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Beatrice Takes Pictures Of Bianca

Beatrice takes some sexy pictures of her best friend, Bianca, to give to Bianca's boyfriend, Drake.
Beatrice was my best friend. She was short and petite with a curvy waist, hazel eyes and long, brown hair and very beautiful.

I was average height, thin with a big 32DD chest and an ass, dyed red hair and blue eyes. I usually wore makeup and she barely wore any. She had natural beauty.

She was over at my house and we were discussing our boyfriends. She admitted she was unhappy with hers for some reason, and I was going to break up with mine soon. Hers was an ass and I was fed up with boys. Because I'm bisexual, I decided to maybe date a girl this time.

"Drake wants me to send him sexy photos for his birthday but I have none," I said.

"Then take some," she requested.

"But I can't take them myself and have no one to take them for me. Will you do it for me?" I asked.

"No, Bianca!That'd be weird," she giggled.

"Come in, we're best friends. It's not that weird. You've seen me half naked before."

"Not posing all sexual/"

"Whats so wrong with it? It's just taking a few pictures. Playing cameraman for a bit."

"Maybe, but I don't know what to do."

"Just hold the camera and take pictures while I pose seductively in skimpy outfits."

"Okay, fine. Want to now?"


I ran into my closet and opened my costume and lingerie drawer. I pulled out a sexy little slave outfit with no bra and a little black pair of panties.I walked out and she had a shy expression on her face. I had her take a few normal pictures of me sitting and laying on my bed, nothing too seductive, that is, until my breast fell out of the top of my shirt. She took the picture anyway and pointed it out afterward.

"Maybe you could do it completely topless? You know, in just your panties?" she suggested.

"That wouldn't be a little weird, would it?" I wondered.

"No not at all. I mean, we're both girls here and you're my best friend," she explained.

I agreed and took the outfit off so I was only in my panties. I started off hiding my breasts but then was casually posing without hiding them.

"You're very photogenic," she commented.

"Thank you," I blushed.

"Maybe you could take some very revealing photos?" she suggested.

"Like...?" I questioned.

"With your legs spread or something. More sexually inviting poses. You know, for Drake."

I leaned back on the bed with my legs spread in a wide position. I'm extremely flexible so it was a useful suggestion. 
I continued doing very sexy positions while she took the photos of me. I often worried my pussy was peeking out.

"You're wetness is adding to the photo. Makes it very appealing," she pointed out.

I didn't even notice I was wet. I blushed. My best friend was getting me wet through my panties.

"Maybe you could take them off?" she said.

I slipped them off and threw them on the floor suddenly aware I was fully naked infront of her. She put the camera down on timer and said we were going to take some hot photos together. She stroked my skin and gave me goosebumps, touching near my breasts. She didn't put the camera back on timer for more photos. Instead, she started to fondle with my breasts and kiss my neck.

I reached down and began to finger my own pussy. She pulled me into her arms and sat me on her lap. She was wearing a skirt so my naked wet pussy rubbed against her bare leg. I ground my hips back and forth on her leg. She rolled me over and laid on top of me. She reached down and began to finger my pussy with two fingers. I was moaning and gripping onto the skin on her back. She added in two more fingers, then another. She was fucking me with all fove fingers but couldn't fit her whole fist in. I squirted on her hand and got some on her body.

She went down and licked my pussy clean of its cum. She lapped away at my pussy like a hungry animal. Her tongue circled my clit and licked all over my wet pussy. I had a mind blowing orgasm. I grabbed her hair and thrust her my hips further into her face. She licked my pussy clean again.

She found my supply of toys hidden away in the nightstand drawer and pulled out a clit vibrator. She rubbed it against my clit until I had another orgasm. She put the vibrator on the bed and shoved a purple dildo inside me. She fucked my pussy deep and hard making me squirt all over her. She went down on my pussy and shoved her tongue in my hole. She added the clit vibrator in. She was circling my clit with mind blowing vibrations while tongue fucking me. I had yet another orgasm.

She licked my pussy clean again. She sat up and took her shirt off while I reached down and rubbed myself. She stripped her pants off and exposed her naked breasts. She has such a hot body. She was teasing me with her pussy, not wanting to show it to me. I continued rubbing myself until the suspense made me orgasm.

"You really like this don't you?" she giggled.

She handed me the second dildo and grabbed onto the first. She got on top of me in 69 position and shoved the dildo in my pussy while lapping away at my pussy. I did the same for her. She fucked and ate my pussy into another orgasm. We put the toys away while I laid back, panting. I was all tired out. She laid there watching me rest, her hand creeping down on herself. She started to circulate her clit, rubbing it rapidly. I reached in and replaced her hand with mine. She moaned and let me rub her.

I took my two fingers and put them inside her pussy. I curled my fingers upwards into her g-spot and she screamed in pleasure. She screamed as she squirted. I laid on top of her limp body. I placed my knee between her legs and encouraged her to hump it. She rubbed her wet pussy all over my thigh. I leaned down and kissed her lips. I moved my body into hers and met my pussy against hers. I ground my pussy against hers, rocking back and forth. We scissored until we grew tired.

I grabbed my g-spot vibrator out of the drawer. She grinned with anticipation. I put it inside her wet pussy and fucked her spot. We decided to 69 with the dildos again, hoping for an orgasm. We both had an orgasm at the same time, riding each others faces while fucking each others holes. I got off of her and took the clit vibrator. I rubbed it against her erect clit and circled it. She arched her back and was panting heavily. She screamed as she release an orgasm. I got back on top and made her eat my pussy while I ate hers.

I added the dildo to the mix again but only for her. I was eager to make her squirt for me. I fucked her right in her tight pussy, tilting up to reach her spot while licking away at her clit. She squirted all over my face, sending me into a lovely orgasm. I turned around and kissed her soft lips, letting our tongues melt together. I slipped a finger inside her wet pussy. She pulled away and smiled. I got the clit vibrator and started to rub her while I fingered her. She pulled away and I pulled out while turning the vibrator off.

She handed me the strap on dildo and asked me to anal her for the first time. I bent her over and poured lube on her clean asshole. I placed the tip of the dildo on her asshole and softly penetrated her. She moaned and let me continue fucking her. She had me stop when it got painful so I lowered my face down between her legs. I licked at her wet pussy lips.

"Did you enjoy that?" I asked.

"Yes," she blushed.

I took the strap on off and pulled her into my arms while I was laying down. I let her rest her head on my bare chest until she fell asleep in my arms.

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