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Best Friends

Tags: lesbian, f/f, oral
this is my first story it is a true one just with name changes hope you enjoy
I was so anxious waiting for Stephanie today. What is taking her so long? I looked over at my clock. God I hope she isn’t going to blow me off like last week, I had plans for today that I really did not want to reschedule. I looked over at the clock again, 2:47pm; she said she would be here at 2pm sharp. Just as I was about to leave a voicemail yelling at her, I heard a knock at the door. "It better be her", I thought as I opened the door. Stephanie is just so beautiful; she has gorgeous hazel eyes and a head full of blonde hair. Her breasts are much larger than mine, her having nice full 36C cup compared to my small 32A cups. The only thing I think I have over her would be my butt. My eyes are just plain brown but I’ve been told that my eyes are a killer. My hair is black with blue streaks in it, I love my hair but I have to work to get mine to look so nice, Stephanie’s hair is just naturally beautiful. We’ve been friends since 7 th grade and lately I’ve been feeling more and more attracted to her.

"Hey Claire, I'm so sorry that I'm late", she said as she walked in, "Forgive me?"

"Depends, what’s your reason for being late, huh?” I said in a sort of bitchy tone.

“I got stuck in the schools parking lot, some bozo crashed a car near mine and the wreck blocked me in” she explained with some frustration in her voice.

“If I find out that’s not true you’re dead” I joked with her.

“Oh do you have the notes to Mrs.Brownings class from yesterday?” she asked me.

“Yea I do, you’re such a loser always copying off of me, why don’t you ever pay attention in class anyways?” I said as I grabbed my notes from my bag.

She didn’t answer me she just had a lost look in her eyes as I asked her, as if she was thinking of something really important. I ignored it and handed her my notes. We were talking about the class work and how some of our teachers can be such douches for a while.

“Hey want a drink?” I asked Steph after we were finished with our notes.

“Sure but no alcohol I have to drive home later” she replied.

I poured us each a glass of orange soda and handed Steph a glass as I sat down to watch TV with her. We flipped through the channels but couldn’t find anything interesting so we just put music videos on.

“I’m bored, Claire do a sexy dance to entertain me!” Steph laughed as she poked me in the side, “I wanna see that sexy ass of yours!”

I got up and shook my ass in front of her for a little while. I was getting turned on by her looking at my ass so hungrily. Could she be thinking the same thing I’m thinking about her? I definitely hoped so. As I stopped my dancing Steph grabbed my ass saying,”Hey I was enjoying my view!”

I laughed and turned around, grabbing her breast,” What about these I don’t get to play?”

We laughed as we always do but I wanted more, I needed her, I caressed her breast a little more than normal and looked her in the eyes. She looked back at me with a confused look in her eyes, but she still was holding onto my butt, so I knew she must kind have liked it. I played with her breast more, pinching her nipples through her shirt. She grabbed my butt tight in her hands as if I was going to fall of a mountain if she let go, I saw her tongue lick the roof of her mouth and I knew she was turned on by me. I smiled and leaned closer to her, her eyes gone from a look of confusion to a look of lust.

“Is any of this real, am I really going to have Steph, my best friend as my first female lover?” I wondered as I pulled off her shirt. Her breasts were wonderful, I’ve seen them before but they looked absolutely delicious today. I looked at Steph as I was lowering my mouth to her now erect nipples. She still held my butt with one hand, the other roaming onto my breast. She bit her lip and let out a small moan as I began to suck on her nipples.

I took her breast I was sucking on in one hand and with the other; I roamed over Stephs body towards her pussy. I began feeling her through her shorts; the heat coming from her pussy was so great. She reached for my pussy as I felt hers. As she did, I noticed my pussy was soaked as if I had been having sex for hours. Oh god how can I be this wet already?

Once she felt how wet I was she let go of my ass and lifted me off her breasts, looking at me eye to eye. We can both see the pure lust in each other’s eyes and could not resist each other. We kissed each other with such burning desire and passion; I’ve never felt this way for any man. The taste of her, the feeling of her tongue wrestling with mine, was unmatched by anything I had ever experienced.

She lay me down onto the sofa, kissing my neck as she lifted my shirt off of me. As she looked at my breast she said, “you don’t want me there you want me lower don’t you bitch?” I almost came in my panties right then as she said that, I could not do anything but nod my head to her offer.

I tugged at my shorts as she was kissing me slowly down my stomach. When she got to my shorts, she lifted my legs up pulling my shorts off. I immediately tried to rip my panties off; my pussy was on fire I could not stand it. She laughed as she pulled off my panties saying, “Wow look how soaked you got your panties, did you cum already?”

I shook my head and blushed as I seen my panties looked like they had just been taken out of the washer.

“It’s a shame to let all your juices go to waste” Steph said and then she flipped my panties inside out and licked my sweet nectar out of them.” You taste amazing, mind if I get some fresh?”

I spread my legs for her as she kissed my swollen pussy lips, oh feeling a woman taste my pussy felt so good. She kissed me a few more times then began to run her tongue up and down my slit and she even wandered down to my ass, which felt phenomenal. “Oh Steph that feels so good” I moaned as she continued exploring me.

“Did I tell you to talk bitch?” She snapped at me “you can talk only if I tell you to, you understand?” with that she pushed a finger into my ass.

I bit my lip and nodded as I let out a little moan from her penetrating my ass. She began fingering my ass as she ran her tongue up and down my slit, penetrating my pussy every other trip. The faster she licked my pussy the louder I moaned and she matched her rhythm fingering my ass. “Ohhh Steph fuck, lick me faster!” I moaned.

“What the fuck bitch? Did I tell you to talk?” She said to me, “you know what you get for that?”

I shook my head not knowing what she was going to do and as I shook my head she added another finger into my ass and pushed three into my pussy. I bit my lip and let out a moan, “God I'm lucky she has small fingers” I thought to myself as I wrapped my legs around her neck. The tempo she was fingering me quickly grew faster and I couldn’t get enough. She looked up at me and smiled while she was finger fucking me better than I've ever been fucked before. That made me go crazy when we made eye contact, I grabbed the back of her head and tightened my legs around her as I was completely lost in her, I felt it in my spine creeping up until it hit my head and then I saw stars. I've never felt so much cum come out of my pussy, I was sure I was drenching Stephs face in it. I kept seeing stars and my pussy kept leaking for what felt like forever, finally my pussy stopped leaking but I couldn’t move.

I woke up a few moments later to Steph over me smiling, my cum dripping from her mouth and she said, “Welcome back baby, how about you make me cum for you?”

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