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Best Friends Forever II: Eating Out!

Amanda returns the favour for her best friend Alexa by going down on her in the pool!
Best Friends Forever II: Eating Out!

Alexa had invited her best friend Amanda over for the weekend with her parents visiting out of town, and it had began like she had hoped in seducing her friend by first taking a skinny dip in their pool, and following up with fingering Amanda's tight wet pussy until she cum hard in her arms.

As the two splashed around, and become more and more comfortable with their naked bodies on display to each other, the moonlight glistened down from above upon the gentle waves surrounding them. The two moved across, and sat upon the steps leading down into the pool at each other's side. Leaning back, their succulent soft breasts on display, as well as their long slender legs, and pussy open wide to be explored upon each of them. The water trickled upon their soft skin.

"I hope I wasn't too rough for you earlier?" Alexa asked her friend.

Amanda smiled. "No, I really enjoyed it. I've never had anyone finger me before and it felt so good. Your really good at it."

Alexa giggled. "I've had lots of practice in my bedroom!" she laughed along with Amanda about.

Amanda leaned on her side, and looked into Alexa's eyes. Her hand rose up, and caressed the side of her friend's face in her palm. She leaned in, closing her eyes slowly as their lips met. A gentle, soft caressing of their lips connected as one with each other. Her hand slowly guided it's way down across her face, neck and upon the soft perky chest of Alexa's. She cupped one of her breasts in her hand and began to gently squeeze upon it. Soft, a little firm and so delightful to feel in her hand she thought to herself.

The kiss continued on between them, slowly exploring each other's mouths with their tongues beginning to take affect and touching each other between them, and inside. Alexa's heartbeat was pounding in her chest, and Amanda's body heat was rising fast at what she was doing. She decided to move forward, as she moved her lips away from Alexa's and gently offer soft petal like kisses upon her chin, and down at strategic places upon her neck, working her way further south of her upper body.

"That feels so nice babe!" Alexa moaned through her lips to her friend, assuring her how much she was enjoying her touch.

She slowly found her way to her perky breasts. She protruded her tongue as she held one of the breasts in her palm, gripping it and squeezing gently towards her as she leaned in and circled the tip of her tongue around the areola area. Her nipple was still quite hard and erect from the cool air of night it was exposed to. After circling the area, she then began to gently flick her tongue back and forth across her nipple. Soft moans of pleasure erupted from Alexa.

"Hmmmm, oh yes.... that feels so good Amanda.... don't stop!" she whispered out as she leaned back upon her elbows upon the stairs of the pool.

Amanda opened her lips, and leaned in to lock them gently in place upon the perky exposed breast and began to suckle upon it. "Oh fuck yes!" Alexa moaned in acceptance of her breasts being sucked on by her. She sucked gently at first upon one of the breasts, and then moved over and began to suck on the other. Her tongue inside of her mouth swirling around against the soft flesh. Amanda leaned upon one elbow, as her other arm reached forward and her palm caressed the back of Amanda's head. Slowly brushing her hair down over and over, as her lips continued to suck on her breasts in her mouth.

Amanda sucked on them for quite a while, and enjoying the pleasure she was not only sharing with her best friend but also the acceptance of what she was doing with her felt normal. She moved away after a while, and used her tongue to lick down across Alexa's stomach, guiding it's way down across her belly button, and teasing it with her tongue. "Hmmm, you really know how to tease a girl babe!" Alexa groaned to her.

Amanda looked up at her friend, the water trickling across her naked flesh and looked so beautiful in all her naked glory exposed to her. "Move up a few steps!" she asked of her.

Alexa raised herself up a little and moved back several steps, lifting her lower body and thighs out of the water a fraction as she sat back down. Amanda slipped her hands back and forth, caressing each of Alexa's thighs which was sending warm feelings between them and across her stomach. She gently pulled on one leg, parting them from each other and exposing the shaven pleasure that was awaiting her between.

At first, Amanda was a little anxious, as she stared down at the soft pussy that was staring back at her now and so close. She moved her hand up the inner thigh, and began to gently slide her fingertips across the fleshy mound of her puffy lips. They almost quivered in touch of her upon them, as she licked her own lips and delved in. She moved her body accordingly to position herself in such a way that the lower part of her body stretched out across the water behind, and she wrapped her arms around Alexa's thighs.

Alexa stared down at what she was about to experience, with all the excitement building up inside of her stomach. Butterflies fluttering away, and the feel of warm breathe of her best friend drifting upon her pussy. She then experienced the gentle touch of her tongue upon the lips, as it guided it's way from below, up and across the soft mound of flesh between her thighs. Slowly at first by Amanda, easing her way into her first taste of pussy upon her best friend as she continued on, over and over. Getting more to grips with the feel of a pussy against her tongue, and the soft mounds of flesh that quivered by just her gentle touch.

Alexa moaned. "Ughhhhhh.... oh God yes.... hmmmmm.... that feels wonderful!" she whispered as she pulled her head back and closed her eyes, enjoying the sensation of her pussy being licked upon.

Amanda continued on, picking up some speed as she began to enjoy it more with each thrust of her tongue upon the pussy. She unwrapped one of her arms from around Alexa's thigh, and used the fingertip of one index finger to gently rub in small circular motions around the puffy lips of her friends wet cunt.

"Fuck yes.... oh my.... that feels... oh fuck!" Alexa spoke out with moans and heavy breathing erupting from her lips.

Amanda could see how much pleasure was being enjoyed by Alexa from just her touch, and she explored more. She dipped her finger between her lips, and inside of the wet cunt. "UGHHHHHH!" Alexa moaned at entering inside of her. It felt tight inside, as she pushed it in further. She could feel the silky touch of her inner flesh gripping upon her finger and not wanting it to let go. She slid it, in and out, fingering her tight cunt with one finger, and then after a while, sliding a second finger deep up inside her pussy.

Everything just felt natural to Amanda as she continued to finger the tight cunt in front of her face. The sloppy sounds of her fingers entering and sliding back, in and out, in and out, thrusting faster with each entry inside of her cunt. She leaned her mouth in and began to flicker her tongue across the upper edges of her pussy, as her other hand pulled back on the hood and exposing her small round clitoris to her. It flicked across the clit expertly, like she had done it before but she had never experienced such a thing in her life but knew how she wanted to be touched in such a way that she followed what she would like.

"Oh fuck yes.... hmmmm... Ughhhhhhh!" Alexa continued to groan with each thrust of fingers inside her cunt, and the feel of Amanda's wet tongue flicking away across her sensitive clitoris. She could feel her thighs growing weak slightly, and she wanted to buck her hips in motion with the fucking action of her best friends finger thrusting in and out of her cunt. Instead, she leaned back, arching her spine upon the steps behind her. Closing her eyes and enjoying every touch, every sensitive caress of her friend's tongue and her fingers delving deeper inside of her cunt.

"Ooooooh God yes.... oh fuck don't stop babe.... please.... keep fucking me!" she called out, a little louder than expected but the warm feelings inside was too much to be ignored and she wanted to cum so much. She held one hand upon the back of Amanda's head, guiding it back and forth as he tongue flicked gently upon her clit, as her fingers pounded inside her tight cunt. The other hand moved up, and caressed, squeezed and played with her own breasts. She pulled hard upon the erect nipple upon them, sending more pleasure inside of her emotional roller coaster she was feeling inside.

The sound of Alexa's wet dripping pussy was heard, as Amanda's fingers forced themselves back and forth in and out of her tight cunt. She pushed them deep inside, and then twirled them around causing Alexa's hips to buckle a little and shock waves sent through her thighs as they quivered around her. "Ughhhhhhh!" Alexa groaned loudly at the touch.

Amanda pulled her two fingers out of the cunt, as they dripped with her juices inside, and slipped them between her own lips to taste. She enjoyed the sweet taste that was upon them, and wanted more for herself. She spread Alexa's pussy with her fingers, spreading them with her fingers and leaned in as her tongue guided it's own way inside. Alexa moaned as she could feel the exploration of something soft, wet and wonderful delve inside of her cunt.

The juiced trickled down upon Amanda's tongue as she slipped it inside, against the silky folds of her flesh and began to tease her. Flicking it around inside, and swirling against the inner folds of her friends wet cunt, and seemingly enjoying this new sensational pleasure and control she had over her friend. Alexa was breathing heavier with each lick inside of her cunt. Her hips began to buckle, as she began to rock them in motion with Amanda's face being planted against her wet cunt, as her tongue slipped back and forth, in and out of her pussy.

"Ughhhhh fuck yes.... lick my cunt baby!" she called out to Amanda. "Lick all my wet juices, and eat me out!" she continued on, talking dirty to her and enjoying everything happening, and much more than she could have imagined would happen between them.

Amanda continued on, her tongue dipping in and out of her best friends wet juicy pussy, as he mouth was locked in place against the soft mounds of her fleshy puffy pussy lips. The sound of lapping up the wet juices was heard around the two, accompanied by the gentle waves of water splashing behind from Amanda's legs and lower body resting in the pool. Alexa's moans of sexual lust and pleasure was being heard from above Amanda's position, and knowing she was enjoying having her wet cunt being eaten out.

Alexa held her palm of her hand against the back of Amanda's head, and gently but forcingly in a way, pushing it forward against her wet cunt and keeping it there. She raised her legs, and wrapped them around Amanda's shoulders, almost gripping her in position so she couldn't escape if she wanted to now, but their was no way Amanda wanted to stop as she was enjoying the taste of her friends juicy pussy and eating her cunt out for her own sexual lust.

Locked into position, with Amanda's head buried deep between her thighs and into her cunt. Alexa began to rock her hips more, thrusting her pelvis into Amanda's face, and forcing her friends wet dripping tongue to thrust deeper inside of her cunt. The water splashed around them, the sound of sex being heard from the two with the lapping of Amanda's tongue exploring her friends wet cunt against her face, and Alexa's moans and groans of lust.

Alexa pulled harder on her nipples, as her fleshy mounds of chest stretched upwards towards her grip before releasing them, and starting again. Working on each of her breasts, pulling her erect nipples, and squeezing them hard in her hand. Her hips thrusting back and forth, her hand pushing Amanda's face towards her, as her cunt rubbed against her face and mouth.

"Fuck... I'm gonna cum in a minute babe.... Ughhhhhh.... keep eating my cunt.... fuck yes..... keep licking it babe!" she called out to Amanda who was too busy still eating her wet cunt to hear much apart from soft mumbles of her voice from above, with Alexa's thighs wrapped tightly around her and crossed at her ankles so she couldn't pull away.

Alexa's head snapped back, her mouth opened wide and a mixture of groan and moan tried it's hardest to break free from her lips but struggled as the build up inside of her body was holding it back. Her hips shook hard, her thighs tightened around Amanda's shoulders and neck, as Amanda kept licking away. "UGHHHHHHHHHHHH!" Alexa called out as her began to cum hard to her best friend eating her cunt out.

She gripped tight upon one of her own breasts, as it squeezed against her fingers. "Fuckk...... yessssssss.....!" she groaned in lust. Her hips shaking violently, and her cunt rubbing hard against the softness of Amanda's lips pressed against it. Juices flowed out of the lips, and into Amanda's mouth, tasting every drop and enjoying the wonderful taste inside as it dripped onto her tongue and licked every drop she could up that was being given to her.

Finally, she was able to breathe again once more, as deep heavy breathes erupted from her lungs, and her legs began to slowly loosen their grip upon her friends body held captive between her thighs. Her hips, and legs still quivered a little at the orgasmic state she had just experienced, the most powerful orgasm she had ever had in her life. She looked down, as Amanda raised her head from between her thighs, a wicked smile upon her lips which were smothered in creamy wet juices of her pussy she had eaten out. She licked her lips around her lips, tasting them and getting all of the taste of her friend inside of her mouth and upon her tongue to enjoy.

"Fuck, you really know how to eat pussy babe!" Alexa gently whispered down to her, still trying to regain her composure and breathing from the experience.

"It's not hard, when your really enjoying what your doing!" Amanda replied with, and accompanied by a soft smile as she leaned in and just give a gentle last lick of her pussy as Alexa's hips shook in pleasure of still the orgasmic feeling ripping through her warm body. Amanda give it a gentle kiss of her lips upon the wet pussy and then moved up and towards Alexa, leaning over her naked body and sliding on top as she kissed her upon the lips. The two rested there for a while, exhausted but enjoying every moment they had together alone.

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