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Best Friends Forever

Alexa begins seducing her best friend Amanda
Alexa always knew from an early age that she seemed a little different. Boys were never her thing, and she never had an interest in anyone who passed her by and offered a wink and a smile to try and sweep her off her feet. Her best friend Amanda, a beautiful blonde and very fit, grew up with Alexa and were best friends since early childhood. The two were pretty much virtually inseparable all the time. Even when at their own homes, they would chat for hours on the phone or skype with each other.

For Alexa it was more than just a best friend, for awhile now she had grown to have deeper feelings for Amanda. Even to the point where she would think of her best friend while laying in bed at night touching herself. Both had never been with boys, and neither had really talked about them with any interest.

Alexa's parents were heading out of town for the weekend, on a visit to see some relatives and she was going to be left home alone. Although she was still only 17, her parents had mixed emotions about leaving her home alone. That was until she told them that Amanda would be coming over and staying for the weekend, so she wouldn't be alone. It was an agreement that they all settled with in the end and that Friday night they parted.

Alexa waited for an hour before Amanda arrived, settling down watching television and snacking on whatever food was around the house. That was, until the dusk slowly began to settle in and Alexa began to work on her plan that she was hoping would take place.

"Hey, how about we go a little wild, we have the house to ourselves. What about a midnight swim!" Alexa said.

Amanda looked a little shocked. For one thing, she didn't have her bikini and the other it was getting a little late and dark outside. "I don't know Lex, it's getting late isn't it?" she replied with a little hesitation.

"Come on, it will be fun. Just us two girls. Oh my god, I have a great idea, we can skinny dip. I've never done it, and no one will be able to see us, come on." Alexa screamed at her, before grabbing Amanda by the arm and dragging her off behind her to the pool that laid out in the back of their home.

The warm water shone under the beginning of the moonlight that rose overhead. The pool was a good size to get a few lengths in either way. Alexa didn't wait, as she pulled her t-shirt up and threw it to the ground. Undoing the buttons of her denim shorts, and sliding them down to her feet, kicking them away in the process. Standing in just her white bra and panties, she glanced over at Amanda who stood watching, looking a little scared of what she should do.

"Come on, it's gonna be fun, trust me. Strip babe!" Alexa called to her.

Alexa unclipped the bra from behind and slipped it over her shoulders and off, as she stood there topless. Her breasts were soft and perky, with nipples that were just becoming erect under the cool air of nightfall. She slipped her fingers into the side straps of her thong panties and forced them down with ease as they fell to the ground. She stepped out of them and towards the pool. Amanda watched, the soft warm ample charms of Alexa's ass cheeks wobbling gently side to side as she made her way across the ground to the pool.

Alexa slipped slowly into the pool, and turned to look at Amanda, still dressed and watching. "Oh come on Amanda, don't be a spoilsport. Strip... strip... strip... strip!" she called out, trying to tease and force her to undress in front of her. Not necessarily to get her into the pool, but also to see her best friend naked.

Amanda took one long gulp down, and then began to undress. Raising the blouse over her head and dropping it next to her feet, then sliding her shorts down her long slender legs, standing there in her underwear.

"Everything!" called Alexa who hung to the side of the pool, staring deeply towards Amanda. Her eyes fixated on her friends semi-naked beautiful slim body.

Amanda unclipped her bra, and held it to her ample charms before slowly pulling it away, revealing her large D cup breasts to her best friend. They bounced gently upon revealing themselves. Her large areolas and hard nipples that Alexa stared at with lust at first, and the thoughts of what she had imagined they looked like were now gone to seeing them for the first time in real life. She could already feel the warmth begin to flow throughout her body.

Amanda grabbed her panties and shoved them down, becoming a little more open with what she was doing now. She stood for a minute, revealing a small patch of a slight runway of hair above her soft pussy lips between her thighs. As she slowly stepped forward to the pool, Alexa slipped her arm under the water, and gently rubbed upon the tender nub of her clit between her legs with a finger. It sent warm feelings and shock waves throughout her body and she knew this was going to be so much fun as she watched Amanda slide into the pool with her.

"See, I said it would be fun!" Alexa called out, as she moved over and stood next to her. The pool wavered around their naked bodies that hid beneath the surface. "You have an amazing body babes!" Alexa said to Amanda, in hope of some acceptance in reply.

"Haha, thanks. I think my boobs are too big though!" she called back.

"No, they are wonderful. I wish I had bigger boobs like yours. Mine are a little too small for me. I love them big." Alexa said, with a slight giggle that was soon joined in by Amanda. "Do you mind if I have a feel?" Alexa was brazen enough to ask her. It took Amanda back a little by the request, but the two knew each other in and out, and she seemed to feel more comfortable as they stood there naked in the pool together.

"Hmmm, sure. I guess so!" Amanda gently spoke back.

Alexa didn't need a second invitation. She started off by softly caressing her hands upon Amanda's stomach, and slipped them up across her waist, then slowly cupping her large succulent breasts in her hands. Although a little weighty, she loved the feel of them in her grasp. She gave them a gentle squeeze, as she stared upon them.

"God, your breasts are gorgeous!" Alexa said as her eyes were fixated on them. She ran her thumb back and forth across Amanda's nipple, which was hard and erect, arousing to the touch. Touching them caused a slight reaction by Amanda, as she released what sounded like a soft groan accompanied by her warm breathe that swept upon Alexa's neck.

"You can touch mine if you want. It's okay!" Alexa said to Amanda.

Amanda was hesitant, but decided to join in on the fun the two girls were having. She raised her hands out of the pool and cupped Alexa's B cup perky breasts in her hands. They were small, firm and wonderful to touch she thought to herself. She offered a gentle squeeze, which in turn got a bigger reaction by Alexa, who closed her eyes and offered a gentle moan of appreciation to her touch.

The two stood looking at each other, their hands still clutching onto each other's breasts. Feeling the soft flesh in their hands, squeezing and playing with them gently. Flicking the nipples and rubbing upon them, Alexa knew this was the moment she had waited for. She stared at Amanda and leaned in slowly. Amanda stayed still, as she moved closer, and the two set of lips gently met together. It was tender at first, the soft touch of wet lips upon your own, almost caressing each other and testing the ocean between the them.

As the kiss carried on, Alexa's hand moved up, and began to caress the side of Amanda's face in her palm. Holding her gently as she carried on her motion of kissing her best friend. Amanda seemed at ease with what was happening, and maybe deep down inside she began to have feelings for her friend, which she had also kept hidden away. She knew she couldn't deny the warm essence of feeling that was glowing inside of her body with what was happening between them.

Alexa moved her own body forward, as the two met each other. Breasts upon breasts, stomach caressing stomach, Alexa's leg raised as it wrapped it's way around Amanda's legs. Alexa's other hand moved down, caressing the arch in Amanda's spine until she reached the soft cheeks of her ass. She clasped upon one of them and squeezed gently. So soft to the touch in her grip, rubbing her hand upon them, caressing and squeezing them.

Alexa pulled away from the kiss, as Amanda seemingly tried to move forward to remain attached, but failed in keeping connected as Alexa looked upon her best friend. She moved in upon her neck, and began to gently offer soft, fluttering, wet kisses on parts of her neck. Amanda leaned her head back, accepting what was happening fully now and enjoying the soft set of wet lips upon her own skin.

Alexa's other hand, that caressed Amanda's face moved down, rolling over her breasts once more, and then her stomach and delving further below. It stopped close to her thighs, as she began to slowly caress Amanda's thighs in her palm. Gliding them back and forth across her soft skin and legs, Amanda opened her legs on her own accord and Alexa's hand made it's way into the center.

It slipped upon the soft fur runway that stretched over the treasure she was searching for. Her fingers glided down the runway, and found it's pleasure as she touched Amanda's pussy for the first time. Her pussy lips were soft and fleshy as she parted them with her fingers and slipped them inside of her wet cunt. At first, she began with one extended index finger, sliding inside as Amanda released a soft moan of acceptance from above. Alexa's lips still offering soft kisses upon her neck.

She gently twirled her finger around inside, as Amanda's legs began to quiver a little, and she could feel the rush of energy building through out her own body. Alexa pulled away and rubbed her fingers back and forth upon her pussy mound once more. Amanda's hand moved down, grasping upon Alexa's wrist and down to her fingers. She forced several of the fingers to bend back, and left her with two extended fingers, as she guided them towards the opening of her pussy. She helped guide her fingers inside of her, accompanied by a groan and grimaced face from Amanda as she entered inside.

She moved her hand away, knowing this is all she needed to do to inform Alexa of what she wanted. Alexa slid her two fingers back and forth, in and out, sliding deeper with each thrust into her wet cunt. Amanda began to grind her hips in a soft roll towards the fingers that slipped back and forth inside of her. Alexa's thumb began to work it's wonders upon her best friend. It started to rub gently against the small nub over her pussy and the clitoris of her sexual ecstasy was beginning to take effect as Amanda moaned more and more, with each touch.

"Ooooohhhh.... Agggghhhhhh..... Oh Fuck don't stop!" she called out to Alexa, who didn't. The sound of moans, and talking dirty, caused Alexa's own pussy to dampen with excitement. Amanda breathed heavy, as Alexa continued to thrust her fingers in and out of her cunt, finger fucking her tight wet pussy with enjoyment as her thumb rubbed upon her clit sending shock waves through her body. Amanda's own hips rocking gently to the rhythm of sexual lust inside of her.

Alexa's tongue licked it's way up, across the slender skin of Amanda's out stretched neck. Over and over, tasting her, licking her. She then moved down, and opened her mouth as she accepted Amanda's breasts willingly, clasping her lips tightly upon the swollen nipple and areola inside of her mouth as she licked it with her tongue.

"Oh fuck yes.... keep doing that babe. Keep fingering my wet cunt. Suck on my tits!" she called out to Alexa.

Alexa continued sucking on her best friends juicy large tits, working from one breast to the other, sucking and flicking her tongue across the erect nipples. Amanda's body rocking, causing gentle waves in the water surrounding them, her temperature grew hotter and she knew she was close.

"Oh fuck yes.... I'm close... I'm gonna cum babe...!" she screamed out as she released a large groan of sexual pleasure, that was built up inside of her. "Aghhhhhhhhhh fuck yes!" she called as she leaned her head forward, and rested it upon Alexa's shoulder. Her hands gripped tightly upon Alexa's back, she clutched onto her.

Her hips quivered, as Alexa continued working away on her wet cunt, until she knew she couldn't take it anymore and the aftershocks of her orgasm began to slow down. The heavy breathing of Amanda's warm breathe on Alexa's shoulder began to simmer down. Still clutching her best friend in her arms, Alexa slipped her fingers out of her dripping wet cunt, and slid them up to the other side. She dipped them into her own mouth and tasted the sweet juices she had just brought on her friend. She tasted so sweet and innocent, that she knew she wanted more soon.

The two stood there, holding each other. Amanda gently whispering in her best friends ear. "Thank you!" as she smiled, and held her close in her arms. This was going to be a wonderful weekend thought Alexa.
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