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Becoming More Than Friends

Becoming More Than Friends

Roxie and Monica become lovers.
Hi my name is Roxie, I am five feet seven inches tall. My long blonde hair compliments my blue eyes. 

My friend, Monica is five feet five inches tall. Her hair is a darker blonde than mine. She has blue eyes that I swear, sparkle all the time. 

We have been best friends since junior high school. Graduating from high school, we went to different colleges. I went to school in Arizona, Monica attended school in Florida. There were many texts, emails and phone calls when we were not back home for holidays. During summer break, we got together every day.

This past June, the two of us graduated with high honors from our respective universities. Monica earned her degree in bioengineering. I earned my degree in aerospace engineering.

Monica and I were home for the summer, our boyfriends decided to go fishing this weekend. My parents asked if Mike and I were doing anything this weekend. I told them he was going fishing with Monica's boyfriend Alan.

Dad suggested that Monica and I use the cabin for the entire weekend.

"Thanks dad, mom." Kissing them both on the cheek I went to tell Monica the good news.

Arriving at Monica's, I told her the good news. We went to talk to her parents who were happy that Monica would not be sitting around the house by herself. They said that they had to go to Boston on business.

We went up to her room so she could pack, though we weren't leaving until tomorrow at noon. Closing her door behind us, she went to her dresser. As she opened the top drawer, a mischievous smile appeared. She pulled out what had to be at least a nine inches ribbed glass dildo.

"This will come in handy, especially since the boys will not be there." Winking at me as she brought it to her lips.

Just as quick, she put it in her bag. I was left wondering what was to come of this weekend.

"Roxie, is everything okay?" Looking at me as she continued with her packing.

"Everything is fine, Monica." As I wondered if she could see my nipples pressing against my top.

I noticed her nipples were prominently on display, which made my pussy tingle. She finished packing as we talked about working on our tans, visiting the quaint towns in the area. I suggested we go out for a pizza, Monica was all for it.

Arriving at the restaurant, I asked for a booth. Once seated, Monica ordered a pitcher of beer as we looked at the menu. We decided on a large deep dish with sausage, mushrooms and green pepper. When our waitress returned with the pitcher, I informed her of our decision.

When our pizza arrived, Monica ordered another pitcher of beer. We talked about school, our boyfriends and our future plans. I told her about my parent’s log cabin on the lake with a large private beach. The both of us decided not to wait until noon tomorrow to leave, instead we would leave at nine a.m.

It was time to leave, I dropped off Monica and told her I will pick her up in the morning.

"Goodnight Monica, I had a wonderful time."

"Good night Roxie, I too had a wonderful time."

Friday Morning

Arriving at Monica's, she was already outside waiting. She had on a yellow sundress that buttoned down the front. It came midway down her thigh, she had several buttons undone. I had a good view of her cleavage and noticed she wore no bra. I was wearing a mid-thigh blue sundress with buttons down the front. I had several buttons undone showing cleavage. I too had gone braless.

Monica got in, closed her door and we were off. She looked over at me and giggled, I giggled along with her.

"You read my mind, Roxie." As she kept giggling, she let her dress remain high up on her tanned, firm thighs.

"No Monica, you read my mind."

We both broke out in laughter, while checking each other over. We could not believe we both picked similar outfits to wear. I found my eyes wondering to her thighs while I drove. As we talked, I saw her sneak a peek at my tanned, firm thighs. We kept checking out each other from head to toe, thinking the other person did not notice.

Two hours later, we were at the cabin. I showed Monica to her room, then showed her the rest of the cabin. The Walk-in shower, Jacuzzi tub, kitchen, TV room. Outside there is the deck with grill and hot tub, all looking out over the lake.

Monica ran down to the beach with me close behind. When I caught up to her, she slipped her dress from her shoulders. As the dress reached her breasts, she looked at me.

"Now your turn, Roxie." She let the dress slip off one of her breasts.

Without hesitation I let my dress slip down, exposing my breast. We both reached out, cupping the others breast in our hand. Our dresses drifted down forming a pile at our feet, were kicked them to the side.

Embracing Monica, my 32D-cup breasts pressed against her 36C-cup breasts. We kissed, sucking on each other's tongue as our hands roamed over one another. Our kissing became more passionate as I slipped a finger down her slit.

Monica moaned out as her finger did the same to me. Kissing, rubbing our slits we were moaning loudly as fingers snaked past swollen lips. We kept kissing, moaning into each other's mouth as we both came quickly. Holding each other for a moment we looked into one another's eyes, smiled then kissed.

Taking Monica by the hand as I moved to lay on my back on the sand, she laid on top of me. She kissed her way down my body, sucking my nipples. Monica's tongue worked its magic as she licked her way to my shaved pussy.

I was so wet, her tongue thrust deep into my pussy as her finger teased my clit. It only took a few minutes and I screamed out I was cumming. She kept licking until I came again, then turned herself so we were in the sixty - nine position. As my tongue swirled in Monica's pussy, my finger teased her clit. It was not long before she screamed that the she was cumming.

We brought each other to several more orgasms. After a short rest we stood, picked up our dresses and went to the cabin. There we spent the weekend making love in every room and of course the beach.

Our boyfriends are in for a surprise.

The above story is a work of fiction. The names, characters, places and events are products of the author's imagination and are used as fantasy. Any resemblance to actual events or persons, living or dead, is entirely coincidental.


Copyright ©2014 All Rights Reserved. No part of this story may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical, photocopying, recording, or otherwise, without prior written permission of the author, Banes1.

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