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Two women meet for the first time and become more than just friends
It was a beautiful, hot summer afternoon, just after midday as I strolled through the trees. The sunlight fell though the branches in beams, shimmering through the leaves as they moved gently in the light breeze.

Beneath my feet the dead twigs cracked and rustled as I walked, deep in thought. I should have been happy but even though the sun was bright and warming, and the birds twittered in the trees above, I felt cold inside.

I had been arguing with my husband again and had walked away and left him at home. I needed to get away from him for a while, to seek solitude and peace.

We argued a lot these days. As I grew older, I am forty-four. I felt there was so much I wanted to do. I had hobbies, interests, I wanted to live life to the full and began to feel that I was leaving him behind, and that he was holding me down, stifling me. I felt I was wading through mud and drowning in my unhappiness. He had no interests. He was sick and couldn't work. He kept the house tidy and clean but he always wanted to watch things on TV I had no interest in. Things that bored me.

I liked documentaries, he didn't. He liked football, I didn't. I liked historical things, he didn't. In short we had absolutely nothing in common any more and yet, I still loved him.

In recent times men had tried to befriend me, mainly hoping I would sleep with them, at least that's how it seemed to me, but I didn't want them. I wanted someone who wanted to be with me, someone to hold me and look after me and, equally importantly, someone to talk to who had similar interests to me whom I could converse with and not just pass the time of day.

As I walked deeper into the woods and retreated deeper into myself my heart became heavy, and I began to weep gently. I didn't know what to do. I was so tired of the rows and arguments, mainly over nothing. Whenever we were together we always ended up arguing over something stupid and all because he wanted his own way and whatever I did wasn't good enough.

I wiped my eyes. Crying was no good, it didn't change anything, I just didn't know what to do, I didn't want to leave him but I needed someone to love me. I'm sure he did but he didn't show it.

He never held me, never initiated a kiss. He said he loved me, but what good are words without actions.

The trees opened out into a small clearing and sitting with her back against the trunk of a tree was a very attractive woman. She was about my age I reckoned, with long brown hair. She did not appear to be skinny or overweight but had a very pleasant figure, her full breasts pushing against the white cotton fabric of her blouse and her denim clad legs stretched out in front of her, crossed at the ankles.

I stopped and cleared my throat.

“Hello,” I ventured. She looked up from reading her book, which I noticed was The Lord of the Rings. It was then that I noticed her gorgeous blue eyes that shone like sapphires in the sunlight.

“Hi,” she replied.

“Lord of the Rings,” I gestured towards the book.

“Yeh,” she replied. “My favourite book. I've read it a few times.” I smiled,

“Me too,” I answered, “I particularly like Tom Bombadil and Goldberry, the river woman's daughter.”

We laughed together for a moment and I continued.“This place reminds me a little of that part of the story, the trees, the sun, I can almost imagine a babbling stream.”

“That's not your imagination,” she laughed, “there is a stream just beyond those trees.”

We were quiet then, for a moment after our laughter had died away, until I asked, “May I sit with you for a while? I could do with a little company.”

She gestured the ground beside her.

“Be my guest. It is nice to meet someone who enjoys a good book.” 

“Yes, I like to read. My husband says reading is boring but he hasn't read a book in his life.”

She closed and lowered the book to her lap.

“Are you okay?” she asked, her blue eyes narrowing with concern.

“No, not really,” I replied, my eyes beginning to fill again and all my locked in emotions suddenly burst out and I told her everything in floods of tears.

She put her arms around me and comforted me, my head upon her shoulder. I stopped crying and realised how good it felt, just to be able to tell someone and to feel someone hold me again.

I had always been the strong one in our relationship and never really let him see how I felt so I sat for a while, my head upon her shoulder, just enjoying this brief moment.

At last I leaned back against the tree then turned to her.

“I'm sorry,” I said, “You didn't come here to listen to a stupid woman babbling about her problems, I will leave you to your book,” and began to get to my feet.

“No, wait,” she replied, taking my arm gently. “It's okay, honestly. I understand how you feel. I have been alone for a while now. My sons are great but it's not the same as having someone close to you. Stay, please.” 

I sat back against the tree.

“You know, Since being alone,” she continued, “I have dated a few men but somehow I don't seem to find ones that fulfil me. My relationships don't last very long at all. Does that make sense to you?”

I looked at her.

“Yes, indeed,” I replied. “You are a very attractive woman, pretty face, good figure and, if you don't mind me saying, the most gorgeous eyes, but if the men attracted to you don't appreciate the person inside you then what do you have. Sex is great but without anything else, that is all it is.”

We sat silently for a moment then, she smiled and said, “Belinda,” and held out her hand. I laughed as I took it in my own.

“Anna. Very pleased to meet you.”

“Hi Anna,” she smiled,”and I am pleased to meet you too!” and we leaned forward simultaneously and hugged. We sat for a moment, holding each other tightly. I couldn't remember the last time I had held someone so warmly and it felt so good to be wanted again.

Soon, the moment passed and we sat back again against the warm bark.

For a while we sat in silence. I listened to the trees blowing gently in the warm summer breeze, the birds rustling the leaves as they flew and chirped in and out of the branches and I saw squirrels running up and down the trunks, stopping and looking inquisitively at us before continuing their unceasing foraging.

The sun felt warm on my body, my thin summer dress allowing the heat through to my skin and I stretched out my bare legs in front of me, luxuriating.

“It is nice here,” Belinda's soft voice broke the silence.

“Mmmm, yes,” I replied. “I walk through here often in the summer. I like to see and hear the animals and birds. I have never met anyone here before though.”

“I haven't been here before,” she replied, “I like animals too, and to enjoy nature. So peaceful.”

“We have so much in common, it seems,” I said, still enjoying the warm sun on my face with my eyes closed. “It's funny when you think, here we are, finding out so much about about each other in so short a time. If you were a man I would probably let you kiss me.”

“And if I were a man,” she replied, “I would probably be glad to do so.”

She sat thoughtfully before saying, “Do you think there is a man out there for me, who shares my passions the way you do?”

“I don't know,” I pondered the question, “probably. If you find him, let me know.”

“I like you, Anna,” she said slowly and I turned my head to look at her, “You are nice.”

“Thank you,” I said and paused for a moment whilst I studied her bright blue eyes, “I like you too.”

Belinda smiled but didn't look away then leaned to me and kissed my lips.

Suddenly she pulled back, “Oh my lord!, I'm sorry, I didn't....I mean I” and went to jump to her feet.

Although she had surprised me, I found I didn't mind and grabbed her arm before she stood, and pulled her back.

“No,wait!” I said gently, “It's okay, honestly.”

“I'm so sorry,” she repeated, “I don't know what came over me. I've never done that to a woman before.” She looked worried and embarrassed.

I didn't release her but just said, “Really, it's Ok, Belinda. I haven't either but I am glad you did it.” Pulling her to me, I kissed her gently. She didn't pull away, but responded by opening her mouth slightly and allowing my tongue to slip between her white teeth, greeting it with her own tongue. As we kissed I felt the saliva forming and mingling with her own. I sensed her heart beating inside he,r and heard the rasping breath as she tried to breathe through her nose. Soon, her hand moved to the back of my head and her fingers played in my long dark hair, massaging and gently pulling.

Together we pulled away. Her face was flushed with arousal and a little embarrassment.

“That was wonderful,” she said huskily. “Breathtaking. Do you think we could....,should, well......”

I didn't answer but pulled her to me once again and resumed where we left off.

I felt, well, warm, and so happy inside. It had been so long since I had felt this way. Just to be wanted, needed. It didn't matter it was a woman, maybe better even, I don't know, but she wanted me and I wanted her and at that moment every man on the planet could go to hell for all I cared!

I moved my hand onto her ample breast and began to softly massage it through her blouse. I hoped she wouldn't stop me and she didn't, instead she took a breath in and allowed a little moan to escape.

“Mmmm.......” She pulled me harder against her mouth. I sought out her nipple which I could feel hardening through the thick material of her bra, and gently rubbed it between finger and thumb.

As I did , I became aware of her hand against my small breast. My nipple stretched out through the thin material of my summer dress and soft cotton bra. It had been so long since anyone had touched me in this way, so caringly, that shocks ran through my whole body causing me to tremble with excitement.

I began to undo the buttons of her blouse. First one, then the next and on, until her blouse lay open and white lace bra was exposed to my touch. My hand moved over the cup and inside, seeking out the soft flesh of her breast and firm bump of her straining nipple.

I eased it free of the restrictive material then, breaking free of her lips, bent my head down to take her into my mouth.

As I gently drew her in between my teeth she gasped again, drawing the air in through her teeth. “Hmmm..........ssshhhh.” I guessed she was feeling much as I was. She let her head loll back against the tree trunk as I massaged the velvet-like flesh. I nipped her with my teeth, gently drawing back from the base of her engorged nipple, stretching it and partially releasing it so my teeth scraped gently along it's length. I began trapping the last, firmer, flesh at the tip, biting then enveloping it with my lips and sucking it, once again, into my mouth. And repeating the process over.

Meanwhile, Belinda was squeezing my pert breast and rolling the nipple between thumb and fingers. Every little squeeze, every touch, sent shivers through my whole body.

I felt wonderful, like I hadn't felt in such a long time. I sucked and massaged her breast, with my free hand I pulled the crisp white material free and reached behind her to unfasten the hooks which held her breasts captive.

I didn't release her as she pulled her arms free of the fabric but began to massage her other breast also, alternating my kisses between them. I was so hot hot now as I released her nipples and began to trace a line of kisses along soft flesh of her stomach. I seemed to know, instinctively, what to do, even though I had never had even the slightest sexual contact with a woman before. My nerve endings were buzzing. I knew what I liked and I wanted to make her feel the way I did, happy and excited and as I reached the waistband of her jeans I unfastened the button whilst I explored her navel with my tongue, lowering the zip and peeling the warm, blue denim aside, revealing the top of her white cotton briefs.

I could feel her heat on my face as I ran my tongue along the soft edge of the elastic where it pressed into her soft flesh and I kissed her as low a I could get to, through her panties. Her muscles quivered as I touched her with my lips and she lifted herself slightly, allowing me to slowly pull the tight blue denim down, over her hips , revealing the brilliant whiteness of her panties and the small, darker patch that had appeared between her legs.

I could smell her arousal, slightly metallic and it made me want her even more as I caressed her thighs and kissed her soft mound on top of the damp patch, licking her and sucking her through the wet cotton, tasting her moisture and feeling her squirm with pleasure.

Her hands pressed gently on the back of my head, encouraging but not forcing, gyrating her hips and grinding against my face.

I gripped the elastic and carefully pulled it down, revealing her perfectly trimmed hair, a neat triangle pointing to the place I had so much desire for. I kissed the neat, brown patch and then followed the cotton as it revealed more of Belinda's vagina, kissing as I went, my tongue finding the firm nub of flesh, straining to release itself from the protection of it's sheath.

With my finger and thumb I drew back the sheath and revealed her perfect clitoris, pulsing under my touch and I sucked it into my mouth, running my tongue over it's tip, causing her body to jump and twitch with each little flick then, releasing the pressure I continued to rub it whilst my tongue continued it's journey, downwards, finding the hot, wet entrance and dancing around the rim, dipping inside to taste her slightly salty wetness, my lips circling and sucking as my tongue delved ever deeper.

Her breathing had become heavy now and her stomach muscles where jumping like a trampoline. I withdrew my tongue and kissed her perineum as I worked down towards that other, tighter neighbour. I circled the puckered flesh and allowed my tongue to tease the entrance, letting the tip push slowly in and my saliva dribbled down, moistening and lubricating that most secret place.

She was gasping loudly now and I could sense she was on the edge of orgasm so I retuned my attention to her vagina, and as I felt her body tense I pushed a finger deep into her anus and then a second one, deep and hard and sucked and licked as her body went rigid and she lifted up to meet my tongue.

“Aaaaahhhhhh......Mmmmmm,” she cried as the flood of pleasure crashed through her, driving her on and her sphincter gripped me tightly as I pushed deep inside her and moved my fingers around to increase her pleasure.

“Oooohhhh yes, oh yes,” she cried out. Her whole body shaking and dancing with desire until finally she sank down again and I slowly removed my fingers from her rear and slid up her virtually naked body to kiss her and put my arms around her.

She twitched a couple more times before relaxing fully and saying, “Oh my Lord, Anna, That was fantastic!” 

I smiled and held her tightly and soon I became aware that her hand had begun to massage my breast though the thin material of my summer dress. My nipples immediately hardened against her palm and began to tingle as the electricity of desire flowed through them.

As I had done with her, she began to release the buttons down the front of my dress. I lay back as she worked down, past my breasts, my waist and on until reaching the last button at the hem. Slowly, agonisingly slowly, she folded back the material like a wrapper until I was naked bar my bra and pants.

The sun was hot on my flesh but that only served to arouse me even more. I was so excited. What if someone should chance upon us?

So what! Right now a tour bus could stop and watch for all I cared!

I put my hand behind my back to release my bra, and slipped my arms out as Belinda removed the now redundant item. Then she bent to me, and began to lick and suck my straining nipples, pulling firmly at each one, stretching it to it's limit, pulling my breast upwards until I thought it would tear off. Releasing it to snap back, it sent waves of shocks coursing through me and I could feel myself getting wetter, and wetter with each attack.

Soon she began to work her way down my body, little butterfly kisses sending me to heaven and back and, as did I, pausing to to attend to my navel. This always sent me into a frenzy and today was no exception, my muscles quivered and twitched as her hot soft tongue dipped and flicked into the tiny cavity on my abdomen before continuing towards my panties. I was so wet now and she could not have failed to notice, as she slid the soft cloth down my legs exposing me to the sun light. I had never been naked outside before and the sense of wanton was so strong that I could feel the juices building up and running from me.

Belinda returned to kiss me again and I accepted her lips with eagerness, especially as I could feel her hand moving down my smooth mound and into the almost steaming valley, pushing between my labia and seeking out my clitoris, pressing and rubbing it as her tongue explored my mouth.

I pushed my hips against her hand, encouraging her until she found the soaking wet entrance and curled her finger to enter me deeply, moving in and out, circling and rubbing inside me, making little squelching sounds as I produced more and more moisture and I could feel it running out and over my bottom. Belinda made good use of it because I felt a second digit feed it's way into my back passage as it's partner worked away in my vagina. To have a finger working so feverishly in both orifices was more than I could take and the pressure burst forth, arching my back and wailing like a wolf, soaking her hand as it moved frenziedly back and forth until, finally, she removed her fingers and put them in her mouth, tasting me, then lying flat beside me, both of us enjoying the sun on our naked, satisfied bodies.

I heard a rustle nearby and grabbed my dress and pulled it around me. Was someone watching and had seen everything? Belinda pulled her blouse around her and half pulled up her jeans.

“Who's there?” she cried out, “show yourself!”

Silence, then more rustling.

I got to my feet, buttoning my dress as I went.

“Come out you damn pervert,” she shouted again and threw a stick in the direction of the sounds.

Suddenly, out from the trees jumped a fallow deer and ran past us, away into the woods behind.

We both almost jumped out of our skins, then, after a moments stunned silence, we broke into peals of laughter.

I threw my arms around Belinda and kissed her hard on the lips.

I pulled back from her, arms stretched out and hands clasped behind her head and said, “When I first saw you I was so miserable but you have made me happier than I have been for so long. Thank you Belinda, thank you so much.”

She looked into my eyes and held my gaze for a few moments before replying,“You don't have to thank me Anna. You have made me happy too. I don't know what the future holds in our lives but I hope that we will be together again soon. Whatever happens, I will never forget this moment.” And with that she pulled me to her and kissed me again.

We spent the rest of the afternoon together, chatting, enjoying each others company and generally getting to know each other and when the sun began to set I made my way home.

“Where have you been until this hour?” he snarled as I walked through the door.

“Having sex with a stranger in the woods,” I told him truthfully, although with a sarcastic tone.

“Funny!” he replied and turned back to the TV, if he bothered to look at me he may have noticed I had not bothered to put on my underwear again as I had left my bra and pants where they lay, in the clearing. If only he knew.......

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