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Bedtime for Rachael

A short bedtime story for my girl, Rachael
The classic movie was wonderful. Together, we had watched it a number of times, the music, classic lines, the main actor and actress, all combined to create a movie we both just loved. I was quite certain that we would watch the same movie time and again. As the closing credits ran, we watched the view we loved of the tall mountains and listened to the ending song.

However, as much as I loved to snuggle with Rachael on the sofa in the media room in the basement, it was Sunday night and work would come early tomorrow. As the credits ended I looked at my girl and said, "Rachael, my love, its bed time."

"Awwww Mistress, do we have to go to bed now? It’s not even 10 PM yet!"

"Yes, Rachael, we both have to go to bed, let’s go. Now! You know what tomorrow is, don't you?"

“Yes, Mistress, I do,” she sighed. We got up from the sofa and folded the blanket and put it in its place. By then, the dogs had gotten up and were ready to go out. We sent them into the back yard and waited. Upon their return, we locked the doors, turned out the lights and headed upstairs. I set the coffee maker for the morning as Rachael got the dogs’ bedtime treats.

I took her hand and we headed down the hall to the master bedroom with the four poster king-sized bed, and into the bathroom where we brushed our teeth. I took out my insulin kit and pulled up my night time insulin and handed the syringe to her. I lowered my panties and bent over the vanity, my bare bottom on display.

I felt as she wiped my left cheek near the center of my bottom with the alcohol pad and then pinched up my cheek and pushed the needle in. "OUCH, Rachael!" She pushed the plunger down, injecting the insulin into my bottom and then pulled the needle out and wiped my cheek again and rubbed it. I looked back at her and whispered, "Mmmmmmmmm, thank you, I always appreciate you doing that for me, Rachael." She put the syringe back in my kit and I threw away the pad and its wrapper and tugged my panties back into place.

I turned and took her hand and pulled her to me and kissed her softly on the lips, holding her to me and rubbing her bottom, I whispered to her softly, "I love you, Rachael, so very much." Then, I took her hand and led her to our bed. She whimpered that she was not sleepy.

"It’s OK Rachael; I’ll take care of you now." I helped her get onto the bed on her tummy and I knelt over her, straddling her hips. I began to massage her back, rubbing my fingers and then knuckles across her shoulder blades, working my way down her back, rubbing her and slowly working down her flanks towards her hips.

My fingers then started back up her spine, working up from the base to her neck. I then moved my fingers and worked across her shoulders. Starting at her neck and working across, feeling the tension release as I kneaded across her shoulders and then back down her spine again to the top of her bottom. My fingers traced across the tops of her cheeks all the while listening as she softly moaned and sighed.

I shifted myself down a bit onto her thighs and continued with the massage, firmly but tenderly caressing and kneading her cheeks, working my fingers back and forth across her bottom, from the center out to the edges, then back again. I worked my way down towards her sit spots, slowly lowering her panties as I moved my hands lower. I lifted up off of her thighs and tugged her panties down and off her feet.

I slowly moved back up, rubbing her bare thighs. Reaching her bottom, I spread her cheeks, examining the center of her bottom; I released her cheeks as I moved out to the edges of her cheeks. I massaged in and reached her anus and began to rub outside it, but I didn’t touch it. Instead, I massaged with my fingertips in small circles around her sensitive opening, but not ever touching it directly. I worked lower, massaging her sit spots and then the tops of her cheeks. I then moved back up, my panty-covered mound brushing over her cheeks as I reached up to massage her neck again, working around the base of her neck and shoulders before I started back down her spine, slowly, one vertebra at a time sliding down on her bottom and thighs again as I massaged down to her bottom and rubbed her cheeks again.

I lifted up and rolled her over and I bent down and kissed her lips softly. I continued to softly kiss my relaxed girl on the lips and then I paused for a moment and smiled at her. I kissed her again on the lips and then again, each a soft wet kiss, my tongue dancing across her lips, tasting her.

I moved off her and lay next to her, reaching over to softly caress her lower abdomen, rubbing my fingers in small circles over her tummy working slowly lower. I lifted up on one elbow and looked in her eyes and whispered, “Rachael, I want you to lay still and not do anything. Do you understand, my love?”

"Mmmmmmmm, yes Mistress, that feels so good", she whispered back to me, her eyes closed.

I rubbed my fingers lower and brushed them over her lips then I gently parted them and felt the wetness from the massage I had already given her bottom. I slowly, but firmly, pushed my fingers into her vagina, pushing them deeply into her, filling her vagina with three fingers. Filling her, I found her spot and began to slowly but firmly massage the special place. I thrust into her slowly and deeply, firmly massaging the spot, the sides of my fingers rubbing her lips. As she grew wetter and wetter, her breathing started to come in short gasps. She reached up to hold me but I stopped her firmly.

I looked in her eyes and softly said, "No Rachael, you just stay and relax, that’s what you need to do so you can sleep."

I continued to firmly but slowly fuck her pussy with my fingers, long slow thrusts over her special spot, slowly but deeply thrusting. My fingers filled her as she began to moan. Her breathing became ragged as I continued to fuck her with my fingers.

She arched her back and looked up at me. Her eyes opened wide and she exclaimed, "Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh, Mistress, I’m going to come!"

"Yes my love, that’s the very idea." I smiled as I listened to her and watched, continuing to thrust until she gasped and moaned loudly, shuddering. Her pussy gripped my fingers as I thrust very slowly into her as she came. I felt the orgasm wash over her as her pussy spasmed and I watched as she squirmed next to me, gasping for breath.

"Mistress, oh my god, it feels so wonderful!” she gasped. She continued to moan, gripping the sheets in her hands as she lay on her back. I smiled and watched as she settled from her orgasm.

I bent over and kissed her softly as she settled. I slipped my fingers out of her pussy and pulled the sheet up over her. I licked my fingers clean and snuggled into bed next to her, covering myself as well. She was exhausted from the strong orgasm and her eyes closed and her breathing became slow and even as she drifted off to sleep.

I smiled, kissed her cheek and whispered, "I love you Rachael, sleep tight."

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