on the couch, me at one end and her at the other. She said she was in town for a week and just got in today. We laughed and talked about past school years, her marriage, her kids, her divorce. I told her about my ex-girlfriends, and my single life.

She then told me about her little secret, she wanted to be with me and had fantasies about me since high school, although she never told me until now. She had never been with another woman and wanted me to be the first and only one. I could not believe what she was saying, I felt my heart beating so fast, this was what I had always wanted too.

She was still so beautiful and really had not changed much since school. After what seemed like hours talking, she grabbed my hand and kissed it, her lips were so soft. I knew I wanted to show her how a real woman was treated, but I wanted to take it slow. I looked deep into her eyes and then moved towards her and kissed her on her lips.

She kissed me back and our tongues danced together interlocking and moving in and out of each other's mouths. We then held each other as our kiss lasted longer. I then whispered to her, asking if she would like to go to my bedroom; she nodded. We quickly went to the bedroom, undressing all the way, still kissing and holding on while our hands moved up and down on each other's bodies.

Naked we stood back and admired each other's bodies, both slender and lusting after one another. I pulled her down on my bed and caressed her erect nipples and then kissed and sucked on each one. She started moaning and I knew her fire was starting now. She opened her legs and I moved downward stopping to nibble on her tight stomach. I reached her shaved lips and parted them with my tongue.

I circled my tongue around her aroused clit and sucked on it. Her hips were moving from side to side, I then moved down farther and pushed my tongue into her wet pussy. She let out a gasp and was moving it closer to me for deeper penetration. I allowed my finger to enter her, she told me to make love to her. I stopped, put on my strap-on and proceeded to part her legs further apart for deep penetration.

As the head touched her opening she moved and then looked at me. I knew this was the time. Slowly I pushed it in, all 8 inches going in deeply in her wet pussy. I leaned over to kiss her and tell her that she was the most fabulous woman I had ever made love to. She locked her legs around my back and thrust me deeper into her. She wanted me to go faster, and I did. Beth was moaning and grunting and gasping in lust.

I turned her over and faced her towards my mirror so I could see her pretty face and watch her as she had climax after climax. She was soaking us both with her wetness. She told me that she had never had a real orgasm before, and this was the first time. She had multiple orgasms. I then asked her if she had ever tried anal before. She said she always wanted to try it.

I got my lube out and told her to put her head and arms on my pillow with her ass in the air. In that position I put some lube on my finger and slowly entered it in her ass. I told her if she wanted to she could rub her already red and throbbing clit. As I was moving my finger in and out of her rectum, I asked her if I could put my strap-on into her; she nodded and continued rubbing her clit.

I guided the head to the entrance and slowly pushed the head in. She started to move forwards, I grabbed her and told her to relax, and she did. I then pushed it all the way inside her, and brought it back out, entering again slowly. I started going faster and she was getting into it, pushing back towards me in unison. After a few minutes of doing this all of a sudden her whole body erupted in an earth shattering orgasm that lasted for about five minutes. Juices squirted everywhere.

I pulled out and took the strap-on off and lay down beside her and held her as she held me. We eventually fell asleep in each other's arms.

Waking up we made love again and again all through the day and night.

Beth has since gone back to her home, but we have made plans to vacation together next year. I also am planning to move to where she lives and continue our relationship.